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#168 - THE FAMILY - PART 2

"The Church is deeply convinced that only by the acceptance of the Gospel are the hopes that man legitimately places in marriage and in the family capable of being fulfilled." - John Paul II, Familiaris Consortio, #3, November 22, 1981 

"My child and My children, there must be many missionaries throughout the world that must help these lost souls, these ignorant souls. It is your duty as a Catholic, a Roman Catholic, to spread the Message of God and save some of these poor souls, for each one is a blossom upon the rosebush, and we cannot let them be trampled on. Love your neighbors as you would love your children, your family. Love them also as part of your family of Christian souls upon earth." - Jesus, June 18, 1984

"I repeat: Your country will not escape the great Chastisement. Many will die in the great flame of the Ball of Redemption. Have you prepared yourselves, My children? Have you prepared your children and other members of your family? Have you brought them back into the grace and light of the Father before this great Chastisement? No-o-o! Many of you have laughed and scorned My warning." - Our Lady, August 21, 1973

"How sad our hearts are to look into many homes that have become the habitude of demons. You must not cohabit yourself with ignorance to truth. Your complete surrender to satan leaves no recourse but for the Father to intervene for the salvation of the young. The family must be the anchor for the souls, the little ones entrusted to your care. The example in many homes is poor." - St. Anne, September 7, 1973

"There are many now who must wait in a place of purging. The agony of loss tears deep into their hearts. Won't you relieve their time of expiation with your prayers and acts of sacrifice? These helpless friends and family await your releasing them from their torment. Do not forget those who have passed beyond the veil, for one day you, too, must go beyond the veil." - Our Lady, September 7, 1973

"My children, the homes, the refuge for children, whatever shall become of your family life? Parents have turned from their roles as parents, giving themselves over to pleasures of the flesh--pleasure-seeking, feeding themselves with all manner of corruptive influences while the soul is starving." - Our Lady, July 25, 1977 

"All parents hold the measure of responsibility for the salvation of their children's souls. Do not expect others to save your children. You must retain the Faith in their hearts through your homes and your family unity. Satan has sown discord within the family circles. It will be a struggle in the days ahead to keep your children from falling into the web of evil that is slowly ensnaring the world. Satan is weaving his web of evil like the black widow." - Jesus, July 15, 1976

"I ask you now, can you not turn from your ways of despoilment? Your children are suffering as they are left to roam, to make their own decisions without the guidance of the family. 
     "My child and My children, please, the Ball of Redemption shall be sent upon mankind if he does not heed the measures that I have given you tonight to save your country and other countries of the world. Little children are left to roam, to make their own decisions while the parents go merrily on their way, not thinking of the souls that they had to guide. Many parents have now lost their way. They have become embroiled with mankind and not God." - Our Lady, June 18, 1994

"Mothers and women of the world, you must no longer offend your God. You must return your country and the world to a disciplined life of modesty in the hearts of women, chastity, and a firm family foundation among mankind. Many of you do not please the Eternal Father, and you have pierced My Mother's heart with your sins. The sins of the flesh shall have many cast into hell." - Jesus, June 2, 1979

"Each and every soul shall be held accountable for his soul and the souls of those about him. Families are disintegrating. I must tell you now, My children, the family must be returned to the holy state it was constructed for. We shall never approve nor accept marriage and cohabitation without marriage. We shall not accept the annulments that are being given now to so many without due cause." - Our Lady, September 27, 1986

"You will continue to send throughout the world sacramentals for the protection of the young. Guard your families; protect your homes. They must become a fortress for your family, for when your children leave, they are subjected now to all of the agents of hell." - Our Lady, October 6, 1977

"Pray a constant vigilance of prayer in your homes. A family that prays together will stay together! Without God in your home there will be separation and discord. A home in this fight with Lucifer cannot survive without prayer and dedication to your God." - Our Lady, June 18, 1979

"Your world which cries for peace, the words come from the mouths of those who are lying. For while they cry peace, they make provisions for destruction. Peace will not be restored to mankind until My Son in the Trinity is restored to your homes and the hearts of your families." - Our Lady, June 18, 1981

"Russia* has the upper hand now at this time in world peace or world destruction. You must understand, the heart of the atheist is closed to mercy and goodness. A darkened soul has shut out the light. And they seek nothing but the destruction of any man, woman, or child who stands in their way, to assume and gain through hatred and deception among families, and also the ruination of the lives of the children of all families." - Our Lady, October 5, 1985

* Russia has yet to be consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary by the Pope and all the bishops of the world. Read - Directive #10, Consecration of Russia.

"Avoid all occasions of sin. Pray a constant vigilance. Gather all the sacramentals you may have hidden for years from your children and your families, and I say this, hidden, for many have cast aside the use of any relics in their homes. Your children must have the statues and the relics as constant reminders of the road they must remain on." - Jesus, February 1, 1978

"Do not expect your clergy now to save your children and your families. It is your responsibility now. Satan is in My Son's Church. Michael was cast out, and now satan has free rein to roam." - Our Lady, May 13, 1978

"My child, the families of earth have lost their way. The example to the children is poor. Our hearts are saddened by the many parents who have given themselves to the ways of the world and in this manner have sent their children on the road to perdition." - Our Lady, March 18, 1974 

"Families, bring honor to your homes. Fathers, be a father; discipline your children. Mothers, do not discard your role as a mother. Why have you sought to stand side by side with your husband without being subservient to him? You have lost your honor. The example you give to your children can lead them nowhere but into the darkness. A strong tree will bear good fruit. A tree that is fed with impure waters will not grow to maturity, but will die and wither on the vine." - St. Joseph, March 18, 1974

"My children, your homes must be a fortress. Your homes must be a stronghold of godly unification. We look sadly upon much division in the families. Mother against daughter, father against son, all the maturing plan of the evil one. To divide is to conquer; united you will stand as a family. Recognize the evil in your land that is reaching into every family. Parents will be held responsible for the guarding of the children's souls. Pray for the light to come to all your members. Yes, pray for your children who are the true victims of the web of evil that enshrouds the whole earth now. The example given in many homes is foul! We have asked you to keep the statues to be a focal point for the mirror of the soul--the impression upon young minds of Our true existence--that many choose to call legends! Keep the pictures, the sacramentals in your homes. Pray together as a loving family. Prepare the young souls well; for as they go without the family door, it will stand them well in the onslaughts of satan, so evident in excess about them, this darkness that covers the world. Be you not ignorant of the fact that there are loosed on your earth inhabitants of the abyss, demons of the latter days struggle, who will gather as agents of hell, bent on soul destruction and searching up new inhabitants for the kingdom of Lucifer. Your children of tender years are led very easily--the world is now a giant web! I would spare you, My children, from this terrible fact, but you must be alerted to these agents. Do not be misled also by those who parade as angels of light, but are truly ravenous wolves carrying the venom of satan. Do not be conditioned to accept evil. Your first allegiance is to your God." - Our Lady, December 31, 1971

"Much of this suffering within the homes has come because of sin in the hearts of the family.
     "My child and My children, make it known to all that the road to Heaven was never easy, but you can make it much easier upon yourselves and your families if you follow the rules, if you follow the Commandments from the Eternal Father." - Jesus, September 7, 1978

"Your children must be protected against the world, your world of evil. Better that they starve their bodies than to starve their souls. The seeking of worldly gain has sent many souls into hell. The example being shown in many homes is abominable. Many parents will pay a hard price in the loss of the Kingdom for their lack of discipline and proper direction of the souls entrusted to them." - Our Lady, May 10, 1973

"My child, you are observing the foundation for all life and dedication to the Eternal Father-the home and the family. In your world today that has been caught in the snare of the wiles of satan, many families are heading to oblivion, disintegration, and destruction. The forces of evil, the agents of 666, have now infiltrated into the very heart of mankind: the home, the family." - Our Lady, July 24, 1976

"You will all keep a constant vigilance of prayer. Keep your families close about you in the knowledge of truth. Parents must now nourish the souls of their children. Do not expect others to do this for you, for once your children have left your home they must be well equipped to face the world that has been given to satan. The faith, the truth, the knowledge that I left with you must now be kept alive in the hearts of your children." - Jesus, May 29, 1976

"You must accept a full consecration of yourself and your families to the Immaculate Heart of My Son and Myself, My children. It is not that I ask this of you with pride, but humility. I, too, My child, am but an instrument of the Father coming to you as your Mother, for I am truly your Mother and a Mother of great sorrow.
     "The Father, My Son in the Father, has found it necessary to send Me to you as an emissary from Heaven, a Mediatrix between mankind and the Kingdom of the Father.
     "I do not come to set fear in your hearts, but to warn you that unless you change your ways now, your country will go through much destruction and loss of life." - Our Lady, December 31, 1974

"If I could, I would as your Mother, make all atonement for you, but it is the will of the Eternal Father that you come forward now and stand up to protect your own souls, and also the souls of your children and your families." - Our Lady, June 18, 1986

BACKGROUND STORY – “The Lourdes of America”

Veronica Lueken, the seer of Bayside, was a wife and mother of five children. She went to her eternal reward on August 3rd, 1995.  St. Theresa the Little Flower promised to greet her with a bouquet of red roses when she arrived in heaven.

   Our Lady appeared to Veronica in her home on April 7, 1970, informing her that She would appear on the grounds of the old St. Robert Bellarmine Church in Bayside on June 18, 1970; that vigils of prayer be held there (now temporarily held at the Vatican Pavilion Site in Flushing Meadows Park), and that full directions be given to the clergy of the parish to prepare for Our Lady's first visit there.

   Our Lady also requested that a Shrine and Basilica be erected on this Her chosen Sacred Site, which is to be named “Our Lady of the Roses, Mary Help of Mothers.”  She promised to come on the eve of the great feast days of the Church.  The Blessed Mother also instructed Veronica to disseminate the message given to her throughout the whole world.

   Our Lady has requested that the Rosary be recited aloud by the crowd during the whole of the Vigil.  All are requested to kneel in the presence of Jesus. The Message was repeated word for word by Veronica.  Veronica also described what she saw. All has been recorded on audio tape.


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