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“This then I say and testify in the Lord: That henceforward you walk not as also the Gentiles walk in the vanity of their mind: Having their understanding darkened: being alienated from the life of God through the ignorance that is in them, because of the blindness of their hearts. Who despairing have given themselves up to lasciviousness, unto the working of all uncleanness, unto covetousness. But you have not so learned Christ.” – Ephesians 4:17-20

"Man's inhumanity to his brother is Our greatest sorrow. There is blindness much worse than loss of physical sight--the blindness of the heart. So many are heading for the flames blindly. Man seeks to destroy the evidence of hell, but he will learn the truth soon enough. Hell exists and Heaven exists. The sins of the flesh send more souls to hell.
     "Bring My Rosary to the children who wander farther into the darkness. Who will bring them into the light? You who love Me and My Son must carry this light into the darkness. See His heart so
pierced by the sins of ungrateful man!" – Our Lady, October 2, 1970 

"As in the time of Noe, there were sent to you voices crying out: get ready and turn back before it is too late! As it was in the time of Noe, so it is now that many laugh, deride, mock, and close their ears to these warnings. And why? Because in their blindness they have been allowed by the Eternal Father to continue upon their road as they fast give themselves to satan. But it is a sad fact, and one that brings much grief to all the personages of Heaven, that as they plunge faster into the darkness, those with the power in My House, as representatives of Me, have chosen to take souls with them onto their road to perdition. Amen, amen, I say to you, that none shall escape this Chastisement.” – Jesus, November 20, 1976 

"You who mock the words of My Mother, you who in your pride and search for knowledge--ever seeking, but never coming to the knowledge of your God--you who mock and strip My Mother of all of Her purity and Her true place among you as your Mother and your Queen, you degrade Her in My House! You refuse to even open your eyes. You are blind, and why? Because you do not pray. You do not ask Me to remove this blindness from your heart, and I allow you to remain blind so that, in your blindness, without penance and atonement, you shall proceed faster onto the road to your own damnation.” – Jesus,
May 15, 1976 

"O My children, you cannot stray from the light and reach happiness of mind or spirit. When a man accepts blindness of heart, he will go searching for the light, but without the special grace from Heaven he will go farther into the darkness. Seek; ask, and you shall be given the way.” – Our Lady,
December 28, 1976 

"What is the darkness, you ask Me, My child. The darkness is a blindness of heart. Yes, you can be conditioned to accept error; you can be conditioned to turn from the truth. You can be conditioned to be confused and no longer recognize the truth. You have a free will to go your own way. Should you fall, you must fall alone. We will not let you take innocent souls with you.” – Our Lady,
June 17, 1971 

"Remember, My children, to keep pure and holy thoughts in mind, for your mind is the main point of entry of the evil one. Yes, one stands on each side ready to enter you.
     "This war is on! In war all barriers can be cast down. The evil one uses the foulest schemes. It is to degrade and destroy. He is cunning, often parading as an angel of light. Unless you have the light of grace, you will be blind to the truth. How will you recognize them? You will be led to become confused between right and wrong, until darkness, blindness, carries you off--another victim.” – Our Lady,
May 30, 1971 

"The blind shall not enter My Kingdom unless they repent on free will. Every man will be held accountable for the fall of his soul and the soul of those entrusted to him. I am warning you now.” – Jesus,
May 30, 1971 

"False christs shall walk among you, teaching error. This deception and error has entered also into My Son's houses throughout the world. Open your eyes! Take the blindness from your hearts! You have been given the truth. You will act upon it. Man in his arrogance seeks to change the word of God. He is being deceived by satan, the adversary.” – Our Lady,
December 28, 1974 

"Those poor souls, My children, who are in deep darkness have rejected My message. Pray for them. Keep a constant vigilance of prayer, for your prayers can remove their blindness of spirit.” – Our Lady,
December 28, 1974 

"The world will soon receive a Warning. Many minor warnings in catastrophes will be interspersed before the major cataclysm. Recognize the signs of your times, My children, for if you do not you are blinded, blinded by your worldly living. Come out of your blindness. Open your hearts and your eyes to the truth. You are now fighting in the final battle.” – Our Lady,
August 5, 1973 

"My children, I will not tire, I do not tire as I guide you in these latter days. Many have rejected My message, many close their eyes in blindness. But pray that this self-instilled blindness does not enter upon their spirit.” – Our Lady,
June 24, 1976 

"Hasten, harken, and listen, My dedicated. I speak to you with great urgency. There is great darkness that has entered upon the hearts of many of Our dedicated. Remove this blindness from your hearts. You have only one course to follow, that is the truth in the light. This has been given to you with your ordination. Do not cast it aside. A great measure, a great share of responsibility will be allotted to Our dedicated for the fall of all souls under their care.” – Jesus,
November 1, 1974 

"Therefore, take the blindness from your heart, close your eyes, close your ears, listen with your heart and you will be given the light. Ask and you shall receive. It is of free will that you reject the word of God or accept it. Every man will be held accountable for his soul. None will fall to satan unless of his own free will. The time grows short. I admonish you, My children, there is to come upon you a great Warning of such magnitude that every man, woman, and child will feel the burning fires within.” – Our Lady,
September 28, 1974 

"Many are allowed to be blinded as penance to them, for they must find their way out of the darkness that they have allowed themselves to fall into.” – Our Lady,
September 28, 1974 

"The waters that nourish the plant, the human body, must not be polluted by error and lies from satan, for satan is the father of all liars. Know that there are great lies abounding now in the teachings to the children. Many are teaching in error. Awaken! Remove the blindness from your hearts!” – Our Lady,
September 28, 1974 

“Pray for those who have covered themselves with blindness. When I speak to you, My child, of blindness, it is the state of the spirit. The world of man has lost sight of the road to the Kingdom. Man no longer honors My Son upon his knees. Should you not return to the rule, you will be forced to return to your knees.” – Our Lady,
September 13, 1973 

"Through countless years of earth's time the Queen of Heaven has come to your earth to bring you a warning from the Eternal Father. As in the past, you follow a course of blindness. You have hardened your hearts to the truth, preferring the delusion set upon you by satan. You must now remove this blindness from your hearts, for your time is growing short.” – St. Michael,
September 27, 1975 

"The little children who are pure of heart and simple in nature, they listen; but those who have accepted to rule My Son's House, they close their ears, whether in fear of reprisal from their superiors or in absolute, My children, blindness of heart and spirit. Pray a constant vigilance of prayer for your pastors.” – Our Lady,
December 31, 1975 

"Yes, My child, Our children must read the Book of life, the Bible, for knowledge is power. You will read in the spirit and ask the Eternal Father for guidance that you do not fall into the web of satan that will result in blindness and falling into error, casting aside the truth for invention, experimentation, humanism, modernism, and satanism.” – Our Lady,
July 25, 1975 

"O My children, please, in your charity, contact Our bishops, contact your pastors, and give them My message. I cry many tears of great sorrow for those who have refused the words from Heaven, for those who, in their blindness, do not look or seek the way.
     "Satan has poisoned many minds. Man of science has rejected the supernatural. Man of science has rejected the true Presence of My Son among you.” –
Our Lady, February 1, 1977 

"Listen, My children. Take the blindness from your hearts and see with knowing eyes; do not be blinded to what is happening about you. The Antichrist, you call 666, is now in
Rome doing full battle. The Antichrist, known as 666, is now entered upon your world, your country, and every nation upon earth. Are you so blind, My children, that you cannot recognize this yourself? He sows discord among nations; he takes the knowledge of God and replaces it with an honor to man. Man has set himself up to be a god!” – Our Lady, May 14, 1977 

"We find, My children, that many have gone astray. Many have given themselves to the errors of the world. Blindness of heart has set many onto the road to destruction.” – Our Lady,
November 20, 1975 

"My child and My children, I come to you with a heavy heart. I have been watching the acceleration of the evil upon earth, and I realize without a doubt that many have rejected, refused to accept the Message from Heaven. Unless they remove the blindness from their hearts and open their eyes to what is happening, I can no longer hold back the terrible Warning and Chastisement. One will follow the other. I cannot hold back this chastisement from mankind.
     "My child and My children, you wonder now of the happenings in
Rome. Much that has happened has taken place because too few have cared to pray and do penance for the priesthood. One day all will be made known to mankind.” – Our Lady, October 6, 1978 

"Pastors, leaders of Our sheep, My Son begs you to listen now while there is time! The Red Hats have fallen, The Purple Hats are being misled. Take the blindness from your heart. You shall not be obedient to sin and heresy, My children. Shall you honor man before your God? Shall you honor man and dishonor your God? Woe, I say unto you, My children, the day will come when you shall stand to be judged, and shall man come forward and give you the grace to enter into the eternal Kingdom of the Father in Heaven? No! You shall be claimed by the prince of darkness and cast into the pit! The eternal fires of damnation shall claim all who do not repent of their sin now.” – Our Lady,
December 24, 1975 

"My children, I will not counsel you anew upon the horrors being perpetrated in your country and in your cities by the agents of hell. My children, if you reject the supernatural, you reject your own reprieve and salvation. You cannot fight what you cannot see, and you cannot see if you allow yourselves to be blinded. My children, We ask that you remove this blindness from your hearts and accept what is happening in your world.” – Jesus,
October 6, 1977 

"My Mother has gone throughout your world constantly awakening mankind to the dangers ahead. Because these warnings have often fallen upon deafened ears, hardened hearts, and blindness produced by excessive sin, there comes a time that there are steps taken, sometimes forcefully, to bring mankind back. If your world continues on its present course of destruction, I assure you, if left to yourself, there will be no flesh left. Therefore, many warnings have been given to mankind, but obviously they go by unnoticed.
     "Unless you heed the admonitions of My Mother, voice-boxes that have gone now throughout your world constantly warning of the course mankind is following, a course that leads to his own destruction--unless you heed these warnings now, the Eternal Father will have no other recourse than to send upon you a great Chastisement, a Chastisement such as has never been seen by mankind in the past. And when it is over, there will be no way to measure the destruction upon your world and the loss of lives.” – Jesus,
May 29, 1976 

"There is nothing that I can add to My Mother's counsel at this time that will awaken you from your lethargy, your blindness of heart. As in the past, man never learns from his history. He repeats and repeats his errors to his own destruction. Your generation shall not pass before a great crucible of suffering cleanses you.” – Jesus,
December 31, 1977 

"Blindness of heart and intellectual pride have set many of Our high priests onto the road to damnation. Their example will take many with them, but they, too, can be returned if they will turn from their worldly ways, and return to prayer and starve their bodies of the demons that have entered upon them.
     "There shall be no rationalization among men for sin. For sin is damnation, and there will be no excuse!” – Our Lady,
February 10, 1973 

"I created you, in the Father and the Spirit, in the image of the Father. The Father is not stone! The Father is not only a light, the Father is emotion! What stone has emotion? You were created as men above the animals. You have precedence over the animals, though you lower yourselves and conduct yourselves worse than animals in fornication! I say unto you: remove the blindness from your hearts. Look about you and set straight your values.” – Jesus,
May 18, 1977 

"In the Eternal City of Rome, the Message from Heaven has been made known. Now I admonish you, as your Mother, to act upon My warnings, My children. There must be a complete reversal in the manner in which you have set out to tear asunder My Son's Church and His teachings. In blindness of heart, you have taken the rules and remade them to suit the basic carnal nature of mankind. You must bring back the Commandments of your God, as given to you by the prophets, without addition, without change, and without the rationalization of sin!” –
Our Lady, October 2, 1976 

"The Eternal Father will chastise those He loves. Are you, in your arrogance and pride, wishing this upon mankind? O My children, take the blindness from your hearts, and look upon the destruction you have wrought within My Church, within the hearts of those who trusted you to guide them. You have taken this trust given to you by Heaven, and what have you done? You have cast it aside, and you, too, My pastors, shall meet the fate of the fallen angels. Many mitres shall fall into hell!” – Jesus,
September 28, 1976 

"My children, remove the blindness from your heart and understand the counsel from Heaven. It is through grace that you hear this counsel, and it is through grace that We ask you to carry this counsel forward to your brothers and sisters. You are not your brother's keeper, but you must fight for their lives, their spiritual lives, because the shepherds have fallen asleep, or fallen into spiritual darkness. You who have the light, you who have been chosen from among the multitudes to be light bearers must now go forward and search through the darkness and recover your brothers and sisters who otherwise will be lost.” – Jesus,
June 4, 1977


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