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"Put off, according to former conversation, the old man, who is corrupted according to the desire of error. And be renewed in the spirit of your mind: And put on the new man, who according to God is created in justice and holiness of truth." - Ephesians 4:22-24


"My children, as parents you must now protect your children. My Son's House, His Church, is being stripped of all holiness, the destruction of its doctrine, tradition, paving the way for the ultimate goal of those in the power of satan to destroy My Son's Church by creating a church of man. They are rebuilding slowly while awaiting the next conclave. They are preparing the way for the destruction of all mankind, for when the Church and the world become as one, you will know that the end has come for mankind.” –
Our Lady, May 30, 1978 

"Holiness, piety, dedication must be returned to the churches, or the vocations will fall. The churches will be emptied, and the leaders will be imprisoned by their enemies that have come to them as angels of light, but with ravenous hearts.” –
Jesus, June 5, 1975 

"My children, without charity you have nothing! Does holiness reign, and charity, in the hearts of the clergy in My Son's House? Or shall I give to you the measure of offenses by count as My Son suffers for these offenses by count? For when you do not clothe your brother in his nakedness, when you do not feed your brother in his hunger, when you do not comfort him in his affliction, you offend the Father in Heaven and the Trinity; for even the most humble and smallest among you, as human beings upon earth, are the children of your God, and each and every man, woman, and child has been created in the image of God. But now you have given yourselves over to seeking worldly pleasures; you have given yourselves over to the worship of Lucifer and false gods. And then you cry to Heaven: 'Where are my children? Why have my children turned against us?' Parents, leaders in the houses of religion upon earth, have you followed your vocation? What measure of responsibility shall you be counted for in the fall of your nation?” –
Our Lady, September 7, 1979 

"My child, I weep tears of great sorrow because of the desecration, because of the lack of piety, holiness, and respect of the priesthood to My Son. As your earth years progress, My children, Our clergy are going faster into darkness and taking many with them--children of light becoming children of darkness.” –
Our Lady, April 9, 1977 

"The mind and the eyes are the mirror of the soul. Therefore, you will cast your eyes upon goodness and holiness and purity. You will not watch the infernal machine--your television. You will not read books of sex education, books that do not belong in your schools! They are a private discourse between children and parents.” –
St. Theresa, October 2, 1975 

"My Mother's voice has carried far and wide through earth-years, and what reception has She met with but rejection! And rejection within My House! You sit together in council without purpose. You seek to train and teach without holiness.” –
Jesus, November 1, 1976 

"My children, you must join your hands in reverence at the Sacrifice of My Son. It is an expression of love, gratitude, and respect. Reverence and respect and holiness must be returned to My Son's houses, churches throughout the world--reverence, holiness, and respect from the beginning to the end of the Sacred Service.
     "Women must keep their heads covered, My child. It is not because of fashion or modes; it is because the Eternal Father and the angels demand proper deportment during the Holy Sacrifice. It offends the heart of My Son much to see that satan has taken away so much piety and holiness in His churches throughout the world.
     "We ask and repeat that no one handle in unconsecrated hands the Body of My Son! It will be defiled and discarded, unless only a legally ordained priest, a man of God with purified fingers of the Holy Spirit, give the Body and Blood of My Son to each one under his care.” –
Our Lady, September 6, 1975 

"We have wandered throughout your world looking for a House that retains a small semblance of holiness. There are few, My children! It is sad to say that the faith is flickering and the candles are dimming. Will My Son find even the smallest light of faith left when He enters once more upon the world?
     "The spirit of wickedness has entered upon the high places. Those in authority with the greatest power to bring about the fall of mankind are using this power.” –
Our Lady, December 6, 1974 

"I give you, the world, a fair and just warning from the most high God of Heaven and earth!
     "To all of Our bishops and cardinals: awaken from your sleep! This warning is given so that you will have time to make amends. You are burrowing like rats into the foundation of My House! In your quest to improve, you are destroying My House! In your arrogance, you are traveling the road of the fallen angels! Modernization--you shall not change to please human nature! You will bring man to his God through discipline. The rules have been given to you, set down very clearly in the Book of life, the Bible. You will not change the words to suit your fallen nature! My word to you is this: Return My House to the rule! A House in darkness will shut its doors. The filth must be cleansed!" –
Jesus, December 6, 1974 

"I have warned you to protect your households and your children from the evil forces that now have cast a dark shadow upon mankind and the world. There are doctrines of demons being expounded by human beings who knowingly or unknowingly have become tools of satan. The saddest knowledge that I have received is that My Son is being defamed even by His own, His own teachers, those who have given themselves over to the world and have allowed Our sheep to go straying.
     "I have asked you all not to abandon My Son's Church, but to remain: set an example of prayer and holiness. There is too little holiness now in My Son's Church, and in other denominations upon the earth.” –
Our Lady, May 26, 1979 

"Many are giving My Body in a manner that can only be called blasphemy. Many are accepting My Body in the Eucharist in a manner that defames the Divinity, and also promotes unholiness, paganism, and impurity of heart and actions during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.
     "Parents, have you lost your reasoning? You allow your children to disport themselves as pagans, even in My House, setting temptation to all by the manner of pagan dress and also disporting yourselves with equal depravity.” –
Jesus, May 26, 1979 

"Pray, My children, a constant vigilance of prayer for your priests, cardinals, bishops, your clergy, for a great test, a delusion has been set amongst them to test their valor, to test their holiness, to test their fidelity to My Son's Church! Oh sorrow of sorrows from your Mother's heart, that as We now go throughout your world, can We say that there are one hundred true priests left in My Son's House? Shall He return and find even a flicker of faith left among His sheep? The shepherds don't carry the light.” –
Our Lady, May 23, 1979

"I am your God, and I say unto you: continue to change My Church and you will fall! You will build a secular church, bringing in all--even heretics, even homosexuals. All aberrations condemned by the Eternal Father, you will permit in the name of humanism. Nay, no! I say unto you as your God: you will be given a short reign, for I consider you then an abomination, and as such, you will be removed.
     "All will be tested like metals in the fire, and all that is rotten shall fall. Return, My clergy, to a life of prayer, holiness, and true purpose of your vocation." –
Jesus, May 23, 1979 

"Pray, My children, for your governments, your government leaders; and pray always for your clergy, for many have become weak and have given themselves over to material gain, and also a lust for power through pride. Pride is truly a more formidable barrier against holiness and piety than even outright licentiousness. Pride is a sin, and shall keep many from entering into the Kingdom of Heaven.” –
Our Lady, November 24, 1979 

"We are displeased, discouraged, and disheartened, My children, at watching inside the homes of many. The 'many' has become multitudinous, My children. We find much lacking in the homes. The family life has deteriorated and corroded. Little by little, We see the structure of the family life disintegrating. There is little discipline and not holiness, by far, in many of these homes, My children. The teaching is poor, to say the least.
     "You must restore to your homes the pictures, the objects of worship, the statues, so that your children will receive a small knowledge of the existence of the eternal Kingdom and those inhabitants of the spirit. Unless you do this, My children, your children in turn will be lost to you, and to the Kingdom of the Father.” –
Our Lady, August 14, 1975 

"Pastors in the houses of your God, you must return from your wanderings and gather your straying sheep. Discipline must be returned. Holiness and piety must be returned. Heresy and heretics must be taken out of Rome! The power of excommunication must be used. You will cleanse the Eternal City now, or you will accept the sword!" –
St. Michael, December 27, 1975 

"In the Eternal City of Rome the light is dim. There is a conspiracy of evil. Holiness must return to the man who repre­sents himself in My name.
     "In the Eternal City of Rome, My pas­tors, you have opened your doors to all manner of heretics and separated brethren who shall not join you for the betterment of My Church, but to destroy and confuse and bring together a new religion of man, one based on humanism and modernism and satanism.” –
Jesus, December 27, 1975 

"Rome, Eternal City, the light is dim. Rome, haven for heretics and all manners of abomination, shall you not cleanse yourself before the Eternal Father places His hand upon you in chastisement? You have opened your doors to all manner of evil spirits.
     "Holiness and piety! Man--men of God, you must wear your garment of purity, dedication, and piety. What manner of foul deeds do you perform for the destruction of your sheep! For what? Material gain and pride and arrogance? You shall be cast into the abyss! Rank shall give you no advantage when you come over the veil.” –
St. Michael, December 24, 1975 

"The teachers in the House of God, will you stand before the Eternal Father and declare that your teachings have been pure in His sight? No, I say unto you! You must now mend your ways. You who have given yourselves to the world of satan, you must turn now and make amends. Restore My Son's House to a House of sanctity and piety and holiness! You will gain nothing by uniting My Son's House with the world.” –
Our Lady, August 5, 1975 

"You must warn Our clergy that many are being deceived. They must merit the respect of their flock by their example and holiness. The more they enter into the world, the less they will be of the spirit of light. Man must live in the world but not be of the world.” –
Our Lady, August 5, 1975 

"My sisters, without this firm dedication and example of piety and holiness, you cannot induce or lead others into your vocation. The convents are slowly closing. And why, My children? Because there are too few who try to find the real reason. They have succumbed to the lures of the world.” –
Our Lady, July 15, 1977 

"The way has been given to you in the past, and the way does not change. It is a simple way. The rules have been given and you change them for what? Were they imperfect? Have you considered the Eternal Father to be in error? I say unto you, you blaspheme in your consecration. I say unto you, you will return My House to its former status of honor, glory, discipline. You must, as shepherds, give a firm example of holiness.” –
Jesus, July 15, 1977 

"Parents, you shall be judged for the destruction by permissiveness, of your children's souls. Clothe them in goodness, holiness, and piety, and make modesty a way of life for the young.
     "We have asked many to give example of modesty. The world will laugh and scorn and make fun of them, for they must bring forward this example by even exaggeration, My child. That is why I have asked to lower the dress of the woman to her ankles. It is only by example that many learn.
     "The sacredness of marriage and the married life of man and woman must not be destroyed by debased sensuality. It is a private consummation between man and woman and the family. It is not an object of derisive laughter and scornful jokes, My children.” –
Our Lady, August 21, 1975 

Our Lady - "During, My child, the Holy Sacrifice of My Son, man must conduct himself with more propriety. Holiness must be returned to the houses of the world."
Veronica - Churches, Our Lady says.
Our Lady - "Women must adorn themselves in modesty. Pagan practices of diabolical music is not condoned by the Eternal Father, nor shall We condone dancing and all manner of worldly entrance within the holy houses of God.
     "Woman must cover her head. It is a mark of respect re­quired in the House of God. This, the angels demand.” –
March 18, 1975 

"In the beginning I gave to you, through your prophets, the establishment of My Church upon earth. The rules were simple but now have become changed and defiled to please the carnal na­ture of mankind. You must restore the holiness to My House! You must bend your knees in humility and penance." –
Jesus, December 31, 1975 

“And do not be misled by clergy who have cast off their habits, outwardly and inwardly have cast away the true light. My children, the habit was always a signification of holiness, piety, dedication in My House, My Church. But, My children, do not be fooled by those who have fouled their habits.” –
Jesus, July 25, 1977 

"Veronica, there's great discord in the convents. You must encourage them by prayer.
     "Tell my sisters not to fall into the errors of the world. They must not join the world, or they will be lost to us here in Heaven. They must place the garments of holiness upon themselves--bring their habits to the floor.
     "All signs of worldliness must be removed from their persons, for when they join the world, they will no longer be brides of the Christ.” –
St. Theresa, July 25, 1975 

"Because of pride, which is a worse barrier to holiness, a more formidable barrier against holiness and piety, O clergy, because of your pride--because you did not lock your doors against the heretics as I have warned you; because you did not prepare for satan, whom I warned you years of earth's time before would enter into My Son's Church to do battle with His clergy--you did not prepare and guard yourselves for this onslaught. And now, what are the fruits of your labors: a loss of vocations, My children losing the knowledge of their Faith, all manner of sin, perversion, and abominations being committed upon earth, until all the saints in Heaven cry out to the merciful Father to put an end to these abominations. Less and less honor is being given to My Son.” –
Our Lady, August 4, 1979 

"Man has the balance, man has been given in free will the balance for his own fall, or restoration of a nation to its former glory under God. Like rodents, the enemies of your God have eaten away at the foundations of the Faith. But in a short time they will be destroyed, and a new House will rise, a Church stronger in faith and sanctity and holiness. But this cannot, My children, take place until a great Chastisement is set upon mankind.
     "You will all retain and wear your sacramentals for reason. Do not underestimate the power of prayer or the sacramentals. Do not be misguided or misled by the scoffers who have committed themselves to satan with derisive vocabularies of calling sanctity fanaticism, and holiness derangement.”
– Jesus, June 18, 1981 

"My children, parents of the young, remember: you have nothing to gain but sorrow if you neglect the rearing of your children in sanctity and holiness. Do not expect to find this holiness in My House now, My children, but do not run away. Stay and fight! Retain My Church! The numbers will be reduced to the few, but better, My children, there is quality of few instead of quantity with nothing.”
– Jesus, May 14, 1977 

"There cannot be a Church of My Son looking like a Quaker meeting place. It is the House of God, My children and My child; My Son's Church is a House of God, and all come to honor Him. They do not come to have a social gathering.
     "There must be holiness returned to My Son's Church. This responsibility weighs heavily on the shoulders of the clergy, the hierarchy. I assure you, My clergy, unless you act immediately upon the counsel from Heaven, many mitres shall fall into hell." –
Our Lady, July 14, 1979 

"There will be many manifestations given to those who have taken over the role as disciples of the latter days for My Son. The people must now save My Son's Church. This battle upon earth has been given now to the people, and through the people shall you bring back My Son's Church to its former position of holiness, piety, and numerous entrances into the vocations. Many holy priests are needed.” –
Our Lady, August 19, 1978 

"You will well understand, My child, that the cross is al­ways heavy. Humility and sacrificing of your worldly instincts will make your ascent to holiness much swifter. It is truly the will of the Father that you will do.” –
Our Lady, February 10, 1975 

"As parents you must treasure your children's souls. Keep them shining in goodness and holiness and purity. Many children of tender age have been robbed of this purity. Woe to the man who scandalizes the young!” –
Jesus, August 5, 1978 

"The world has entered upon My Son's Church. You have made it a meeting place for all manner of sinners, all commissions of abomination. Holiness, dedication, piety must be returned to My Son's House, Church. All manners of change and novelty are destroying the souls entrusted to you!” –
Our Lady, May 29, 1976 

"Pray a constant vigilance of prayer, My children. Penance, atonement, and sacrifice I beg of you. Be examples of piety and purity, My children. There is not much holiness left in My Son's House. Do not leave My Son's House. The foundation is strong, though the walls are cracking. Won't you help patch these cracks?” –
Our Lady, April 2, 1977

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