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#213 - RICHES, PART 1 

“Lay not up to yourselves treasures on earth: where the rust, and moth consume, and where thieves break through, and steal. But lay up to yourselves treasures in heaven: where neither the rust nor moth doth consume, and where thieves do not break through, nor steal.” – St. Matthew 6:19-20

"Remember, My children, in this battle of the supernatural, you must utilize every manner of grace, every sacramental. You must proceed with purpose and determination on the road to the Kingdom of your God. Every obstacle will be placed in your way. It is not an easy road. All who enter Heaven will enter by merit.
     "I repeat, do not spend your short time upon earth gathering the world's riches and power, for they are as nothing when you leave your body. Better that you store your graces in Heaven, gathering them to redeem you when you come over the veil.
     "Many live in dire poverty of material goods, and this We allow, for We foresee that riches often condemn a man to hell. Values must be changed among mankind. Spiritual re-awakening, or else a complete spiritual darkness will bring about the Ball of Redemption.” – Jesus,
December 7, 1977 

"My children, many of your brothers and sisters are selling their souls to get to the head. What does it matter if you gain all of the world's graces--and they call them graces, but how they foul the supernatural! It is no grace, My children, to achieve worldly acclaim and fortune. True grace only comes from Heaven, the eternal Kingdom of your God.
     "My children, many of these so-called gifts that man seeks upon earth--these gifts are from satan and the seed for his downfall, man's downfall. Satan has placed upon earth all manner of enticements to destroy and soil souls. Recognize, My children, the way of evil set by satan and the true way of the cross as given by the example of My Son." - Our Lady, April 1, 1978

"Man is creating many new gods, gods to feed his human nature; and it is a basic carnal nature. Idolaters abound. When you worship in abundance things, My children, you are worshiping idols! If you spend your time gathering things, money, power, you are worshiping idols. Remove yourself from these worldly pursuits.” – Jesus, March 18, 1978 

“The desire for riches condemn many souls. All power gained through riches is but of short duration. Shall you trade that for eternity?” – Our Lady, December 24, 1972 

"I am Theresa of the Infant Jesus. I sought not the riches of this world, but hid myself with poverty of body but richness of spirit. I found in my obscurity a far greater glory in the light from Heaven.
     "Follow my little way. Join me here in this glorious Kingdom. How worthless the things of the world when placed next to the glories of Heaven." – St. Theresa,
October 2, 1970 

“For the love of money and riches, many will sell their souls to get to the head. O My children, what do you gain if you gather all of the riches of the world and destroy your soul? When you come over the veil--and you will come over the veil--what will you bring with you? Nothing of the material. You must gather your riches in Heaven now. They are supernatural, the graces, the merits that will allow you to enter into the Kingdom of your God.” – Our Lady, June 24, 1976 

“In the knowledge of the sacred and the mysteries of your Faith, you cannot, in your human nature, understand the supernatural to its fullest. If I revealed to you, My child and My children, all at this time, then the mysteries of Heaven could no longer be sacred.
     "I give you this insight to strengthen you in the days ahead, to strengthen you with the knowledge that your pilgrimage upon earth is but of a short duration, and you must not give in and devote your time to searching for power, for riches, for all of the world's treasures that you must leave behind when you come over the veil.” – Jesus,
June 24, 1976 

"I have warned you in the past, and in all charity of heart I counsel you again to pray a constant vigilance of prayer and not spend your time gathering riches and power upon your earth. I assure you, My children, that if you force My hand upon you, all will be rubble. Your riches will become as naught. Better that you gather your riches that cannot be destroyed upon earth, the supernatural graces and riches to store for your entrance over the veil. It will be but a short time now before many of you who hear My voice and reject it or accept it will be passing over the veil. Many shall die in the great flame of the Ball of Redemption. Are you ready, My children?” – Jesus, June 1, 1978 

“As you choose your side, be sure that you do not take the wide road which leads to your damnation. Make your choice now, for your time is very limited. Sacrifice now for My Son, and you will receive the greatest of rewards. You cannot have both. You will not be rich on this earth and store up your riches in Heaven. You must be poor on this earth, and therefore gather your graces for Heaven.
     "I am not stating that all should discard their earthly living, My children. Man must work for his daily bread. But I do say you will not lose your souls for the desire of riches and your body pamperings. Your body is but a shell for the spirit, and your spirit is eternal. Remember this!” – Our Lady,
August 14, 1972 

"The sin of mankind has not stopped at the doors of My Son's Church, but has entered. Many of the high clergy, the hierarchy, have succumbed for the riches of the world, for many are selling their souls to get to the head. Unless they repent of their actions and seek to restore My Son's Church to its former glory, many mitres shall fall into hell! All who cry 'Lord, Lord!' shall not enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.” – Our Lady, July 25, 1978


"Money has often, My children, been called the root of all evil, and money shall be the god for many as they bargain with their souls. I repeat again: what do you gain if you gather all of the world's riches and power and come across the veil--as you do, will do, sooner or later? What good will it be for you to come without any graces stored in Heaven? You seek then immediate condemnation in judgment from the Eternal Father. You will be banished, forever lost, to the city of the damned with satan!” – Our Lady,
July 25, 1978 

"You must understand and set your values straight. I am the Bread of life eternal. You may fill yourselves up with the bread of the earth and the world. You may seek pleasures and riches and the destruction of your soul with the pleasures of the flesh, but can you say in all reality that you will have time to change or to make amends before you are struck down and come across the veil?” – Jesus, September 28, 1978 

"My child, make it known to all the workers of Heaven that We do not promise them riches, peace, or full tranquility upon earth, as they store their graces, their riches in Heaven. The greatest of glory and love shall be given to them over the veil.” – Our Lady, September 28, 1978 

"My children, you must pray always now. The more you give to yourself of the world, the more you seek the riches, the pleasures of the world, the more you will dim the light in your soul. There is now a point in the nature of man that he can choose between Heaven or the flesh. Many souls are falling fast into hell because of sins of the flesh.” – Our Lady, September 13, 1978 

"All cardinals, all bishops will stop wasting their words and get down on their knees now. Satan is among you, and his agents are multiplying in the holy House of God. Many are selling their souls for the temporary pleasures and riches of this world. Pray, My children, pray much for those who have fallen.” – Our Lady, September 7, 1972 

"I cannot promise you a life of joy, peace, or prosperity in materialism upon earth, My children. Were it different I should permit it. But it has been a proven fact, My children, that riches have been the ruination of many souls. Therefore, you will all be cared for in the spirit." – Jesus, May 13, 1978

"Do not sacrifice your children for a world that is only a temporary abode to all. Seek not the riches of this world of satan, but gather your graces, riches that will remain as your passport to Heaven. For each and every one of you must pass over the veil and be judged sooner or later. And I assure you, My children, in the coming warnings and Chastisement, many shall pass over the veil." – Jesus,
June 18, 1978 

"My children, you do not learn from your errors. Do you not see what you are doing in your quest for peace and security? You are stockpiling armaments for the world's destruction. You are gathering riches for security, but they are materialistic riches. Nothing spiritual is going in for your welfare.” – Our Lady,
September 7, 1978 

"My poor children, hopeless of heart, know now that the future after the cleansing will be glorious, far more glorious than your human mind could ever conceive. Beauty of beauties! Emotion superb! The fulfillment of every desire that man could conceive on earth will be yours in the Kingdom. Is this, My children, what you will discard for the few short earthly years given to you, as you run about aimlessly seeking the pleasures of your world and the riches, willing to close your hearts and your ears to the truth? Many have chosen this path, for they find to shut out the truth will take the conscience, God-given to them, away. How mistaken they are! They cannot run from the Spirit.” – Our Lady, March 18, 1973 

"You came upon the earth, O My children: you were branches for the tree of life. My Son is the vinedresser, but many are wilting on the vine now, falling away. For what? For riches! For power! And what will you do when you come across the veil stripped of your riches and power? And O woe to you who have not gathered your graces and stored them in Heaven! You cannot be ransomed from your sin then. You will be banished to an eternal punishment of hell, the abyss, with Lucifer! Forever tormented in your sin!” – Our Lady, February 10, 1978 

"There will be a great war. Many will be lost to Us, as they have not prepared themselves for this great war. Many have not recognized the signs of their times, being too involved, My child, with the pleasures of their world. Their search for riches that will rust and rot have taken them away from their search for eternal life.” – Our Lady,
June 15, 1974 

"The destruction is fast approaching mankind. There is nothing that satan will not do to seduce the nations. Awaken now from your lethargy, your love of riches; open your eyes to the truth." – Our Lady,
June 15, 1974 

"What does it gain a man if he gather all of the world's riches and suffers the loss of his soul? Your earth-years are few. Each man must pass beyond the veil and be judged. And do not fall for the delusion of there being no judgment, for, My children, you will find out too soon.” – Jesus, September 14, 1976 

"Cardinals and bishops, you run to and fro, experimenting with your own human reasoning, neither asking nor bending your knee for Divine guidance. For you have become blinded by the pleasures of the flesh, seeking worldly gain; and many are selling their souls to get to the head. Again I say unto you as your Mother--in the words of My Son I repeat to you: what does it gain a man if he gather all of the riches of the world and you--lose his place in the Eternal Kingdom of his God. You cannot have both!” – Our Lady, October 2, 1979 

"O My child, I am crying tears; My heart is torn when I think of the children of earth. The parents--they look away as they are in pursuit of riches and material things of the world. None of this can be brought into Heaven to buy your salvation. No, My children, My Son has often said that it will be easier for a camel to go through a needle's eye than a rich man to enter Heaven." – Our Lady, July 25, 1985 

"Man, if he falls, he falls of his own accord, because he could not give up his riches, his life of pleasure, and seek for a far simpler way to Heaven that can be found in a spiritual childhood and a spiritual adulthood. Man in his seeking for knowledge is ever seeking but never coming to the truth.” – Our Lady, May 21, 1983

"Human life is of no value to the unbeliever. The un­believer, My children, does not know of the life beyond the veil. Therefore, he is running wildly throughout his world, gathering all manner of worldly riches; for his kingdom is upon earth with satan, and his future is with satan.” – Our Lady,
December 6, 1975 

"Many have given themselves over to satan now and have joined his army. O My children, how blind you have become, blinded by your quest for power and riches. They are all of temporal nature. My children, do not sacrifice eternal life in Heaven for a few short years upon your earth. Each and every one of you shall stand for judgment sooner or later.” – Our Lady, June 10, 1978 

"So what does it benefit or gain a man if he gathers all the riches of the world and suffers the loss of his soul? Can any man who hears My counsel and My voice defy Me and tell Me that he will live forever upon earth?” – Our Lady,
August 14, 1981 

"Seek not the riches of your world, but store your treasures in Heaven where thieves cannot rob them and murderers kill you to remove them from you. Everything on your world's earth must perish. Your treasures in Heaven are everlasting." – Jesus, December 31, 1973 

“Oh, how sad to look upon the homes of earth! Whatever has become of motherhood? Bad example, such poor example I see in many homes. You must return to the simple life. The love of riches will destroy your souls.” – St. Anne, July 25, 1973 

"Soon, very soon, My children, a great Warning will be sent to mankind. How many of you shall take note of this Warning, that it has come from the Eternal Father, from His merciful heart, to give you time to prepare?
     "Then the Ball of Redemption shall come to cleanse the world with a baptism of fire! Have you prepared your children? Have you cleansed your homes?
     "Parents--mothers, fathers, protectors of souls--why have you given yourselves to the world, entering into the darkness and taking your children with you? What have you gained if you gather the riches of earth? For you will go into the veil--beyond the veil and face in judgment the Eternal Father! What merits will you have but those you have given to the world? What have you given to the Eternal Father? Your merits beyond the veil are not counted in earthly measure, but they are those of the spirit. Have you covered yourselves with a spirit of darkness or of the light?” – Our Lady,
August 5, 1975 

"What does it gain a man if he gathers all of the world's riches, and comes before Us with no merit to enter into the Kingdom eternal of his God?” – Jesus, December 24, 1976 

"No man shall be condemned to eternal damnation, no man shall fall unless he falls of his own free will. Man has fallen and become lukewarm because he has sought the material things of life to feed his body, his carnal nature, while he starves his soul. What good will it be if you gather all of the riches of the world and you do not store your treasures in Heaven? You will come across the veil with nothing but the merits of love and prayer.” – Jesus,
March 18, 1978

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