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#150 – SATANISM,  PART  2

"Be sober and watch: because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, goeth about seeking whom he may devour." - 1 Peter 5:8

"Your nation, the United States of America, has been nowthe proud eagle has been plucked by satan; and as such shall be cleansed by trial and suffering and war. Humanism and modernism have set you on the road to satanism. Your country and many countries of the world now have adopted the worship of false idols.
     "Satan, the master of deceit, has poisoned many minds. Satan, the ruler of the world of darkness, has now entered into the highest places of governments, and even within My House, My Church upon earth. But I shall cleanse them, as I have cleansed them in the past." - Jesus, June 18, 1980

Veronica - Oh! Our Lady is also pointing over with a very angry look on Her face. And I seeoh, a terrible . . . oh, it'soh, my goodness! I know what it is; I see . . . I know they're human beings, but they're wearing black garments and slit holes in their faces. And Our Lady said:
Our Lady - "See, My child, the worship of the prince of evil. You are shocked, My child? Do not delude yourselves that this does not exist upon your earth now, the worship of satan. Pagans! Pagans in the House of God! Pagans roaming your nations, leaders of your nations giving themselves to satan!" - June 15, 1974 

"Lucifer is the prince of darkness and the father of all heresy and liars. I say this with great anguish, for Lucifer has entered into My Church, My household. The battle is great upon earth, and when the battle reaches into My Church, it will be a testing ground for all of earth and the world. For when My Church and the world become one, know that the end is at hand." - Jesus, August 5, 1978 

"My children, as long as you reject the existence of the supernatural, you cannot be saved. If you do not recognize the existence of a world beyond your human eyes to see, you will not be saved, for you cannot fight them. There are demons now loosed upon earth. All hell now is upon earth with Lucifer as their head, known as the army of satan, the prince of darkness. Lucifer was a murderer from the beginning, and he will be a murderer to his end." - Jesus, July 25, 1979 

"It is only to deceive and destroy the soul that the agents of hell, the followers of the prince of darkness, will try to convince you with honeyed words and the power of their rank, that there is no hell. O My children, how sad that you are following this road. Blindness, blindness of the spirit! How soon many will find the fires of hell engulfing them!" - Our Lady, October 2, 1974 

"My children, recognize and understand My counsel: The human body shall be left behind, but your soul, the spirit within you, is eternal and lives forever. And where shall you live when you go over the veil? The choice is yours. Will you come to Us in the Eternal Kingdom of joy and happiness and peace and love, or will you spend many earth-years of torment and longing in purgatory to be cleansed? Or sadly, shall you be claimed by satan, the father of all liars, the prince of darkness and damnation? The choice is yours, My children. No man shall enter into hell unless he enters there of free will." - Our Lady, July 25, 1977

"My children, shall this be a repetition from the beginning of time, a repetition of the same mistakes, going the same road to perdition? Even in Heaven this test was given of free will to the angels, and Lucifer gave himself over to disobedience and pride, and he lost the light and became the prince of darkness, the tormentor of mankind, the dark deceiver, ever doing battle with the Eternal Father. He seeks your souls, My children; he seeks every soul upon earth, and he will not stop in his pursuit.
     "Recognize the forces of evil, recognize the faces of evil about you. Satan comes to you using persons, places, and things. He has learned much in the past, My children, and he now has learned much in a sophisticated society how to come to you and claim you. No man shall be cast into the abyss unless he goes of his free will.
     "Satan is not the Almighty; the Eternal Father rules over satan. But in the plan, that man in his limited knowledge of the supernatural could not understand, satan is being given this time to test every man, woman, and child of conscionable age. It is the separation of the sheep from the goats." - Our Lady, May 14, 1977 

"You will pray a constant vigilance of prayer in your homes and in your world, and pray for those who are falling fast into hell, victims of the cruelty of satan, victims of the deceit of the prince of darkness. He is a murderer from the beginning, and he is a murderer now." - Our Lady, September 7, 1977 

"Yes, My child, Lucifer was always a murderer. Lucifer promotes the breaking of the rules and the Commandments of your God. That is why We always tell you, My children: Lucifer cannot remain hidden, even though he promotes in your world a cover of ignorance and a cover of darkness. And the cover that shall destroy many is by casting aside the reality of the existence of demons and the world beyond." - Our Lady, December 7, 1978 

"I have always asked you, the Eternal Father has written it in the good Book, your Bible, to always test the spirits. My children, the evil, the spirits of darkness always reveal themselves with time. They cannot conceal their farce and lies. My children, you will understand now that satan is trying to conceal his nature and his being to mankind to deceive you. If you do not believe in the existence of Lucifer, satan, and his agents, demons, he can go forward working his will among you unseen, unknown, unbelieved, but creating disaster and death to souls. 
     "My children, the man you call 'Sam' is satan in a human body. He has powers beyond what most human beings could understand." - Our Lady, November 21, 1977 

"You will practice a life of more prayer, My child and My children, vocal prayer and interior prayer. Use prayer, for it causes great despair to Our adversary, satan. He must flee at the sound of prayer.
     "You ask, My child, of the power of satan? Yes, he has been given great power. However, he is not above the Eternal Father in Heaven. The Eternal Father will turn all evil to good." - Our Lady, August 5, 1975 

"You must accept the fact, My children, that satan, Luciel, was not divested of his great knowledge and power before he was cast from Heaven for his disobedience and arrogance to the Father. Therefore, he has on your earth great power. One of these powers he has over man is that he lives in a world invisible to your human eyes unless you are given the grace by the Father to see." - Our Lady, March 25, 1973 

"There is a group in the United States and the world, a group that started many years ago, calling itself the Illuminati, coming from the word 'light bearer.' Naturally, My children, this light that they bear stands for Lucifer, and as such they have gone through the world secretly known as Luciferians. They have brought into your country, the United States, and your neighbor Canada, a group of witchcraft practices. Well have they laid their plan to destroy your children with drugs, using your school systems, your medias of communication, your newspapers, your televisions, your radios: every means of communication has been infiltrated by the members and sub-members of the Illuminati, a conglomeration of individuals and powers and principalities throughout the world, and banking systems. As you well know, My children, money has always been the root of all evil, and many have sold their souls to get to the head." - Our Lady, November 25, 1978 

"There is now a conspiracy of evil in your country, the United States. Recognize the meaning of Illuminati. It has been now interwoven with the churches of satan and the massive international organization of Wicca. They are now fighting My Son's Church. It is satan who guides them, for these people who have entered into the organization of Wicca and Illuminati, they are dead bodies and dead souls!
     "You ask, My children, how this can be? Much that will take place now in the near future you will see and be astounded at. Remember, My children, that Lucifer has great power. However, his time is growing short, and realizing this he has accelerated his evil." - Our Lady, December 7, 1977 

"Listen well, My children, and understand that I ask you to remove all diabolical musical recordings from your homes. Your children are bringing demons into your homes because, at the time that these records were produced, called 'rock, hard rock'they were produced in the temple of satan, consecrated to satan. You do not understand, My children, but many of your companies, your record companies, are under the control of Wicca, the international organization of witches and warlocks. Do not laugh! It is true! Lucifer has given them power over mankind. However, the power is allowed by God the Father in Heaven to test all of mankind." - Our Lady, November 25, 1978 

"Lucifer was cast from Heaven, but he retained much knowledge. He is the father of all liars. He is and was and still is a murderer and a promoter of murder. He will reverse the nature of the Christian if he can." - Jesus, February 10, 1978 

"I have given you the sacramentals, and you must wear them. All who discard them to accede to the mockery and jest of those who follow the road of satan must then join the ranks of those who will fall. Without your armor, you will not be protected against the infiltration of the agents of hell. These agents of darkness, these agents of the prince of darkness exist as beings, beings that you are unable to see with your human eyes." - Our Lady, September 13, 1973 

"Remember, keep your sacramentals constantly upon you: your brown Scapular, your St. Benedict medal, the Miraculous Medal, and also the medal of Our Lady of the Roses. You must keep them upon you, with a crucifix. We demand a crucifix, because demonsmany of the highest ones in the realms of hell cannot stand the sight of a crucifix. They will not approach your door. I give you this knowledge, My children, though it is not common knowledge upon earth, that the crucifix has great power against satan." - Jesus, June 18, 1987

"My child, persevere to the end. Have no fear of the days ahead, for with My Rosary and this, the Scapular, We shall crush the head of satan." - Our Lady, June 15, 1974 

The ultimate victory against the forces of evil are with Us, My children. Go forth as disciples of My Son with this knowledge in your heart that the victory lies with Us. For the time will come when I shall crush forever the head of satan." - Our Lady, March 24, 1974


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