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#293 – WORLDLINESS, Part 2

"Love not the world, nor the things which are in the world. If any man love the world, the charity of the Father is not in him." - 1 St. John 2:15


"I say unto the clergy, My Son's priests and the clergy of the world: you have been blinded because of pride and arrogance. Your minds are confused with worldliness, humanism, and modernism. Pray on your knees! Take your heads out of the fog now while there is time, for your time is running out. Redeem yourselves in the eyes of the Eternal Father now." - Our Lady, August 4, 1979

"My children, you must retire now from a world that has been given to satan. You must live now in the spirit. You must be in the world, but not of the world.
      "The major downfall in the House of God lies with the fact,  My child, that the pastors prefer worldly living with world treasures, never counting the merits needed to enter the eternal Kingdom of God the Father. These merits are not gained by your gatherings of world treasures. They come from your heart. These hearts of Our pastors have been hardened. Their ears are clogged, My child; they do not listen. Their eyes are blinded, not seeing the miracles We send to open them.
      "Pastors, do you reject the Message from Heaven because you fear it? Or do you prefer to ignore it because it will expose your error?
      "Pride! False pride, My children, is the downfall of many. Cast aside this worldly pride! You have only one to face when you come over the veil: it is the judgment of the Eternal Father.
      "You owe, My children, no allegiance to man who offends the Eternal Father. The Commandments given by the Eternal Father must be followed." - Our Lady, October 6, 1975

"It is always a great sorrow to My heart, My children, that you are truly like little children, never learning until you are punished. You are traveling the same road as in the past. You do not learn from your past.
     "But, My children, I repeat again: Throughout the world's whole population, only a few will be saved. To be saved you must now withdraw from the world, which has been given to satan. You must earn your daily bread it is true; but the Bread of life is still My Son, first and foremost.
     "In your pursuit of worldly living, have you sold your souls to get to the head? Corruption and dishonesty abound in your country, the United States, and many--most countries, nations of the world. This corruption will not go unpunished." - Our Lady, June 13, 1981

"Parents, you are becoming degenerate in the raising of your children. You have fallen in line with the agents of hell. Do you consider yourselves adult? Do you consider yourselves responsible? Do you consider yourselves sophisticated because you join the world? And what knowledge do your children have of their future life? What knowledge do you impart to them of their God? I say unto you: there will be many tears shed and much gnashing of teeth very soon, My children." - Jesus, December 31, 1976

"And woe to the clergy who has given himself over to worldliness and sin! Woe to the clergy who rejects his vocation and chooses a life upon earth after he has taken his vows! I say unto him: the judgment will fall great upon him." - Jesus,
August 4, 1979

"Errors are compounded upon errors in My House. The Red Hats are given to all sins of the flesh. The Purple Hats follow in blind obedience, and they, too, fall to all manner of sins of the flesh and worldliness--self-seeking, arrogant, and prideful. Because of these reasons, My children, they are blinded to the truth.
      "Many good souls of light have offered themselves to Heaven as victim souls for the repatriation of the lukewarm and the fallen souls in My House. We accept in all charity of heart from Heaven these fruits from the light, these fruits from the hearts of the humble. But I say unto you: there are not enough prayers, there are not enough sacrifices and penance to save many among the Red Hats and the Purple Hats" - Jesus, December 31, 1976

"If We could approach you in all truth, My children, We would ask you to remove your worldly entrapments and cover yourselves with ashes and sackcloth. Remove all signs of worldliness from your exterior, and you will place upon yourselves the garments of sanctity.
     "Learn a simple lesson, My child. You will meet with rejection by many, for by rejecting My message they can place it as far from mind as possible. When one does not wish to accept a truth they try to disprove and sully this truth.
     "The knowledge has been given to mankind that a great Chastisement will be sent soon upon your world. It is in this manner that the Eternal Father will separate the sheep from the goats.
     "You must pray much for your clergy. A House, a Church in darkness, My children, will shut its doors, for a Church in darkness wears a band of death about it.
     "You are much concerned, My child, of the emissary whom you sent to the Eternal City. Do not be concerned, for the Eternal Father in Heaven has a plan for him. We cannot reveal all to you, My child, at this time, for then the enemies of your God would take action against you. The Eternal Father has a plan for all, and I assure you, My child, it will appear before your very eyes.
     "We expect now, at this time, at this late date, My child, that all who follow the road to Heaven will divest themselves, remove all worldliness from their presence and cast aside for good example to all, the worldly clothing that has been forced upon them by satan. Their example must be one of holiness. You must avoid all occasions of sin." - Our Lady, July 25, 1975

"Our lawfully ordained, blessed priests will always have the power to bring My Son in physical Body to you. The trappings, as such, My child, placed on the procedure by man are as nothing, for you will live in the spirit, not in the aspect of worldliness and decoration.
      "All that has been destroyed and removed in My Son's House are but symbols, indications of the major illness in My Son's House, caused by the entrance of the evil one whom you call Antichrist, the adversary of satan and darkness.
      "Listen well, My children, to My words and remember them in the days ahead. Reread, My children, My words, so that you will not become confused in the days ahead. Pray for the light." - Our Lady, October 7, 1971

"My pastors, those who have dedicated themselves as teachers of the young souls, you are scattering the flock! Turn now from your worldliness and your seeking of materialism. What have you gained for yourselves or those whom you have taken a vow to protect and guide to the eternal Kingdom of the Father? You are leading them down, by your example, the road to perdition!
     "Pastors of the world--those given to guide the sheep to Heaven--shall you stand before My Son and say that your teaching has been pure in His sight? He will cast you into the eternal fires of damnation, you who have forgotten your role as pastor!" - Our Lady, August 14, 1975

"My little ones--and I say in fact, My little ones, who are of humble heart and spirit, who seek not the pleasures and gain of worldliness--My little ones, I comfort you with the knowledge that you will receive the keys to the Kingdom. Be not discouraged in this world of darkness, My children; go forward with My Mother. Her direction is true to you. You may not understand all that is being given, but accept this with confidence, for when the time is right, all will be made known to you.
     "Many miracles and cures, cures of the body and cures of the spirit shall be given. Much shall be rejected, for so deep is the evil. This evil has penetrated far into the very heart of My House. You must now turn back and restore My House. I, your God, give you this command for the salvation of your own soul." - Jesus, August 21, 1976

"My children, My Mother will counsel you in your trials and the time of tribulation. She will not abandon you in your struggles. You must all pray more. Detach yourselves from your worldly living and pray. It is your contact with Heaven. You must all lead and live and practice more spiritual life. Worldliness and worldly pursuits are as nothing to you. There is not one worldly, materialistic thing or person that will be able to save you or give you necessary merit when you come over the veil for judgment.
     "Every man, woman, and child of the age of conscience has his soul to save. What will it gain a man if he gathers all of the treasures of the world, sells his soul to get to the head?
     "Have you not listened to My Mother's counsel about hell, the abode of the damned? Have you not listened to Her counsel about the place of purging, purgatory? Oh, no! With itching ears you listen to the adversary who seeks to disprove this knowledge.
     "Accept the facts in truth, My children. I had it written all down for you in the Book of life, your Bible. What are you reading but filth and pornography! You will not save your soul in that manner. Your children will be lost to Heaven in that manner." - Jesus, August 5, 1978

"Parents, I must warn you again. I do not wish to repeat upon My Mother's counsel, but I must warn you again that unless you, too, as adults, do not accept worldliness into your heart, unless you in your heart remain as little children, trusting with faith, learning by example from your elders, these elders that were instructed through the ages of time in My Church--do not succumb to the modes of the world: humanism, modernism, satanism. And I repeat: what will you have gained for yourselves and your children if you gather all of the world's treasures and you have stored nothing for your redemption in Heaven?
      "I repeat again that it will be harder, more difficult, for a rich man to enter Heaven; it would be much easier in that respect for a camel to go through a needle's eye than a rich man with his love of the material, his pursuit of pleasure, worldly gain, his denial of charity, humility, his acceptance of arrogance, power! And what power does he gain? A power over mankind, you say? I say unto you: The power you are developing is destruction to mankind!" - Jesus, February 10, 1977

"My children, see My habit given by the Eternal Father. Children of God, in vocations to the sisterhood, whatever shall become of you? You have become foolish maidens without modesty and piety. You run with your heads high in the air in clouds of darkness. You remove your habit and take on the raiment of the world. O My children, you are defaming your vocation!
      "Sisters, do you not understand why you were given a long habit to wear? It was a sign to the world of your dedication. You were to become brides of Christ, My children. And what have you given to the world, but a poor example of worldliness without dedication. You have become of the world; you have proceeded onto the wide road.
      "Sisters in vocations, turn back! Do not become maidens of the world, foolish maidens, but return and be brides of Christ, brides who have been given the key to the Eternal Kingdom of your God." - Our Lady, July 15, 1977

"My child, Veronica, we despair in Heaven, for we do not see the beads of prayer being fingered often in our monasteries.
     "Many of our brothers of the orders have given themselves to worldly living, My child. They do not know that they have fallen into the snare of satan. The simple life, My child, is the best for the dedicated.
     "The dedicated, those who have accepted a vocation, must live only as human beings in the world, but must accept the spiritual.
     "Our brothers of the cloth, My child, have rejected the supernatural. They are running fast onto the road to perdition. Pray for them, My child. The simple life of pure dedication and the simple rule is all that can keep them from falling into the abyss.
     "Discipline must be returned to the orders. Many must now retire from the world that has been given to satan.
     "Know now, my brothers and sisters of religious orders, you will be mocked, you will be scorned, but you will please the Eternal Father and receive your reward in the Kingdom. Shall you trade your eternal life with God the Father for a few short years of plenty upon your earth? Many have sold their souls to get to the head." - St. Francis, May 28, 1975

"For the love of money and worldly living, Our pastors have given themselves to satan. Unless they remove themselves from this web of evil created by the money powers of the world, they, too, shall be judged and cast into the abyss. Many have sold their souls to get to the head." - Our Lady, September 13, 1975

"Heresy abounds in My House. All manners of aberration and impurities are being tolerated by My pastors. I say unto you that you must now clean your House! No man who has been chosen from among the multitudes to be a representative from Heaven shall use his rank, his vocation to gain worldly treasures and fall into the pattern of worldly living to the sorrow of those souls entrusted to him. You must awaken now from your slumber. I repeat: cleanse My House now, or I shall set a Chastisement upon you!" - Jesus, March 18, 1976

"Do not be misled by false pastors--those who care more for their worldly living and their easy living, and those who will not stand forward because the faith has become weak, and defend My Son before the enemies of God! No! They, too, will be cast aside with the goats. Fair warning I give. I cannot say that the Father is satisfied with the teaching of those He has chosen to guide the children and sheep of the world. No! I must say, there is great sorrow in Heaven." - Our Lady, August 14, 1974

"There must be a constant vigilance within the homes. Parents must not be caught up in the cares of their worldly living, in their pursuit of pleasure and entertainment, and leave their children to wander, undisciplined, unguided, and falling into sin and the loss of their souls." - Our Lady, September 7, 1976

"My child, the families of earth have lost their way. The example to the children is poor. Our hearts are saddened by the many parents who have given themselves to the ways of the world and in this manner have sent their children on the road to perdition. I cannot promise you, as My Son promises, a kingdom on earth and a gain into the entrance of Heaven, unless you will forsake the pleasures of your worldly living and live a life of sacrifice and prayer.
     "You must, My child, make it known that earthly years are short. The years beyond the veil are eternity, forever unto forever." - Our Lady, March 18, 1974

"Parents must bring into their homes reading matter that brings the knowledge of God to their children. The Father is much grieved that satan has entered into many homes and the souls of many children in this manner: by the placement of books of degradation within the homes, many by their parents.
     "The Father directs all in family unit to lead the simple life. This will mean the eradication from their way of life the sophisticated, new rationalization of sin." - Jesus, December 31, 1973

"Parents, have you no discipline to give your children? As parents, you shall be responsible before the Eternal Father for the fall of your children's souls! Take yourselves, parents, from the world. Open your eyes and look into the lives of your children. You have become engrossed, as parents, with worldly cavortings and pleasures. You pamper the bodies, the temporal bodies of your children, while you starve their souls, the eternal soul of your children.
     "What are you teaching your children in your homes? Parents, you bring depravity in your reading matters--books of filth! You call yourselves sophisticated and worldly? For what? To impress a mankind? When you come over the veil no man shall stand forward and be able to plead your cause. You will come stripped before the Eternal Father Who will look into your heart, and what measure of merit have you brought with you.
     "Day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute, souls are falling into hell. And many go into purgatory and will spend days, hours, months, years to be cleansed! Some, My children, will remain in purgatory until the end of time. Many come into purgatory because of sins of the flesh. Many have gone into hell, eternal damnation and banishment, because of sins of the flesh.
     "For the love of money and worldly pleasure, many are selling their souls to get to the head. The Red Hat has fallen and the Purple Hat is being misled. Come out from them, My children, or you will be partakers of their sins." - Our Lady, June 12, 1976

"Recognize the forces of evil, recognize the faces of evil about you. Satan comes to you using persons, places, and things. He has learned much in the past, My children, and he now has learned much in a sophisticated society how to come to you and claim you. No man shall be cast into the abyss unless he goes of his free will.
      "Satan is not the Almighty; the Eternal Father rules over satan. But in the plan, that man in his limited knowledge of the supernatural could not understand, satan is being given this time to test every man, woman, and child of conscionable age. It is the separation of the sheep from the goats." - Our Lady, May 14, 1977

"Do not, My children, be deceived by the father of liars, and his deception in raising up armies that gather under the banner of communism, atheism, satanism, agnosticism. And while they work both day and night to gather the powers and the arsenals to enslave your country and the world, what do you do? You are like children going through the fields picking daisies, tripping along merrily, high on your way of life; your drugs and your alcohol and your dreams created by false mediums.
    "My children, I ask you and I have asked you through Scripture to remain as children in your hearts, but I did not ask you to be stupid and not recognize the difference between light and darkness. They have no compatibility.
     "In your search for love and brotherhood, you have opened My Church in the name of love and brotherhood to all manners of evil and demons! I assure you, My children, compromise will get you nowhere; the promises and the words of atheists will get you nowhere. You will not win souls by lowering your standards or making changes to suit the basic carnal fallen nature of mankind." - Jesus, April 2, 1977

"For sin is always a forerunner for war, My children: murders, persecutions, robberies, all manners of sins of the flesh, homosexuality, lesbianism, perversion, sodomy. Sodom and Gomorrha fell for less sins than you have committed now upon your earth. Noe took to the ark and the world was in a better state spiritually than your world now; for you have accepted a sophisticated manner of sin, based on man's reasoning and not God's truth.
     "Truth, you must understand, is the guiding light; and the Truth is My Son, in the Eternal Father and the Spirit of light. You accept false gods that
satisfy your fleshly desires. Pleasures of the flesh have condemned many to hell.
     "My children, it is a delusion for mankind to believe that a form and manner of humanism shall save the world. Modernism shall destroy the world and My Son's Church; but not the foundation, for My Son is the foundation. Though the walls may crumble, the pillars may shake, the foundation is solid; for it is My Son, and it shall be rebuilt, after the great Chastisement, to its former glory. The Eternal Father has full control over your world; though, in your free will now, He will allow you to follow your own course to destruction." - Our Lady, October 2, 1979



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