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“... they receive not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. Therefore, God shall send them the operation of error, to believe lying: that all may be judged who have not believed the truth, but have consented to iniquity." - 2 Thessalonians 2: 10-11

"It is only through great suffering that your nation will emerge from the mire of sin and evil that it has led itself into by disregarding the warnings of My Mother through your years upon earth.
     "My Mother has come to you some time ago warning you of what will happen to mankind if mankind does not make a firm effort to repent of the abominations and sinful ways, sins of the flesh that will bring fire upon mankind--a baptism of fire. Your country and many countries of your world are now going through labors. They will find, without the assistance of the Eternal Father, confusion and destruction.” – Jesus,
April 10, 1976 

"When you accept a change that offends your God, you will be discontinued. Confusion, confusion! All about us we see confusion. Pray to the Holy Spirit that you may receive the light." - St. Catherine Labouré,
November 20, 1972 

"It is not Our methods to instil fear, for fear is the work of the evil one; but laxity and ignorance in knowledge can only bring confusion and misleading influences.
     "Had you remained true to My prophets who sought to enlighten you with written direction from Us, these symptoms We see would not have grown. You no longer find the revelations in the Book of life.” – Jesus,
May 30, 1971   

"My child, you must make it known that in order to receive the way, the light, you must believe.
     "Your country proceeds farther into the darkness. Blindly they stumble, not recognizing the dangers they are calling down upon themselves. Their involvement will bring this country to great confusion and dispute.
     "You will watch as the disagreements confuse your country--yes, the disagreements with
Russia, Red China, England, and many others. You will learn that to turn to human endeavor it is wasted, for your country is in a condition that can only be brought back to normalcy by turning to Us.” – Our Lady, August 5, 1971 

"Pray always for your priests, your pastors, who are now confused. It is a way of satan, this confusion, for men grow weak from confusion. Increase your numbers of Rosaries, for they will always hold back the darkness. The graces you will need will come from the Father because of His great love of this darkening world.” – Our Lady, December 26, 1970 

"There are many in the House of God who have been misled. They are not to be castigated, but make known to them the Message from Heaven. The Father is always the final judge. Speak once and if not hastened, say no more. But keep in heart, My child, that it may not be of their decision. Errors abound, confusion reigns, and many are running in circles. Do you not recognize the ways of satan? He is the master of confusion. A practiced rule sets a firm foundation." – Our Lady, November 24, 1973 

"It is sad, My child, that We see much confusion among mankind, seeking in all directions for the truth and having few leaders to give them the direction of light. Therefore, We ask that all who have been given the light in knowledge of truth, that they will go forth as disciples for My Son and the Eternal Father. Go forward in perseverance; go forward in confidence; and go forward, knowing that you have been given the true Faith. And all who seek to destroy this Faith, sadly, My child, destroy themselves. Weep for them, My child and My children--those who do not believe. I cry to you: Come, come to Me, your Mother. Believe and you will be given the way.” – Our Lady, April 10, 1976 

"You must, My children, tell your brothers and sisters that they must not at this time separate themselves from your ruling bodies within your Church. Satan has set upon the world much con­fusion and error. You must pray a constant vigilance of prayer that you do not fall into error. Do not be concerned of the con­fusion that satan has set upon all at this time. Believe and you will be given the way. All that is rotten shall fall. The enemies of your God shall be exposed, for by their fruits shall they be known.” – Our Lady, March 18, 1976 

"We look into many homes, my children, and find discord, dis­unity, and sorrow, confusion and despair, manners of aberration; the matrimonial bond broken, sin becoming a way of life. The family that will pray together shall stay together.” – St. Joseph, March 18, 1976 

"There is much confusion, My child, in your world--confusion that has been created by satan. There is only one major means now to rid satan from the House of God and your homes. That is prayer and turning to My Son. Save your souls and the souls of all those you love in the Sacred Heart of My Son." – Our Lady, February 10, 1974 

"You must keep your armor upon you, your sacramentals. You must remain with My Son in the Eucharist, in the tabernacles throughout the world. There is much confusion at this time and much error in the houses of My Son. But do not turn away. You must stay and pray and set a good example for those who run about in confusion and trying all manner of novelty.
     "The Eternal Father looks into the hearts of mankind; therefore, you must not judge. It is well to give counsel and to bring forth an untruth, but you must not judge.” – Our Lady,
December 6, 1975 

"Heresy, O mournful heresy! Pastors, this shall not be tolerated. You must not destroy Our young flowers, the children. You must nurture them with pure waters of faith. This faith must not be tainted by modernism and humanism. You have set upon the world a confusion of mind and a darkening of spirit.
     "We find, My children, that many have gone astray. Many have given themselves to the errors of the world. Blindness of heart has set many onto the road to destruction.” – Our Lady,
November 20, 1975 

"What have you gained by your actions, shepherds of darkness? You who deceive and have brought confusion into the hearts of your sheep--shall you go before the Eternal Father and say that your teaching has been pure in His sight? No! I say unto you: you shall be cast aside and join those who have received a just recompense for their deception.
     "The gates of hell are open wide. The pressures of hell force themselves upon the world. They have reached the walls of My churches, but woe to man who will sell out his Faith! I say unto you: Your time grows short. Turn back now from your deception!
     "A great delusion has been set upon mankind so that those who have given themselves to satan will believe these errors and go fast to their reward.
     "You shall not compromise your Faith. You shall not unite with those who seek to destroy your Faith. You shall not gather the straying sheep by joining them in their errors. Heresy, O mournful heresy! Whatever shall become of you?” – Jesus,
November 20, 1975 

"All manner of confusion is being sowed upon your earth by satan. You are like sheep running in every direction. And you will become prey for the wolves in sheep's clothing. You have been given your cross. Wear your sacramentals, be with My Son at the tabernacles of the world, and accept the graces that the Father bestows upon you, and you will not lose the way.” – Our Lady, July 25, 1974 

"In Rome, the Eternal City of the Father, there is much confusion, error. And heresy, O mournful heresy! Whatever shall become of you?
     "I cry bitter tears; I cry tears of a Mother Who watches with a pierced heart as Her children are fast plunging themselves into a mass confusion and self-destruction promoted by satan and his agents.” – Our Lady,
September 28, 1976 

"The truth in Faith and Tradition has been given to mankind. Change shall bring nothing but error, confusion, and the destruction of souls. If you, My pastors, continue upon your present course, you will bring the bark of Peter through rough seas. You are now setting it afloat, and in your plan known to Heaven, you prefer to send the captain away, and allow the bark of Peter to flounder. However, yea I say unto you, O ye of little faith, I know I remain within you regardless of your rejection of Me. When I chose you from among men to represent Me upon earth, you were a special one; and regardless of your rejection of the light, I shall use you, My pastors, for no evil shall ever be triumphant.” – Jesus, September 28, 1976 

"My Son's Church has been laid out, and the course to Heaven, the way to Heaven has been given by Him. Therefore, change causes confusion and error. When you have something beautiful, when you have a firm foundation, you don't start boring holes in it, or you will weaken it. However, I would suggest that you say that the walls have cracked, My child and My children. For the foundation is My Son, and in parable and symbolism, I say, the foundation is solid. My Son is the Church. Man may build another church, but he shall not have the angels assist him.” – Our Lady, August 14, 1981 

"Yes, My child, I have you look upon the crisis ahead. When the cross is extinguished, there will be great confusion. Murders will abound; man will proceed deeper into the darkness of spirit. Without due atonement, without penance and sacrifice of many, I cannot any longer hold back the punishing hand of My Son. The Eternal Father, through My Son and the Spirit of light, give fair warning to mankind, as in final warning to your generation, that you must now turn back and restore your earth so that it may be pleasing in the eyes of the Eternal Father in Heaven, or He shall be forced to destroy you.” – Our Lady, October 2, 1979 

"You will all keep a constant vigil of prayer going throughout your country and the world. As I directed you before, Lucifer seeks to remove your Vicar, so that the Chair of Peter shall be empty. Confusion then will abound. And then, without your prayers and acts of penance, will come . . . the end!" – Our Lady, October 2, 1979 

"Through errors, confusion, and outright deception, there is a great darkness closing in upon the Eternal City of Rome. There is a great darkness covering all the lands now of your earth, and there is a great darkness enveloping the very nature of mankind, and many now walk the earth with living bodies and dead souls! And you ask, My children, can there be a revival, a renewal? And what do you seek to revive and renew but Lucifer!
     "Discontent, arrogance, pride--O Red Hats, what have you brought upon My sheep, but you have scattered them? You promote confusion. You take the very heart of Me from My children. You turn them away from the living Bread. Woe, woe, woe to you, Red Hats, and you, Purple Hats, who follow to your own destruction! Open your hearts to the truth; take away your blindness. Remember I am your God, and as such, you shall stand before Me, and shall you say that your teaching has been pure in My sight? I say unto you, O ye of little faith: I shall take you and spit you out as venom into the flames, forever damned in the abyss!” – Jesus,
November 20, 1976 

"Though the forces of evil have entered the holy Church, they will not destroy the home of My Son. Do not abandon My Son because of the present confusion, for We will rescue you from the darkness.” – Our Lady, November 21, 1970 

"Be known it to you that it has been written of and spoken of as 666, the masters of deceit. Satan has entered into the highest places of your government, of each nation of the world, to sow confusion, discontentment, atheism, communism, satanism, and all manner of evil.” – Jesus, October 2, 1980 

"Warnings have been given through countless earth-years. My Mother has wandered to and fro using voice-boxes to carry Her directions from Heaven to the world. Confusion will be set upon many because you do not test the spirits well. Remember, My children, there are many false prophets now in the world. By their fruits shall they be known.” – Jesus, March 25, 1978 

"Satan is creating many false miracles, and one of these are the supernatural manifestations that you call UFOs. My children, they are truly transports from hell. However, hell shall not be found on another planet.
     "Pray, My children. It is like a cat and mouse game with satan. You must always be looking that he does not extend his lures before you with delusion, confusion, and lies. My children, look always upward and you will be given signs from Heaven. Raise your hearts in prayer, prayer from the heart--not just from the lips." –
Jesus, March 25, 1978 

"There is great confusion, My child, in the Holy City of Rome. You must pray a constant vigilance for your pas­tors and hierarchy. It shall be bishop against bishop, cardinal against car­dinal. Satan has set himself in their midst.” – Our Lady, November 22, 1975 

"Satan now walks among you; he brings many agents to set confusion and delusion throughout the world. This confusion is not only in your lay life, but is found in the House of God. You can only set the House of God and the world to right by prayer, penance--heavy penance now, and sacrifice.
     "We find, we look upon a world in heavy darkness--darkness of spirit. We look into the houses of God and find darkness of spirit. Woe to evil man who receives these warnings and casts them aside! He has been given many chances to make atonement for his offenses against his God.” –
St. Peter, July 1, 1973 

"Man must guide his life in faith and trust of God. His doubts, his confusion will lead him into the web of the enemy, the enemies of God. Many now roam your world. They parade as angels of light. Their words are honeyed, but they speak with the tongues of the demons.
     "Satan knows the full Scriptures; he can quote. Satan learned much from the Father when he was in the realm of the Kingdom. He will use all of his knowledge now to seduce you, My children. Recognize the faces of evil among you. Pray for the light.” –
Our Lady, August 5, 1973 

"Satan sows throughout the world fear and confusion. You will save yourselves and those you love in the Sacred Heart of My Son.” – Our Lady, July 15, 1973 

"You will understand, My child, in time the ways of satan to cause confusion and terror in the heart of man. However, I have told you in the past and I will tell you again that this is truly a war of the spirits. The victory shall be with Heaven, but the Eternal Father deems it necessary that this war continues for the separation of the sheep and the goats. It is the time planned by Heaven for the great test to mankind.” – Jesus, December 31, 1977 

"Confusion and delusion are the work of satan. You have been given the truth, and you will be guided in the truth if you remain close to My Son.” – Our Lady, March 18, 1973 

"O My children, come to Me, your Mother, with purity of heart and purpose. I will guide you in the confusion ahead. Do not gather the trifles and irritations about you, but cast off what is not important to go forward and build towards the light.
     "My children, I bless you for Heaven. I send among you, for My Son, graces: graces for cures and graces for conversion. Graces shall flow freely and as numerous as the petals that cascade from the roses." –
Our Lady, May 30, 1977

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