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#250 - MOTHERS

“He that loveth God, shall obtain pardon for his sins by prayer, and shall refrain himself from them, and shall be heard in the prayer of days. And he that honoureth his mother is as one that layeth up a treasure.” – Ecclesiasticus 3:4-5

"The example We see of many parents is poor. Mothers--where is the word 'mother' on your earth? So few true mothers remain. They compete with their daughters, My children. Vanity, lust, fornication, adultery--all in the homes! All vile manners of fornication, tearing down the sanctity of the home. Parents, mothers, you are responsible as a parent for the souls of your children. If you permit them to expose their bodies to the public eye, you are guilty of a sin! You are guilty and shall receive your recompense.
     "Discipline your children, you who will remain in the light. Discipline them, or you shall cry bitter tears of anguish. You will have to be an outcast. You will be laughed at and scorned. Yes, My Son was laughed at and scorned. Do not expect your cross to be any lighter. You will have to pick up your cross and follow My Son, the same road.” – Our Lady, July 15, 1974 

"Mothers, stand together! Outwit the enemy that seeks to ravage your children." – Jesus, August 21, 1970 

"And I must repeat again, My child, for the consolation of mothers. They must watch over their children carefully, for there will be thousands upon thousands that will vanish without a trace. The satanist cults are turning into armies, My child.” – Jesus, July 1, 1985 

"Many mothers' hearts will be saddened. Luciel takes the words from their heart. We cast them down, but they work their vengeance. Save your children. Guard them constantly. They are in grave danger. I bring you mothers together, for only you can save your children, for only you care.” – Our Lady, September 28, 1970

"The strong must carry the weak. Keep His cross before you always. Prayer and sacrifice will be your guide to the light. Place not your trust in this world, for it is your exile. Eternity is forever!
     "The children are the innocent victims. Pray for your children. My tears fall on all mothers. Come to Me, for I will comfort you.
     "Pray! Pray always, My children. There are many souls to be saved.
     "I know of a Mother's broken heart that tears cannot mend. My Son will comfort you.
     "I bless you all, My children. Pray My Rosary daily." – Our Lady, July 1, 1970 

"I now dispense upon these sacred grounds the power from the Father for conversion and cure. All in the plan of Heaven for the construction of an oasis in the dark times. My Shrine shall be called Our Lady of the Roses, Mary, Help of Mothers.
     "Come to Me, all mothers who weep for their children. Come to Me and I will solace you. Understanding pours forth from My Mother's heart. Come, and I will place My mantle about you, and you will find great comfort with Me.
     "Many mothers shall stand in great trial in the days ahead. Satan will enter upon many homes, and parents will be placed upon the cross.” – Our Lady, March 24, 1973 

"My child and My children, you may ask your priests for knowledge of the stories coming from the old, elderly fathers of My Son's Church, but can they tell you the truth now that their seminaries have become polluted with errors? Mothers cry to Me; I hear all their prayers, prayers to Heaven to save their children. And where can they find the knowledge of the truth to teach them? That will depend now upon an earnest mother and father, and discipline. Children are like soft flowers that must be nourished so that their stalks will grow; and their faces, the purity of their faces, shall rise toward Heaven and be nourished with the fruits of life.” –
Our Lady, September 14, 1985 

"Sin has now become a way of life in your country. Mothers, what will happen to your children outside your home? Protect your children; for there is no salvation outside, the anchor of a good home dedicated to Christ the King.” – Our Lady, November 21, 1970 

"Mothers, clean out your daughters' closets! Better you burn their clothes than to have their souls forever burning in hell! How sad to find the children who can no longer recognize sin.
     "The condition of your country is not an accident of fate, as some would place the cause. It is the method used for destruction, by promoting moral decay.” – Our Lady, November 21, 1970 

"Man has relinquished his knowledge, knowledge of his God, to the extent now that sin has become a way of life. We hear cries from the torn hearts of mothers coming forward to Us: Why, they say, why are we now, our hearts torn asunder? It is because, My children, sin is insanity! Sin is produced by the corrupter of mankind, the prince of darkness, satan, the despoiler of souls.” – Our Lady, August 5, 1977 

"Many mothers shall face in the world calamity the loss of their sons. Many shall truly join Me upon the cross."
Veronica - I see . . . it looks like a large field. Oh, it's like a countryside, because there are mountains. And I am looking down now upon a river. Oh, no, it's more like a lake, because I can see all the foliage and the trees around it. But down now over in the woods there are many, many crosses--crosses white-washed, painted white.
     Now I am looking down. And now I'm walking among these crosses, and they do not have names upon the crosses.
Our Lady - "My child, look and weep with Me, for you are witnessing the total destruction that will come upon mankind in the great War, your Third World War. So many will die, My child, that there will not be time to mark the graves.
     "Mothers shall long to see and know where their sons lie, but to no avail. This comfort shall not be given to them, so great will be the loss of life. Can you not turn back now and beg the forgiveness of the Eternal Father before it is too late? Are you so blind to the truth, My children, that you do not see the road you are traveling on?” – March 29, 1975 

"Mothers and women of the world, you must no longer offend your God. You must return your country and the world to a disciplined life of modesty in the hearts of women, chastity, and a firm family foundation among mankind. Many of you do not please the Eternal Father, and you have pierced My Mother's heart with your sins. The sins of the flesh shall have many cast into hell.” – Jesus, June 2, 1979 

"Please, I ask you mothers, monitor your children's lives. Do not be an escapist, running from home and finding pleasures of the world. Bring a prayer life back to your children before it is too late. You will be held accountable for the fall of the souls of the children. Therefore, I ask parents throughout the world--with love and good leadership in the household, your children will not fall as prey to satan." – St. Theresa, June 18, 1991 

"Oh, My children, My heart is torn, as a mother's heart is torn, when I see all of the crimes and violations of the little children being committed by parents, not only strangers, but parents of innocent children subjecting these innocents to all manner of debasement and violation! Woe to the parent that has given his child to satan for worldly gain.
     "My children, filth is placed before your eyes; filth is taped in by the infernal machines of your television, and filth is being brought into your schools and all of your medias of communication!
     "As it was in the days of Noe, as it was in the days of Sodom, so you now disport yourselves in a like manner. And I tell you, My children, the hand of My Son shall fall heavy upon you.
     "Woe to the parent who sells the soul of his child for human gain! It is better that he as a child had died in his mother's womb!” – Our Lady, May 18, 1977 

"The heads of all households--mothers, fathers will bend your knee now in prayer with your children. You must now appear to your God with a humble heart, do penance, make atonement and many sacrifices.” – St. Michael, June 18, 1975 

“The example in the homes is very, very poor. So husbands, now, you will act with love to your wives, but you will keep them in discipline. Many of them have lost their way. Discipline. And wives, honor your husbands and do your role as mothers in honor to your God. We see the example of the homes is very poor.
     "It is not without meaning that We have chosen these colors. Womanhood must be returned to the state in which the Father created it. Right at this moment a great chastisement is coming upon you, for you have cast aside your role as women. This you will not do without receiving great chastisement.
     "There will be division in homes unless the fathers stand forth as examples to their sons and daughters, and the mothers return to their roles as mothers in the light of God, the Father.” – Our Lady, April 13, 1974 

"I have wandered throughout the world, and I will be with you during all tribulations. My grounds are consecrated and have been renewed by the Father. They will be a place of refuge in the trials ahead.
     "Come to Me, you who are burdened with sorrow: mothers in torment, fathers looking for straying children. They are the major victims of the plan of satan. Graces in abundance I give unto you for the asking.
     "Save yourselves and those you love in the Sacred Heart of My Son, ever merciful, always there to forgive. For when He forgives, He forgets. No sinner shall ever be turned away if he comes in
heart with repentance." – Our Lady, April 22, 1973 

"America, your country, the United States, a land of plenty, has never witnessed mass slaughter and death. But, My children, unless--and I say unless--you turn back now, your country will witness death such as never has gripped the heart of man before, a terror brought about by the knowledge that there has been a rejection of truth, a rejection of your God.
     "Too late, too late, will tears pour from the hearts of mothers falling upon the dying, and suffering and anguish in not knowing where they are over the veil. Prepare, O parents, for this time, and you will have great peace of heart in the future. Treasure the knowledge of the light given to you, and nourish it. The souls of your children, nourish them with pure waters. Do not allow the world's peoples to contaminate your children with their errors.” – Jesus, December 7, 1976 

"My child and My children, there is an evil plan now in your country, the United States of America, and also, the boughs are reaching like an evil tree into the land of Canada. Children are disappearing from the earth. My child and My children, I feel it necessary that I repeat to you again that you do not be bored at the repetition of the Message, for it is urgent. Will your child be next? Many mothers' hearts are torn asunder, but they have found not the whereabouts of their children; but many have found the possibility of the whereabouts of their children, held as captives for the whim and humor of the satanist. They are increasing in your country, My child, and all of the countries of the world. It is satan and his armies now, knowing the time is short to battle with the children of God.” – Our Lady, August 21, 1985 

"I also must give to you at this time another fact of your lives upon earth. You as parents--mothers, fathers must guard your doors well and rule; take discipline in the lives of your children, for they will bring much sorrow to your hearts as they grow--they grow in a world that has been given to satan. When your child opens his home, the door, he will face the agents of hell loosed upon earth to reclaim his soul. Protect your children, My children; be sure that as a parent you do not fall down in your duties to teach your children, for many are now receiving schooling that is based on atheism. Their books and manuals you do not read, My children. You must as parents be a safeguard, a home of holiness for your children, or they will perish; and your parent's tears shall flow upon the world, crying, too late, too late.” – Jesus, August 21, 1985 

"Mothers, why are you permissive with your children? Do you not recognize the plan of satan? Do you wish lustful eyes cast upon the innocence of your young child? Do not lead your child into danger!
     "I have watched with torn heart the parent who leads her daughter to the butchers! How dare you kill a creation of your God! Do you think you shall go on like this, unnoticed and unpunished? No! Acts of violence, impurity of heart, murder without conscience, offenses of every nature to your God are being committed in your country. Your city is a cesspool of sin. Many cities in your country have become dark with sin. Will you continue to seek the way in darkness?
     "Understand, My children, that you are in a hard battle. The abyss is open, and when you are in Our light the forces of evil are doubled against you. Therefore, be watchful.” – Our Lady, June 8, 1972 

"The children of all Mary workers must be guarded well, for the attacks from satan will come through the children. It will only disrupt the family unity, and will also cause a disturbance to the Marian work. So understand, mothers and fathers now, who wear the blue hats and the white hats, satan will attack you forcefully." – Our Lady, September 7, 1977 

"I dispense upon all many graces: graces in abundance, graces for the asking. Come to Me, My children, all who are burdened with sorrows, mothers forsaken by their children. There is great discord in family life. I have given you the sacramentals, and the plan to restore peace within your homes. You must bring My Son back into the hearts of your children. You must return prayer to your home.” – Our Lady, December 24, 1973 

"My child, the evil has accelerated throughout the world. It gives me little reason to smile, My child. There must be action taken now against the forces of evil. The children of the world are truly the victims. Mothers and fathers of the world, will you not protect the souls of your children? You must take action against those who are propagating the evil.
     "Parents, have you examined what your children have been reading? Their eyes, which are the mirror of the soul, are being polluted, their souls being destroyed by the pornography being sold for profit and gain. Why is there no action, My children, to safeguard your children? Many parents will cry bitter tears of anguish, but too late, too late!” – Our Lady, August 14, 1975 

"Mothers and fathers, you must now bring rigid discipline into your household. As parents, you have an obligation to protect your children's souls. Do not depend upon or expect your pastors or your teachers in your schools to protect and build up the defenses for your children against the onslaught of evil. As parents, the full responsibility for the salvation of your children's souls will fall upon you." – Our Lady, March 18, 1977 

“In your world today that has been caught in the snare of the wiles of satan, many families are heading to oblivion, disintegration, and destruction. The forces of evil, the agents of 666, have now infiltrated into the very heart of mankind: the home, the family.
     "O My children, if you could only recover the peace and quiet of spirit that was once much evident in your homes and now has been replaced by all manner of creations of satan, creations that distract the minds of the innocent, creations that have taken the knowledge of their God from the children, while fathers and mothers are lost as they run to and fro gathering all the material wealth upon earth, seeking pleasures that are soul destroyers, and setting an example that can be and lead to an abomination within the family circle.
     "The parents, the mother and the father, My children, must set a firm example to their children. When these children leave the family's home, they are subjected to all trials of error, deception, delusion, and lies.
     "The parents of many have fallen into the error of feeding the body and starving the young souls. These souls, in the eyes of the Eternal Father, are young flowers that must be nourished with pure waters of truth, purpose, dedication to the road--place them on the road that will lead to the eternal Kingdom of God your Father in Heaven.
     "But where are your children? They are fast approaching their destruction. Many of your children have gone now beyond the point of no return. Many parents must accept a penance, a severe penance, for the recovery of their children's souls.” – Our Lady, July 24, 1976

"Where is the place of the man and father? Where has he gone from the homes? Why has woman sought to take his place? Satan has created this delusion. The place of woman is in the home and the rearment of the child. The man will be the breadwinner and safeguard his home.
     "Women, mothers of the world, why do you expose your bodies? Why do you create lust in the eyes of others, and in their hearts? What example are you as mothers? Animals! Many homes now are infested with human animals!
     "Return to the graces of your Sacraments and holy Church, or condemn yourselves to eternity with Lucifer! Consecrate your home with the Holy Spirit. Use the waters of life to chase the demons from within your home.” – St. Joachim, July 25, 1973 

"My child, My heart is saddened. I look into homes and see the darkness within, for the children no longer feel love or respect for their parents and others. It is already a way of life. The blackest of sins has entered the homes.
     "Mothers, how dare you fall down in your duty as parents! Take your children to be slaughtered! How dare you fall down in your duty as a parent! And when you fall in your duty as a parent you will remain in hell forever.” – Our Lady, December 26, 1970 

"Mothers, whatever shall become of your children? Only you can save now your children. The leaders have gone astray. They have scattered the sheep. Gather your little ones before they, too, become lost. Fortify their souls against the evil about them by placing the sacramentals upon their body. For the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit within.
     "My child, the many prayers, the many sacrifices have won a reprieve for your country and mankind. But so soon do they forget when the danger has subsided." – Our Lady, May 22, 1974 

"Mothers, and fathers too, have gone astray in these dark days. Materialism has replaced spiritualism, and that is why the many catastrophes are being allowed upon your earth. There will be more floods with death, more volcano eruptions with death, more accidents that are not accidents, until you will surely come to your senses and realize that there is a higher power working at this time to bring you to your knees.” – Our Lady, June 18, 1986 

"Big girls, there is so much the mothers could teach them. They do not sew anymore. They do not play the instruments of music. Better they play this way than to go out and find the creations of satan. They do not stay in their homes, because their homes are not homes. They are castles of sin!" – St. Theresa, October 2, 1974 

"Weep with Me, My child, and pray; pray a constant vigilance. Many mothers shall join Me beneath the cross. Many mothers shall cry as they see their children being lost to them.
     "I have wandered back and forth across your earth crying to you, begging that you listen to the counsel from Heaven. Many obstacles are placed in My way, the major one being the stubbornness of mankind, a mankind that has lost his way because he seeks not of the spirit but the things of the material world. All that is of the flesh is now giving itself to satan and his armies from hell.” – Our Lady, March 25, 1978 

"My children, you will keep a firm foundation of faith in the hearts of your children. You cannot expect others to do this fatherly and motherly obligation. You as mothers and fathers are the keepers for the souls of your children, and as such you are held accountable in the eyes of all Heaven for the fall of your children's souls. You will also as parents battle satan as he seeks to destroy your families. It will be father against son and mother against daughter, division in the homes, as satan becomes stronger in his conquest.” – Our Lady, April 1, 1978 

"This I can tell you--because We are much grieved as We look into the hearts of the mothers and fathers throughout the world--not many are in the light. Families are disintegrating; the state of marriage is becoming nullified. Now it is fashionable in the United States, and many nations of the world, to discard the Sacrament of Marriage and to live together in sin. This, My child and My children, cannot be tolerated. Man must come back to the laws of his God, or he will be destroyed.” –
Our Lady, May 17, 1986 

"Mothers, protect your daughters' purity. Allow them no rein to be free in choice. Guard them well, for they will be the victims of black mass which shall rage throughout your country.
     "This spirit of evilness now is spreading fast throughout your country. The angels of death, they shall now increase.” – Our Lady, August 13, 1977 

Veronica - All mothers will now see that their children remain close to the sacraments. Many children will be taken out of the world in the plague. – July 25, 1972 

“Mothers, do not discard your role as a mother. Why have you sought to stand side by side with your husband without being subservient to him? You have lost your honor. The example you give to your children can lead them nowhere but into the darkness. A strong tree will bear good fruit. A tree that is fed with impure waters will not grow to maturity, but will die and wither on the vine.
     "Prayer must be entered into the lives of your children. Prayer must be a way of life now, for you have chosen of your own will to cast aside the words of the Father." – St. Joseph, March 18, 1974 

"Remember, My children, the promise I have made to you. I have spread My blue mantle over all who have come, who have been given the grace to come to these sacred grounds. There will be dispersed among you many cures and conversions for the propagation of the Mission from Heaven. Come to Me, all mothers who are burdened and in sorrow, for I will dry your tears." – Our Lady, August 5, 1974


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