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“All you that thirst, come to the waters: and you that have no money make haste, buy, and eat: come ye, buy wine and milk without money, and without any price. Why do you spend money for that which is not bread, and your labour for that which doth not satisfy you? Hearken diligently to me, and eat that which is good, and your soul shall be delighted in fatness.” – Isaias 55:1-2


"All that Saint John, Our prophet to you, has given in print must be read. And ask as you read, for guidance to understand by imploring the Spirit of life, the Holy Spirit, to aid you in your search for knowledge that will not be clouded, darkened, or misleading by satan, but a knowledge of pure light, waters of purity, waters that can then be given by Our pastors to Our sheep who are now roaming without guidance, who are starving for the light.
     "Many do not know the existence now of My Son upon earth in the Eucharist, for you, O pastors, in your permissiveness, in your negligence, have allowed errors, falsehood, and defamation of My Son to take place within His very House! Whatever shall become of you?” – Our Lady, May 15, 1976 

"My shepherds, your sheep are straying. They are dying. They are starving for truth.
     "Return to a life of dedication. Return to a life of perseverance and trial, and not give yourselves to the enemies of your God. Return to a life of true charity and prayer. You cannot bargain with the Father in Heaven. You may bargain with satan and lose. You will bargain with satan and lose.
     "You are receiving a merciful warning, and should this warning not stir you from your slumber, you will shake--be shaken from your slumber.
     "My children of grace, despair not in your present crisis. Go forward with great hope. Retain the Faith in your hearts, in the hearts of your children. Extend in charity and love this Faith to others. Give, and it will be given to you. Bring the little children to Me. I will nourish them with the light." – Jesus, May 17, 1975

"You must ask the shepherds and pastors of the world, as our Mother said, Veronica, to turn now and teach the truth to the children. They are starving of the spirit of light.
     "They must be taught to pray more. Prayer is no longer a way of life. Prayer must be returned to the homes and the churches of the world, and the schools, and the public and private lives of all the children of God, my brothers and sisters. If you pray more, you will learn to love prayer. It will become a way of life that you cannot turn from, for it will give you something that you have never found in the world." – St. Theresa, May 17, 1975 

"All cardinals and bishops will now take themselves off the road to hell! They will take their spirit where it belongs, within the realm of God, casting aside their lusts, their desire for richness, their pampering of their bodies while the souls are starving. No longer will this be tolerated!” – St. Peter, August 5, 1972  

"In your search for love and brotherhood, you have opened My Church in the name of love and brotherhood to all manners of evil and demons! I assure you, My children, compromise will get you nowhere; the promises and the words of atheists will get you nowhere. You will not win souls by lowering your standards or making changes to suit the basic carnal fallen nature of mankind.
     "You have reduced My Church, O pastors, to shambles and a mockery. And what shall I do to you, you who will come before Me and say that your teaching has been pure? I shall cast you out and send you into oblivion in the fires! And many will come before Me and say, 'Lord, Lord! Did I now prophecy in Your name?' O ye workers of iniquity, you cannot hide your hearts from Me. In My name you will destroy souls? You offer in a starving world half a loaf, giving the whole loaf poison.
     "Children of the world starving for the light and the truth, I am the Way. I am the Light, and My Church is the light for mankind now, even though My own pastors have darkened it by their actions and their avarice and their greed and their vanity and pride! Know that when they have given over My Church to the world, and as satan deludes them to unite all into a one-world religion and a one-world government, you are enslaved and it is the end!
     "And what can you do now, My children? Penance! Heavy penance is asked, and heavy penance will be given to many without asking. You cannot understand in your civilization the value of suffering. The Eternal Father has a plan to use this suffering. Pray a constant vigilance of prayer now throughout your world.” – Jesus, April 2, 1977 

"Do not be blinded, My children, by the angels of light.  Watch and pray much, and they shall be revealed to you in time. Evil cannot persevere and exist long. The Eternal Father shall turn this evil to good, if asked. Ask and you shall receive. Believe and you will be given the way.
     "My children, My Mother has come to you as a Mediatrix be­tween God and man. Earth-years have passed. Souls continue to descend into the abyss. Your children go fast into spiritual darkness, and as parents, what are you doing to save your children's souls? Are you also joining those who have lost the way? Are you giving yourselves to all manners and pleasures of the flesh while your souls are starving? The spirit of truth is growing dim upon your earth.” – Jesus, November 20, 1975

"The parents, the mother and the father, My children, must set a firm example to their children. When these children leave the family's home, they are subjected to all trials of error, deception, delusion, and lies.
     "The parents of many have fallen into the error of feeding the body and starving the young souls. These souls, in the eyes of the Eternal Father, are young flowers that must be nourished with pure waters of truth, purpose, dedication to the road--place them on the road that will lead to the eternal Kingdom of God your Father in Heaven.
     "But where are your children? They are fast approaching their destruction. Many of your children have gone now beyond the point of no return. Many parents must accept a penance, a severe penance, for the recovery of their children's souls.” – Our Lady, July 24, 1976

"Children of the world, there is so much discord among families. There is so much deterioration among families. This is not a good sign. The family unit must be together under the true sign of the living God. Mothers and fathers have a great responsibility for their children. You who spend your hours, so few upon earth, giving your children their bodily delights, their materialistic wishes and pleasures, while their souls are starving and they are being led on the path that will take them farther from the Kingdom. Sin, the darkest of sins, are being committed in the homes. What example as parents are you showing to your children?” – St. Joseph, December 30, 1972

"Men who are representatives of My Son in His houses must now gather the flock and replenish their starving souls. It is apparent, My child, that many care more for filling their coffers than to feed their souls. The love of money has destroyed many. The love of power, power for the things of the world, has destroyed many. You cannot have both. You will not have this world and the Kingdom of God! For when you leave over the veil, you will enter the kingdom of the prince of darkness, or you will join Us with great joy in the Kingdom of the Father.” – Our Lady, March 24, 1974

"The words from Heaven are reaching throughout the world. We have chosen many voice-boxes throughout the world. The message is in unison. You will all now unite to spread the word of penance, atonement and sacrifice, the use of sacramentals daily. You will open the tabernacles of the world and feed the starving souls.” – Our Lady, August 21, 1973 

"I have asked in the past, My children, that you read the Book of life, the Bible. It will be a source of strength and knowledge to you. If you are knowledgeable, you will not fall into error. Error has entered upon My Son's House because My Son's representatives, the clergy, have given themselves to the world. They must return to a life of prayer and dedication of the spirit. Our sheep are starving.” – Our Lady, February 1, 1975 

"My children, there is insanity from sin now in your world. Man, in his pride and arrogance and materialism, has brought about a state in which sin is becoming a way of life now. As it was in the time of Sodom and Gomorrha, as it was in Noe's time, My children, you are traveling the same road. You learn nothing from your past but commit the same errors; only now, My children, they are far worse than in the time of Sodom, Gomorrha, and Noe.
     "My children, the  homes, the refuge for children, whatever shall become of your family life? Parents have turned from their roles as parents, giving themselves over to pleasures of the flesh--pleasure-seeking, feeding themselves with all manner of corruptive influences while the soul is starving.” – Our Lady, July 25, 1977 

"I have visited My Son's House seeing all of the abominations being committed in the name of peace, love, and brotherhood, a delusion and deception upon mankind from satan. For no love or peace shall come to mankind unless he places his God first and above all men or man.
     "In your errors and your darkness of spirit your scientists and your men of great knowledge are seeking to build a utopia upon earth for man. You are feeding his body and starving his soul. No man of science can keep that body eternally alive, but that is not the object that's important. Man of science must recognize the supernatural and the existence of a God, and as such, do honor to God the Father. He must, as a man of science. And doctors in the world, you must do good and cure honorably. You have become murderers! You have used your profession to destroy the unborn. Woe unto any man who has any measure of involvement in the murders of the unborn!” – Our Lady, May 27, 1978 

"Your country, My children, America, the once beautiful, has become a nation of sin, corruption, vileness--lacking charity, modesty, piety, and lacking the knowledge of God the Father Eternal. Your children--the children of your country and the children of your world--their souls are being starved for the light.” – Our Lady, August 5, 1975 

"You must recognize the ways of satan. He will come and reach you with cunning and deception. He will set man up as one to glorify, as an idol to worship. This offends My Son! The body and mind are being studied, analyzed, restructured, but where is the spirit? Starved for the light of truth!
     "You cannot make a soul strong by catering to the worldly desires of the flesh. Give man everything the world offers, but without My Son, he has nothing! There is no peace, no happiness without your God. You cannot shut Him out, for satan is always waiting to claim your soul.” – Our Lady, May 30, 1972 

"All manner of novelty and experimentation must be removed from My Church--NOW!
     "You have been given the rule. You have been given the way. Restore My House now, for a House in darkness wears a band of death about it. The doors will close! Souls will be starved for the light. Blood shall flow in the streets. Death shall become commonplace. Is this what you want?
     "The wages of sin is death. What will it gain you if you gain your whole world in treasures, but you cannot take them with you to your judgment? Your judgment is eternal, forever!" – Jesus, November 22, 1975 

"Our hearts are greatly saddened by the evils and abomina­tions being committed in the houses of God throughout the world. Man has given himself to all pleasures of the flesh. Luxury in your country, My children, has been your downfall, for you have forgotten your God and you have starved your soul.
     "The Eternal Father is most merciful, My children, and He will chastise those He loves. There is great value in suffering. Many will carry heavy crosses, My children, in the days ahead.
     "In the city of Rome, the light is dim. The battle con­tinues, the battle of the spirits. The sheep are being separated from the goats by the Eternal Father. In the end all that is rot­ten will have fallen.” – Our Lady, December 6, 1975 

"My child and My children, how many words have been given to mankind by warnings from the Queen of Heaven--warnings that have gone unheeded! The hearts of mankind have been hardened. Luxury upon luxury have entered their lives and have starved their spirits.
     "The warnings from Heaven have been given throughout your world. The time of times and the day approaches when mankind shall be forced and separated. The sheep and the goats shall stand apart.
     "I have given a warning in general to mankind. I have sent My voice throughout your world summoning before Me those in com­mand of My sheep: shepherds that have gone astray, shepherds that have set themselves in the place above the Eternal Father, shepherds that have scattered Our flock. You have been given in time eter­nal the truth of your Faith. You shall not change this, making a religion upon earth that is based on the fallen nature of mankind!” – Jesus, November 20, 1975 

"My child, you will make a special effort with all those who have the true love of My Son in their hearts to open His houses that many souls may visit Him in the tabernacles throughout the world. My Son is a prisoner in His own House. Yes, My child, He is very lonely. It is a sad fact, My child, that the peoples of your country and your hemisphere have nourished their bodies well but have starved their souls." – Our Lady, December 31, 1973 

"The Eternal Father created man in His image. He set rules for the welfare of mankind and his progress to return triumphantly to Heaven. You are all but pilgrims upon earth. Your time is short.
     "Many have sold their souls to get to the head! Many have nourished their bodies but have starved their souls! And how? Because you have cast aside the truth! You go forward with itching ears, listening to heretics and liars! Doctrines of demons abound upon earth, and these doctrines of demons have entered into My Church. I say unto you as your God: I shall place a heavy hand upon you.” – Jesus, February 1, 1978

"Prayer must be returned to your country, for your country is now facing a great devastation.
     "There are only few times, My child, that I can come to you without tears. There is little that I see to bring joy to the hearts of My Son and those of the Kingdom. Your world is covered in darkness.
     "The people and souls of your world have become overly concerned with their bodies. They have starved their souls, rejecting the many graces Heaven has proffered to them.” – Our Lady, August 21, 1973 

"There is in your outer atmosphere the celestial object that will be sent upon you in the will of the Eternal Father. You have been given in the past many warnings, warnings that you have chosen to cast aside. A great chastisement, a punishment of ter­rible magnitude, My children, is heading fast to mankind. Have you prepared your children for this great trial? Have you taken them and aided them along the road that has been darkened by satan? O woe to the parent that has starved his children of the light!
     "Your country and the world, My child, are steeped in great darkness of spirit. Man has cast aside his true role as children of the Kingdom of the Father Eternal. They have ac­cepted the pitfalls of satan. Many are running to their doom, My child. In their minds that have been deluded and blinded by satan, they have created instruments for their own destruction.” – Our Lady, March 22, 1975 

"The foundation for a young life is found in the family. We find much lacking in the example of many parents. They have for­gotten their role as parents, and they are feeding their children well with the contaminating abundance of your nation and the world; however, their souls are being starved for the light.
     "The role for the prosperity within a family is simple, My child. It is one of a dedication to the Eternal Father. What does it matter, My children, if you gain the whole world's goods and suffer the loss of your eternal soul? Your pilgrimage is but a short one upon earth. Have you stored your reward with Us, or have you given yourselves to the pleasures of the flesh and satan?” – Our Lady, March 18, 1975 

"Your country, with the symbol of the eagle, the proud bald eagle so pure and white, has been plucked! It is but a skeleton of its former glory, slowly starved of the light.” – Our Lady, September 28, 1979 

"I gave you a simple plan with the construction of My House, My Church upon earth. But now you want to reform it, until you will split My House asunder with many denominations, many new denominations. I ask that My Church be universal, apostolic, and the saver of souls. However, there are rules to be followed, doctrines to remain unchanged. Tradition to be withheld.
     "My children, you must now stop these innovations. You have become purveyors of error. You are not bringing the gospels and the truth to My children, My sheep. Tradition must be held! It is the strongest factor within the building of My Church. I am the foundation, but Tradition must be continued. The rules, the Tradition, were given for reason. You were given a plan to follow. You know the truth; you are withholding the truth from My sheep. You are changing the truth for your own reasons, and this reasoning is not guided by the light but by the spirit of darkness.
     "Pastors, when you stand before Me will you say, will you be able to say that your teaching has been pure in My sight? I shall say: ‘Remove yourselves from Me, O vermin, because as teachers you have used and misused your role to destroy the sheep and scatter the sheep!’
     "I give, as your God, a warning to all bishops and cardinals to stop! Hasten to review the past. The fruits have been rotten, and I am about to shake you from the vine! Do not starve My sheep! There are many sheep to gather. The pastures are rich but the sheep grow thin. They are starving for the spirit of light.” – Jesus, September 7, 1978



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