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#166 – DRUGS

"... drug-taking, but its very nature, convinces the individual that he or she is at the mercy of forces beyond personal control. All psychoactive drugs disrupt brain and mental function, and hence self-awareness. That point is worth stressing: The very taking of a pill becomes a sacrament of helplessness, a statement that the suffering is unendurable and beyond one's own means, that less suffering is preferable to an intact brain and a drug-free mind."   Dr. Peter R. Breggin, Talking Back to Prozac : What Doctors Won't Tell You About Today's Most Controversial Drug, p. 208.

"Well, My child, the enemies of your country and the world have done their work good. They are using an infiltration with drugs. Your children are being educated for the use of these drugs." Our Lady, June 18, 1987 

"There is now a plan in the national and international seat of satan . . . . It is a group, My child, that is united with other groups throughout the world. They have one plan in mind: to bring about the fall of all nations and the introduction of Communism to all nations, by destroying the young with drugs and all manners of debasity." - Our Lady, June 18, 1987 

"My children and parents, listen to Me well. You must not allow your children to listen to recordings known as rock and roll. They have been specifically created by Lucifer and his agents to seduce your children. They are the major instrument for leading your children into the plague, the country-wide plague of drugs, the country-wide plague of atheism, the country-wide and world-wide plague of casting aside your God and substituting false gods and religions. My children, awaken from your slumber! Parents, do not expect your clergy to come forth from their pulpits and give counsel to your children. This responsibility lies alone with you now!"
- Our Lady, September 14, 1979 

"Little by little, through the years, man has orientated and made the human being in his mind, with his loss of free will through drugs and brainwashing through other mediums, man has now been reduced to almost a robot state.*
"Do not, My children, be deceived by the father of liars, and his deception in raising up armies that gather under the banner of communism, atheism, satanism, agnosticism. And while they work both day and night to gather the powers and the arsenals to enslave your country and the world, what do you do? You are like children going through the fields picking daisies, tripping along merrily, high on your way of life; your drugs and your alcohol and your dreams created by false mediums."
- Jesus, April 2, 1977

* "The robotic effect that makes children temporarily more obedient and compliant is the result of drug-induced brain malfunction." (Dr. Peter R. Breggin,Talking Back to Ritalin: What Doctors Aren't Telling You About Stimulants for Children, 106) 

"Bring your children back to the knowledge of the existence of the world of the Father and the Kingdom. They wander as lost sheep, seeking but never finding the truth. In their search, they have met the agents of hell and the plan set forth by satan. Many plagues have entered upon your country and pass unnoticed, accepted as a way of life."
Veronica - Our Lady is referring to the use of drugs among the young people.
Our Lady - "It has been promoted to destroy the mind and the will, allowing the young soul to be susceptible to the entrance of evil, and taken from God into the kingdom of Lucifer."
- March 25, 1973 

"My child and My children, the greatest anguish of heart that We suffer now is because of the sorcery that has come into the lives of many of your children. We call this sorcery, My children, because there has been a combination of the practice of the occult, witchcraft, with drugs. The minds of your children are being destroyed and distorted by the use of mind-controlling agents from hell. And I say from hell, My children, because it is the diabolical plan of satan to control the minds of your children."
- Our Lady, October 6, 1977 

"Parents, have you no discipline to give your children? As parents, you shall be responsible before the Eternal Father for the fall of your children's souls! Take yourselves, parents, from the world. Open your eyes and look into the lives of your children. You have become engrossed, as parents, with worldly cavortings and pleasures. You pamper the bodies, the temporal bodies of your children, while you starve their souls, the eternal soul of your children."
- Our Lady, June 12, 1976 

"Your country must purge itself of the many seekers of fortune at the expense of the loss of the souls of thousands, those who seek worldly gain and riches by bringing into your nation corrupters of souls and mind destroyers-pornography and drugs, My child."
- Our Lady, September 13, 1975 

"Satan is developing armies throughout your country and the countries of the world. He will corrupt their minds and bodies, using drugs. They will enter your children into all habits of perversion."
- Our Lady, November 21, 1977

"Much, My children, you must accept in faith. Scientists of your world and your psychologists and psychiatrists rationalize everything, until sin is accepted as a way of lifescientists who are ever searching but never coming to the truth! The supernatural cannot be rejected, because if you reject the supernatural, you do not have the armor to fight it. It is a crafty plan of satan to make himself unknown, so that he may go among you, and destroying like a ravenous wolf."
- Our Lady, December 7, 1977 

Veronica - The enemies of God, the conspiracy of evil in this country and throughout the world now, this group of the octopus that is reaching out in every direction to destroy our country, the United States of America, and many countries now throughout the world, they cannot be labeled alone as communism, Our Lady said. Their atheism is far greater and more involved than just those small arms. Drugs are a plague, and the greatest plague for this country will be the continued acceleration of witchcraft and satanism. 
Christians, all Christians at this time, Jesus said, must unite against the common enemy of God. 
- December 7, 1977 

"My Mother has counseled you well to prepare and protect your households. The hourglass has been turned over several times to give you more time to do penance and take the stigma of sin from your homes, and mankind in general. However, man has sought success and riches and science to console him, and instead, has found a void. And the children of these parents, who have lived without faith and morals, are the major victims. For as they wandered in a life that has been a void to them, they have sought what they did not know in their human reasoning. But the heart and the inborn conscience of God has sent them seeking, but without firm directionand this direction not coming from not only the parents but the clergy in My Housethey have found instead, these poor misguided, misled children, they have found death-death of the body, and death of the soul: death with drugs, death of the soul with pornography, immorality, and the worship of false idols and gods, even consorting with new religions based on humanism and satanism."
- Jesus, November 20, 1979 

"Lucifer was cast from Heaven, but he retained much knowledge. He is the father of all liars. He is and was and still is a murderer and a promoter of murder. He will reverse the nature of the Christian if he can. He will have you create a monster while searching for scientific knowledge of the creation of life.
     "He will promote in mankind a form of insanity, for sin is insanity. Man will descend to the level of the animal, degrading his body, committing murder, extermination of the elderly, extermination of the ill, destruction of the youth. Sorcery, drugs, witchcraft, My children. And don't laugh now: the snickers will be your downfall. Witchcraft is here now upon earth. It is no farce; it is no story; it is a fact. For it is diabolical, and the coming forth of demons."
- Jesus, February 10, 1978 

"Your children are being debased and defiled through sorcery, drugs, and indoctrinated through your schools. The powers of witchcraft must not be tested, for forces are now loosed upon your earth. The supernatural must be recognized, for it is evident that too few are preparing themselves for these days you are living in."
- Our Lady, November 1, 1977 

"Your children are being raised to know no sin. They conduct themselves as pagans worshiping false idols, giving themselves to mind-destructive drugs, seeking pleasures that are abominations to the human flesh!
"Parents, are you blind? Do you not see your children, what is happening to them? What have you done to save their souls? You are too busy in your worldly lives! You pile silver upon gold, but have you prepared your children's souls with merit to enter the Kingdom of the Eternal Father, or are you passing these tender souls into darkness and the realm of the prince of darkness, satan?"
- Our Lady, October 2, 1975 

"The spread of drugs was for reasonto break down the morale and to give your children over to satan. Your children have been desecrated in black mass. Your children have been desecrated in the schools and the governments by the government leaders who do not care." 
- Our Lady, August 13, 1977 

"Recognize the signs of the times, My children. The war is on. My children, it is much easier to close your heart and your ears to the truth. Your human nature forces you to flee from all that does not feed your vanity. You seek good feelings. But, My children, you cannot become blind to the truth. Recognize the signs of your times, the plagues that have been already sent upon you. The medicinal deterioration of your children's bodies was well planned by satan. It is a plague within your country; it is a plague within the world. Destroy the mind and you can leave the soul to be conquered." 
- Our Lady, March 25, 1972 

"There is a group in the United States and the world, a group that started many years ago, calling itself the Illuminati, coming from the word 'light bearer.' Naturally, My children, this light that they bear stands for Lucifer, and as such they have gone through the world secretly known as Luciferians. They have brought into your country, the United States, and your neighbor Canada, a group of witchcraft practices. Well have they laid their plan to destroy your children with drugs, using your school systems, your medias of communication, your newspapers, your televisions, your radios: every means of communication has been infiltrated by the members and sub-members of the Illuminati, a conglomeration of individuals and powers and principalities throughout the world, and banking systems. As you well know, My children, money has always been the root of all evil, and many have sold their souls to get to the head." 
- Our Lady, November 25, 1978 

"When Luciel, Lucifer, was cast out of the Kingdom of Heaven he retained many powers, My children. I will not go into a long discourse at this time about his powers. However, you must understand that he can promote false miracles. And now, since he has captured the souls of many who sought with pride and arrogance gain, fortune, monies, power, Lucifer has allowed a major plaguethe drug infiltration upon your nation and the world. And now there are those who, through the plan of Lucifer, know and now control with mind-manipulation." 
- Our Lady, August 14, 1979

BACKGROUND STORY – “The Lourdes of America”

Veronica Lueken, the seer of Bayside, was a wife and mother of five children. She went to her eternal reward on August 3rd, 1995.  St. Theresa the Little Flower promised to greet her with a bouquet of red roses when she arrived in heaven.

   Our Lady appeared to Veronica in her home on April 7, 1970, informing her that She would appear on the grounds of the old St. Robert Bellarmine Church in Bayside on June 18, 1970; that vigils of prayer be held there (now temporarily held at the Vatican Pavilion Site in Flushing Meadows Park), and that full directions be given to the clergy of the parish to prepare for Our Lady's first visit there.

   Our Lady also requested that a Shrine and Basilica be erected on this Her chosen Sacred Site, which is to be named “Our Lady of the Roses, Mary Help of Mothers.”  She promised to come on the eve of the great feast days of the Church.  The Blessed Mother also instructed Veronica to disseminate the message given to her throughout the whole world.

   Our Lady has requested that the Rosary be recited aloud by the crowd during the whole of the Vigil.  All are requested to kneel in the presence of Jesus. The Message was repeated word for word by Veronica.  Veronica also described what she saw. All has been recorded on audio tape.

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