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"There will be an uncanonically elected pope who will cause a great schism, there will be diverse thoughts preached which will cause many, even those in the different orders to doubt, yea, even agree with those heretics which will cause my Order to divide, then will there be such universal dissensions and persecutions that if those days were not shortened even the elect would be lost." - St. Francis of Assisi (The Reign of Antichrist, Fr. R. Gerald Culleton)

"You will stand behind your Vicar. The agents of hell surround him. They will not remove him from the Seat of Peter. A greater punishment falls upon man should he be removed from the Seat of Peter! It is the plan of Lucifer to sit his agent upon the Seat. I have warned you many times that your ways have led you into great destruction.
     "The hand of God will fall heavy upon your world. For a man to let himself fall into perdition in his lay life . . . but when this perdition has entered into the House of God, it calls for a speedy and fast destruction! For all that is rotten will fall. Weak vines will break, boughs will be bent, but the cross of the living God shall not be bent by the will of man and to satisfy the desires of a corrupt generation! No-o-o! For woe to those who promote evil in the House of God! They will be held accountable in full measure for the fall of the souls entrusted to their care." - Our Lady, May 30, 1973 

"My children, in the past My Church, My people have gone through crucibles of suffering, but I say unto you: My House, My Church upon earth is passing through a trial far greater than any in past history. Lucifer and his agents now are working with diligence and are most successful at this moment in their striving to topple the Seat of Peter and to place in Rome a pope that is the antipope of history."
- Jesus, June 18, 1978

"The Holy Father will soon undergo a great trial. You will all gather round him and support him on his cross. You will not set up the machinery for the entrance of satan's agent onto the Seat of Peter, for when you do you have reached the beginning of the end!" - St. Peter, August 5, 1972 

"My child, how often we have sentbeen sent from Heaven to caution you of the days to come, to prepare you to defend your Faith. You will go forward as lights in the darkness, faithful and true. Defend your Vicar from those who seek to dethrone him and place upon the Seat of Peter one who is of dark secrets, an enemy agent from the abyss." - St. Peter, May 30, 1974

"Those in My Son's House now receive final warning that they will not remove Our Vicar from the holy House of God. For to do so will set in motion the advent of the anti-pope into your House. You will not defile My Son in this manner.
     "All cardinals, all bishops will stop wasting their words and get down on their knees now. Satan is among you, and his agents are multiplying in the holy House of God. Many are selling their souls for the temporary pleasures and riches of this world. Pray, My children, pray much for those who have fallen." - Our Lady, September 7, 1972 

"And you must warn Our Vicar, Pope Paul, John Paul II, that there is a plan to remove him from the Seat of Peter. The Brown Bear shall try to manipulate the White Bear.
     "My children, not all will understand these symbols. But for reason, those who are to know will understand. The Brown Bear will manipulate the White Bear. Therefore, you must not permit the White Bear to take over the Seat of Peter by the assassination of John Paul II." - Our Lady, December 24, 1979 

"Unless you pray for your Vicar, Pope John Paul II, he will be removed from among you. And if this takes place, there will be far worse sacrilege committed in the city of Rome and the parishes throughout the world.
     "Up to this time, My child and My children, you know full well that the wishes and the directives from Rome, from the Eternal Father in Heaven, through Pope John Paul II, they have been cast aside, each and every individual going his own way and making My Son's House a shambles."
Veronica - Nowoh, Our Lady is pointing to Her right, and high up in the sky, the sky is opening up. Oh, I recognize it nowI'm standing in the square in Rome. I can see St. Peter's. But now I see bloodblood running down St. Peter's and into the square there, and it's dividingit's dividing the Church in half.
Our Lady - "That, My child, is symbolism of what is to be. When Pope John Paul II is removed, the Church shall be divided among itself." - March 18, 1983 

"I see that the high priests of the House of God have become soft in their ways. They cater to their bodies and do not wish to sacrifice and make penance. There will be no easy road to the Kingdom. They will get down on their knees, and they will starve their worldly bodies until they rid themselves of the demons within them.
     "Unless you listen now to my words of caution, you will fall into the trap that is being set for you. The enemy is within the House of God. He will seek to remove your Vicar from among you, and when he does he will place a man of dark secrets upon the Seat of Peter!" - St. Thomas Aquinas, August 21, 1972 

"I am the Queen of Heaven, Mother of earth, and Mediatrix of all graces. I will stand here through the turmoil that lies ahead within the holy House of God.
     "You will all recognize the sign of him who seeks to destroy. He will have on his coat of arms the sickle, the half-moon sickle. You will all make atonement for your bishops and cardinals." - Our Lady, October 6, 1972 

Our Lady - "Too many years have been wasted on earth in idle talk. Penance, atonement, and the rules of discipline have been cast aside, weakening the souls and opening the door for the entrance of the evil spirits."
Veronica - Oh! Oh, I see a terrible, cell-like-looking hole. It's very dark, and it's very, very deep. It's like looking into the ground-very deep. There are steps going down, and all along the wallsthey're very hot; they're burning, like orange. The heat is terrible! And down there are-down at the bottom are horrible, horrible things! They lookthey're like animals, but yet they look almost human. There are four of them. They look likethey have little ears. Oh, they're horrible looking! They're mean, and I know they're demons. There are four of them.
     Now they're floating up, up, up, up. Now they're coming out here in the light. They all are looking about with a smug look of satisfaction on their faces-if you could call them faces, they're so horrible. Oh-h-h . . . oh-h-h! So evil, mean! Now one is pointing overoh, he's pointing over, and I can see St. Peter's, the cathedral. And he's saying: "It will not be long before we shall accomplish our mission." Oh! Now he's holding in his hand a red hat, a hat. He said: "I'm waiting for my entrance."
     He holds his hand upoh, his hand's horrible! The fingers are long and thin, and they look like claws. There's nails coming out; they're claws. But He's looking down, and he wants me to see this. Oh, it's horrible! He has this large, red cardinal's hat in his hand. He said: "I will sit upon the throne of Peter, and I will destr-o-y the Church of God!" Oh, it's horrible! Oh, no!
     Now Our Lady is coming forward, and She's placing out Her hands. Now She's looking down, and Michael has come forward. He's standing there with a bow, and Our Lady nowMichael, Michael is pulling the bow! He's going to run it through him! But Our Lady said: "No! It is not time. The purification of the world is at hand."
     Now I see this horrible-looking creature. He's floating, and he's standing now beside the door of Saint Peter's. Now he's being joined by two human beings. Oh, my goodness! Oh! Oh, I see him actually . . . he's going . . . he seems like he's infusing into him! He's entering into him! Oh, how horrible! Now I can't see him, because he's standing there now, but he's a human.
     Now this human, who has been infused, has across his chest two keys, two golden keys. Now next to him stands another figure. He's wearing a red hat, and he's got ropes in his hands. And now he's running the ropebut as he opens the rope, it's a snake. The rope is a snake, and it's curling about the keys. Oh, it's curling about the keys. Oh, my! Oh!
     Now the keys are melting, and the keys are forming into a . . . like these . . . like the bishops wear. They have these like a . . . that, that cane, like, with the top. They're, they'reit's not a scepter; the crook, that looks like a large, long cane with a top on it. And around the cane is curled the snake. Oh, it's a golden snake. Our Lady said:
Our Lady - "Powers, provincials, money: destruction of the human soul for worldly gain." - April 14, 1973

"My child, you speculate much about the coming Warning. I have asked you many times not to speculate on dates, but I give you one indication that the time is ripe. When you see, when you hear, when you feel the revolution in Rome, when you see the Holy Father fleeing, seeking a refuge in another land, know that the time is ripe." - Jesus, September 14, 1976 

"Unless you pray more for your bishops, there will be chaos in Rome: bishop against bishop, cardinal against cardinal, while satan stands in the midst of them. Blood shall flow in the streets of Rome. Your Pastor, the leader of your sheep, shall flee in terror." - Jesus, July 15, 1976 

Our Lady - "My child, we must act in great haste. You must warn your Vicar: he must not leave Rome. The Seat of Peter must not be vacated, for the one of dark secrets will enter upon it. There is a plan for the removal of your Vicar. He must not leave Rome. Demon four . . . demon five to enter Rome. Watch and pray much."
Veronica - I see now two figures. Oh, they're horrible looking. They look like half animal, half human. Oh, they're standing now on the right side of the flagpole. Now they're pointing way out into space. And I see St. Peter's, the cathedral. And Ithey're slowly making their way to St. Peter's. Now they're standing, the two of them, right in that circlethe square that's right in front of St. Peter's.
And now one of them has reached up over his head, and he's grabbed in the air, and he's holding onto a key, a golden key. But the key now is turning from goldit's getting black, black, and blacker. Oh, now he's taking the key and he's throwing it down onto the ground, and he's stomping on it. Oh, he's a miserable-looking thing! He's stomping on it. Oh!
     Now the other creature behind himI know it's a demonhe's picked up this black-looking key, and he's going over to the basilica therethe outside of the church, the outsideand he's standing there, and he's looking up very smugly, and he's touching the top of what looks like his head. But it's-oh, like a horrible-looking thing with pointsears, I guess. And he looks almost like an elf. And he's touching his head.
     Now he's putting his hand out, and he's got in his hand a tiara. I know it looksbut it's not as brilliant and bright-like Saint Peter had on. But it's, it's a tiara. And now he's putting it on his head. Oh, how awful! How awful!
     Now Michael's coming over, and he has a large, very large spear in his hand, a very large spear. And now he has his bow, and he's shooting something. And the hat has been knocked right off of this demon's head-the tiara, I guess. I don't like to call it even a tiara; it's not bright and brilliant like Peter had on. It looks like made ofsort of like papier-mache, or cardboard, or something. It doesn't look real. And it's been knocked over. - July 1, 1973 

"Without the number of prayers needed to balance the scale and acts of reparation from the children of earth, there will be placed upon the Seat of Peter one who will put and place souls and the House of God into deep darkness." - Our Lady, March 18, 1974 

"Discipline, rigid discipline must be restored. The founding Fathers gave you the example and the knowledge, but you want change. The Father expects no change. Truth is truth. It is only satan who wishes to destroy the truth in change. The rock has always withstood the test of time. But one will be entered into the House of God, and woe to man when he places him upon the Seat of Peter, for then the great Day of the Lord shall be at hand." - St. Pius X, March 18, 1974 

"There is in the Eternal City of Rome, My child, much error, confusion, and deception. The plan of those who carry on their backs the number 5 of communism is to overthrow the rule in the Eternal City, gain control in politics in a manner to control the world. They seek to overthrow Rome, these agents of hell and atheism, My child; they seek to overthrow Rome and gain control of the power of the House of My Son throughout the world. They will subvert it from within, My child." - Our Lady, October 6, 1976 

"You will understand, My child, because at this very moment there is a dissident under the number five of communism that is planning to kill the Pope. His words We hear are, `This time we will not fail to destroy him!'
     "Please, My children, pray for your Holy Father, the Pope. You must not lose him, for the one who comes after him will destroy if he canhe will attempt to destroy, I should say, My child and My children; he will attempt to destroy Pope John Paul II." - Our Lady, June 18, 1988

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