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#184 CHURCH OF MAN,  Part 1


"I wonder that you are so soon removed from him that called you into the grace of Christ, unto another gospel. Which is not another, only there are some that trouble you, and would pervert the Gospel of Christ." - Galatians 1: 6-7



"It is not without reason that all of the past descendants of Peter guided you well against the false precepts of modernism and humanism in My Son's Church and the world.  And now, My children, it is of a fact: by their fruits will they be known.  And what have been the fruits of this humanistic and modernistic approach but discord, disunity and a loss of souls to Heaven.

     "I say unto you: unless you turn back now, bishops and cardinals, and restore My Son's House... Do not be prideful; it is too late for false pride!  You must admit your errors.  Turn back and start over!  You were given a simple rule to follow.  These rules were given to you and written for you in the Book of Life, your Bible.  You have chosen in your arrogance and pride to cast aside these teachings and to build another church upon earth, a church of man.  You are building it without the help of the angels." - Our Lady of the Roses, September 13, 1978



"There is only one way that this can be stopped, this evil that has seeped into My House and into the hearts of all mankind.  You must stop now your seeking for change and novelty.  You must restore My Church to its former glory.  Admit your error.  Do not conceal this with pride and arrogance.

     "Remember!  There was the time when it was necessary to cast Luciel and his followers from Heaven--Lucifer, who now goads you on to hell with him, upon earth.  He had to be cast from Heaven because he, too, became prideful and arrogant, seeking to make himself another living God.  This cannot be done.  You cannot be above your Creator."  - Jesus, September 7, 1978



"I gave you a simple plan with the construction of My House, My Church upon earth.  But now you want to reform it, until you will split My House asunder with many denominations, many new denominations. I ask that My Church be universal, apostolic, and the saver of souls.  However, there are rules to be followed, doctrines to remain unchanged.  Tradition to be withheld.

     "My children, you must now stop these innovations.  You have become purveyors of error.  You are not bringing the gospels and the truth to My children, My sheep.  Tradition must be held!  It is the strongest factor within the building of My Church.  I am the foundation, but Tradition must be continued.  The rules, the Tradition, were given for reason.  You were given a plan to follow.  You know the truth; you are withholding the truth from My sheep.  You are changing the truth for your own reasons, and this reasoning is not guided by the light but by the spirit of darkness." - Jesus, September 7, 1978



"The Eternal City of Rome must now take action by those in rule, the cardinals and the bishops, to restore this city to the light. Those who seek to build a church of man must be removed by the power of excommunication given to those who rule as representatives in My houses, churches upon your earth.

     "As it was in the time of Noe, as it was in the days of Sodom and Gomorrha, so shall it be upon your earth. Man shall be permitted to fall fast into the abyss. Why? Because he has hardened his heart and closed his ears to the truth. He has given himself to all manners of pleasures of the flesh. Sin has become a way of life in your country and in the countries throughout your earth."  - Jesus, December 31, 1975



"My child, My children, this new church they are building but no angels help to build, only demons; they are building a church of man, using as a foundation the basic carnal nature of mankind. There is nothing beautiful of spirit; it is all humanistic, My child, modernistic. And what are they doing but they are building the church of man with satan as the director!

     "O My children, pray much! We do not want to see a division in My Son's House. The Roman Catholic Church must remain one! But this does not mean, as the church of man states, that you will bring all manner of heretics and separated brethren in. No, My children, that is an error, a delusion from satan. You cannot change My Son's House and bring them in and change for them! They must change and come back to the original rule given by My Son and those who were with Him in the building of the foundation."  - Our Lady of the Roses, March 18, 1977 



"My children, little by little, step by step, the road has been paved to the erection and construction of a new church. It will not be a church of My Son. No angels shall direct the building. It will be a church of man. But as man builds his monument to man, I assure you, My children, the Eternal Father, the Godhead, shall bring down that false church of man. You are testing His patience to the limit. How long do you think He will persevere in His suffering for an unworthy generation of sinners?"  - Our Lady of the Roses, November 21, 1977 



"Why have you cast aside the words given in the Book of life, your Bible? The Eternal Father gave you the plan for your future in the Book. Why do you change it? Because you do not agree with the word of your God. You must change it to suit your carnal natures! You are setting yourselves fast to build a church of man and not a Church of God. What will you gain? For your church of man shall be given to satan, and all who join this church shall give themselves to satan and eternal damnation.

     "Those who are misled shall be given the road back to the light. Prayer and penance is much needed at this time. The leaders are scattering the flock. Do not think your heart is not known, our clergy, in Heaven. The Eternal Father watches your actions, your behavior, your misguidance, and your selling your souls for silver!"  - St. Michael, November 1, 1975



"My children, what manner of abomination is being committed in My Son's House? Can you not cry with Him, suffer with Him on His way to the cross? No! Demons have entered into My Son's House. They claim the human body to use them to defile My Son's House until evil men of the cross are setting a church up now, a church of man with no angels guiding them, with no supernatural intervention from Heaven guiding them. This church of man shall be built on naturalism, modernism, and humanism.

     "I say unto you, O bishops, you have been looked upon and found wanting by the Eternal Father. You have attuned yourself with satan. You are goats!

     "My children, pray for your bishops. Pray for your cardinals. Rome is under great siege."  - Our Lady of the Roses, April 9, 1977



"There must be change, My children, but a change back to reality and Tradition. My Son has given you a true foundation, but many come now with axes and they chop away. They seek to build a church without spirit, a church of man. The walls will crumble, the earth will shake. The Eternal Father will send His wrath upon mankind."  - Our Lady of the Roses, December 6, 1975



"In your search for peace and brotherhood, you are building another religion, My children. It is a false religion of humanism and modernism. How many warnings were given to you in the past, warnings against these forces, the forces sent out from hell! You pastors who have rejected Michael as the guardian of the Faith and My Son's House, you must return him in prayer and visual sight, his monuments, his statues to My Son's House, Church.

     "Pastors, you go farther from your Faith. You deny the existence of the supernatural, for you are building a church of man. Turn back, for you will be forced to turn back by My Son. Because of your impiety, because of your immorality, and because of your atheistic leanings, My children, your country shall enter a great crucible of suffering. Many countries of your earth shall be cleansed by trial."  - Our Lady of the Roses, June 18, 1976



"My children, there are many among you in My Son's ecclesiastical bodies that seek to build a new church upon earth. It is not supernatural; it is a natural church of man!

     "My children, do not be deluded by the humanistic approach to salvation. My Son gave the rules; the Eternal Father set the rules for mankind in the past and through countless ages of time. You have cast aside the direction of the founding Fathers of My Son's Church, those He has appointed to set down the rules and procedures. You cannot, you must not change the Book of life, the Bible, to please mankind, for you are pleasing satan. You must remember the words of the Book of life that any man--meaning it woman or child of conscionable age, but more befit to say man--who seeks to change but one word in the Book of life, the Bible, shall be cast out of the Kingdom of life and light, Heaven, cast from the light and into the darkness ruled by satan, forever damned." - Our Lady of the Roses, July 15, 1978



"Pastors, cardinals, bishops in My House, My Church, what are you trying to rebuild, a church of man without angels to guide you? What are you trying to renew? Has not My Church, My House, withstood all of the trials of time? It will stand again, but My concern as your God is the number of souls that are being lost to Heaven in this trial! The Eternal Father does not want one sheep lost to Him! Each and every soul upon earth is precious to Him.

     "Pastors, when you come before Me for judgment, shall you stand before Me and say that your teaching has been pure in My sight? I will cast you away from Me into the fires of eternal damnation for your laxity and for your consorting with evil! Many are selling their souls to get to the head, and what does it gain a man if he gather all of the world's treasures? Not one of them can he take with him over the veil! Store your treasures in Heaven for your reprieve. It will be your true passport to Heaven. Without it you are lost!"  - Jesus, August 14, 1978



"There are many false prophets now teaching doctrines of demons. You must protect your children from falling in with them-false prophets trying to build a church of man, and no angels to guide them. A church of secularism, humanism, socialism, communism, and satanism.

     "The Eternal Father, My children, is most merciful. I stand before Him daily, pleading for your cause, asking for more time for penance to be done by many. But these many have become few.

     "My children, kneel before your God in the Eucharist. Do not stand like you stand in meeting halls, but kneel and give Him a just love and observance of honor."  - Our Lady of the Roses, July 14, 1979



"Listen! Hasten, harken, and listen, for you are receiving a warning from the Eternal Father!

     "Leaders in the houses of God throughout your world, you must teach honorably. You must teach in faith with firm foundation. Tradition must not be separated from the truth. Man shall not build upon earth a church of man. The foundation is Jesus, the Christ, in the Father and in the Spirit!

     "Woe to mankind who has set upon the world a blight of error! No man shall escape the Chastisement! Houses will blow in the wind. Skin will dry up and blow off the bones as if it had never been! Eyes will see and still not believe, so hardened are the hearts of man.

     "Sin and all manner of evil has become a way of life in your nation and the countries upon earth. One by one, in a sudden movement, many nations shall disappear from the face of the earth. Many of the good must do heavy penance and suffer for this evil, but winning their eventual crown in the eternal Kingdom of God the Father.

     "The most high God, the Eternal Father, commands you now as a generation to turn back from your ways that offend Him and the angels, the guardian of your Faith, and the saints who have been given their crown and places in Heaven."  - St. Michael, July 15, 1975



"All reverence, My children, all discipline must be returned to My Son's Church. False pastors shall be cast out! Tradition must be maintained. You shall not bring in doctrines of devils! No! You shall not seek change, as you are given this by satan. My Son does not want change that sets you into darkness.

     "A firm foundation shall withstand the trials and storms of time. All that is rotten shall fall. My Son, My children, is your foundation. The Church of man shall be the destruction of man!"  - Our Lady of the Roses, September 13, 1975



"The forces, the red forces, My children, shall spread throughout Rome. Can you not pray and do penance to hold back the darkness?

     "Pastors, you must now do great penance. Get down on your knees! Humility! Humility, My pastors! Holiness and piety! Tradition! What are you building among yourselves but a church of man, eliminating My Son in the light.

     "Bishops, awaken from your slumber! I repeat, My children, My bishops, shall you be obedient to sin? Shall you unite and destroy your Faith? Shall you compromise your Faith with the ultimate destruction of souls?

     "My Son gave you your Faith. He gave you the course, a simple plan to follow. He gave you your first leaders. They wrote down the plan from Heaven into your Bible. Every man seeks novelty, interpreting for his own satisfaction--all manner of delusion and complication, novelty. For what? For the ultimate destruction of your Faith! Sheep running and scattering, churches closing their doors! Why? Because you have replaced the light with darkness."  - Our Lady of the Roses, December 24, 1975



"It is the major plan of satan to bring about a complete one-world government and a one-world religion. And it will not be of My Son. It will be a church of man based on humanism, modernism, and satanism. O My children, if I could only open the doors of the world and set your eyes to see what We see now being perpetrated in My Son's houses throughout the world! It is no wonder that I cry bitter tears of pity, for you know not what you do, and you know not what the future holds for you!"  - Our Lady of the Roses, October 1, 1977



"I give you a final warning from the Eternal Father. You will turn back and restore the earth. You will turn back and restore My Church upon earth. You shall not set up a new church of man, for I shall destroy it. You shall see nations disappear from the earth in seconds."  - Jesus, October 2, 1980


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