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#305 – THE  HOME, Part 2

“In order to be a true ‘domestic church’ the Christian family needs to be a setting in which parents hand down the faith, since they are ‘for their children, by word and example, the first heralds of the faith’. Families should not fail to set time aside for prayer, in which spouses are united with each other and with their children.” – Pope John Paul II, January 22, 1999


"The strength for souls will be found in the family circle." - Our Lady, December 31, 1972

"Confusion, confusion! All about Us We see confusion and the conditioning of errors. Family prayer must be instituted in the home. If you do not ask for the guidance of the Holy Spirit, you, too, will walk the road of error." - Our Lady, December 25, 1971

“Do you not recognize the infiltration of your home life by satan? Your children shall turn upon you and put you to death! There will be division within the home: father against son, mother against daughter, as parents will struggle to retain the truth and the light within the homes.
     "Prayer is the greatest weapon you will have now against satan, My children. I have wandered to and fro, through countless earth-years of time, crying for prayer, atonement, sacrifice! The Eternal Father has a balance that leans heavily now to the left. It is not a good sign, My children.
     "We find slaughters of the innocents. We find Our own pastors condoning sin, rationalizing sin, allowing free conscience to their sheep. For what? Mass confusion. A delusion has been set upon the world.” – Our Lady, December 7, 1977

"I warned you in the past, My children, that as you become murderers in heart, your children shall become murderers in heart. And it shall be parents and children, division in the home; parents and children fighting. Children rising up and putting to death the parents! And why? Because they have no light in the home, no light of faith. Souls are in darkness, and the prince of darkness is satan.
     "Recognize and accept the truth, My children. Satan walks now upon your earth. As a spirit he must enter into a human body; be it man, woman, or child of conscionable age, he will use these bodies to promote what he plans: the eventual downfall of mankind. My children, recognize the plan of satan.” – Our Lady, September 28, 1977 

"My child, you are observing the foundation for all life and dedication to the Eternal Father--the home and the family. In your world today that has been caught in the snare of the wiles of satan, many families are heading to oblivion, disintegration, and destruction. The forces of evil, the agents of 666, have now infiltrated into the very heart of mankind: the home, the family.
     "O My children, if you could only recover the peace and quiet of spirit that was once much evident in your homes and now has been replaced by all manner of creations of satan, creations that distract the minds of the innocent, creations that have taken the knowledge of their God from the children, while fathers and mothers are lost as they run to and fro gathering all the material wealth upon earth, seeking pleasures that are soul destroyers, and setting an example that can be and lead to an abomination within the family circle.
     "The parents, the mother and the father, My children, must set a firm example to their children. When these children leave the family's home, they are subjected to all trials of error, deception, delusion, and lies.” – Our Lady, July 24, 1976 

"Man has relinquished his knowledge, knowledge of his God, to the extent now that sin has become a way of life. We hear cries from the torn hearts of mothers coming forward to Us: Why, they say, why are we now, our hearts torn asunder? It is because, My children, sin is insanity! Sin is produced by the corrupter of mankind, the prince of darkness, satan, the despoiler of souls.
     "My children, My voice has carried for years throughout your world of earth warning you of the coming of these times, the times of 666, the great forces of evil that would gather to do battle with the children of God upon earth. The battle now rages, My children. It rages in your government. It rages in the home. Your children are now victims of their elders.” – Our Lady, August 5, 1977 

"O My children, you must make an individual and concerted effort to remain in the light with your families, your children, your loved ones; and if you have great charity of heart, you will endeavor to reach others who have not the graces that you do have.
     "Parents must have firm discipline in the home. Parents must supervise the teaching of their children. The forces of evil are gathering fast to the eagle.” – Our Lady, August 5, 1977 

Veronica - Our Lady said that the women are not women; they are men. And they must be returned to their role as women and mothers. Therefore, they will wear the blue cap in signification of their honor to their husbands.
     [Veronica now speaks in a rapid, high-pitched voice.]
     Our Lady - "My child, I am giving you a different voice because I want you to sound exactly as I do.
     "They will wear the blue berets, for they will not be above their husbands. They will do as they have done in the past in honor of the Father; and in the path of the Father, they will listen to their husbands and honor their husbands within the home. If they do thus, they will receive honor from their children. The example in the homes is very, very poor.
     "So husbands, now, you will act with love to your wives, but you will keep them in discipline. Many of them have lost their way. Discipline. And wives, honor your husbands and do your role as mothers in honor to your God. We see the example of the homes is very poor.
     "It is not without meaning that We have chosen these colors. Womanhood must be returned to the state in which the Father created it. Right at this moment a great chastisement is coming upon you, for you have cast aside your role as women. This you will not do without receiving great chastisement.
     "There will be division in homes unless the fathers stand forth as examples to their sons and daughters, and the mothers return to their roles as mothers in the light of God, the Father.” – April 13, 1974

"Wake up now, My children; prepare yourselves! Make restitution. Get down on your knees. Turn back from your path, for you are leading into the darkness the young! You are destroying the souls of the young. And as such, you will be condemned forever to hell!
     "The example We see of many parents is poor. Mothers--where is the word 'mother' on your earth? So few true mothers remain. They compete with their daughters, My children. Vanity, lust, fornication, adultery--all in the homes! All vile manners of fornication, tearing down the sanctity of the home. Parents, mothers, you are responsible as a parent for the souls of your children. If you permit them to expose their bodies to the public eye, you are guilty of a sin! You are guilty and shall receive your recompense.
     "Discipline your children, you who will remain in the light. Discipline them, or you shall cry bitter tears of anguish. You will have to be an outcast. You will be laughed at and scorned. Yes, My Son was laughed at and scorned. Do not expect your cross to be any lighter. You will have to pick up your cross and follow My Son, the same road.” – Our Lady, July 15, 1974 

“We look into homes that have become filth--filthy holes of abominations, example of depravity. The Father will hold all parents responsible to the greatest degree for the fall of their children's souls. The greatest teacher in the home will be the example of the parents.
     "Your children are wandering into the web of satan, going farther from the House of My Son. The truth is being removed from their hearts. They are setting among themselves groups. They shall not remove from their lives vows of My Son. As the only sanctified House upon earth, their souls will be destroyed when they are not given the Bread of living life. This Bread will only be obtained in the sanctified House of My Son. Satan seeks to remove the tabernacle from among you.” – Our Lady, August 5, 1973 

"Oh, how sad to look upon the homes of earth! Whatever has become of motherhood? Bad example, such poor example I see in many homes. You must return to the simple life. The love of riches will destroy your souls.
     "Involvement of the parents in worldly pursuits and living take them farther from the graces of Heaven. The greatest offenses to the Father is the lack of discipline and true direction of many parents on earth today.” – St. Anne, July 25, 1973 

"Humanism in your world has been created by satan. You will bring back the adages of old of 'Spare the rod, and you will spoil the child.' Discipline must be returned to the homes.
     "Where is the place of the man and father? Where has he gone from the homes? Why has woman sought to take his place? Satan has created this delusion. The place of woman is in the home and the rearment of the child. The man will be the breadwinner and safeguard his home.
     "Women, mothers of the world, why do you expose your bodies? Why do you create lust in the eyes of others, and in their hearts? What example are you as mothers? Animals! Many homes now are infested with human animals!
     "Return to the graces of your Sacraments and holy Church, or condemn yourselves to eternity with Lucifer! Consecrate your home with the Holy Spirit. Use the waters of life to chase the demons from within your home.” – St. Joachim, July 25, 1973 

"You have sown in the hearts of your children corruption, greed, avarice, vanity, materialism, humanism, modernism, loss of morals; and now what will you get but murder within the home! Sin has become a way of life. Life will have no value. Charity has grown cold in the hearts of most. My children, I repeat again: Only a few will be saved in the final count. The rapture is approaching.
     "My children, do not be afeared of the judgment of the world upon you; for as they judged My Son, and He walked among thorns, so will you be judged. The cross will be heavy. You will be rejected by the world, for you in the light have nothing in common with the darkness. You will be rejected by the world; but gloriously, you will be accepted by Heaven.” – Our Lady, October 1, 1977 

"The peoples, many are lukewarm. They come with great heart. They've heard the messages from Heaven, but what do they do? They get carried away with earth's pleasures and the pleasures of the flesh. I want you to know now that that is what satan relies on. They watch and they wait while you fall to sin, and sin is the pleasure of the flesh. And man has this battle to win. It is a stomping ground now for satan, My children.
     "You must always be on your guard. Let them call you fanatics. Let them try to break you down. There's only one thing to say to them: I have my eyes on Heaven. Where do you cast yours?
     "Now, My children, you will continue with your prayers of atonement. Remember: one Rosary a day, at least--at least, I say, must be prayed in the home that is to be spared." – Jesus, April 14, 1984 

"I repeat the warning from Heaven that man shall not dress as woman and woman shall not adopt the attire of a man, because the external indications, My children, soon penetrate the heart and expose a darkness of spirit. Many shall judge you by your attire.
     "The example among the parents is poor. There must be more discipline in the homes, for your children are being misled and sent on the road to destruction.” – Our Lady, September 6, 1975 

"Your children, through misdirection, the direction of those entrusted with the salvation of their souls, have now been gathered into clans of satanism. The home must now be a fortress and a school for the young, as well as the old. Your example and your return to prayer will be the balance for the salvation of your souls and the souls of your children." – Our Lady, September 13, 1973 

"Parents, what have you done to your children? Have you turned them from the narrow path? Are you giving the souls of your children to satan? Woe to the parent that seeks not the welfare of her children's souls!
     "I use, My child, the expression 'her,' because mothers, what has become of your role as a mother? Many are leading their children onto the road to sin and corruption. Their example is abominable!
     "Immoral practices are being condoned in the homes. We see the home life of the children being destroyed. What example, as parents, do you give to your children? As you sow, so shall you reap! The sins of the parents shall be visited upon the children. Many parents will shed bitter tears, but too late! Too late!” – Our Lady, October 2, 1974

"You will all keep a constant vigilance of prayer going throughout your country and the world. I admonish all parents now to spend at least fifteen minutes of your day reading the Bible to your children and your family. It is now a command from the Eternal Father! For the little children no longer know or recognize the angel guardians. The little children have no conception of the truth of the Divinity or the existence of My Son. The little children are now being taught the ways of satan.
     "O My children, I have counseled you now through many earth-years of the coming great Chastisement and the minor warnings that will be given to mankind. Do not be deluded by those who go to and fro speaking and crying out of love and brotherhood and peace. There is no peace in the home or heart where satan reigns, and satan reigns throughout your country now. America the beautiful, the once beautiful, under God, has now fallen to satan.” – Our Lady, November 21, 1977

"Mothers and fathers, I admonish you to keep close watch upon your children; be a fortress of faith to your children. And woe to the parent who sets a bad example in the home, for his punishment will be far greater than any human knowledge that can be given to him of what will take place over the veil.” – Our Lady, April 9, 1977 

"A foul situation has come about in the schools, both public and private. They are now teaching sex education, My children. And this is a debauchery of your young souls. Parents, are you so blind that you do not investigate, or ask your children what has happened in their classes today at school? Show you no interest as you go about the world gathering materialism, and seeking to break your home apart by husband and wife going in both directions; neither do they work together to hold the home together, but they work apart, many leaving the children astray by not having counsel over them.” – Our Lady, September 27, 1986 

Veronica - Jesus wants you to know that many marriages are not approved of by Heaven. The example within the homes have led many children onto the road to hell. There will be no rationalization of adultery, there will be no rationalization of the breaking up of the home in divorce. Marriages, consummated and blessed by God the Father, shall not be dissolved by the whims of man.
     Know ye now that satan rules throughout your world for a short time. He has the power to turn the husband against his spouse, and the wife against her husband. Know you now that you cannot escape the fires of hell if you dissolve a marriage blessed by God the Father. It is permanent, and in the eyes of God, permanent unto death. – October 2, 1973 

"Minds have become clouded, as some will give themselves over to pursuits of the world, and their minds become clouded and do not understand the Message from Heaven. The danger, My child, to this, and My children, is that you can fall away and be forever lost.
     "For I repeat again: What is there tomorrow for you? Will you see another day for you? Will you know another sigh for you? How do you count your time upon earth? Through science? Through your physicians of the world?
     "O My children, how foolish you have become. Running hither and yon, gaining great knowledge, but you cannot stop the deaths that abound throughout your world. You cannot stop the increased murderings of your children: father against son, mother against daughter. And now all restraints gone for the protection of your children and your home life--the disintegration within the home because GOD IS does not have any place in your home today.
   "It is always a great sorrow to My heart, My children, that you are truly like little children, never learning until you are punished. You are traveling the same road as in the past. You do not learn from your past.” – Our Lady, June 13, 1981 

"It is the place and the will of the Eternal Father that the home shall be the safeguard for the children's souls--the mother, the father. But what can We expect, My children, when even the state of marriage, the Sacrament of Marriage, is being destroyed slowly? We know all that is going on upon earth--living together without unions under God. No, My children, that shall also be destroyed in time; if not by sickness and death of the body, it will also be by sickness and death of the soul.
     "My children, it was never deemed by Heaven, nor the Eternal Father--as written in the good Book of life and love, your Bible, that man shall not cohort with man; man shall not cohabit with man; and man shall not seek diversion from his home by setting out to seduce another.
     "My child and My children, are there many strong homes left in the United States, Canada, and many homes of the world? No, My children, the standards have been lowered. And when the standards are lowered, satan takes over.”
– Jesus, June 6, 1987 

"O My children, it truly rains teardrops from  Heaven. How I have begged you to pray for your bishops. How I have begged you to pray for the leaders of your government. Too few pray for them. Too few even pray for members of their own household. And why? Because the damnable machine of satan, television, has been used now to destroy the solidarity of a home. It has come in and separated communication between the individuals of the home.
     "O My children, do not be deceived by the ways of satan that he sets among you. He will not come to you so that he will be recognized immediately. He will come to you as an angel of light. He will give you all that appeals to your human nature, but it will sicken your immortal soul.” –
Our Lady, October 2, 1976 

"I have asked My beloved children to read the Book of life so that they may become knowledgeable. For it is in the knowledge of your God that you will be able to stand forth as true disciples of the Father. The Book of life and love, the Bible, shall never be taken from you. And the words once read will remain in your heart. Fathers of families, and mothers, give the example of this knowledge to your children. Take them with you to a quiet corner and read, for in this manner will they learn the truth and be given the light. Outside your doors, My children, We do not see many good examples.
     "Yes, My child, Our hearts are heavy. Immodesty, immorality, fornication--all the abominations that destroy the soul have captured many souls for satan. The example in the home is poor.
     "Woe unto that day, that last day when parents will look upon children and they will see the judgment of the Father upon themselves and the children! Man will weep; man will gnash his teeth in sorrow!” – Our Lady, March 18, 1974

"My child, We hear the cry of many mothers; We hear the cry of sorrowing parents. Our hearts are torn at the many abominations upon earth. Pray much; make many sacrifices. Your example will be instrumental in returning your children back to their grace.
     "All parents must set a strong example of faith in the home. Your children are being subject to much error and much soul destruction outside your home. Discipline and truth must be brought to the children. The greatest responsibility for these children will be given to the parents. Guard their souls well.” – Our Lady, July 1, 1973

"Pray constantly your Rosary, your beads of prayer to Heaven. Remain unified in your family lives. The institution of your country--the great foundation is based on family life. Destroy the family and you destroy your country. The enemies--the enemy is already within your country. Watch and pray well, My children." - Our Lady, June 18, 1980

"A family that prays together will stay together! Without God in your home there will be separation and discord. A home in this fight with Lucifer cannot survive without prayer and dedication to your God." - Our Lady, June 18, 1979

"Each family that wishes to be saved must now retire as a family unit from the world which has now been given to satan. Guard the souls of the ones you love. Satan sends his agents among you with cunning. You must always watch. Many parents are leading their children on the road to damnation by their example, by their permissiveness, and by their laxity." - Our Lady, July 15, 1972 



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