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 “Many are the scourges of the sinner, but mercy shall encompass him who hopeth in the Lord.” – Psalms 31:10

"It is sad to see, My children, that the light has left many homes. The children are walking in darkness. Must My Son forcefully admonish you with a strong hand? So many of the good will then have to suffer along. I repeat again: the punishment metered out to you for the disobedience and turning away from God will be more than your human minds can conceive possible." – Our Lady, December 26, 1970 

"Do you deny your God because the punishment has not come upon you as yet? It is only because He is long-suffering and cares not to see one child lost to Him that the punishment you so deserve has been held in abeyance. But each day you continue without penance and atonement, bringing you closer to the end.
     "Yes, My child, you have reason to fear; but not for what can happen in this world, but what will be your lot as you pass over to the Kingdom. God will look into your hearts and you will be judged, not by the way or standards of the world to judge, but the complete picture. He will see in your heart.

     "Your country cannot conceive nor expect the vengeance of an angry Father!” – Our Lady, December 26, 1970 

“The greater the sin, the greater the punishment that will fall upon your country.
     "Science will not have a cure for the plague that will be sent upon your country.
     "You will all keep now a constant vigil of prayer. My Rosary will cover your land. You will all go forth and rescue your fallen brothers. The power of prayer reaches high to Heaven. The final outcome of the planned punishment for your country and the world lies in, now, the will of the Father.
     "You will be measured by the extent of your sin. The degree of punishment upon your country and the world will be held in measure by the extent of man's sin and acts and commissions of folly against his God and the laws of the Eternal Father.” – Our Lady, October 6, 1972

"My children, I come to you with a heavy heart. What should be a most joyous occasion for the world and for the peoples of Heaven has become a deep sadness. We are sad because of My Son's Sacrifice for a world that has become unrepentant and lacking appreciation for the Sacrifice My Son has made for you.
     "The peoples of earth have become degraded, immoral, unchaste, and seeking after pleasures that bring soul destruction upon them. We look upon a world more vile, but of a sophisticated sin, more vile than when the floods washed you away, more vile than when fire was sent upon you. Under these conditions, My children, what kind of punishment are you calling down upon yourselves?" – Our Lady, April 1, 1972 

"I beg of you as your Mother to listen to My words of counsel, for this counsel comes directly from the Eternal Father in Heaven. The hand of punishment is extended for mankind. It grows very heavy, My children. How long can I hold it from upon you?" – Our Lady, August 5, 1978 

"This should be a most joyous occasion, My children, but We look down and see thousands of slaughtered innocents. We cry tears of anguish. The Father demands punishment!
     "We beg penance and reparation of you all. All loving hearts must bear the burden of this sorrow, to pray for those lost on the road to perdition, forever to be lost to Heaven. Pray, My children; never cease in your prayers. For many are at the brink of eternity, on the road to eternal damnation.
     "Thou shalt not destroy a creation of the Most High. Repent! Repent now, while there is still time!
     "Look, My child, on the punishment to be. The Chastisement will be metered in measure of the extensive infested nature of man's sin and his disregard of all urgent admonitions and requests for immediate reparation.” – Our Lady, August 14, 1970  

"As I have traveled through countless earth-years upon your earth, I have begged for penance and atonement, crying tears of pity for mankind. The hand of My Son grows heavy. The voices of the saints cry out for a just punishment upon a degenerate generation.” – Our Lady, June 16, 1977 

"My children, the Ball of Redemption shall be the climax of chastisement upon mankind. However, because of the abominations and all manner of sin coming from the hearts of mankind, he will be allowed to proceed slowly, and then his path accelerating onto the road to his own destruction. The cries of peace going throughout your world are just a cover for armaments that are being gathered now to enslave and ensnare the world into a war of major proportion. My children, all of the cries of peace that go out throughout your world cannot prevent the explosion of nuclear warfare upon mankind! The hand of God that withheld this punishment upon mankind is being withdrawn!
     "My Mother has traveled throughout your world crying tears from a Mother's heart upon you, begging you to turn back now before it is too late. You cast aside Her counsel, man of science, and this evil of free will used to turn the Spirit of light away from mankind and plunge him into the spirit of darkness. Mankind shall receive a great punishment. How many years has My Mother pleaded for your repatriation! The heavy hand of chastisement hovered over you, held back by the few. And now We see those who were lukewarm growing cold; the good, apathetic; and the bad becoming worse.
     "As you go forward in your sin, you shall promote major insanity throughout your world: murder, corruption, immodesty, immorality, all manner of foul deeds being committed to destroy the temple of your God, your bodies profaned! My children, all will go through the test. Every man, woman, and child of conscionable age shall meet this test, and all that is rotten shall fall!” – Jesus, June 16, 1977 

"My child, tell the world now there is a hell. The evil one seeks to remove the thought of punishment from sin. Sin will then be a way of life. It becomes easier to delude you then, to capture your soul. Open your eyes! Do not be blind, for the blind walk in darkness.
     "Everything has been planned well to bring you into darkness. Everything is planned in every war. Without Us, you will be lost. Do not try to fight the battle alone. So they will scoff at angels and demons? But will you scoff at them when they are face to face with you? Do not follow the bad example like sheep to the slaughter block. Do not let them blind you. You can carry the truth, the light, always in your heart.
     "Show the example of a living Christ. Carry My Son's cross, for by your example you can save others and We will reward you. Do not let him take them from Us!
     "I love you all, My children. Help Us! We are with you always, and will direct you through the future. Believe and you will be saved. Believe and you will be saved! Believe and you will be saved!” – Our Lady, May 30, 1971 

"Your city, New York, shall be set in reserve for a punishment far greater than shall be given to any city upon your earth. The forces of evil fan out like a cancer, polluting the world.
     "Amen, I say to you: you will listen and act upon the warnings given to you throughout your world by many emissaries from Heaven. Act upon them or be destroyed.” – Jesus, June 18, 1976  

"This is--Babylon the great will fall. Babylon, the master of deceit, will fall. Many good must suffer as martyrs with the bad. Babylon the great will fall! She has raised herself high above her God, and she invokes the vengeance of a just punishment. Ships will look upon her as she burns. Woefully they will shield their eyes from the sight. Babylon the great, the harlot upon nations, the harlot among nations, will fall. Babylon the great, who has led many astray, will fall.” – Our Lady, July 15, 1973

"Your country, the United States, and most countries in your world have allowed satan to enter into the highest positions of your government, your medias of communication, and even to My House, My Church upon earth. Therefore, there is no other recourse left to Heaven but to cleanse you of your errors.
     "As in the past We sent to you voices crying in this wilderness of evil: Straighten yourselves out; make way for the Lord, for the hand of punishment shall come upon you! As in the past you all continue in your lives of pleasure, neither caring nor seeking the truth. Therefore, I say unto you as your God: many will die. Only a few will be saved.”
– Jesus, June 18, 1980 

"No man can fully understand, My child, why the Father al­lows the world to go forward in great spiritual darkness. It is to separate the sheep from the goats. For those who have given themselves to satan and the world shall fling themselves headlong into the abyss and hell! And those who have set themselves on the narrow road that leads straight to the eternal Kingdom of the Father in Heaven shall find their road filled with crosses--thorns. They shall be cast aside and called different. They shall be abused in all manner of worldly punishments. However, know that this is the road to the Kingdom of Heaven. It is not an easy road, but one that is strengthened by suffering.” – Our Lady, November 20, 1975 

"I have given a warning in general to mankind. I have sent My voice throughout your world summoning before Me those in com­mand of My sheep: shepherds that have gone astray, shepherds that have set themselves in the place above the Eternal Father, shepherds that have scattered Our flock. You have been given in time eter­nal the truth of your Faith. You shall not change this, making a religion upon earth that is based on the fallen nature of mankind!
     "I watch your earth. I tremor for what you are asking as a just punishment for your actions! The Father chastises those He loves. Your world will be bathed with blood. Shall you accept the Blood of the Lamb, or shall you receive the sword? The choice is yours.” – Jesus, November 20, 1975 

"I cannot bring My voice forth, for the sorrow in My heart stills My voice. The Father plans great punishment upon your earth. It is not out of malice, but out of love for you that He will allow this cleansing. The Father will chastise those He loves." – Our Lady, May 10, 1973 

"I have given you the sacramentals and My beads of prayer. Your prayers must now rise to Heaven. I have sought through countless apparitions on your earth--and I have come to many lands--to hold back the darkness. However, man has shut Me out, not only from his earth, but from his heart. How can I keep the heavy hand of punishment from falling upon you when you have chosen to harden your hearts?” – Our Lady, May 10, 1973

"The lessons of your Faith have been given to you for all time without change. My Son is forever, for God is, God was, and God always will be. My Son is your God in the Father and the Holy Ghost. Do not cast aside your knowledge in faith of the Trinity. Do not cast aside your knowledge in faith of My Son's divinity. Do not recrucify My Son upon your earth and in His Church, His House. You call upon you a heavy hand of punishment from the Eternal Father!
     "All manner of evil is being condoned with permissiveness by the pastors in My Son's House. All manner of abominations are being committed in My Son's House. Clean out the errors; restore the light within My Son's House, for a Church in darkness wears a band of death about it.” – Our Lady, December 24, 1976

"There is in your outer atmosphere the celestial object that will be sent upon you in the will of the Eternal Father. You have been given in the past many warnings, warnings that you have chosen to cast aside. A great chastisement, a punishment of ter­rible magnitude, My children, is heading fast to mankind. Have you prepared your children for this great trial? Have you taken them and aided them along the road that has been darkened by satan? O woe to the parent that has starved his children of the light!
     "Your country and the world, My child, are steeped in great darkness of spirit. Man has cast aside his true role as children of the Kingdom of the Father Eternal. They have ac­cepted the pitfalls of satan. Many are running to their doom, My child. In their minds that have been deluded and blinded by satan, they have created instruments for their own destruction.” – Our Lady, March 22, 1975 

"I have asked you, My children, to pray for the leaders of your country. This is urgent to all at this time, for it shall be a few leaders strategically placed in positions of power by satan who will bring death to millions of the populace. Pray, My children, a constant vigilance!
     "It is through chastisement and punishment, My child, that man can be brought back to his senses." – Our Lady, March 22, 1975 

"I do not give you this warning to place fear in your heart but to bring to you a fact, for your future is now. What was to happen in the future shall be now! It is for all of you to help change this by sending out with great haste the Message from Heaven. The day and the hour is known to the Eternal Father. Make no mistake in being misled in fallacy that you may sin and offend the Eternal Father without punishment. As you sow, so shall you reap. And as of now, My children, you are reaping a whirlwind!" – Jesus, March 22, 1975 

"My children, We do not send upon you unjust punishments or chastisements. They are given only to bring you back to Us. All who remain in the light and close to Us will have no fear of the days ahead.” – Jesus, February 10, 1973

"My children, is it almost too late to reach the multitudes. My heart is torn by the knowledge that many will die in the flame of the Ball of Redemption. Many will not be prepared. I have come to you through many earth-years, and how many have listened to My counsel? How many have tried to mend their ways that offend their God?
     "My child and My children, especially you, Veronica, My child, make it known that your country will soon receive a just punishment for the slaughter of the young, for the abominations to their God-given bodies--will receive a just punishment. I repeat, I repeat this three times in warning to you all who are the ones, the culprits of the world now who have been instrumental in the destruction of the young.” – Our Lady, June 18, 1993  

"My Son has been sorrowed; He has been wounded anew by the conduct of those He has chosen to represent Him in His Church upon your earth. O My children, the abominations cry out for punishment from Heaven.” – Our Lady, May 15, 1976 

"Bishops, awaken from your slumber! In your permissive behavior, you are sending many souls onto the road to hell! Unless you turn back from these ways that displease the Eternal Father, you, too, shall carry your mitres into hell.
     "Shall My Son return and find even a small flicker of faith left in the hearts of mankind?
     "Heresy, O mournful heresy! Abominations and filth seeping like cesspools, overflowing into My Son's Church! Corruption, evils diabolical! Cleanse My Son's Church now, or He shall return and take you in hand! He shall cast you from His Church. A Church in darkness wears a band of death about it. The doors will close. But the foundation, My Son, shall never be lost to mankind! And you pastors who have set yourselves to discredit facts of the existence of punishment and hell, shall you receive your lesson the hard way?” – Our Lady, May 15, 1976 

"The time is fast approaching when many nations shall disappear from the earth. War is a punishment for the sins of mankind. Man cannot live without his God, for he will die both spiritually and physically.
     "You must read your Book of life and love, the Bible, and you will not be lost. You will understand the approach of the end days.” – Our Lady, October 6, 1978 

"Judases in My Church, My House, robbers within My House, selling out for thirty pieces again! I say unto you, you will be allowed your time. The Eternal Father in His merciful heart allows you time to change and come back. Have you not had enough indications and signs from the bad fruits you have produced?
     "I must warn you now to tread carefully in the next days, for murderers are among you. And Lucifer has been a murderer from the beginning. O ye of little faith, pride and arrogance in worldly knowledge! But you have closed the door to My sheep! Scattered them, become traitors to the Seat of Peter! I say unto you: You cannot understand, with all of your knowledge and your pride, the ways of the Eternal Father! There is a plan for each and every one of you in Heaven. You shall receive a just punishment for your arrogance, your apostasy, and your destruction of souls.” – Jesus, October 6, 1978 

"My heart, as a Mother, is torn asunder because of the permissive attitudes that are allowed by the teaching fathers of My Son's Church. I hear little children of a tender age of three and four being taught immorality of word and action. O My children, the sin upon your earth is far greater than any sin in the past! Surely you will remember Sodom and the punishment that fell upon that city.” – Our Lady, June 18, 1978 

"My children, do you want punishment? Can you not give up your way of life, a sinful life, to save your soul, your spirit? Shall you destroy your eternal life with Us for the few short years you all have upon your earth? When you leave your body you have full consciousness. You will understand then, only too late, what you have given up.
     "There shall be much gnashing of teeth and weeping in the days to come. It is only through a merciful Eternal Father that you have not received the Ball upon you, but it is coming. The prayers of the faithful have gained several reprieves, but the balance is heavily to the left.” – Jesus, April 17, 1976 

"O My children, you do not understand what I have given to other seers upon earth to bring to you. Not only words of consolation but words of truth. The truth sometimes does hurt, My children; but I, as your Mother, must treat you at this time as adults, being able to reason with the God-given reasoning that Heaven gave unto you when you were conceived by the Holy Ghost. I say this for this reason: the Eternal Father is much disturbed at the numbers of abortions being committed throughout your country and the world. These numbers go upwards to fifty to sixty million in one year throughout the world. And this is too much for the Eternal Father, and also for the souls who are now victim souls--victims to try to save their brothers and sisters who have gone astray from gaining their rightful deserts of destruction and death. These victim souls, that have become victims of their own accord and their own placement, they are the ones who have kept the just punishment from coming upon you and mankind.” – Our Lady, June 18, 1986 

"Therefore, as errant children, who learn only by experience and punishment, shall a great chastisement be set upon your nation and many nations of the world. The eyes of the world are on North America, and the eyes of all creatures possessed by demons of hell are on North America. And should North America join them, North America shall fall.
     "Little do your news medias enlighten you to the truth. I cannot, My child, give you in discourse a full and open knowledge for mankind of the deceit and the misdirection in your country by leaders who have cast away the knowledge of God and the supernatural in your country and throughout the nations of the world.” – Our Lady, June 18, 1981 

"O My children, and the nation of the United States that I have placed My mantle upon to protect you, a country of so greater in abundance materialistically, but now, sadly, My child and My children, falling fast to satan: immorality and all manner of licentious living, given over to murders, abortions, adultery, homosexuality, pagan worship. O My child, the list would grow longer and longer. In all justice to mankind and in all honor to your God, can you say that you do not warrant a just punishment?” – Our Lady, June 18, 1981 

"Your world and many nations of earth shall receive a crucible of suffering. The degeneration of morals within a nation is the gauge that the Eternal Father will use for punishment.” – Our Lady, May 18, 1977 

"There will be upon your world a major War of such proportions that no human has ever experienced the terror nor the destruction of these forces. War is a punishment for man's sins. All of the direction given in warning is conditional to mankind. There shall not be a full destruction set upon the world again, but I assure you, My children, when you go through this crucible only a few shall be saved.” – Jesus, July 24, 1976 

"How much more punishment shall the severity increase to awaken you from your slumber? We have asked Our pastors to put into action the direction given by My Mother to recover My sheep. Instead, My Mother has been received with doubt, laxity, apathy, and an absolute rejection by many. How many voice-boxes must We send among you to awaken you before it is too late?” – Jesus, May 26, 1976 

"The world, your world, My child and My children, is steeped in deep darkness created by sin. There shall be a most terrible, heart-rending, crushing punishment, chastisement sent upon the world soon.
     "I have come to you as your Mother: a Mother who loves you, a Mother who cares, a Mother who cries tears of pity for you, for you do not know what you are doing. I ask you, as your Mother, I appeal to you, as your Mother, to listen to Me. I have cried for you. I have wandered throughout your world, through countless earth-years, begging with you, begging you to listen, even to a small measure, of My message to the world, to turn now from the ways that are offensive to your God, the Eternal Father in Heaven; for you bring upon yourself a just punishment if you do not mend your ways now and turn from your sin.” – Our Lady, June 18, 1982 

"The children are the true victims of their elders. The example given to them is poor. Many children shall be removed from the world, My child. It will be necessary for the salvation of their souls. It will be a great plague.
     "Remember, My child, they turned away and did not listen to the message of the prophets of old. Nineveh fell, Sodom and Gomorrha, and so will your country and your city. I place upon you the word 'if,' My child. This 'if' can only be used for a short time, for the time allotted to mankind to make redemption to the Father is short.” – Our Lady, April 5, 1975 

"My children, unless you pray more, unless you do penance and acts of atonement now, I cannot hold back the punishment, the Chastisement from mankind any longer. As your days proceed, evil is accelerating and the chastisements, minor and major, shall increase. There will be earthquakes in diverse places; there will be floods and pestilence, and there will be the eruption of the elements. My children, My counsel to you shall all come to pass.” – Our Lady, June 4, 1977 

"I hear voices, My children, voices that state that it is not I Who is speaking to you because I spread words of fear. I do not spread words of fear upon you, My children. I give you the truth of what is to be! In your human nature you do not wish to understand any form of punishment. The Father is merciful, but He will chastise those He loves if it can save their souls from satan.” – Our Lady, September 28, 1974


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