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"Enter ye in at the narrow gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way that leadeth to destruction, and many there are who go in thereat. How narrow is the gate, and strait is the way that leadeth to life: and few there are that find it!" - St. Matthew 7: 13-14


"O My children, I will not go into a long discourse now with you about charity and love for your neighbor, but you must understand: you cannot judge your neighbor. You must pray for them. However, you cannot become weak and permissive. You must stand forth as bearers of the light, carriers of the truth. You have been given by your baptism entrance into the only true religion upon earth, the Roman Catholic Church under My Son, Jesus. Though man in his arrogance and pride has forgotten His role and His rule, you must carry it forward. Retain the Faith and the truth in the hearts of mankind." - Our Lady, September 7, 1978 

"As in the past, rejection has been the start of a fallen man. Sin has become a way of life with many. You live in a delusion if you believe that you can offend the Eternal Father and then gain eternal life in the Kingdom. No, I say to you: many are called, but few are chosen.
   "Ask and you shall receive, believe and you will be given the way. But you must merit the Kingdom. Your birthright was a start, but you must make your way to the Kingdom. Others may gain these graces for you by prayer and acts of sacrifice, but you will accept or reject the key." - Jesus, May 26, 1976 

"Many in My Son's Church have fallen away. Pray for your brothers and sisters, My children. Pray for your bishops, your priests, who are under great attack by reason of false obedience.
     "Many of the things that are taking place in your world today, My children, were planned carefully by Lucifer for his own advantage in this final battle. He, too, will use persons, places, and things to his advantage." -
Our Lady, December 7, 1977

"As My Son was forced to cast out of the temple thieves, so shall He come among you and cast you, O pastors, fling you from without His House! O ye of little faith, you are burrowing like rodents into the foundations of My Son's Church! You run to and fro, crying peace, love, and brotherhood! There shall be no peace, or love, or brotherhood without Faith and Tradition and Truth! And you seek to separate Faith from Tradition. And what have you but lukewarm souls and apostates!" - Our Lady, October 2, 1976 

"My children, do not reject your brothers and sisters who have fallen away from their Faith, but pray for them that, in the mercy of the Eternal Father, they may be recovered for Heaven." -
Jesus, December 7, 1977

"My child, these are the sacramentals I have given to mankind for their salvation. Many have cast them aside for they do not accept the supernatural. Know, My child, that you cannot wear enough armor to guard your eternal soul against the forces of evil that are set loose now upon your world. Satan has control of your world. However, Our armies are banding to do him great battle. Won't you join Us, My children, in this fight against the forces of evil? Come, light your candles with Me and search throughout the world for your brothers and sisters who have fallen away from the light." - Our Lady, June 18, 1975

"The sins of omission of many parents and the sins of omission being committed by Our clergy have not gone by unnoticed by the Eternal Father. Awaken from your slumber, Our clergy, for We have looked upon you and found you wanting. Look into your heart; examine your conscience well. The light has been given to you, and you have permitted it to darken.  
     "I repeat: rank has no place with the spirit. Many mitres are on now the road to hell. Reject your Faith for worldly gain and power and you reject your God. If you surrender My Church to the enemies of your God, you surrender your soul to satan and eternal damnation." - Jesus, April 10, 1976

"My children, I hear voices crying for hope. I hear voices crying for a message of peace and hope. My Son is your peace. The Eternal Father in the Trinity is your peace. All of the material gain in the world affords you nothing, My children. You must now change your values.
     "Because of laxity and not following My counsel, many who have started out with great fervor have fallen away. My children, you must all pray more. Pray for your priests; pray for your brothers and sisters." -
Our Lady, November 19, 1977

"Do not set yourselves to judge your brothers or sisters. Satan will seek division among the ranks. You will pray for those who have fallen away." -
Our Lady, May 13, 1978

"There is a plan afoot, My child, and in print to destroy confidence in the Holy Father, Pope Paul VI. It is the plan of the enemy to remove him from the Seat of Peter.
     "You must pray much for him. All of this writings are being monitored, My child. There are many enemies in his office. They neither seek the salvation of souls, nor the advancement in truth of the Church, My child. They are bringing great delusion to mankind and seeking to send many out of the Houses of God throughout the world.
     "By their manner of confusion and disillusionment, many have fallen away and lost the Faith, My child. If this continues, shall there be even a flicker of Faith left when I return to you earth?" - Jesus, June 5, 1975

"You cannot understand, My children, in your human nature the manner in which this battle of the spirits rage. You cannot fight them now with human means, but you must recognize and accept the fact that there exists now in your world an army of demons loosed from hell, led by Lucifer. Their intent is to darken the minds of the clergy and darken the souls of all mankind, that they may then lose the Kingdom of the Eternal Father in Heaven. And Lucifer will complete his plan, in the short time left to subdue mankind, and take with him into hell, his kingdom, all of the souls that have fallen away from the narrow road that leads to the Kingdom of happiness, the Kingdom of Heaven.
"No one—no man, woman, or child—shall fall into hell unless he goes there of his own free will." -
Our Lady, October 6, 1979

"Much of your Faith in graces and indulgences, My child, they have been removed. Gather the books given to you in the past. Though man kind has set himself above his God to remove these from among you, know that in the will of the Father, they have not been removed. you will receive all the numerous graces of indulgences as directed by your good leaders of old. Pray a constant vigilance of prayer. All who pray together will surely, My child, stay together, united against the common enemy of God. You must not, My children, compromise the Faith of My Son's House! You will not save souls by meeting them when they have fallen away and protested against the true teaching of My Son. You must bring them into His House, not tear down His House and enter upon those who have fallen and constructed another structure. No! Patch the cracks in My Son's House. Set a better example and the walls will echo to the praises of the Father and the return of many souls into the light.
     "There will not be, My child, a one-world religion if there are enough prayers to offset Satan's plans. We ask for many victim--victim souls, who will make reparation to the Father for those offenses that are now making heavy the balance used that determines the extent of the great Chastisement upon mankind." -
Our Lady, September 13, 1974

"I, as your Mother, understand the difficulties of the world. You must remember, My children, I was also among you and one of you, and I understand all that is going on.
     "And through the countless years that I've overlooked everyone from Heaven with My Son, this is not unusual to find a country in the state such as yours is, My child.
     "For We have great hope that if the peoples of the world and the United States will say the Rosary in their homes, and also to reach out to their brothers and bring them the light in truth of the nature of God the Father in the Trinity--that is, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, also known as the Holy Ghost.
     "My child and My children, you understand it is a known fact that when the morals of a country fall, that country will be destroyed in one way or another. Wars are always a punishment for man's sins.
     "So I ask you, My children, to keep a constant vigilance of prayer going throughout your world and through your churches, and even if you have to approach your pastors.
     "Many pastors have fallen away from the truth, and they are like black sheep now among the white sheep. However, I say to you, prayer can overrule all evil. Keep a constant vigilance of prayer going throughout your country and the world. It is the only resort now that you have against the evil." -
Our Lady, June 18, 1992

"My child and My children, the pages are turning fast in the Apocalypse. Have you listened to My counsel in the past, My children? Are you making an effort to study the book of life and love, your Bible?

     "There is not much time left. Many will be taken from the earth. I will not at this time, My child and My children, go into full detail. However, I want you to stress the knowledge of Sodom and Gomorrha. You saw in the story of Sodom and Gomorrha, its obliteration by fire and brimstone. Can you expect less of a trial? My children, you do not listen; you do not learn from your past. You are on the same road to perdition!
     "The Eternal Father has watched with hope. And with His convictions now coming to the point of great knowledge to Him, He finds that at this time many must be taken from the earth.
     "Your word of homosexuality can be explained by the story of Sodom and Gomorrah. Read in your Bibles or consult your clergy. Find yourselves, My children, a humble, pious clergy. Many have fallen away from the Faith. Many have sold their souls to get to the head. And this, My children, I say of all denominations!" -
Our Lady, October 6, 1992

"My child and My children, I speak with you this evening to caution you, and not--to not fall into despair because there is a conflict over My Brown Scapular.
     "You will know, My children, that there are always rules and regulations for everything that man holds sacred. Therefore, because so few priests in My Son's Church are willing to intercede with the Scapular, and enthrone those who wish it, it has become necessary to give a Scapular to every child upon earth; and he or she of reasonable age shall go forth and find a kind-hearted and true, holy priest to enroll them. It will take, My children, much doing to find these priests; there are not many left.
     "O My children, how difficult you are making it for Me, especially the priests in My Son's House upon earth, His Church. I cry tears endlessly when I know that every day My Son is confronted by numerous souls who have lost their way, and refused the redemption that will come to him through wearing the Brown Scapular.
     "My child, do not be stopped in your efforts to give out these Scapulars. I directed you well, My children, in several instances throughout your lifetime. Think back, My child and My children, think back to the days when you were enrolled in the Brown Scapular.
     "I tell you now that should you wish to be enrolled, I can only suggest--though the outcomes may not be as you wish--I could only suggest that you approach a Franciscan priest, a Carmelite priest, or a Dominican priest. The others have fallen away to a certainty, and your chances of meeting up with success would be very little. My child, among the others.
     "I promise you all, when you wear My Brown Scapular, you shall not be condemned to hell. I repeat: if you pass on over the veil and are wearing the Brown Scapular, you shall not see the fires of hell.
     "My child and My children, it will take great courage for you to fight, for the others in your parish, and those who are your friends, who do not have the courage of their convictions--courage to go forth and promote the Brown Scapular... I do not go back on My words to mankind: I have often said to the world, that if you wear My Scapular, you will be saved.
     "To understand this better, My child, I will converse further with you. Now this be it known: that the Scapular cannot keep you from purgatory. I purposely gave this knowledge to St. Simon Stock, the knowledge of the existence of a sacramental so powerful that a man who would fall fast into hell shall escape, through the mercy of his God, and the existence of a shadow of faith that he may have." -
Our Lady, September 14, 1985

"My child, you cannot keep from fulfilling your mission to bring the Message of Heaven by holding back the truth. Go forward, My child, now and bring this Message to the world.
     "Satan has entered into the House of God. He rules now from the highest places. The world and the Church of God is in deep darkness. Those who are in command, many have fallen away. Pray, my children, much. For with your prayers and sacrifices, they, too, can be recovered.
     "Your country has lost its way. Your country will be cleansed by severe trial, My children. What more can I add to My words of the past but to say: be in readiness for the hour is at hand." - Our Lady, April 13, 1974

"There is only one religion that can save your country and all of the countries of the world: the religion of the cross and My Son's sacrifice upon that cross." - Our Lady, November 25, 1978 

"There are many deceptions taking place among you, and one being the falsification of the manner of the salvation of souls. When I was upon earth, I established the rules and I gave you My Church, My House. However, now I watch as many have gone forward with itching ears and novelty, and they are setting upon the world a new religion." - Jesus, May 20, 1978 

"Do not be deluded, My children, by the agents of satan among you in human form who preach doctrines of devils. The truth has been given to mankind through the ages. The Holy Roman Catholic Church of My Son will stand. The members shall be reduced to few. Only a remnant, My child, shall carry the banner Faithful and True. But the gates of hell shall fight a heavy battle against My Son's Church, but they shall not succeed." - Our Lady, May 14, 1977 

"Your children are wandering into the web of satan, going farther from the House of My Son. The truth is being removed from their hearts. They are setting among themselves groups. They shall not remove from their lives vows of My Son. As the only sanctified House upon earth, their souls will be destroyed when they are not given the Bread of living life. This Bread will only be obtained in the sanctified House of My Son. Satan seeks to remove the tabernacle from among you." - Our Lady, August 5, 1973 

"Through countless years upon your earth, I have cried out in warning to you. O My children, keep your sacramentals about you. Accept and do not reject the Sacraments of My Son's House: Baptism, Confirmation, the Holy Eucharist, Penance, Extreme Unction, Holy Orders, and Matrimony. And Matrimony, My children--you reject the natural laws of your God. You are substituting a pagan way of life!
   "These laws were given by your God. These rules were given by your God; they are not man-made! You in your arrogance, O pastors who rule within My Son's House, you have rejected the supernatural. You reject the teachings the very founding Fathers of your Church gave unto you, and you reject them for a modern teaching of satan!
   "My Son chose, in His earth life, those who would begin His Church that will last until the end of time, for the gates of hell shall never prevail against His Church. Though many shall come with evil in their hearts and plans of destruction to My Son's Church, I say unto you: you will get nowhere in your pursuit, for you have set yourselves against your Almighty God." - Our Lady, November 1, 1976 

"I have given a procedure from the beginning of the Book of life and through to the end. You must follow fully the procedure. My Church will not be subdued, though it goes through great trial now.
   "I do not want you to leave your parish churches. I want you and counsel you as your God to remain! If you have any dispute, I ask you for the preservation of your salvation upon earth, to not cast aside the role of the priesthood as given through the Apostles, My followers.
   "Peter was My first Pope and your first Pope, and as all others who followed him, they must be accepted. Be they weak or noble, be they with sanctity or unholiness, they must be accepted and followed....
   "I ask you not to judge another. You may counsel, you may give your viewpoints, but no violence must be used. And I do not want schism. I do not want any interference from separated brethren in My Church. They must be brought back. Convert the unbeliever! You must remain united with Rome.
   "The gates of hell shall not prevail against My Church, for a cleansing will come about and all that is rotten will fall! And My Church shall be restored to its former glory!...
   "All baptized Roman Catholics must die as baptized Roman Catholics, or they shall not enter the Kingdom of Heaven!" - Jesus, June 9, 1979 

"Do not abandon My Son any longer by rejecting His Church. Do not judge My Son's Church by man. The foundation is My Son, Jesus. And though the walls may develop cracks, the foundation is solid. Will you not remain and patch these cracks, My children? We do not wish that you break apart into small groups of discord. No schisms must take place in My Son's Church. For all who are baptized a Roman Catholic must die Roman Catholics to enter Heaven. A rejection of the papacy, a rejection of the Faith because of human reasoning shall not be accepted by the Eternal Father in Heaven. Remain faithful and true forever unto the end." - Our Lady, November 20, 1979 

"Do not judge your brothers and sisters who have not been converted. For My Father's House, My Son has repeated over and over: remember always that My Father's House--there are many rooms in the Mansion, signifying faiths and creeds. However, the Eternal Father, the beatific vision, is reserved for the Roman Catholic following. This it has been deemed by the Eternal Father since the beginning of time." - Our Lady, August 14, 1979 

"I repeat, My child--and listen well and ponder upon My words: Mankind must now reverse his present course. The truth, the light is dim throughout your world. The agents of satan will seek to try to remove from among you your religion of truth." - Our Lady, September 7, 1974 

"We do not want division within the Church. That will solve nothing. You cannot separate yourself from the Holy Father in Rome. And once you are baptized as a Roman Catholic, you must die within the fold; you cannot reject it. There are many false prophets going throughout the world now seeking to take your soul to satan. They come as angels of light." - Our Lady, September 27, 1986 

"My child and My children, you are all My children. I judge you not by color or race, and I do not judge you by your creed; however, should the knowledge of the One True Church be given to you, and the way to Heaven along the narrow road be given to you, you will follow it or you will be rejected." -
Our Lady, August 21, 1985  

"Do not be deluded, My children, by the agents of satan among you in human form who preach doctrines of devils. The truth has been given to mankind through the ages. The Holy Roman Catholic Church of My Son will stand. The members shall be reduced to few. Only a remnant, My child, shall carry the banner Faithful and True. But the gates of hell shall fight a heavy battle against My Son's Church, but they shall not succeed." - Our Lady, May 14, 1977

"Many questions arise, My child, about My Son's House. There is only one true foundation--that is the House of My Son with Peter as the first ruler and head, and now your Vicar, Paul VI. All others have protested against the law and rule and broken away. They must be returned to the fold. However, My children, you are proceeding along a path of delusion. You will not bring these souls back to My Son's House by changing to meet their standards. Man must change to meet the standards of his God!" - Our Lady, December 6, 1974

"My children, do you who have left the road and entered into apostate religions, do you not realize that you have renounced your chance to enter into the Kingdom of your God, Heaven? My children, all who are baptized by the waters of life must remain within the fold!" - Our Lady, September 28, 1978

"Recognize the faces of evil about you, My children. The angels of light are many who seek to destroy My Son's Church upon earth. However, this will bring great knowledge and hope to mankind: the word of God is true, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against My Son's Church. Though the walls many crumble, the foundation is firm, for the foundation is My Son. Pray a constant vigilance of prayer throughout your country and your world. Unite in a common front against the enemies of your God." - Our Lady, December 7, 1976 

"O My children, satan has full control now of your country. Satan seeks the soul of every Roman Catholic that he can seduce and bring into eternity of darkness. Satan now is using individual human bodies as his passport into the lives of Christians to destroy them." - Our Lady, August 5, 1977 

"And what is truth, you ask, My children? My Son is the truth! My Son is the foundation of His Church. He has given you the rule. He has sent among you in the past prophets that have built His Church on truth and light. And what have you done? But you of little faith, you seek to change the truth and twist it to suit your own worldly inclinations!
   "My Son in the Eternal Father allows you this time to go about your way. In this manner of trial, and error, and confusion, and discord, will the sheep be separated from the goats." - Our Lady, March 18, 1977

"The saddest fact, My child, is this great army of satan seeks to destroy My Son's Church, and will use its own members to try to destroy. However, the foundation is My Son. It will never be destroyed. But the walls can crumble, and the numbers of souls lost will be counted in the many. For only a few will be saved!" - Our Lady, September 7, 1974

"You were given the grace, the greatest of gifts to mankind, to be born into or come into by conversion, My Son's Church. And now you go about, O you of little faith, to chip away and chop at the walls until it crumbles. But you shall not remove the foundation, for the foundation is My Son. You are recrucifying Him in His own House." - Our Lady, April 10, 1976


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