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#241 - FEAR,  PART 1

“The fear of the Lord is honor, and glory, and gladness, and a crown of joy.” – Ecclesiasticus 1:11


"My child, persevere to the end. Have no fear of the days ahead, for with My Rosary and this, the Scapular, We shall crush the head of satan.
     "There will be a great war. Many will be lost to Us, as they have not prepared themselves for this great war. Many have not recognized the signs of their times, being too involved, My child, with the pleasures of their world. Their search for riches that will rust and rot have taken them away from their search for eternal life.
     "The Chastisement which will be sent upon mankind will be, My child, a great ball of fire." – Our Lady, June 15, 1974 

"I know, My child, that My directions this evening have given you great discomfort and fear. It is not often that My message has to be so severe, but if We cannot bring you onto the proper road, My children, by reasoning with you, shall the fear of God the Lord be sent upon you to turn you back?” – Our Lady, June 15, 1974

"Yes, My child, you will feel faint at the knowledge of the existence of hell. Better that mankind has fear of the Eternal Father if he does not have love! For now many are in a void of spirit. They neither know their God, nor do they care to know their God.” – Our Lady, March 29, 1975 

"Remain in communion with My Son, for He will protect you. Visit My Son often. You have many friends in Heaven. Be not guided by fear, but by prayer. Fear not the darkness, for I carry the light.
     "Veronica, you must shout My message from the roof! Fear not the suffering, for We will wipe away your tears. All will be joy in the Kingdom." – Our Lady, September 14, 1970 

"Yes, My child, there is nothing to fear but fear as an emotion. Face this fear and it will soon disappear.
     "There is no man on earth that you must fear. The agents of hell and those in darkness are many. If there is to be fear, fear those who seek to destroy your souls.
     "We ask obedience, My child, to your elders but not when it is misleading. You must search out the sheep and the goats. We do not expect you to join the goats. Remember, My child, all will be judged with a firm hand.” – Our Lady, October 2, 1974 

"Do not, My children, be deceived by the words of the evil ones about you who cry to you of no space left for man. There is space, for My Father has a plan for every life He sends.
     "There is, My children, a fear campaign to cause confusion among you. None of these fears are based on the fear of their God. No, these fears are only built on the socializing of man, and his humanism being exploited to cover every sin, that even the mind of satan could not conceive such diabolical folly.
     "We do not want to see your country destroyed. We do not wish the earth destroyed, but rather than see souls fall in the abyss . . . . But those who remain with My Son have nothing to fear.” – Our Lady, August 5, 1971 

"I place, My child, your hand in Mine, knowing that I protect you in the days ahead. I place My blue mantle over all My children. What is there to fear but fear? Face fear, My child, and it will soon disappear.” – Our Lady, November 23, 1974 

"Yes, My child, the words in your Book of life are true. There are two standing out in the field: one will be remain, and one will be taken. Yes, My child, there is nothing to fear. All that happens will be good for those of well spirit. Fear is truly a tool of satan. Confidence, My child, always confidence in the power of the Father.” – Our Lady, November 23, 1974 

"I have wandered throughout your world, crying bitter tears of remorse for the punishment that will come to mankind. I do not come to bring fear to your hearts, but to admonish you, as your Mother, to prepare for what is to come upon your world." – Our Lady, November 22, 1975

"My Mother has traveled throughout your world, preparing you for this time. All who have listened and gained by Her counsel will have nothing to fear. All who have cast aside Her direction and have given themselves to the world and the ways of the flesh will have much to fear.” – Jesus, November 22, 1975 

"My child, you will continue your mission without fear. You must remember that fear is a tool of satan. You will face fear, My child, and it will disappear. Satan works into the minds of man with fear." – Our Lady, September 7, 1977 

"When the reign of iniquity has met its peak, then it will be necessary to stop it. We will not allow you to corrupt the souls of the young much longer. You have taxed the patience of your God with your pride, your intellectual pride, your vanity, your materialism, your humanism, excluding your God from your life.
     "We do not set fear into your hearts, My children. Only those who have turned from Us have need to fear. Only those who allow themselves to be led into the darkness have need to fear.” – Our Lady, August 21, 1971 

“You must have great confidence, for you have been given much knowledge of the power of the Father. Fear is a tool of satan. I repeat: face fear and it will disappear.” – Our Lady, September 28, 1974 

“Do not be afraid to accept the message, My children. If it is not against the Father and His will, if it does not detract from holy Church set up by My Son with the lawful successor of Peter whom He has chosen, you shall have no fear of the message, for the Holy Spirit is working among you now." – Our Lady, September 28, 1974 

"I hear voices, My children, voices that state that it is not I Who is speaking to you because I spread words of fear. I do not spread words of fear upon you, My children. I give you the truth of what is to be! In your human nature you do not wish to understand any form of punishment. The Father is merciful, but He will chastise those He loves if it can save their souls from satan.” – Our Lady, September 28, 1974


"I give you, My children, graces: graces for cures, graces for conversions: cures of the spirit, and cures of the body. Many miracles and prodigies shall now be found upon earth; but beware of those that satan creates. Test the spirits. Satan cannot hide long his plan, My children and My child, so do not fear him. Fear is a tool of the devil. Just prepare to thwart him by wearing your sacramentals, keeping your holy water in your homes, keeping your statues, your monuments. For I promise, My children, all who keep the monuments, the statues, in their homes will be saved." – Our Lady, August 13, 1977 

"Fear, My child--what have you to fear but the loss of the Kingdom. Fear is promoted by Lucifer. You will fear no man, but pray for them. Be humble of heart and pray that they, too, may be given the light.” – Our Lady, December 7, 1973 

"The blind shall not enter My Kingdom unless they repent on free will. Every man will be held accountable for the fall of his soul and the soul of those entrusted to him. I am warning you now.
     "My Mother, Her voice grows weak. My heart is ever torn. I look upon My Mother in deep sorrow, for as a Mother She is anguished. If you had not listened, and you do not listen now, the sorrow is greater than you could subjugate.
     "It is not Our methods to instil fear, for fear is the work of the evil one; but laxity and ignorance in knowledge can only bring confusion and misleading influences.
     "Had you remained true to My prophets who sought to enlighten you with written direction from Us, these symptoms We see would not have grown.” – Jesus, May 30, 1971 

"All who have remained in the light, seeking to rid their soul of all contamination of the outside world, will have nothing to fear. I bring you this message of warning, My children, not to place in your heart a feeling of fear, but to make you ready.” – Our Lady, November 1, 1975 

"This, My child, is reason for a dirge. For this nation of Russia shall bring much sorrow to the world. In many years past, I begged of you to convert Russia, but instead, there is a fear of Russia that should not be. There is only one individual to fear in your world, and that could be, My child and My children, the fear of an angry God.” – Our Lady, October 5, 1985

"We look down upon mass insanity. The legion of sick souls is growing. Fear fills the hearts of those falling in darkness." – Our Lady, November 1, 1970

"My child, I hear the words of many who claim that I set fear into the hearts of My children. It is not My intention to bring fear among you, but to prepare you for what lies ahead. If--and I say if, My children, for the Father is persevering and waiting. He is waiting for you to turn from your present path. You have given yourselves to satan, the pleasures of the flesh. You have cast aside the basic truths that will keep you on the narrow road to the Kingdom. You have replaced them with a delusion sent by satan. This, My child, I will explain with only three words: humanism, modernism, and satanism.” – Our Lady, November 1, 1974 

"Live your life, My children, day by day as though the end were at hand. You will not be caught unawares if you remain with Me in My houses throughout the world. You have nothing to fear but fear itself, My children. The Message from Heaven has not been given to you to promote fear in your hearts but to bring to you the reality of what is to come upon mankind. It is in this manner that We have separated and are separating the sheep from the goats. Those who will be saved will be counted in the few, My children.” – Jesus, November 20, 1976

"There is a time, My child and My children, when a little fear and caution is healthy. Fear, major fears are a tool of the devil himself, but you cannot be arrogant or prideful: you must be prudent also. My children, even in My Son's priesthood, a man of the cloth can be wise and yet be stupid.” – Our Lady, December 31, 1977 

"Many of Our children are wandering without direction, falling prey to all humanism and modernism that has darkened the souls throughout your world. Pastors, you shall be called and shall you stand before, in judgment, the Eternal Father and say that your teaching has been pure in His sight? Better that you fear your God than man! Obedience? Obedience is commanded by the Eternal Father for good, not for evil!" – Our Lady, May 26, 1976 

"My children, your earth has evolved now into a state of immorality and sin far worse than it was in the time of Noe. What can I say further to you, My children, but to counsel you and warn you that the Eternal Father is making ready a great trial for mankind. The heavens shall explode and roll back as a sheet. Hearts shall stop in fear of what is to come upon mankind. This coming Warning, My children, is minor in comparison to the Chastisement, the great Chastisement that shall then follow.” – Our Lady, December 31, 1977

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