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#245 - DEMONS

“And when evening was come, they brought to him many that were possessed with devils: and he cast out the spirits with his word: and all that were sick he healed:  That it might be fulfilled, which was spoken by the prophet Isaias, saying: He took our infirmities, and bore our diseases.” – St. Matthew 8: 16-17

"My children, in the supernatural world there are figures and beings--demons. They are creatures from hell. Many have been there in the abyss since they were cast out of Heaven with their leader, Lucifer, Luciel, the prince of darkness. Others have become demons by entering, after they leave their human bodies, entering into hell. They are now consorts of evil.
            "My children, I do not ask you to run about seeking the demons in the human beings. I assure you, My children, when necessary the Eternal Father will show them to you for reason. My visits, and the visits from Heaven of other personages, are for reason.
            "I have always asked you, the Eternal Father has written it in the good Book, your Bible, to always test the spirits. My children, the evil, the spirits of darkness always reveal themselves with time. They cannot conceal their farce and lies. My children, you will understand now that satan is trying to conceal his nature and his being to mankind to deceive you. If you do not believe in the existence of Lucifer, satan, and his agents, demons, he can go forward working his will among you unseen, unknown, unbelieved, but creating disaster and death to souls.
            "My children, the man you call 'Sam' is satan in a human body. He has powers beyond what most human beings could understand.” – Our Lady, November 21, 1977 

"My children, there is nothing to gain by allowing demons to rule your lives, for demons are filled with hate and malice, destruction and death. No good lies within the supernatural of demons. It is the world of satan. And you have allowed your world to be taken over by satan, the father of all liars, the master of deceit, and a murderer from the beginning.” – Jesus, November 21, 1977 

“The greatest trial now upon mankind is produced by the working of Lucifer released from hell with his demons upon earth.
            "They are performing now prodigies and wonders to confuse and confound mankind. You call one of them the UFOs. They are supernatural manifestations from hell. They are created in the minds of some by the demons, who are capable, because of great power upon earth, to control now the elements, nature.
            "And also these demons shall promote accidents that are not accidents. Your seasons shall turn. Upheavals of nature shall be more prevalent. They will increase in intensity until mankind is brought to his knees.” – Our Lady, February 1, 1978 

"There was great unity in My House upon earth, but man became unpious, unholy, and with itching ears he has listened to doctrines set forth by demons. Now, My shepherds, you will close your ears to your modernists and those who seek change and who will build a church of man. No, I say unto you, this shall not be tolerated by the Eternal Father! You are permitted a long rule for reason. The Eternal Father hopes, in His merciful heart, that you will come out of your slumber and see the light. You are walking in darkness.
            "My children, you must keep a constant vigilance of prayer going throughout your country, the nations of earth, the world. Prayer has great strength against the demons that are loosed in force now upon your world. The agents of 666 have entered into all of the medias of the world; the agents of 666 are now in Rome.”
– Jesus, July 15, 1977 

"My children, you will recognize the signs of your times. The evil has accelerated. Satan has poisoned many minds, even in the clergy. It is now the full responsibility of parents to be the leaders, the teachers of their children. Satan has poisoned the minds of many in the clergy and doctrines of demons are being introduced into My House.” – Jesus, July 25, 1977 

"The occult is true. Demons are true. More and more will you see them upon the earth now that satan himself has come upon the earth. He is 666. He promotes the final capitulation of man, the destruction of mankind.
            "There is every chance given to mankind, that should he turn back and amend his ways, it shall not increase, the evil.
            "However, the future is grim, for as in the past, they go on in sin, My children. And sin is insanity. The murders will increase, till you will think that the world has been engulfed with insanity. No longer will there be charity of heart, love of parents, love of neighbors. Suspicions shall arise, as more are killed before your eyes.” – Our Lady, August 13, 1977 

"My children, pray a constant vigilance of prayer. Pray for those who do not have the grace to escape the onslaughts of the demons now loosed upon earth--demons in human bodies. The major demon from hell, satan, now has entered into the body of one in your country. He has been there since 1975. With enough prayers We will remove him from among you. And unless you continue to pray, another shall be entered by satan and another, and another, until your country falls.” – Jesus, August 13, 1977

"And as for your children, I say this as your God: every parent that does not take the responsibility of teaching and raising his children, and giving them to others who are possessed by these demons that are loosed now upon your earth--I say possessed, and that is only a kind word. I could discourse with you much farther, but I'm afraid, My child, your heart would not be able to accept this." – Jesus, June 18, 1992 

"My child, tell the world now there is a hell. The evil one seeks to remove the thought of punishment from sin. Sin will then be a way of life. It becomes easier to delude you then, to capture your soul. Open your eyes! Do not be blind, for the blind walk in darkness.
            "Everything has been planned well to bring you into darkness. Everything is planned in every war. Without Us, you will be lost. Do not try to fight the battle alone. So they will scoff at angels and demons? But will you scoff at them when they are face to face with you? Do not follow the bad example like sheep to the slaughter block. Do not let them blind you. You can carry the truth, the light, always in your heart.
            "Show the example of a living Christ. Carry My Son's cross, for by your example you can save others and We will reward you. Do not let him take them from Us!
            "I love you all, My children. Help Us! We are with you always, and will direct you through the future. Believe and you will be saved. Believe and you will be saved! Believe and you will be saved!” – Our Lady, May 30, 1971 

"My children, what manner of abomination is being committed in My Son's House? Can you not cry with Him, suffer with Him on His way to the cross? No! Demons have entered into My Son's House. They claim the human body to use them to defile My Son's House until evil men of the cross are setting a church up now, a church of man with no angels guiding them, with no supernatural intervention from Heaven guiding them. This church of man shall be built on naturalism, modernism, and humanism.
            "I say unto you, O bishops, you have been looked upon and found wanting by the Eternal Father. You have attuned yourself with satan. You are goats!” – Our Lady, April 9, 1977 

"The biggest threshold for the United States and other countries of the world is if they are willing to go forth and overcome the evil within their own countries. The morality has fallen in most nations of the world now, and this cries to Heaven for either repentance or punishment.
            "Know, My children, that We do not wish to see disaster come upon mankind, but the Eternal Father wills and operates sometimes, My child, in most mysterious manners.
            "However, I say at this time that all parents will be held responsible for the fall of their children's souls. Do not expect them to leave your homes and to be taught in light and truth, for the demons are raging now all about you. All hell is opened wide now, and you know that that means that the onslaught is at hand.
            "Therefore, We ask all parents to keep a steady hand on their children. Bar them from all the insensitive acts being committed on the diabolical tube of satan, your television. I ask if you cannot monitor your set, to remove it immediately from your home, for your children will even resort to murder if they continue to watch the programming.” – Our Lady, June 18, 1992

"There is much error and delusion upon earth. Many have fallen into the ways of the world, leading to a society based on humanism, modernism, and pure satanism. Before the battle is completed, you will have chosen your road and the ultimate eternity for your soul.
            "Blindness of heart and intellectual pride have set many of Our high priests onto the road to damnation. Their example will take many with them, but they, too, can be returned if they will turn from their worldly ways, and return to prayer and starve their bodies of the demons that have entered upon them.
            "There shall be no rationalization among men for sin. For sin is damnation, and there will be no excuse! Shall this world of yours continue, you will continue onto the road to a damnation in eternity of hell. Do you wonder why We plead with you now, My children, to make yourselves ready for what lies ahead?” – Our Lady, February 10, 1973 

"Michael must be returned to My Son's House. The demons must be cast from My Son's House. They have taken possession of many to do the will of Lucifer.
            "Continue, My children, with your acts of sacrifice and prayers of atonement. One day you will all understand the necessity for these acts and the actual results for the conversion of sinners in your world today." – Our Lady, February 10, 1973 

“As I told you in the past, Lucifer has been released from hell with many other demons in his legion of demons now loosed upon earth. Lucifer is in Rome and plans to destroy the papacy. My children, pray for your new Pope. He must be given the strength even unto the point of martyrdom, if necessary. He must not allow communism to control Rome.” – Our Lady, November 20, 1978 

"Prayer is the greatest weapon against the evil forces now that are in your world and that roam in the houses of God throughout your world. You will chase the demons of hell from the House of God with prayer. You will chase the demons of hell from your own hearts with prayer.” – Our Lady, August 5, 1973 

Veronica - Oh! Oh, I see a terrible, cell-like-looking hole. It's very dark, and it's very, very deep. It's like looking into the ground--very deep. There are steps going down, and all along the walls--they're very hot; they're burning, like orange. The heat is terrible! And down there are--down at the bottom are horrible, horrible things! They look--they're like animals, but yet they look almost human. There are four of them. They look like--they have little ears. Oh, they're horrible looking! They're mean, and I know they're demons. There are four of them.
            Now they're floating up, up, up, up. Now they're coming out here in the light. They all are looking about with a smug look of satisfaction on their faces--if you could call them faces, they're so horrible. Oh-h-h . . . oh-h-h! So evil, mean! Now one is pointing over--oh, he's pointing over, and I can see St. Peter's, the cathedral. And he's saying: "It will not be long before we shall accomplish our mission." Oh! Now he's holding in his hand a red hat, a hat. He said: "I'm waiting for my entrance."
            He holds his hand up--oh, his hand's horrible! The fingers are long and thin, and they look like claws. There's nails coming out; they're claws. But He's looking down, and he wants me to see this. Oh, it's horrible! He has this large, red cardinal's hat in his hand. He said: "I will sit upon the throne of Peter, and I will destr-o-y the Church of God!" Oh, it's horrible! Oh, no!
            Now Our Lady is coming forward, and She's placing out Her hands. Now She's looking down, and Michael has come forward. He's standing there with a bow, and Our Lady now--Michael, Michael is pulling the bow! He's going to run it through him! But Our Lady said: "No! It is not time. The purification of the world is at hand."
            Now I see this horrible-looking creature. He's floating, and he's standing now beside the door of Saint Peter's. Now he's being joined by two human beings. Oh, my goodness! Oh! Oh, I see him actually . . . he's going . . . he seems like he's infusing into him! He's entering into him! Oh, how horrible! Now I can't see him, because he's standing there now, but he's a human.
            Now this human, who has been infused, has across his chest two keys, two golden keys. Now next to him stands another figure. He's wearing a red hat, and he's got ropes in his hands. And now he's running the rope--but as he opens the rope, it's a snake. The rope is a snake, and it's curling about the keys. Oh, it's curling about the keys. Oh, my! Oh!
            Now the keys are melting, and the keys are forming into a . . . like these . . . like the bishops wear. They have these like a . . . that, that cane, like, with the top. They're, they're--it's not a scepter; the crook, that looks like a large, long cane with a top on it. And around the cane is curled the snake. Oh, it's a golden snake. Our Lady said:
Our Lady - "Powers, provincials, money: destruction of the human soul for worldly gain."
Veronica - Oh! Oh! Oh! Now I am . . . Our Lady is taking me into a bedroom. Oh! I see sisters--they're nurses--in the bedroom. Oh, and there--I can see him in his bed--is the Holy Father. The nurse now has a needle, and she's rolling up now the sleeve. He has on . . . it looks like a robe, the Holy Father, and she's giving him a needle in his arm. He . . . and he looks very sick. Now the needle was placed into his left arm, into his left arm. Now as the needle is placed into his left arm, Pope Paul is reaching over onto a table near his bed. He's reaching for his crucifix. He's placing it across his chest.
            Oh, next to him now is Padre Pio! Next to Pope Paul! Now Padre Pio is coming down over to the left side of the flagpole. Oh, I can see him very clearly. He has on a brown garment, and it's tied; it's very loose, and it's tied about his waist. He said:
Padre Pio - "My spiritual children: hear me, for I bring you the word of truth. Demons roam in the houses of God! Prayer must chase them out! Atonement, prayer, and sacrifice! I speak out for an imprisoned Vicar." – April 14, 1973 

"Return to the graces of your Sacraments and holy Church, or condemn yourselves to eternity with Lucifer! Consecrate your home with the Holy Spirit. Use the waters of life to chase the demons from within your home.” – St. Joachim, July 25, 1973


"My child and My children, protect the young from false prophets, those who go about the world denying the divinity of My Son. They must understand that My Son is NOT Saint Michael. Saint Michael is a spirit. My Son rose from the grave, both body and soul, and ascended into the Kingdom of God. But He is God, and you shall not deny His divinity in the Godhead. All who do are deluded by satan and shall be called false prophets.
            "Remember, My children, though you cannot understand the mystery of the Trinity: three Persons in one God, but all the same in the Godhead. You must understand that false prophets abound upon earth, and many bring doctrines of demons to your children; therefore, parents have a full measure of responsibility for giving the knowledge of the Faith to their children.
            "My child and My children, prepare yourselves, for the demons are gathering to start uprisings in your country, the United States. These will be led by those who commit abominations upon their bodies. You will call them homosexuals, but they are dead souls in human bodies, possessed by Lucifer to do his will. Do not, My children, think that words are enough to retrieve these lost souls; you must do penance and make many sacrifices.
            "My children, go to your bishops and tell them that all Heaven is disturbed, and Our hearts are torn by the laxity in attitude to pride and arrogance of the priesthood in My Son's Church. We ask for you to convert the unbelievers but not to join them, not to compromise My Son's Church. The reforms you are promoting will bring your destruction, for the sheep will leave.” – Our Lady, May 26, 1979


"Understand, My children, that there will be scoffers who will set in motion plans to deceive the nations. Understand, My children, that you are living in the days of trial and the days spoken of by the prophets. The Armageddon is here. 666 is here. All manners of evil so foul that no human mind could have conceived them have been set loose upon earth. The very bowels of hell have opened up and spewed forth demons of great strength, demons set loose upon the earth such as have never entered upon the earth before. It is a war, a war that will test the faith of all.
            "You will persevere to the end and you will be saved. You must not compromise. I repeat: you must not compromise within My House.” – Jesus, December 28, 1976 

"You will all keep a constant vigilance of prayer going throughout your country and the world. If you recognize, if you accept the truth and the knowledge of the supernatural, you will know the great power of prayer to disperse the demons. I give you this lesson of reality, My children: the demons cannot stay with the sound of prayer ringing in the air.” – Jesus, September 14, 1976 

"My child and My children, I have cried great tears, My child, since I last saw you, for the fathers and mothers, the poor mothers--they do not know what lies ahead for their children, their children of all ages. Satan and his legion of demons and devils are loosed now upon earth in full force. They are doing very well, My children.” –
Our Lady, July 25, 1985 

"Heresy, O mournful heresy! Whatever shall become of you?
            "Loosed upon your earth are the demons from the abyss. They have multiplied and are prepared to do great battle. The Time of times and the Day of days approach. Understand and make preparation, for you are approaching the period of darkness.
            "There will come upon you suddenly a great cataclysm of cosmic force. Recognize this as not an occurrence explained by science, but as the hand of the Father upon an unrepentant generation." – Our Lady, April 6, 1974 

"Pray, My children; pray a constant vigilance of prayer. Keep the knowledge of the supernatural within your hearts and the hearts of your children. Bring them the knowledge of the existence of the demons. Being human, you have no recognition, no visual acknowledgment, unless the Eternal Father permits it for the enlightenment of mankind. But know, My children, that as much as you exist, they exist. Also, do not take from your children the knowledge of their guardians, the angels. As you exist, they exist.” – Jesus, November 22, 1976

"The gates of hell are open wide; many demons have entered upon earth. And, My children, do not scoff at the supernatural. We look upon all manner of foul actions being committed by Our children upon earth. They scoff at demons; they scoff at the very devil, satan, but what will they do when they realize too late that they cast aside the light and accepted the darkness? For what?” –
Our Lady, December 31, 1976 

"My child, you will shout it from the rooftops that the restraining force has been taken away, and satan now is upon your earth. The prince of darkness, the great deceiver, the man of perdition, is satan, 666 in the body of a human being--a human being that has given himself to satan and is no longer human but a walking dead body encasing the spirit of evilness, satan.
            "My children, this spirit of evilness is not of ordinary origin. In the past your world has had in its midst demons of lesser nature. However, because of your wickedness, because of your corruption, because of your debaseness, because of your evilness now, the gates of hell were opened wide and the spirit of darkness entered upon your earth.
            "Satan now is walking in your country to claim his own. He was a murderer from the beginning and he is a murderer now! Your country, America the beautiful, and many countries throughout the world will suffer a bloodbath of murder.” – Our Lady, September 13, 1977

"My child, before I continue on, I must warn all parents that this man of perdition has made his way into all schools. The young, the ages of 20's and 30's, are the principal victims now for satan.
            "He has an army of ogres wandering now throughout your country and all of the countries of the world. They are in possession of great power, so wear your sacramentals and protect your children and your households. Learn the use every day of holy water throughout your household. Insist, even with obstructions, insist that your children always wear a sacramental. One day they will understand that they will repel the demons." – Our Lady, September 13, 1977 

"A House in darkness wears a band of death about it. The family that will pray together will stay together, My child. Pray a constant vigilance in your homes and you will make the demons flee. They cannot stay in a house of prayer.
            "You will understand, My child, why satan has entered My Son's home on earth, the Church. Because there was not enough prayer. Man talks, idly talks of worldly matters, when he should concentrate on the spiritual.” – Our Lady, December 28, 1974

"The demons are always among you, waiting to enter. If they are cast out by prayer, penance, and the reception in heart of My Son in the Eucharist, if you stray from the path, they will return double in strength to try to enter and seduce your soul--so great is the power of satan! However, he shall not be victorious if you do not stray from the path given to you.” – Our Lady, December 28, 1974

"The Warning that will come upon man and the great Chastisement will be soon upon you. It is in the merciful Heart of the Father that your time has been extended, a time to make amendment of your lives, cleanse your souls of all sin, mortal and venial. Pray much; sacrifice your senses.
     "My child, it is with great sorrow that We must look into the hearts of Our dedicated. They do not know the light is dim. Many of these demons cannot be cast out without fasting and much prayer. Prayer and fasting--substituted, My child, by the ways of the world."
- Our Lady, March 24, 1974


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