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"Knowing that you were not redeemed with corruptible things as gold or silver, from your vain conversation of the tradition of your fathers: but with the precious blood of Christ, as of a lamb unspotted and undefiled." - 1 St. Peter 1:18-19





"My child, I am truly the Mother of great sorrow. As I cast My eyes about your world, I see much taking place that is repeating the time of My Son and His great Sacrifice.

   "I cry bitter tears, for I can only ask, My children, why have you allowed satan to take you on your present path? Did My Son give Himself in sacrifice for nothing? Have you forgotten your purpose for living upon earth?" - Our Lady, March 22, 1975



"My children, I come to you with a heavy heart. What should be a most joyous occasion for the world and for the peoples of Heaven has become a deep sadness. We are sad because of My Son's Sacrifice for a world that has become unrepentant and lacking appreciation for the Sacrifice My Son has made for you." - Our Lady, April 1, 1972



"Arrogance, pride is always the beginning of the end. It is only in the simple hearts of man, the simple hearts, the child-like candor of an adult, that the truth will be found and the way. I am the way! No one shall come to the Father but through Me, for I am the way. All who deny My visit to your world, all who have not accepted Me as the Messiah, they are against Me, and as such, will seek to destroy all who uphold the truth." - Jesus, August 5, 1974



"My children, I must enlighten you on a sad fact. You shall not win converts by joining in their errors and misrepresentations. Prayer is the most powerful weapon against evil. You cannot condone a wrong; you cannot compromise your Faith. You must not join the enemies of My Son. All who do not accept Him as the Messiah, all who reject Him in His House-they are of the Antichrist!" - Our Lady, December 6, 1975



"My children, the way has been given you. I am the way; I am the light. If you cast Me out of your life, you enter into darkness. And the prince of darkness is satan, the corrupter of souls, the master of deceit, the ruler of your world now! You have opened the doors to My Church, allowing all manner of evil to enter upon it. You have been deluded by error, and the rulers have given themselves to wantonness. Pastors, I say unto you: you are scattering My sheep. And I say unto you that I shall come and cast you out of My House." - Jesus, December 7, 1976



"I ask all to become apostles of these last days because it will be necessary now for man to understand and acknowledge the supremacy of His God in Heaven. I ask that all who have been born into and baptized into the true Faith to go forward as apostles of light, disciples for Heaven in these latter days. The knowledge must be given to those who cannot comprehend, who have hardened their hearts and closed their ears--the knowledge must be given to them that My Son is the Messiah; My Son has been upon earth, and He shall return again as He ascended." - Our Lady, August 4, 1979



"Seek the light, My children. It is a simple way. I am the way, I am the light. I've left a legacy to you. Nourish your souls with My Body and Blood. Do not abandon Me at the tabernacles of earth. My children, you must eat of the Bread of life. And I am the way." - Jesus, October 6, 1977



"My children, the way? I am the way. The way, the plan was given to you. It is a simple plan of childlike submission to truth, doctrine, and Tradition. Man seeks to build a new way for himself based on humanism and modernism, and all of the other defilements, division, and destruction of souls that shall accompany these efforts." - Jesus, November 19, 1977



"The foundation is solid, My children. I am the way. I am among you. The light will not be extinguished among you, regardless of the efforts by men of sin to extinguish this light." - Jesus, September 28, 1976



"Do not fall into the trap set by satan by misleading you into a false security because of My Sacrifice for mankind to open the gates of the Kingdom of your God. Many are called, but few are chosen. My Sacrifice guaranteed eternal life to all, but all shall not enter, for many have rejected the message of your God from the beginning of time and they did not enter!

   "You have a false security that all is forgiven. But is this not sheer insanity in sin to believe that you may offend your God and break His rules and enter? What manner of life would there be in your Kingdom of Heaven? All will enter by merit! Many shall enter through suffering and atonement and penance." - Jesus, February 10, 1976



"Do not fall into the error and fallacy that all men are automatically saved by My Sacrifice upon your earth. It is a lie straight from the darkness, from the prince of darkness, satan. Heaven was opened to all, but all shall not enter it, for many reject the light and do not have the time to return to it before they cross over into eternity." - Jesus, October 2, 1976



"My Son left you a legacy of faith. He gave you very clearly the plan for your redemption. It was written down in clear, precise language for all to know, and what have you done, but you have darkened the pages of your Bible. You have rewritten them so that you would gain, and gain what but damnation! You are rewriting the Book of life to satisfy the basic foul carnal natures of mankind! The road to the Eternal Kingdom is a narrow road. Many have left it now and are wandering farther into darkness." - Our Lady, May 26, 1976



"The road to the Kingdom of your God is a narrow road filled with many thorns. Can you not, for your redemption, travel this road for Me? Can you not carry your cross as I did?" - Jesus, December 7, 1977



"The Eternal Father has created every living being upon earth, and as a good Father, a loving Father, He wishes that all are saved. But it is a sad truth, My child and My children: though He wishes all to be saved, only a few will be saved.

   "He died, My Son, a torturous death of heart and body upon the cross, for all. But only many were ready, and only many could be called." - Our Lady, May 30, 1978



"Do not be swayed by the fallacy that all will enter into the Kingdom of Heaven, for only 'many,' My children, shall enter into the Kingdom of Heaven--if they follow the rule." - Our Lady, September 13, 1975



"My Son died a cruel death upon His cross for you. He could not die for all, for only many have made themselves ready to come across the veil. Though We wished in Our hearts, all of Heaven wished that man would all turn from his ways, ways that offend the Eternal Father much, and return onto the narrow road that will lead him directly back to the Eternal Kingdom of Heaven-however, man has chosen to set himself upon the wide road filled with earthly pleasures. The sins of the flesh are condemning many to hell, My children." - Our Lady, April 1, 1978



"I would be willing, as your Mother, to wash you in My blood for your salvation. My Son washed you in His Blood for your salvation. Are there not enough among you to make penance, do penance and sacrifice for your brothers?" - Our Lady, May 17, 1975



"Can you not remember how the gates of Heaven were closed to you? Why? Because of pride and arrogance and listening to the voice of evil. Your first parents, My children, listened to this voice and fell and succumbed to the evil." - Our Lady, December 24, 1975



"Because My Son died, My children, upon His cross, He opened the gates of Heaven that were shut to mankind at the fall of the first parents. He died for mankind, but shall those who reject Him by sin and breaking the Commandments of the Eternal Father, without penance, enter? No! Sadly, My child, My children, they cannot enter." - Our Lady, January 31, 1976



"My Son is lonely. He has been abandoned in His tabernacles and His home. The doors have been locked. He remains there, a prisoner of His own. My Son is very lonely in His House. Won't you come with compassion and ease His loneliness? You do not abandon those you love. Have you no love for your Creator? Have you no love for He Who gave His life upon earth for you? Have you no love for He Who still sheds His blood for you?" - Our Lady, March 18, 1973



"My child, you will make a special effort with all those who have the true love of My Son in their hearts to open His houses that many souls may visit Him in the tabernacles throughout the world. My Son is a prisoner in His own House. Yes, My child, He is very lonely." - Our Lady, December 31, 1973



"I carry the light, and I pass this light on to you as your God. No man shall fall into the abyss unless he does this of his own accord and will. But I assure you, My children, My sufferings and My death upon your earth opened the gates of Heaven to all mankind, but all do not enter. All cannot enter unless they believe and accept the rule." - Jesus, August 21, 1976



"My child, I do not wish to bring emotional burden upon you, but it is for the edification of mankind, that man must understand the sorrow of a Mother. It is why, My child and My children, that I am most distressed with the actions of mankind in turning aside from My Son when He has given to you all the greatest of sacrifices: His Flesh, His Blood and His Spirit, so that the gates, the entrance to the eternal Kingdom of your God would be open anew to mankind. Has this sacrifice of My Son been in vain? Are you with intention seeking to recrucify My Son?" - Our Lady, March 25, 1978



"You see, My child, the burning fires of My heart. My Blood has been shed for the salvation of mankind. Now My wounds are bleeding anew. Is there not one who will solace Me? My hands are bleeding; My heart is sobbing. I long to see My creation and be filled with joy." - Jesus, July 25, 1975


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