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“Certainly the results of [Vatican II] seem cruelly opposed to the expectations of everyone… I am repeating what I said ten years after the conclusion of the work: [It] is incontrovertible that this period has definitely been unfavorable for the Church.”  - Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, L’Osservatore Romano, English Edition, December 24, 1984. 

"I gave you My human life upon earth, and what have you done? You crucify Me again in My own House, My Church! You crucify those who stand in righteousness in My Church and cast them out, as you rebuild My Church. For what? A renewal? And what are you renewing? What is your renewal? What are you renewing? Have you found fault with My way? Shall you create a new way of man? I say unto you, you blaspheme! You have cast yourself out of the light into the darkness, O pastors.
     "I cannot at this time give you, My child, dates. It would be of no merit to give the date now that you ask, My child. That will be given to you in secret. Let others speculate, but I say unto you, you must be prepared at all times, for it will come upon you suddenly.
     "There is no reason to modernize My Church. Discipline must be returned.
     "My Mother has made many visits to earth, crying out to you to stop now, turn back, do penance, make atonement for your sins. And what has She met but derision, lukewarmness, and arrogance!” – Jesus, February 1, 1978

"Awaken from your slumber, My pastors. You will turn back now and retrieve what you have lost when you have succumbed to the errors of humanism and modernism. Do not be filled with pride. Be humble and accept your cross. Acknowledge before mankind that error has been followed, for to err is human, My children. But when you know you have made a mistake, what have you to gain but to follow this road of folly. Turn back and start again.
     "I left with you a true foundation of faith. This faith is slowly being taken from your world. There are only small flickers of light throughout your world. The darkness is heavily closing in upon you. Know, My children, that you must hasten to follow the direction of My Mother.
     "All who have command by their rank in the governing of Our sheep must do a full pardon in suffering, must gain this full pardon in suffering from the Eternal Father.” -
Jesus, August 14, 1976


“My children, I counsel you now as your God to turn back while there is time. The sands of the hourglass are falling through; the grains are few. How many of you have prepared yourselves? Too late will there be much weeping and gnashing of teeth. Too late, I say unto you! For you who have not heeded My Mother’s counsel shall die a cruel death. And this death shall exist as you go as dead souls into hell. And I say unto you: hell shall be filled with mitres if you continue on your present course. Pray, My children, a constant vigilance of prayer throughout your country and all of the countries of the earth.” - Jesus, May 26, 1979


Veronica - Now He's extending His right hand and opening—oh, He's opening His garment. And oh, on His garment is a huge heart; but from all angles, right and left, there are knives piercing His heart.
     Now He's removing—oh, I can—Jesus has a crown of thorns about His head, which He's removing now and placing in the center of His chest. It balances over a huge sword. Now He's pointing to the sword. The sword goes straight through His heart and comes out the other side. Oh, Jesus said:
     Jesus - "See, My child, the heavy sword that man has placed within My heart. This sword has been placed there by the men of God who have chosen to set up their own rule within My House. This sword shall be taken out by Michael and be brought upon the world to cleanse you and to force your return to the ways of your God!" – June 16, 1973


“There must be holiness returned to My Son’s Church. This responsibility weighs heavily on the shoulders of the clergy, the hierarchy. I assure you, My clergy, unless you act immediately upon the counsel from Heaven, many mitres shall fall into hell.” – Our Lady, July 14, 1979


"The plan for your salvation was given. It was a simple plan of faith, faith in what has been given to you in the past! You mock the past in Tradition! You set yourselves to build a new church. The gates of hell shall never prevail against My Church!
     "Man shall not judge My Church on the actions of man, for man now is taking it and building a church for man, not to honor his God, the Eternal Father, not to honor and prepare his soul for the entrance over the veil! No! He is now wasting valuable time in promoting a mode of humanism and modernism. You are feeding the nature, the carnal nature of mankind, while you are starving their spirit.”  - Jesus, May 15, 1976


“Not enough prayers have been offered for your clergy. Many bishops proceed onto a road that will lead them to hell, but sadly they will take many others with them.
     “There must be a complete cleansing of My Son’s Church. What do you do, My children, when your house has been infested by rodents or vermin? You clean out your house. You do not abandon it, for it has taken much love and much labor to build the walls. You do not abandon it, but you work and pray, and use every means to clean out My Son’s House, His Church.” – Our Lady, November 20, 1979


“The Messages from Heaven, My child and My children, are given for all mankind.  Much emphasis has been placed through time on the Message to the clergy in My Son’s House for reason.  They are being deluded and misled by satan.
     “This has come about only because arrogance and pride has entered upon them.  They no longer pray but have succumbed to the errors of humanism and modernism.  Holiness must be returned to the vocation.  And this can only be acquired by restoring prayer in My Son’s House and especially the prayer life that is so lacking now in the clergy.
     “In your well-meaning actions of opening My Son’s Church to all without conversion, you have allowed yourself to associate with heretics and unbelievers.  In this manner you are compromising your Faith.  My children, recognize what is happening now in My Son’s Church.” – Our Lady, July 25, 1978


"Many leaders who wear the red hats, My children—pray for them, for many have fallen to satan. I say unto you, as your God: Turn back, Red Hats, for you, too, shall meet the fires of hell. The Red Hat has fallen, and the Purple Hat is being misled. Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth! Houses will blow in the wind, and skin will dry up and blow off the bones as if it had never been! Eyes will see and still not believe, so great is the power of satan now upon mankind.
     "I warn you now, My children, that you must turn back and start again. Do not renew My Church by commending it to satan, by destroying it. You cannot destroy the foundation. You crumble the walls. Like rats you are burrowing, O Red Hats, into the foundation of My Church. I say unto you, there is not a man living upon earth now who hears My voice that shall not face the great trial ahead.” - Jesus, September 14, 1976


“Do not be prideful, My hierarchy. Admit when you make a mistake.  Admit and start again.  You owe nothing to the world and man, but you will stand before the Eternal Father.  He will chastise those He loves, but He wants you to be humble of heart.  Admit your mistakes and start over.” – Jesus, October 6, 1978


“Please, My children, pray for your priests.  Many are being led astray.  Discipline and the rule must be followed in the priesthood.  This brings great sorrow to the Eternal Father and My Son to see the manner in which the priesthood has cast aside the rule in the name of modernism and humanism.
     “The destruction of souls accelerates.  My children, can you not recognize the path you have allowed yourself to go upon?  It is a way of destruction.  It is not the way as given by My Son, for you have set yourselves to build a new church, a church for the glorification of man.”  - Our Lady, March 25, 1978

"There is much work to be done to return My House, My Church, to its previous state of dedication, purity, and holiness. Much that has happened within My House, the direction was not given by your Vicar, Pope Paul. In arrogance, many Red Hats have set themselves to set up their own church, and it is fast becoming one of man and not of your God. There are no angels directing you in this building. The spirit you receive is not of light, but of darkness in your building. Restore My Church to its former glory, or I shall set My hand down fast upon you! The Eternal Father is long-suffering and merciful, but My hand is growing heavy!” - Jesus, October 6, 1976

“It is not without reason that all of the past descendants of Peter guided you well against the false precepts of modernism and humanism in My Son’s Church and the world.  And now, My children, it is of a fact: by their fruits will they be known.  And what have been the fruits of this humanistic and modernistic approach but discord, disunity and a loss of souls to Heaven.

     “I say unto you: unless you turn back now, bishops and cardinals, and restore My Son’s House... Do not be prideful; it is too late for false pride!  You must admit your errors.  Turn back and start over!  You were given a simple rule to follow.  These rules were given to you and written for you in the Book of Life, your Bible.  You have chosen in your arrogance and pride to cast aside these teachings and to build another church upon earth, a church of man.  You are building it without the help of the angels.” – Our Lady, September 13, 1978

"Many of Our clergy have become blinded through their love of worldly pleasure and riches. Many have accepted a soul once high as a priest. Teilhard is in hell! He burns forever for the contamination he spread throughout the world! A man of God has his choice as a human instrument to enter into the kingdom of satan.
     "Man will not defy the laws of God without going unpunished. You are a perverse generation, and you call the hand of punishment down fast upon you.” - Our Lady, March 18, 1973

“I have cautioned the priests, the hierarchy in My Son’s Church, to remove their pride and arrogance from their beings and their hearts.  Their way has become a way of the world, governed by man and not by his God.  This new way will only lead to total destruction, of not only the souls but the body.” – Our Lady, October 6, 1978

"The forces, the red forces, My children, shall spread throughout Rome. Can you not pray and do penance to hold back the darkness?
     "Pastors, you must now do great penance. Get down on your knees! Humility! Humility, My pastors! Holiness and piety! Tradition! What are you building among yourselves but a church of man, eliminating My Son in the light.
     "Bishops, awaken from your slumber! I repeat, My children, My bishops, shall you be obedient to sin? Shall you unite and destroy your Faith? Shall you compromise your Faith with the ultimate destruction of souls?
     "My Son gave you your Faith. He gave you the course, a simple plan to follow. He gave you your first leaders. They wrote down the plan from Heaven into your Bible. Every man seeks novelty, interpreting for his own satisfaction—all manner of delusion and complication, novelty. For what? For the ultimate destruction of your Faith! Sheep running and scattering, churches closing their doors! Why? Because you have replaced the light with darkness.” - Our Lady, December 24, 1975

“I say unto you, My pastors, hierarchy and priests of all nations: You will follow the rules as given through countless earth-years.  My Church, My House, has been set up upon earth.  I gave the direction.  It was a simple way.  And you have entered upon the wide road to damnation.  Many mitres shall fall into hell!  But sadly they will take other with them.
     “The justice of the Eternal Father has charity, gives hope.  However, you cannot compromise the Faith.  You cannot compromise with evil.  There is no middle road between good and evil.” – Jesus, October 6, 1978

“My children, pastors in My Son’s Church upon earth, I implore you, I beg of you as your Mother, to return My Son’s House, to return Our children to the fold!  But not in the manner you seek to do it now: not by humanism or modernism.  Return now to tradition or you will fall!  Rome will fall!  You will give yourselves over to the enemy.
     “Russia has great plans for the capture of Rome.  I beg unto you as your Mother to listen now while there is time.  Bishops, cardinals in Rome, a plan is set afoot against you.  Many have entered from the socialist—the Union of Socialist Republic, Russia—have entered the Church to destroy you! Recognize the path you are following.  It is a well-made path.  Avoid it!” – Our Lady, November 20, 1978

Our Lady - “Divest yourself, pastors in Rome, of your pride.  Turn back and start anew.  There is only a little time left.
     “O My children—”
    Veronica - Our Lady is pointing now up.  She’s pointing over now to Her left side, our right.  And forming in the sky is the horrible emblem, the sickle with the hammer.  And blazing all about it is a red, circular pattern of ugly, fiery-looking red about the hammer and the sickle.
     And now an arrow is pointing over to the other side of the sky, far on the right.  And the arrow is swinging now and heading across the sky like a comet, far to the left.  And on the left a number is forming, a huge “6”.  And the “6” now sets like an angry arrow, like a shot onto the head, the crown of Peter.
     I see... I see, I—oh, it’s terrible!  I see the crown of Peter melting, melting, melting!  And I see on the right side a man laughing with glee as he melts all the treasures of the papacy.
     Now it’s growing very, very dark.  Our Lady has moved over now, and She’s pointing again.  And written in the sky is C - O - M—it’s being written like a finger’s writing it—C - O - M - M - U - N - I - S - M:  “Communism”; T - H - E: the; S - C - O - U - R - G - E: scourge; O - F: of; M - A - N - K - I - N - D.  “Communism, the scourge of mankind.” - November 20, 1978

“The Commandments of the Eternal Father were written in full; the construction of My Son’s Church was directed in full. All will be found written by the founding Fathers of the Church in the Bible, your Book of life and love. Pastors in My Son’s Church, whatever are you seeking to reform! You had the truth, you had the light, but with itching ears you are listening to demons.
     “All who seek reform and change will not receive a sanctification from Heaven. Reform and you will die on the vine!” – Our Lady, May 23, 1979

“Divest yourself, pastors in Rome, of your pride.  Turn back and start anew.  There is only a little time left.” – Our Lady, November 20, 1978

“My child and My children, you wonder now of the happenings in Rome.  Much that has happened has taken place because too few have cared to pray and do penance for the priesthood.  One day all will be made known to mankind.
     “I have come to you as a Mediatrix between God and man, in the will of the Eternal Father, to warn you, O priests in My Son’s Church, His House upon earth, that you must turn back and start again.”  – Our Lady, October 6, 1978

"There is a great means of restoration of My Son's House. It is a simple way, but it will bear fruit. Our clergy must return to a life of prayer. You shall not gather your sheep by going among them and lowering your standards.
     "The foundation for My Son's House has always been firm. You shall not use your rank in My Son's House to whittle away at the walls! You are going like rodents burrowing into the foun­dation of My Son's House! I do not need to name you with names, My children. You who wear the Red Hats and the Purple Hats, you know who I speak to! When are you going to cast aside the dark­ness from your hearts? Restore My Son's House to its proper foundation, or else you will receive the sword! Many mitres are falling into hell!"  - Our Lady, February 1, 1975

“My children, the Council of Vatican II was started with good intent, but the doors were opened to all manner of heretics, causing a slow pollution of the Faith. My children, you must now awaken the pastors from their slumber! They have given themselves over now to a new religion of man.” – Our Lady, July 25, 1977


"There is, My children, a great conspiracy of evil now throughout your world—the forces, the columns of evil. Man has given them many names—the fifth column. They have been broken up into political parties, including communism. O My children, they are but small arms of the octopus, the gigantic conspiracy of evil that will unite your world and My Son's Church under the rule of despots!
     "There is in Rome, My children, a great struggle for power, a political machine controlled by satan. There shall be a war of the spirits. It shall be bishop against bishop and cardinal against cardinal.
     "I repeat, My children, as I have told you in the past, that the great Council of Vatican II was manipulated by satan. He sat there among you and he worked you like a chessboard.
     "What can you do now to recover? It is simple, My children: turn back and start over with the foundation given to you. You must bring respect back to your priesthood. You must bring respect back to your Holy Father, Pope Paul VI. I have warned you of all the manners of abominations, errors, and delusions that have been set upon you. Listen, and act upon My warnings to you!” – Our Lady, May 15, 1976


"The great Council, the Council that has brought forth dis­cord, disunity, and the loss of souls, the major fact behind this destruction was because of the lack of prayer.
     “Satan sat in within this Council, and he watched his ad­vantage. He is now playing a game of chess with the Red Hats and the Purple Hats, moving them with great glee as he watches the evil accelerate, and all manners of people are flowing fast through the doors of the Holy City and all ecumenical bodies.” – St. Michael, March 18, 1976

"Satan was present, he listened with careful ears at the great Council. He awaited every move, and he placed his agents among you! Recognize and reconstruct your path. You have been deluded. You are on the wrong road. Turn about now, or you will sow the seeds for your own destruction!” – Our Lady, August 14, 1974

“Awaken, My clergy, those entrusted with the Faith. Turn back, turn back; you are on the wrong road! Restore My Son's House; patch the cracks! Tradition, My children—you cannot separate Tradition with the Faith. You cannot separate Tradition from the Faith.” – Our Lady, November 20, 1974


"I say this evening, as your God, that on that date [1972], as promised at Fatima, satan entered My Church upon earth. He brought with him his agents—and satan himself, the deceiver of all mankind, sat in on Vatican II and maneuvered all the outsiders to come in and distort My doctrines and distort the truth.
     "At Fatima, My Mother tried to warn of this coming event, but who cared to listen? Who was interested in listening? Not those who were years_earth-years away. All Heaven was crying in that time, for the Eternal Father had made it known how His message would be received. To this day, to your earth-year of 1986, you have not been given, My children, the full secrets as given to the children at Fatima.
     "Therefore, I must make it known at this time to you. If you are perceiving and interested in My Church upon earth, I do not have to explain Myself too fully; for you will already know of the chaos that satan has wrought when he entered My Church. And why did he enter, you say? This I want it made known, My child, and you will not be affrighted as you are now. And you will speak out for Me and My Mother and the Eternal Father in the Holy Spirit; you will speak out and say that satan is in the Church, My Church upon earth. He knows his time is growing short.
     "And if you think you have seen carnage now already in the Church, the worst is yet to come, unless you follow the rules given by My Mother many years ago, of prayer, atonement, and sacrifice. By your example you may be able to save others. For soon there will come upon you the great Chastisement. It comes in two parts, My child and My children: the Third World War, and also the Ball of Redemption. These can no longer be delayed. For the good seem to go about their way, perhaps pridefully. We do not seek to accuse or place a stigma on any, but some may pridefully sit back and let others go forth and make these sacrifices and prayers and penance. Because they have become smug, or because they have not the grace to understand that once you receive this grace much is expected of you. You must even work harder to save your brothers and sisters.
     "My child and My children, this message will not be greeted gleefully by your clergy. But since Lucy has been silenced, it is necessary that the world knows the truth. I will also send this message out through one more seer in the world, and if it is not abided by, I have nothing to do but to allow the Chastisement to fall upon mankind.” – Jesus, June 18, 1986 

In March of 1990, Cardinal Oddi confirmed that in the Third Secret “the Blessed Virgin was alerting us to the apostasy in the Church,” and that the date for its revelation, 1960, indicates that “the Secret had something to do with the convocation of Vatican II.” (Cardinal Oddi interview, Il Sabato, March 17, 1990)


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