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"Let no man deceive you with vain words. For because of these things cometh the anger of God upon the children of unbelief. Be ye not therefore partakers with them. For you were heretofore darkness, but now light in the Lord. Walk then as children of the light. For the fruit of the light is in all goodness, and justice, and truth; proving what is well pleasing to God: and have no fellowship with unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them." - Ephesians 5: 6-11


"Take yourselves away from those who are destroyers of the soul, for you have nothing in common with them. What is there between a commensurate between the light and the darkness? Do you have, you who have gained the knowledge and retained your faith and remained pure of spirit, what do you have in common with the forces of evil? Avoid all occasions of sin. Do not be partakers of their sin, for birds of a feather shall surely flock together." - Our Lady, August 5, 1976

"My children upon earth, you must always be aware of temptation and the possibility of falling into the web of evil spun by satan to ensnare you.” - Jesus, June 4, 1977

"Flee from all evil! Only prayer can bring back those who carry the mark of the beast upon them. You will not enter into the dens of iniquity! You must flee from all occasions of sin. For as the eagles will gather where the bodies lie, so will agents of the prince of darkness gather among their own." - Our Lady, August 5, 1974

"Satan has control now of all the medias upon earth. He has entered into the highest places of My Church. He has entered his agents now into the governments of the world, the strategic points for command of humankind.
     "Remember, My children, the victory, the final victory shall be with Heaven. It is a time of testing for all mankind, and as you are given a free will of choice, the choice, My children, shall be yours to make.
     "Parents, protect your homes and your children. Give them a firm foundation of faith, for there will be many tears and gnashing of teeth in woe set upon the world by the agents of hell. Many catastrophes of nature, accidents that are not accidents, murders, robberies, fornication, immorality and apostasy. These, My children, are the fruits of a generation that has turned away from their God. As it was in the past, so shall your world receive a just judgment.
     "I ask you all, My children, not to test yourselves against satan. You must avoid all occasions of sin and temptation, for no man shall be free from temptation while he remains in human flesh." - Jesus, June 10, 1978

"Your life, your eternal life and eternity faces all. You must now, in the time given, make your way back to Heaven. Avoid the pitfalls that satan has placed now to ensnare you with. They are tempting to your human body and human nature, but you must fight these temptations.
     "Avoid all occasions of sin. Pray a constant vigilance. Gather all the sacramentals you may have hidden for years from your children and your families, and I say this, hidden, for many have cast aside the use of any relics in their homes. Your children must have the statues and the relics as constant reminders of the road they must remain on. The world outside your doors now is a world of satan. Many shall find with sadness to their hearts, that they try to come back too late onto the road to Heaven. There will not be time for many to return. Prepare your household, My children." - Jesus, February 1, 1978

"My children, I ask for victim souls. I ask as your God for penance and atonement. Avoid the occasions of sin. Protect your children. The time given in prayer and penance, the unity of the family will remain intact.
     "Take from your homes diabolical literature. It's an abomination in the eyes of your God for parents to have pornography in their homes. They warp the minds of the young and shut the Kingdom of Heaven from them; the doors remain closed.
     "Penance will be sent upon the world. In the mercy of the Eternal Father a heavy penance will be sent upon many.
     "My children, before this battle of the spirits is over you will all recognize the value of suffering. If you do not bow your knees before your God, you shall be brought down forcefully to your knees. Clergy! Laymen! Forcefully to your knees!" - Jesus, July 25, 1979

"Now you have the human mind trying to probe into the realm of the supernatural. How, My child and My children, can they enter into the supernatural without becoming ensnared? No, My children, you must avoid the occasions of sin. And I say this for one reason: many of the young are accepting a religion so dangerous to their human natures and capabilities of understanding that the parents must alert their children to remain far from witchcraft and all manner of supernatural probings. The eventual attachment and association in occult-seeking is death: death of the soul and death of the body. Why do I stress this to you, My children? You will understand shortly.
     "O My children, My heart is pierced with sorrow. In My Mother's pride of Her children, I had offered My suffering for your redemption to the Eternal Father. I have gathered the sacrifices of many victim souls as repatriation for your sins before the Eternal Father." - Our Lady, December 24, 1979

"O My children, the reward is great in Heaven for all who will persevere in the days ahead. Remember, be prudent and say, My Jesus, my confidence! when you are tempted. Temptation is always about you. Satan works through the material, and satan will come into your mind to influence your will.
     "My children, it will become evident to you all why My Mother counseled you in the past to avoid all occasions of sin. And sin through the senses of sight is one of the major obstacles confronting mankind in the days ahead. Man has given himself over to pleasures of the flesh far beyond what is safe for the salvation of his soul. Fornication and all manners of desecration to your bodies, the temple of your spirit, the temple of your God, the light in you, this light has been extinguished by sin.
     "Every man, woman and child of the age of reason knows right from wrong, for he has been given an inborn conscience." - Jesus, June 18, 1977

"We expect now, at this time, at this late date, My child, that all who follow the road to Heaven will divest themselves, remove all worldliness from their presence and cast aside for good example to all, the worldly clothing that has been forced upon them by satan. Their example must be one of holiness.
     "You must avoid all occasions of sin.
     "My children, many trials will be sent to you in the coming days. These trials will turn many back to the light.
     "You must pray much for the leaders of your country and the countries of the world. As I had told you countless times, many will disappear from the face of the earth." - Our Lady, July 25, 1975

"I have asked you, My children, to read your Book of life, your Bibles. Study them carefully. They will be, and give you a source of great courage in the future, the very near future. Every home must now have the Book of life.
     "You will all keep a constant vigilance of prayer going throughout your country and the world.
     "In your country, My children, there are leaders, leaders of evil. I could run down and give you account of the names used; but, My children, it would lead you into great confusion, so great is the evil. Therefore, suffice it to say, My children, that you must not close your eyes. You must observe and learn and avoid all sources of evil. All occasions of sin must be shunned." - Our Lady, February 10, 1978

"Many upon your earth now have chosen to worship the adversary, satan.
     "I have told you, counseled you in the past, that sin is insanity. Your world and its people are involved—they walk as on a treadmill, seeking power and money and material goods and pleasure. And they go round and about, never stopping as the world plunges faster to the abyss.
     "I have asked you in the past to remain away from even the simplest forms of entertainment outside of your home because Lucifer will give you one thousand truths if he can bring in one error to you. Do not be deceived by your medias, because they are under the control now of the agents of hell.
     "I ask you not to single out or judge another. But I ask you and counsel you as your Mother to avoid the occasions of sin.
     "Pray for your brothers and sisters. Pray that you do not become victim to the governing powers of your world now. Lucifer, the prince of darkness, walks your earth, loosed from hell. He is gathering fast his armies. If you align yourself with him, you will be forever damned. He will buy your favors, for many now are selling their souls to get to the head." - Our Lady, August 4, 1979

"My child, My heart is torn. It feels as though a thousand knives have pierced My heart. Every day another enters. How many shall console Me in My sorrow? I am truly the Mother of Sorrows. And why? Because My eyes look and watch the multitudes of My children entering into hell day by day! I cannot stem the tide now. I ask, I beseech, I plead with you as your Mother, to hold back the darkness. Fight the forces of darkness and evil that have entered upon your world.
     "In the past the demons were loosed upon your world, but the prince of darkness remained chained. But now he is loosed. My children, in the plan from Heaven he has been allowed his time. Satan, the supreme master of hell, now walks your earth in a human body.
     "I do not, as your Mother, seek to fill your heart with fear, but you must now face reality and the facts. The days given in the Book of life, the Bible, the days spoken of and written of by your prophets are here. I caution you to read the Book of Revelations, the Apocalypse of Saint John, My children. Read and learn; read again! For soon there will be darkness and you will be unable to read. You will store it all in your hearts and your memory.
     "My children, I ask you not to judge your brothers or sisters. You must avoid all occasions of evil. Protect your children and your homes, for the souls of many who knock upon your doors are evil.
     "You will call upon Michael often to guide you and guard you in the days ahead. Each and every one of you, My children, have received a guardian upon earth. You must now call upon and entreat your guardian to protect you. This is a very difficult time for mankind." - Our Lady, November 1, 1977

Our Lady - "Take yourselves from those diabolical machines that you cast your eyes on daily."
Veronica - Oh, Our Lady means the television.
Our Lady - "Yes, My child, they have been created by satan to seduce your minds. Remove them from your homes for many of your children will be seduced by them and be forever lost to the Kingdom of Heaven.
     "No, My child, there is no reconciling a truth; there is no meeting it halfway. Avoid all occasion of sin and you will not have to suffer for going off the trail--the road.
     "I admonish you about this diabolical machine--the television--for you may consider it as a mechanical agent of satan now, but in the future, My child, it will be used to brainwash your children into submission to evil. All manners of evil and degradation will be portrayed on this diabolical machine. Remove them from among you. They will expound the pleasures of the flesh and the degenerateness of your generation." - Our Lady, September 28, 1974

"The Message from Heaven will be given to all mankind. Convert the unbeliever. Do not compromise the Faith, but convert the unbeliever. Do not be joined unevenly; do not be unevenly yoked with unbelievers and heretics, for one bad apple may destroy the crate." - Jesus, June 18, 1979

"Do not fall into error, the error and fallacy that all will be saved without effort and without merit. It is a fallacy! There is Heaven, there is hell, and there is a place of purging. You must be clean, cleansed of all sin. Your garments--many shall wash in blood to cleanse them, but pray that it is the Blood of the Lamb." - Jesus, December 24, 1975

"Permissiveness shall not be accepted by your God. Sin is sin; there is no compromise for sin. Mortal sin is a grievous offense to the Eternal Father." - Jesus, November 21, 1977

"You must cover yourselves with good example. Immodesty is a sin, My child. All bodies that are exposed will burn. The great flame of the Ball of Redemption will burn all exposed bodies. Cover yourselves well, My children, and you will be covered with the armor of God. Impurity of heart is promoted by lewd actions, My children. You not only sin, but you force others onto the road to destruction by your actions. Mothers and daughters, women of the world, you must be an example of purity and piety to your children. It is only by your actions as parents that your children will learn. Many parents will cry bitter tears of anguish when they see their children lost to them forever." - Our Lady, November 23, 1974

"Parents, have you lost your reasoning? You allow your children to disport themselves as pagans, even in My House, setting temptation to all by the manner of pagan dress and also disporting yourselves with equal depravity.” - Jesus, May 26, 1979

“Parents, be an example of purity and goodness and disciplinarians in your homes. Your children enter outside your doors into a world of ravenous wolves ready to devour their spirit and crush them, until they cannot rise above the darkness without your help and guidance. You cannot, at this time, turn them over to others to teach the way; you must do this now yourselves! Take yourselves away from your daily pursuits, your seekings of worldly gain and materialism, pleasures of the flesh! For what? You cast aside the true way, and you go farther into the darkness and meet satan and his consorts.” – Jesus, June 16, 1977  

"Much, My children, you must accept in faith. Scientists of your world and your psychologists and psychiatrists rationalize everything, until sin is accepted as a way of life--scientists who are ever searching but never coming to the truth! The supernatural cannot be rejected, because if you reject the supernatural, you do not have the armor to fight it. It is a crafty plan of satan to make himself unknown, so that he may go among you, and destroying like a ravenous wolf." - Our Lady, December 7, 1977

"You will keep a constant vigilance. All manner of diabolical temptation shall be set upon those who are destined to become the children of their God in the eternal Kingdom. As you travel on the narrow road to the Kingdom do not slacken, do not let down your guard, for you will find that the closer you approach the eternal Kingdom, the more you will be attacked by satan. His frustration--in his frustration, My children, to claim your souls, he will send all manner of aggressors to you. So watch and pray much. Pray that your children do not become victims.” - Jesus, December 24, 1975

"You will all keep a constant vigilance of prayer in your homes. Guard your doors well against evil. Gather the graces for your children and keep their armor upon them at all times. You will meet with much rebuttal from the world, for people of the world accept only the world, and people of the spirit are known only to those of the spirit, My children. This is a riddle that you will understand in due time. Do not become unevenly yoked. Do not subject yourselves or your children to sources of temptation and evil. Birds of a feather will always flock together. Learn by this lesson, My children." - Jesus, June 4, 1977


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