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“Therefore, by the authority which Christ conferred upon Peter and his Successors, and in communion with the Bishops of the Catholic Church, I confirm that the direct and voluntary killing of an innocent human being is always gravely immoral. This doctrine, based upon that unwritten law which man, in the light of reason, finds in his own heart (cf. Rom 2:14-15), is reaffirmed by Sacred Scripture, transmitted by the Tradition of the Church and taught by the ordinary and universal Magisterium.” – Pope John Paul II, Encyclical Evangelium Vitae (The Gospel of Life), #57, March 25, 1995.


"No man shall murder--and it is murder, My children, when he shall give the excuse of saying an individual is no longer living or a part of the world because he has become emaciated, because he lives only with prayers and the help of all scientific means. The Eternal Father has placed a soul in that body. That body is the temple of the Holy Spirit! No man can know when that soul must return to the Eternal Father. No man shall hasten its exit from a body by murder! Euthanasia is murder! Shall you become a judge over the living and the dead?” – Our Lady, June 5, 1976 

"I know this makes you affrighted, My child, that there is so little value for life, but did not I tell you many years ago that if they started to murder the unborn, they will murder the living, even the adults. They may murder the children, but then they will also murder the elderly.” – Our Lady, November 1, 1985 

"And I repeat again to all clergy in My Son's House: you shall not rationalize sin. Abortion is murder, and murder condemns you to hell without repentance! Euthanasia is murder, and murder condemns you to hell without repentance! The Commandments of your God must be followed, and no changes will be made upon them to suit the basic fallen nature of mankind.
     "The road to Heaven, My children, is a narrow one; too few stay upon it. For they are often carried away with the cares of the world, and the pleasures of the materialistic pursuits, and their gathering of money and prestige and power. For what? For the few short years allotted to each human upon earth. I ask you to ask yourself: is it worth it to lose your soul? Many will sell their souls to get to the head.” – Our Lady, November 20, 1979

"The Eternal Father is much distressed by mankind's actions. They must not try to control the start and expiration of a life. Abortion is murder, My children, for you bring to an untimely end a mission of a soul. The Eternal Father breathes the spirit of life into the body at the moment of conception. No man shall destroy this body until it has completed its mission as directed by the Eternal Father, for any man who destroys the mission and the body is guilty of murder. Euthanasia, untimely death, My children, man has transgressed into a form of evil far worse than in the time of Noe or Sodom. Therefore, how great shall be the punishment to mankind!
     "In these days, My children, the signs of the times come fast upon you. There will be no charity of heart; selfishness shall abound. There will be little light of piety. Morality--the word shall not be accepted. Sin has become a way of life.” – Our Lady, June 12, 1976 

"My child and My children, the murders of the unborn will bring great chastisement upon the United States, Canada, and the nations of the world, that are now contributing not only to the delinquency of your children and the world's children, but are condoning murder and euthanasia. Euthanasia, My child and My children, is murder!
     "We have been very patient. The Eternal Father has voiced His decision within My hearing, and I tell you, My children, your chastisement is just at hand.” – Jesus, July 1, 1985

"The encyclical of Pope Paul on birth control is true and must be followed by mankind. There shall be no rationalization of sin. There shall be no excuse for the murder of the unborn. Sin has become a way of life among mankind, but Heaven does not condone murder. Heaven cannot condone sin, though the Eternal Father in His mercy is most merciful and long-suffering and forgiving. But man must repent of his sin now, while there is time.
     "Already the measures are being taken necessary in the propagation of the damnable abomination of the destruction of life further by euthanasia, My children.
     "As man goes farther into the darkness, he has lost complete contact with his spirit, the Spirit of life and light, and he is losing his soul, surrendering his eternal life to satan.
     "What does it gain you, My children, if you gather all of the treasures of the world, of your earth world, and not one treasure shall you store in Heaven for your entrance over the veil? You will come without credits, My children, and you cannot enter into the Kingdom of your God. And many--sadly to say, My children, as fast as snowflakes shall fall from your heavens, many are falling into hell, eternal damnation and suffering, and the agonizing . . . knowing that forever and ever beyond all living there shall be nothing but emptiness and suffering.” – Our Lady, October 2, 1976

“Man no longer sees the evil in his ways. There is nothing that he will fall to. He is now killing the creations of the Eternal Father. Who will be safe in your land, My children? You will one day grow old. Will you be a burden to your family, to be removed without heart? When you grow sick, you are ill, will you become too much of a burden to your society and they will remove you?
     "It is easy to close your mind, My children, to the truth. Hearts will be hardened; compassion will be gone. Love of neighbor will become a jest. All the most aberrational forces of satan will descend upon you. Man will reduce himself to the animal level!” –
Our Lady, March 25, 1972 

"Murderers! The time will come, My child, when those who are upon the earth will envy those who have passed beyond the veil. Insanity, sin. Sin is insanity. The aged will be put to death, the crippled will be put to death, the mentally ill will be eliminated. The value of life will be gone. The value for life will be destroyed. Murders--sanctioned among those with the power to destroy the souls!" –
Jesus, March 18, 1974 

"I have, O woe to man, this saddest of stories: one of man against man, brother against brother, mother against daughter, father against son, in the battle of the spirits.
     "Now, O poor aged and helpless, poor on earth, you will now be victims of your own.
     "Doctors of the earth, what have you done to yourselves in your practices? You do not seek to preserve life, but to destroy.” –
Our Lady, March 18, 1973 

"The adversary, the prince of darkness, knows that his time is growing short. He will do great battle now with the children of God. Prepare now, for you will see days ahead such as have never taken place within your country, My child. That is why I stress the urgency of this message. There will be much suffering. No class shall be excluded. Those who do not suffer shall be damned to hell. For they have sold their souls to get to the head.
     "In time this puzzle will be explained to you fully, all who hear My voice and will read the Message from Heaven. For the future is now, and it will unfold before your very eyes.
     "Life as you know it will have no value. Death shall be commonplace among you: murder, death by murder, in the name of mercy--death, murder.
     "My child and My children, only you as an individual can save your soul now and the souls whom you love and whom you have the charity to reach out for. For those with great graces, they can be shared. You have a great obligation now to go forward as disciples of My Son.” –
Our Lady, June 13, 1981 

"You agents of satan murder! Yes, you murder the little ones. Next you will choose the aged and infirm. Vile vipers of the abyss! The command of the Father is, 'Thou shalt not kill!' Hell will overflow with your souls!
     "Let no man take from you the truth of the invisible world. The Chastisement is imminent, for man has grown deaf.”
– Our Lady, December 7, 1970 

"The soul lives on forever. The soul is entered into the body at the moment of conception. We abhor, We will not tolerate the murder of the unborn! Mankind seeks a terrible chastisement far beyond what his human mind or sight can ever conceive, for his actions against the creation of the Father.
            "Murderers! As such you break the Commandment of the Father 'Thou shalt not kill.' Damnation, eternal damnation will be the lot of all who take part in the murder of the unborn. Repent now of your sin! Make restitution to the Father, for you will be held accountable for the murders of the unborn.” –
Our Lady, June 8, 1974 

"My child, all throughout earth, there is mass slaughter now of the innocent children, the unborn, and this has extended now past the unborn. Many children brought into the world are being killed, My child, at their birth. Shout this to all. Your hospitals have given themselves to depravity. They are taking needlessly, lives, My child.

     "Yes, My child, it is at the knowledge of the parents. Shall you build a master race? Shall you create only a perfect individual? What shall you do to accomplish this? Shall you eradicate by murder all who are not perfect? Man has no right to place judgment on who is to live or die, My children.
     "The Eternal Father sends each life with reason. The spirit of life is breathed into that body at the moment of conception. At the moment of conception the soul is united to that body. Though it grows from a small seed, it is living and must not be destroyed! It is murder, My children, to destroy the seed.
     "All who commit this, this terrible act of murder, My children, cannot enter into the Kingdom of Heaven unless they repent of this foul crime. They must in their repentance accept a penance upon earth for their acts that bring great sorrow to the heart of the Eternal Father.” –
Our Lady, December 27, 1975 

"The Father shall set upon the world a chastisement, a most severe chastisement to mankind. The murders of the innocent babies, children killed without reason, promoted by satan--the murder of the Holy Innocents!
     "Know, My children, that all will stand before the Father and be judged for the crime of murder. Repent now of your way. Stop now, while you have the time, the murders of the unborn.
     "The Father breathes the spirit of life into the body of the unborn at the moment of conception. The Father has a plan for each life He permits to be born. No man has been given the right by the Father to take away this life. The mission of that soul is returned incomplete. This abomination among mankind shall not be tolerated much longer! You have in your human nature adopted licentiousness! My children, awaken! Come into the light! You have submerged your spirit in deep darkness.” – Our Lady, December 28, 1974 

"Our hearts are torn because of the wanton murder of the young by evil man. Abortion, My children, is murder, the most foulest of deeds, that is punishable by death! And what is worse than death of the soul?
     "I say unto you, as your Mother, that any man or woman who performs or takes part of this abomination of the murder of the unborn shall be given a heavy penance upon earth, or if this penance is not given upon earth, that person found guilty in the eyes of his God shall suffer eternal damnation in the fires of hell.
     "O My children, there are countless souls being returned to the Father. And you ask, My child, what becomes of them? Limbo is overflowing with the rejected souls, the murders of the unborn. Pray a constant vigilance of prayer for the men of sin who perpetrate these atrocities.” – Our Lady, December 28, 1976 

"Know, My child, this simple lesson, that in these days of the latter times, women shall seek to cast off their role as mother and a woman. Woman will cast it off under the direction of satan, and murder her children. Woe to the woman who does not repent of this vile abomination! She has walked the road to eternal damnation and hell. Repent, O woman, or forever be lost!
     "It is, My child, because the world has lost the need for sacrifice and penance that they have come to this point of murder of the unborn and the young. They care more for the material things of your world, and they starve the spirit. They gather all that satan has set before them, but they gather nothing that the Father offers freely. Satan has placed a price upon all he gives you. His price is your eternal spirit.
     "The Father, the Eternal Father, My children, offers you His home. It is yours for the asking. There is no price. This Kingdom of light is yours. Believe in My Son and you will be given the way.” – Our Lady, March 18, 1975 

“Your world has steeped itself in murder. Thou shalt not kill! All who have given themselves to this lust and murder shall be set into the abyss and suffer eternal damnation. Sin, the most abominable of offenses to the Father, has become a way of life with many now. Whatever shall become of your children? The example of many parents is poor. There will be many tears shed upon earth and much gnashing of teeth in those days. Your future, your future, you ask; your future is now!" – Our Lady, July 1, 1974


"Repeat once more, My child, the warning to mankind: All who have been either accessories or prominent in the murders of the unborn and do this of free will and conscience shall be condemned to the eternal fires of the abyss, hell! Murder is rampant; life as you know it no longer is viewed from Heaven. We see man a creature of lust, murderous of heart, without scruples, hoarders of wealth, starving the righteous. The sword of destruction will claim many.” – Our Lady, July 1, 1974 

“I have counseled you in the past that there will be accidents that are not accidents. O My children, you did not listen when I told you and begged you to prevent the murder of the young, for murder then would be accepted and promoted among you. Life has become very cheap, My children, and who will be next to die an untimely death?
     "I have warned you to protect your households and your children from the evil forces that now have cast a dark shadow upon mankind and the world. There are doctrines of demons being expounded by human beings who knowingly or unknowingly have become tools of satan. The saddest knowledge that I have received is that My Son is being defamed even by His own, His own teachers, those who have given themselves over to the world and have allowed Our sheep to go straying.” – Our Lady, May 26, 1979 

"I hear all cries of peace, peace, and security, going throughout your world, My children. But there is no peace, there is no security. And your country, the United States of America, the great eagle has been plucked by satan and his agents. You see lying now before you a majestic eagle, the once proud symbol of America, fallen because of paganism and sin.
     "It is known through history that once a country has given itself over to all manner of paganism and sin, it is not long before that country falls into a system of dictatorship, bringing great sorrow, even murder to the masses.” – Our Lady, May 26, 1979 

"In your world, My children, the sheep are being separated from the goats. The forces of evil are fighting the light. We watch while the saints cry out for vengeance. How much blood shall be shed to wash your world! Blood shall flow in the streets. Madness shall take hold of mankind until there will be no trust, no love in the hearts of those who have not turned to the light and the Eternal Father. Murder shall become a way of life! How much shall man set upon himself in evil before he awakens to the fact that he has set about his own destruction!” – Our Lady, September 6, 1975 

"Your city and many cities and countries throughout the world will suffer for the murders of the Holy Innocents. Life, the spirit of life, is breathed--the soul placed by the Eternal Father into the body of the unborn at the precise, exact moment of conception. Do not fall prey to the fallacy there is no life until the child emerges from the womb. No! I say to you: life begins at the moment of conception. The Eternal Father breathes the spirit of life at the moment of conception. No man shall take this life, for as such he is guilty and found guilty by the Eternal Father of murder!
     "The commandments given through the ages by the Eternal Father must be brought forward to be studied and obeyed. Many are misled. Do not judge them, but seek first their spirit. Many are misled; they do not know their God. You cannot love without knowing. Who will bring this knowledge to the innocent children?
     "It is better a young womanhood to be placed under the guidance of holy ones, than to set forth in the world of satan to be destroyed. We must, My child, build up refuge for the young.” – Our Lady, September 6, 1975 

"The greatest sadness in My heart is that I must make it known to you that many will sell their souls to get to the head; for money is the root of all evil and the corrupter of souls. The lust for power has brought many into the label 'damnation' as murderers of their brothers and sisters. Murder abounds upon your earth. Soon it will be--become commonplace in your lives, until sin, being a way of life, will be accepted and the light will become darkened.
     "You will, My children, review the counsel from Heaven, given by My Mother through Her earth-years with you. She will guide you and be with you until the end of your era and the end of time. She has chosen of Her free will to accept Her place among you as your Mother, as the Mother of the world.” – Jesus, October 6, 1979 

“You, as a nation, shall fall without prayer and penance. The Queen of Heaven set Herself to warn you of the penance that would be given to you if you committed murder--the murder of the unborn in abortion.
     "No man shall set himself above his Creator; no man shall judge who is to live or die upon earth.
     "The Eternal Father breathes the spirit of life into the body at the precise moment of conception; and as such, there is a plan by the Eternal Father for each living being, this being created at the moment of conception. What right have you to cast yourselves in the role of murderers? Do you think that you shall go unpunished? No! Blood shall flow in your streets, but it shall not be the blood of the Holy Innocents. Murderers, you shall die by the sword!" – St. Michael, November 1, 1975 

"Your once loyal to the oath of a doctor, your once loyal doctors are now butchers! For money they kill the young! Abortion, My children, is murder, and as murderers you will receive a just judgment and punishment.” – Our Lady, February 10, 1978

“We will go back, My child, in history, a short history, and remember well what had happened in Rome to John, Pope John, whose reign lasted 33 days.  O My child, it is history now, but it is placed in the book that lists the disasters in mankind.  He received the horror and martyrdom by drinking from a glass.  It was a champagne glass given to him by a now deceased member of the clergy and the Secretariat of the State.” - Our Lady of the Roses, May 21, 1983

"The murders must be stopped in your country. That is another reason why communism is getting a foothold in your government and all the governments of the world: because they have given themselves over to sin. Murders and butchery. Millions of babies have been aborted in the United States of America and Canada, and millions more throughout the world. This is murder, and no different than what the communists do to those who dissent from them.” – Our Lady, October 2, 1987 

"There is about you, My children, a world unseen to your human eyes. These creatures of the darkness never sleep. Beside you, to protect you, are the angels of light from Heaven. How few call to their guardians! At the moment of conception, the spirit of life is breathed into the body--at the moment of conception! At the moment of emergence from the mother's womb, a guardian of light is given to the born child.
     "We are saddened to know that you will place in your government one who has the power to continue the slaughter of the Holy Innocents. Woe to your country and woe unto man! For abortion is murder, and murder means death. O My child, who has any measure in the slaughter of the unborn and do this of conscience and free will, will be condemned eternally to the abyss.
     "Every means shall be used to promote the slaughter of the aged and the unborn.” – Our Lady, December 6, 1974 

“Many are engaging in mass slaughter of the souls and the bodies of young children being given by the Father for a reason. They are placed on earth to bring glory to the Father in Heaven. However, they are being sent back to the Father with untimely deaths! Know now that you shall not escape the punishment due an ungrateful, degenerate generation. Man of science ever searching, but never finding the truth!
     "It is a proven fact, My child, that when you take one step and go, it is like a habit. Murder will become a way of life. Charity of heart, charity to one's fellow man will diminish. All manner of iniquity will abound upon earth.
     "The young shall be slaughtered. The old shall live in fear that they, too, will meet untimely ends, for the prince of darkness abounds upon your earth. He has captured the souls of many and using their human forms to do his will.
     "Know, My children, that you gain nothing but an eternity of damnation when you have given yourselves to the ways of the world, the pleasures of the flesh and the devil. There is not one, not one, My child, My children, not one among you who can say that he will never die and pass over the veil. Judgment awaits each and every soul.” – Our Lady, September 28, 1974


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