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“I am the vine: you the branches: he that abideth in me, and I in him, the same beareth much fruit: for without me you can do nothing. If any one abide not in me, he shall be cast forth as a branch, and shall wither, and they shall gather him up, and case him into the fire, and be burneth. If you abide in me, and my words abide in you, you shall ask whatever you will, and it shall be done unto you. In this is my Father glorified; that you bring forth very much fruit, and become my disciples.” - St. John 15:5-8


"My children, I beg you as your Mother to listen to Me. I come to you with a warning, a warning for all mankind, to turn back now from your sin. You must read your Bible, the Book of life. Do not conform to the world or its lying teachers. For the word from the Eternal Father is this: Conform, O clergy, and you will die on the vine! Conform, man of the world, and you will die on the vine!
     "You cannot now bargain with satan, for his power is too great. As a former high angel of the eternal Kingdom of your God, he too said, 'I will not obey, for I am a god in myself.' My children, are there not voices now going throughout the world saying 'I am God!' Do they not seek to play the part, the role of a god now, as they seek to create life? It is an abomination in the eyes of God for man in his arrogance and pride to seek to create the living being.” –
Our Lady, July 25, 1978 

"Parents must protect their children now. Do not depend even upon your clergy to safeguard your children's souls. Satan now is doing great battle in My Son's House upon earth. He shall not be victorious. However, it is a test now for all mankind. You will be guided by reading the Bible, the Book of life. And I repeat again for all mankind to hear: Conform to the world and its sin and you will die on the vine!” –
Our Lady, July 25, 1978 

"My children, you will pray much for your pastors, your clergy. The Red Hats have fallen and the Purple Hats are being misled. Rome is in darkness. And I say unto you now, conform and you will die on the vine! Conform to the new mode and you shall die on the vine.
     "My child, modernism promoted heresy; heresy promotes satan. It is because of the sins of man that this time has come upon your world. You are all now living in the latter days, My children. Many shall carry a heavy cross in the days ahead. The good shall be persecuted. Lovers of evil shall glorify those who dwell in evil.” –
Our Lady, November 1, 1977 

"I repeat the words of My Mother to the clergy: Conform with the world and you will die on the vine. I am the vinedresser. The vine is the tree of life, eternal life. You were My branches. But this tree now is being shaken, and all that is rotten shall fall!” –
Jesus, November 1, 1977 

"My children, I must give you all fair warning now that if you conform with all of the new mods, and all of the modes of the world, in the name of humanism and modernism leading to satanism, I say unto you that you will conform and die on the vine! My Son is the vinedresser, the Eternal Father is the vine, and you were all placed as branches on this vine to grow and flower, and bring forth good fruit, but you have chosen to poison the waters, and you are bringing forth bad fruit! Because of this the Eternal Father will seek to shake the vine, and all that is rotten will fall!” –
Our Lady, July 25, 1977 

"Satan is the father of all liars. He is the master of deceit. He will place a thousand truths among you if he can build up one lie of deception, starting it as an acorn and growing into a tree that one day shall be burned down in the fires!
     "My children, listen well. You have all been placed on the tree of life, but My Son is the dresser of that tree. You are growing on His vine, but if you conform with the world, you will die on that vine!” –
Our Lady, August 5, 1977 

"Satan is the father of all liars, and he will draw you into his web with all promises, but the promises of an atheist mean nothing, for he justifies all by what he gets in the end that he wants! Liars! Just as the father of all liars is satan.
     "My children, do not be deceived by the voices that cry 'Love, love!' when they know not the meaning of love. Love is God the Father! The love being created by mankind leading to a new religion and a new world rule is a love based on humanism and modernism! The Church I established upon earth is eternal, though it suffers now in a crisis.
     "I tell you as the vinedresser: all that is rotten shall be shaken from the vine. The reaper will go in the harvest, and ye, all of you who have corrupted the sheep, shall be judged and gathered in the harvest and thrown into the fires!
     "I give you fair warning, O shepherds in My House, I have looked upon you and found you wanting! I have looked upon you and wait with great patience for you to recover from the insanity that has been set into your minds and your hearts! Man of science ever seeking and never finding the truth! And what is truth, My children, you ask? Truth is life, and life is the light. Darkness is death! Satan is death! You cannot have both!” –
Jesus, August 5, 1977 

"My Son has counseled you, and I repeat anew: if you conform to the world, you will die on the vine! My Son is the vine, and you are the branches. The Eternal Father directs all. A good tree will not promote bad fruit. My children, understand My counsel. By their fruits are they known. All that is rotten shall fall. Though they be few in number, My Son's Church shall stand, as My Son is the foundation.
     "There are many who are being misled, led astray. Remember, My children, the road to hell is often paved by good intentions.”
– Our Lady, August 19, 1978 

Your world is proceeding onto a road leading to a crucible of suffering. It will be a way of cleansing for mankind. All that is rotten shall be shaken from the vine.
     "My children, I repeat anew to all: Conform to the world and you will die on the vine. Conform and you die on the vine. I will explain this, My children, simply to you. If you choose of free will to join those of the world who have now given themselves to satan, you cannot remain on the tree of life, but you must become then a consort of satan and an agent of hell in human form.” –
Jesus, April 1, 1978 

"The greatest responsibility now for protecting the souls of the young will rest with the parents. Do not expect those outside your home to save the souls of your children, for once they leave your home they set upon the course of satan. The world is now given to satan for a short time. The sheep shall be separated from the goats.
     "Jesus, My Son, is the vinedresser. You will all be there as limbs on the vine; but if you conform now to the world, you will die on the vine!
     "My children, many latter day saints shall come out of the crisis. The Eternal Father knows full well the outcome. He watches with a heavy heart. We ask for many victim souls in the days ahead, those who will prostrate themselves before My Son on the cross and catch the blood coming forth from His wounds again as He is thrashed and beaten anew by mankind. My Son is being re-crucified by His own.” –
Our Lady, November 19, 1977 

"Satan, the master of deceit and the prince of darkness, has entered into the highest places of My Son's Church, and into the highest places of the governors of all the earth's kingdoms until those who make the rules for nations have given over the nations to abomination.
     "Judges in the court, you are perverse! Judges in the court, you have degraded your profession! You have, as a ruling body, turned from your God and have accepted the prince of darkness! I say unto you: the Eternal Father plans to shake the tree and all that is rotten shall fall from the vine! My Son is the vinedresser, and I say unto you: all that is rotten shall be shaken from the vine!
     "O My children, science runs forward to its own destruction! Man is reaching beyond the stars to his own destruction! Man of science ever seeking, but never coming to the knowledge of the truth, because he has rejected his God.
     "The forces of hell are loosed upon your earth; 666 and the agents of hell now take full rule in your governments and the governments of the world. My children, recognize the forces of evil as they enter upon you. Demons from hell shall enter into the body of any man, woman, or child who has fallen from grace.” –
Our Lady, June 16, 1977 

"My children, I have asked you all to consecrate your homes to the Sacred Heart of My Son for reason. You will need all of the protection available in sacramentals and graces to withstand the onslaught of this evil.
     "I repeat again: all who conform to the mores of the world will die on the vine. And I say unto you, clergy in My Son's House: conform and you, too, will die on the vine!” –
Our Lady, May 13, 1978 

"The Commandments of the Eternal Father were written in full; the construction of My Son's Church was directed in full. All will be found written by the founding Fathers of the Church in the Bible, your Book of life and love. Pastors in My Son's Church, whatever are you seeking to reform! You had the truth, you had the light, but with itching ears you are listening to demons.
     "All who seek reform and change will not receive a sanctification from Heaven. Reform and you will die on the vine! My Son is the vinedresser; you are all His children as branches, but you will die on the vine if you conform to the world! O My children, have you had your minds so poisoned by Lucifer that you cannot recognize right from wrong? That you will condone murder? That you no longer know the value of suffering and sacrifice?
     "Pray, My children, a constant vigilance of prayer for your priests, cardinals, bishops, your clergy, for a great test, a delusion has been set amongst them to test their valor, to test their holiness, to test their fidelity to My Son's Church! Oh sorrow of sorrows from your Mother's heart, that as We now go throughout your world, can We say that there are one hundred true priests left in My Son's House? Shall He return and find even a flicker of faith left among His sheep? The shepherds don't carry the light.” –
Our Lady, May 23, 1979 

"My Son, His heart is torn by the manner in which you have rejected His way--even reaching into the hearts of the clergy. He has been turned away by many of them, for they have given themselves over to pursuits and pleasures of the flesh, succumbing to the errors of modernism so prevalent now in your nation and throughout your world. The modernism has produced bad fruits.
     "O My children, you cannot build another church, a house upon earth, for you are building it without the assistance of the light and the angels. You are building a church that will take in all manner of heretics and antichrists.
     "O My children, are you so prideful that you believe that you can allow bad fruit to come into your vineyard, and that you will nourish them with your human intellect and ripen this fruit so that it will stay upon the vine? I say unto you: This will not be! My Son is the vinedresser, and all that is rotten must fall!
     "O My children, the road to Heaven is a difficult road. Lucifer, the master of deceit, the prince of darkness, uses every means available, both supernatural and on the human level to deceive you and take you from this road. Therefore, you must always be alert and watchful.” –
Our Lady, December 24, 1979 

"Need I add to My Mother's counsel that your country now has been invaded by a diabolical force, a conspiracy of evil for the destruction of the United States. Your children, the youth of your country, shall be used as instruments for this destruction unless you as parents and leaders--government leaders, I call unto you to act now and prevent the slaughters that will increase daily within your country.
     "The practice of the black mass, abominations, corruption being promoted even within your teaching institutions--and this does not mean that I can look upon the corruption in My House, My Church, and condone it with permissiveness. I say unto you, O pastors, you will awaken from your slumber now, for your sheep are straying. A House, a Church in darkness wears a band of death about it! All that is rotten shall fall from the vine; for I, your God, shall shake the vine, for I am the vinedresser!
     "Recognize the signs of your times: the olive branch. I say unto you, unless you pray more you will fall by the wayside.
     "The road to the Kingdom of your God is a narrow road filled with many thorns. Can you not, for your redemption, travel this road for Me? Can you not carry your cross as I did?” –
Jesus, December 7, 1977


"In your pursuit of worldly living, have you sold your souls to get to the head? Corruption and dishonesty abound in your country, the United States, and many--most countries, nations of the world. This corruption will not go unpunished.
     "Your country, My child, must turn back to God, because the time is running out. You cannot compromise with the enemies of your God, nor can you compromise with the enemies within My Son's House, His Church. Conform and you will die on the vine. I say unto you, all clergy, cardinals, bishops and lay people in My Son's House, His Church: conform and you will die on the vine!
     "The Eternal Father in the Trinity, the giver of all life and the taker of life--however, satan now has great rule over your world. All will be tested.
     "In the coming cataclysm--I do not refer, My child, to a minor warning, I refer to a great minor chastisement for your nation--many will die. The good--some will die also, but they will be martyred for their faith.” –
Our Lady, June 13, 1981 

"The good shall suffer with the bad. But satan shall claim no souls except those that have paved the way to him. He is claiming his own now! Recognize the signs about you. He is going about now, the angel of death, to claim his own.
     "All that is rotten shall be shaken from the vine. And I say unto you, O pastors, you, too, have been found wanting, and must mend your ways, or you also will die in the streets.” –
Our Lady, August 13, 1977 

"My child and My children, this has been a time in history most crucial to the lives of mankind and the well-being of My House, My Church upon earth.
     "I am not going to go through with you a repetition of My Mother's counsel to you. Suffice it to say now that all warnings given from Heaven that have been rejected must bring forth foul fruits. I say this unto you with good meaning that no firm tree shall bear bad fruits. The vine must be shaken, and all that is rotten must fall!
     "I repeat unto you, O pastors in My House: you have scattered the sheep, and now you must pray and do penance and make atonement to the heart that has been injured by you, the heart of the Eternal Father that you have smite with the knife by your arrogance and pride.” –
Jesus, August 14, 1978

"I gave you a simple way, the rule to follow. You were set with doctrines and tradition, and in your arrogance you rise above the founding Fathers of My Church and seek to build another religion and a new church, and you are putting it together without any help from the angels of light, for you have employed denizens of darkness.
     "My children, pastors in My House, awaken from your slumber. As you have fallen asleep, the enemy has come in through your doors unnoticed. You must cast aside now the errors of humanism and modernism. Review over again the teachings from your past Popes and learn by them. They were given for reason! All of your experimentation and change has produced naught. Your fruits are rotten. Do you think, as you produce bad fruits, that I will allow you, O Red Hats and Purple Hats, to remain upon the vine? You shall be shaken from the tree of life.
     "Many manifestations shall be given in the days ahead, as there is now a supernatural war in progress. For those with wisdom, listen and understand; for those who have grace to see, recognize the signs of your times and the war of the spirits you are engaged in. Read the Apocalypse of Saint John, the Revelations, and you will follow the unwinding of the scrolls.
     "All who are graced to hear the Message from Heaven, listen, act upon it. Treasure this grace given to you from the Eternal Father, that you have the opportunity to be redeemed out of this world of satan.”
– Jesus, June 18, 1978 

"I gave you a simple plan with the construction of My House, My Church upon earth. But now you want to reform it, until you will split My House asunder with many denominations, many new denominations. I ask that My Church be universal, apostolic, and the saver of souls. However, there are rules to be followed, doctrines to remain unchanged. Tradition to be withheld.
     "My children, you must now stop these innovations. You have become purveyors of error. You are not bringing the gospels and the truth to My children, My sheep. Tradition must be held! It is the strongest factor within the building of My Church. I am the foundation, but Tradition must be continued. The rules, the Tradition, were given for reason. You were given a plan to follow. You know the truth; you are withholding the truth from My sheep. You are changing the truth for your own reasons, and this reasoning is not guided by the light but by the spirit of darkness.
     "Pastors, when you stand before Me will you say, will you be able to say that your teaching has been pure in My sight? I shall say: ‘Remove yourselves from Me, O vermin, because as teachers you have used and misused your role to destroy the sheep and scatter the sheep!’
     "I give, as your God, a warning to all bishops and cardinals to stop! Hasten to review the past. The fruits have been rotten, and I am about to shake you from the vine! Do not starve My sheep! There are many sheep to gather. The pastures are rich but the sheep grow thin. They are starving for the spirit of light.” –
Jesus, September 7, 1978 

"The way, a simple way, was given to mankind. I gave the keys to the pastors of My Church, My House upon earth, and these keys have been tarnished through greed and avarice and the lust for power. My House now is producing bad fruit, and I shall soon shake the tree. All that is rotten shall fall! Remember, My children, the world and My Church shall not be as one. Conform and you will die on the vine!
     "I ask you this: do not abandon My House, My Church. Remain in your parishes as an example. If you unify against evil you can vanquish this evil! If you run away, you leave My Church open to thieves and robbers! Shall you deny to your brothers and sisters the opportunity to enrich their souls with My Body and Blood? The parish church must remain open. I shall be there with you, though man is desecrating in his rituals. I shall be there always with you.”
– Jesus, May 27, 1978 

"My children, a word of caution again. You shall not restore My Son's Church to its former glory by compromise. Conform and you will die on the vine!" –
Our Lady, June 1, 1978 

"My children, your world has cast aside the knowledge, the existence of the supernatural. Your leaders and even those pastors in My Son's House have laughed at the supernatural. They cast Michael out of My Son's Church, and now satan is in His Church! It is satan now who rules within My Son's Church and the world. He has been given his time now to claim his own. All that is rotten shall fall. The vinedresser, My Son, shall shake the vine, and all that is rotten shall fall!” –
Our Lady, September 13, 1977
"Man is bringing upon himself great suffering, physical and emotional suffering, My children. I look upon your world, the earth, and find that you are setting yourselves like play-acting onto a similar stage set in the past by mankind. The final act of this drama, My children, shall be a baptism of fire upon mankind. The world shall not be fully destroyed, but a gradual change shall come, and all that is rotten shall be shaken from the vine.
     "No man shall, or can set himself above his Master. For if he does he is following the same road as the fallen angels. Lucifer has been loosed upon your world now for a short time to claim his own.” –
Jesus, March 25, 1978 

"We of the Kingdom of the Father find many errors being propagated in My Son's House, Church. It is the great deception that is permitted for mankind in these latter days. It will be in this manner that the sheep shall be separated from the goats. All who have given themselves to satan will be known. For their fruits shall fall, for they will wither on the vine, and all that is rotten shall fall!
     "Pray much, My children, for your pastors that they be given the strength from the Father to go forward in truth and in the light. It is sad to say, My child, that many have lost their way, preferring to receive the rewards of mankind. Their knowledge of the supernatural has been cast aside and replaced by humanism and the modernism of your times, rationalizing even sin, My child!
     "We have asked all who are with My Son not to abandon His House. Do not judge His House on the man who has been governing it--your pastors and your clergy, for they are only human, subject to sin, even. Remember that the heart and the true foundation of Jesus' House is the Eucharist, that you receive in the Holy Communion. Woe unto that day, My child, when this is even denied you!
     "There is developing, My child, in your country and the world, a most dangerous trend. It is one of separation from the Peter, the head of your Church. You will not bring about this separation from the seat of Rome! You have nothing to gain but everything to lose, for should you go ahead with this plan of separation, you will lead onto the road of the abyss, leading to the abyss, many souls. Woe unto those pastors! Woe unto the clergy who now set themselves up as leaders to confuse, confound, and mislead!” –
Our Lady, June 15, 1974 



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