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“Every one therefore that shall confess me before men, I will also confess him before my Father who is in heaven. But he that shall deny me before men, I will also deny him before my Father who is in heaven.” – St. Matthew 10: 32-33


"A country is known by the moral values, My children. In the history of your world, if you consult and look, My children, you will find that your country and many in your world are now proceeding along the same course taken before the fall of an empire!" - Our Lady, February 10, 1976 

"Why do you not listen? And you do not learn by your past! I have come to earth many times in the past, My children, to counsel you when you were in great danger. Some heeded this counsel and were saved; others turned away and were lost.
     "O My children, how happy were the days when I could look down from Heaven upon you and find that America was so beautiful—a Christian nation, devout, pious, and following the road as given by the Eternal Father, through My Son and the Holy Spirit of light. And now the light has been darkened." Our Lady, December 24, 1979 

"The world and its people have received one of its final warnings. The balance is heavily to the left. The peak of iniquity has put a sad fate upon mankind.
     "You will keep a constant vigilance of prayer in your homes and in your public life.
     "We demand, the Father commands public atonement! The scale must be balanced, for unless you achieve this by your sacrifice and acts of penance, you will receive a judgment far more severe than mankind has ever been set upon in the history of your creation!” – Jesus, March 29, 1975

“I have but one more discourse with you, My child--that is that you must go forward and demand that the prayers be returned to the schools. In that manner, We can approach the children and return them to their rightful place in the reign of God.” - Jesus, October 5, 1985

"My dear parents, please! Listen to your Mother. Listen to what I have to say to you, for I tell you the truth. The Eternal Father sees all, and makes us knowledgeable as to what is happening upon earth that will bring its eventual destruction. Your children are being educated in the schools to take all Christianity from their lives, and believe not in the supernatural things of God, but the diabolical processes of satan, in cults.” - Our Lady, June 18, 1987

"My child and My children, prayer has not become a way of life for many. That is why communism has got such a foothold in your country and in other countries of the world. The prayers given to you in your childhood will be remembered always, I know, My children; but there are those who have not received these prayers in their schools, for prayer has been outlawed in many areas of your country and the world. It took but a few without faith to bring down the flag, for even your country's flag is being defiled, My children.” - Our Lady, October 2, 1987

"Your country must bring back public prayer. Your country must make atonement for the offenses being committed against the God, your Lord, the King of Heaven and earth, your Creator." - Our Lady, August 21, 1973

“Prayer is no longer a way of life. Prayer must be returned to the homes and the churches of the world, and the schools, and the public and private lives of all the children of God, my brothers and sisters. If you pray more, you will learn to love prayer. It will become a way of life that you cannot turn from, for it will give you something that you have never found in the world." – St. Theresa, May 17, 1975 

"Prayer is the greatest force now given to mankind to stop the evil. Pray a constant vigilance of prayer in your homes. Public prayer and private prayer is deemed necessary now.
     "As was told to you in the Book of life, in these days, My children, all will come to pass. You are living in the end of your era. There will be great discord in the homes. There will be nation against nation; and in the end, My children, many nations shall disappear from the face of the earth.” – Jesus, August 5, 1977

"Learn a simple lesson from the past, My children. When the morals of a country start to go down into darkness, and the teachings turn from God to man, that country will soon be ended. First the spiritual life and then the material life of your country shall be destroyed." - Jesus, October 2, l976 

"Your children must be protected from the evils that abound in your school systems in your country and most nations throughout the world. They are being taught immorality and a loss of faith in the supernatural and the knowledge of their God. All manner of heresy has been indoctrinated into their youthful minds. It is a diabolical plan of Lucifer.” - Our Lady, June 18, 1979

"All of the major countries of your world, My children, are preparing for war. All cry peace, peace, and place a mask over their intentions as they prepare for war. Your country, I promise, as I have promised in the past, to give you My protection. America the beautiful has become soiled with corruption. America, once beautiful, has taken on a new leader, and his name is satan. A country that has cast aside a true moral value, a country that has abandoned its God to seek more and more of the material and power over the lives of mankind, this country has sown the seeds for its own destruction." - Our Lady, August 5, 1976 

"Measure by measure, America the beautiful shall be purged by trial and suffering for turning away from God. Measure for measure, all countries of the earth shall go through a crucible of trial and suffering for the rejection of their God." - Our Lady, May 14, 1977 

"Pray, My children, a constant vigilance of prayer. I ask you in your country, the Americas, to pray, or you shall follow the same path as Portugal. The forces of evil are gathering within the United States. Your leaders are giving themselves to corruption, too proud and arrogant to be simple of heart and get down on their knees to beg guidance from the Eternal Father in Heaven.
     "By their fruits will they be known. My children, you will recognize the faces of evil and the forces of evil about you! It is a sad fact that those who are leaders are setting examples of depravity, debasement. They cover themselves with the spirit of darkness. You will pray much for your leaders. All that is rotten will fall.” – Our Lady, August 21, 1975

"Women have become immoral; men have debased their bodies. Homosexuality is rampant throughout your country and all the nations of the world. Your leaders are lax and corrupt. There are very few voices with authority crying out against the sins that shall bring destruction upon your nation and many nations of the world.” – Our Lady, July 14, 1979

"Your country, America the beautiful, shall know hunger. Your country, America the beautiful, shall know revolution. The just shall be crucified. Evil shall run rampant, My children. This curse upon mankind is allowed for the redemption of those few who shall be saved. My children, I have warned you through countless visitations upon earth to mend your ways that offend the Eternal Father very much." - Our Lady, June 1, 1978 

"The cross, My child, that was placed upon your flag* has full meaning now to you, for your country, America the beautiful, shall fall unless there is now a complete reversal—not a renewal, My child, but a reversal of the ways that have set you into darkness." - Our Lady, May 29, 1976  

"My Son's hand grows heavy. I cannot hold it back much longer. Your country shall receive the cross, My child! Now you understand, My child the photograph. The cross to many shall be their salvation. The cross, My child, as you observed upon the photograph was a cross of light, beaming with life." - Our Lady, May 15, 1976

"Your country, My children, America, the once beautiful, has become a nation of sin, corruption, vileness—lacking charity, modesty, piety, and lacking the knowledge of God the Father Eternal. Your children—the children of your country and the children of your world—their souls are being starved for the light." - Our Lady, August 5, 1975 

"Many have been baptized--washed clean in the Faith, and now have chosen to destroy.
     "I sent you, My child, into your capital city to approach two with great power. We were not mistaken in the reaction, My child; More prayers are needed. You will write, and you must give out the knowledge without hesitating, that Heaven expects and commands the last of his clan [Ted Kennedy] in manhood to speak out and defend his Faith in your city of Washington! If he does not, My child, he will be condemned. He will be taken, My child, when he is unprepared.
     "Warn him once more, My child and My children, in the mercy that you have for your brothers. Speak out without fear, My child. It is too late; the hour grows late. You must now speak out and use the name.
     "You will write to Ted Kennedy and tell him that he faces eternal damnation."  - Our Lady, September 6, 1975  

"What can you expect upon your country which allows homosexuality to flourish and become the way of life which now your leaders under a banner of truthfulness and faithfulness to his God, have now torn down that banner and is going in the direction of satan. 
     "Laws are being made now to protect the offenders of God, the homosexuals. Mankind will have a banner ahead. There will be tribulations set upon the world before My Son returns to gather His own. Yes, in time many will be removed from the earth. However, there will be a tribulation before that moment.” – Our Lady, October 6, 1992

"And the great issue now of homosexuality in your country, that shall be on the balance that Michael holds. Unless this balance is evened by removing this evil from your country and bringing in just laws to prevent the spread of homosexuality, you cannot be saved; your country cannot be saved." - Jesus, November 1, 1985

"How can a great country like the United States fall, you say, My child? You ask Me in your heart. I read your heart. I will tell you why. Because they have given themselves over to satan. When a country has lost its morality and seeks the pleasures of the flesh, giving over, themselves over, to all manner of abominations, like homosexuality, and condoning this up the highest courts of the land, then that country shall fall." - Our Lady, November 1, 1985 

"You will all continue with a constant vigilance of prayer. Pray for your leaders, and the world's leaders in the governments in all of the universal nations of the world, and those men who have been given the power to govern lives or destroy them. Pray that the knowledge of your God will reach out among mankind in these few moments
I should say, My child and My children, these final moments of your generation.” – Jesus, June 18, 1981 

"My child and My children, I come to you with a Mother's sad heart this evening. And I brought you forth, Veronica, to make it known to the world that there are dire events heading towards your country and the world. As I tried to instruct you all in the past: that you must pray much for the leaders of your country and the leaders of the nations of the world, because if you do not, this will bring on the most disastrous war to mankind. It is coming in steps, My children.
     "Now I want this known to all mankind: Man does not seem to learn from his past. He goes on still making the same mistakes to his own destruction.” – Our Lady, June 18, 1992


"You will all pray for the leaders of your government and the countries of the world. Satan has set much confusion among the leaders.” – Our Lady, October 6, 1974

"I give you this knowledge for reason. You must pray much, My children, for your government leaders. Satan has a great hold upon them at this time. If you do not pray more and make atonement for the sins being committed now in the hearts of your countrymen, you will suffer much at the hands of the men in your government, for they will be powerless to offset the great evil that will be constructed by the demons loosed from the abyss.” – Our Lady, December 31, 1974


"Need I add to My Mother's counsel that your country now has been invaded by a diabolical force, a conspiracy of evil for the destruction of the United States. Your children, the youth of your country, shall be used as instruments for this destruction unless you as parents and leaders
government leaders, I call unto you to act now and prevent the slaughters that will increase daily within your country.” – Jesus, December 7, 1977 

"I am the Queen of the Universe, the Mediatrix of all graces, but first and above all I am your Mother! I have come to warn you, to protect you for many will be lost to us. You all, in the final decision, will have made your own choice. I bless you all, My children, with a shower of graces from Heaven. Come to Me at this hallowed place. Be with Me in spirit. Save America the Rosary way—a constant vigil of prayer!" - Our Lady, September 7, 1971 

"I ask all to become apostles of these last days because it will be necessary now for man to understand and acknowledge the supremacy of His God in Heaven. I ask that all who have been born into and baptized into the true Faith to go forward as apostles of light, disciples for Heaven in these latter days. The knowledge must be given to those who cannot comprehend, who have hardened their hearts and closed their ears--the knowledge must be given to them that My Son is the Messiah; My Son has been upon earth, and He shall return again as He ascended.” – Our Lady, August 4, 1979

Veronica - And now Jesus is extending His right hand out, and He has on it a heart. It's, oh, it's very--oh, I don't know how to explain it. It seems horribly hurting. There is like a band of thorns about it, and the blood is dripping now down from His hand.
Jesus - "See, My child, what ungrateful man has done to Me. Will you not console Me in My hour of trial? Pray with Me; weep with Me. Comfort Me, My children. Acknowledge Me before man and I will acknowledge you before the Father." – December 7, 1976


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