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“Do penance: for the kingdom of God is at hand.” - St. Matthew 3:2 



"In the past history of earth's time, My child, My voice has cried out for penance, atonement, and sacrifice. I have been cast aside now in your present as I was in the past.

   "I have come to you, My children, as a Mediatrix from the Eternal Father, to bring you a great warning. Unless you mend your ways and make a complete reversal from your present path of destruction, you will be allowed to reap your reward in suffering. Your country will be cleansed by trial. The tears of parents will fall, but too late!

   "Your country was placed under My protection, My children, but you have a free will. Could I but spread before you a complete picture of your future, you would come back upon your knees to the Eternal Father! It is, My children, a picture of death." - Our Lady, March 18, 1975



"It is, My child, because the world has lost the need for sacrifice and penance that they have come to this point of murder of the unborn and the young. They care more for the material things of your world, and they starve the spirit. They gather all that satan has set before them, but they gather nothing that the Father offers freely. Satan has placed a price upon all he gives you. His price is your eternal spirit." - Our Lady, March 18, 1975



"The future-yes, the pages must turn, but you can lessen the suffering and the losses to Our adversary, satan, if you will but care, if you would set aside your selfishness and body pleasures to pray and sacrifice for the days ahead when you will be forced to pray and sacrifice. You will not be asked--you will be forced to your knees!" - Our Lady, November 20, 1971



"I have asked, My Son has asked for many victim souls. The road to sanctification will be in suffering. The penance and sacrifice for atonement to your God for the offenses committed against Him must add and balance the scale more evenly, My children." - Our Lady, December 30, 1972



"How hardened the hearts of many! O poor, unseeing man, that would rather see many die so that they can be rescued from their doubts, who would see others die to be proven true in their judgment! Pride! Pride befits the ultimate fall. Could you not sacrifice your own destructive pride and search in those satan dens on this earth to save your fellow man, your brothers and sisters?" - Our Lady, April 10, 1972



"My child, We received the thousands of Rosaries from your land sent to Us by loving hearts. Your obedient trial has borne fruit, for there these Rosaries and acts of sacrifice by victim souls who came to Us as victims of love for the salvation of souls in the knowledge of what was to be, Our Father gathered in appeasement. Therefore, the Chastisement most justly deserved is now delayed." - Our Lady, April 10, 1972



"It is truly, My children, a war of the spirits. Remember the angels. Cast them not aside because of the mockery of the ignorant and those who have given themselves to the ways and modes of the world and Lucifer. Is it not worth the sacrifice for the short time allowed to mankind before the great destruction? Is it not worth the sacrifice to receive the rejection of the world and gain eternal life in the Kingdom of Heaven?" - Our Lady, May 26, 1979



"I have asked the cardinals and bishops in My Church to spend more time in prayer and meditation and sacrifice of the senses to obtain the graces necessary for more conversions to My Church, My House upon earth. But My pleas and the counsel of My Mother have fallen upon ears that, because of pride and arrogance, have become hard in their hearts, callous in their ways, unsympathetic to the cries of My sheep. O My pastors, what great trials shall be set upon you, for I cry now from Heaven to you that a Church in darkness wears a band of death about it!" - Jesus, May 26, 1979



"The Warning that will come upon man and the great Chastisement will be soon upon you. It is in the merciful heart of the Father that your time has been extended, a time to make amendment of your lives, cleanse your souls of all sin, mortal and venial. Pray much; sacrifice your senses." - Our Lady, March 24, 1974



"The power of prayer is great. You must pray for those who have set themselves against My Son. Even they can be returned by your prayers and acts of sacrifice." - Our Lady, February 10, 1975



"It is only in suffering, My child, that you will learn compassion for the sufferer. The world, My children, has forgotten the value of suffering. How many graces you earn when you make good use of your suffering and your trials, for you have within your power graces that can retrieve from purgatory many souls who are waiting. Your acts of sacrifice and sufferings may also rescue your brothers and sisters who otherwise would fall fast into the abyss, for they have no one to sacrifice or do penance for them, My child. We ask for many victim souls, My child, victims for the merciful heart of My Son, victims who will offer themselves for the balance to mankind." - Our Lady, February 10, 1975



"You understand, My child, the great warning that I have given recently to the world. Without the counted number of conversions by the Father, without prayers, sacrifice and much atonement, which is sorely needed at this time, your world will be engrossed in a third War of such great magnitude, My child, that almost no flesh shall be saved." - Our Lady, March 29, 1975



"Weep not for Me, My child, but cry for your children. But mothers, cry for your children, for they are the true victims.

   "I have begged you to remove the corruption in your country that now covers, like the darkness of the abyss, your government, your schools, and now My Son's House. But you were apathetic to My warnings. What will you do now? The hour grows late.

   "Atonement, prayer, sacrifice--We beg your prayers! Those of well spirit will bear this with greater heart and courage, My child, but pity those who have descended into darkness. Pity the shock of realization they will receive--too late, too late!" - Our Lady, September 28, 1971



"We demand, the Father commands public atonement! The scale must be balanced, for unless you achieve this by your sacrifice and acts of penance, you will receive a judgment far more severe than mankind has ever been set upon in the history of your creation!" - Jesus, March 29, 1975



"Know that in His providence He is all-knowing and seeks for the redemption of mankind. The great Chastisement will be a baptism of fire upon mankind. Prayer, atonement, and sacrifice--My voice has cried, has pleaded, has begged for mankind to turn back now from his path or receive a just punishment from the Father.

   "Your country, America, the United States-I had promised to protect and spread My mantle of love upon you. Even now many plot and plan to dethrone My Son and to cast Me aside. How foolish of mankind to reject the graces the Father gives with abundance! Gather them, My children, I cry to you. Gather these graces now. Treasure them and bring them to your children, for great trials are approaching mankind. Your country, for its many abominations and sins of immorality, shall not be free from chastisement." - Our Lady, May 22, 1974



"Your country, the United States, and many nations of the world now are under the domination of a godless government. As such, without prayer, atonement, and sacrifice, I say unto you now, as your Mother, that you, too, proud and arrogant a nation that you be, the United States shall fall. Many shall suffer." - Our Lady, May 30, 1981



"My Son has seen the defilement that evil man has created. The penance will be severe. Few have heeded My cries. I have wandered the world in tears. Who has sought to ease My anguished heart?

   "Now you may look into your own heart and find the answer of the days ahead, for you have made your choice. My Son and I have begged you for atonement, for sacrifice--to deny yourself these temporary pleasures of your earthly life. In many places, in many ways, We have been cast aside.

   "The burden of saving all souls has fallen on those of true faith. There is still time to gather the souls. Please, I beg of you to now spend every moment, aside from your necessary worldly duties and obligations, in prayer and sacrifice. It was not long ago that I cried this warning, but it also went unheeded." - Our Lady, April 3, 1971



"Pray, My children, for your priests, your bishops, your cardinals. Too few pray for them, for in their awe and their knowledge, they believed in the past, My children, that these hierarchy had a special passport to Heaven. No, My children, they have a human nature also, and human frailties, and must be protected by prayer and penance and sacrifice, and this means the prayer, penance and sacrifice of others also, for them.

   "In your charity of heart, in your love of human nature that We hear man speaking of as he falls into the errors of modernism and humanism--true love lies in prayers and sacrifice for an individual, for when you come over the veil, I assure you, it is only love and prayers that can follow you." - Jesus, May 20, 1978



"I give you My heart, My children, for all who will join Us in this battle. I hold deeply in My heart all who will help Us in this battle to save Our children. We will reward you with the greatest of expectations. The greatest acknowledgement of your God would be to save His children. Gather your brothers and sisters--do not lose one--and build a strong link to Us. Yes, ransom these souls whom Lucifer has bought." - Jesus, September 28, 1971



"Penance, atonement, sacrifice, I have asked and cried for. Your country now holds the balance for the destruction of the world." - Our Lady, February 10, 1973


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