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"But, as it is written: That eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither hath it entered into the heart of man, what things God hath prepared for them that love him." - 1 Corinthians 2:9


"My children, We have in Heaven beauties beyond all human knowledge. We have in Heaven the ultimate joy and the ultimate expectation of anything man could conceive in his human mind. Are you going to cast this all aside for a few short years upon earth? Is this worth casting aside for? Think, My children, before it is too late. Many of you who hear My words will not be ready. I say, not be ready! Unless you protect yourselves by a constant vigilance of prayer, you will not be ready when you are called unexpectedly. Many shall be removed from the earth very soon, and many will not be ready.” – Jesus, October 1, 1983 

“Save yourselves and the souls of those you love. Come to Me, as My heart is extended to you all. I gave My Body. I am with you in Body and Spirit. Do not cast Me aside, for I am the living Bread of your life. Without Me you cannot enter into the Kingdom of the Father.
     "Were you to know the glories of the Kingdom, you would run fast and turn away quickly from the evils of the world that has given itself to satan. For beyond your universe there lies the greatest joys, joys far beyond all expectation or conceivable in your human mind. This We give you for the asking.” – Jesus, March 24, 1974 

"Penance, My children, the world must do heavy penance. You must keep in heart that you cannot have the world and the Kingdom of God. For you will love one and reject the other. The world and the Kingdom of the Father are not companionable. When you are not of the light you will love the world, but if you reject the world you will find the light.” – Our Lady, November 23, 1974 

"In order to reach the Kingdom of the Father, you must divest yourself, remove all pride and worldly searching. You must become as confident, as trusting as a child. Know that all is yours for the asking. Believe and you will be given the way. My Son in the Eucharist is always with you to strengthen you.” –
Our Lady, March 29, 1975 

"When you leave your body, My children, your spirit will live on forever. However, there is no guarantee without merit of the Eternal Kingdom of the Father. You must want to go there, My children. You must work to go there. You must pray, you must make sacrifices, and really know the true meaning of 'love' that is being exaggerated, My child, in your world. They cry 'love' and 'peace' where there is no love and no peace. The only example of love, true love, is in the cross, My child--the lifetime of My Son upon earth and His Ascension into the Eternal Kingdom.
     "In the general resurrection of all souls and bodies, My Son shall take the bones and rise them up, knitting them and uniting them, and placing upon them incorruptible flesh, for death will be conquered. Pain shall be no more. Sin shall be no more. Joy will abound. Charity will abound--goodness, mercy, kindness, and all the goodness created by the Eternal Father.” – Our Lady, August 5, 1975

"In the realms of Heaven there are many stages to reach perfection. The highest place in Heaven, My children, is the beatific vision of the Eternal Father. I mention this in fact to you, My children, because there is a prevalence of much error now in your world teachings." - Our Lady, September 28, 1976

"If I, My children, could open to you for just a few short moments the doors to the Kingdom of Heaven, how glorious would be your suffering! How glorious would be all the trials of your life when you will be able to see beyond the gates of this glorious Kingdom of eternal life!" - Our Lady, May 10, 1972

"My child, none can view the great vision, the beatific vision; none can view this, for it would be that you would be removed from your earthly body. This awaits mankind only over the veil. We send to you only what your human mind can comprehend. Were We to show you, My child, what lies beyond the veil, the beauty, the full encompassment of your emotions would still your earthly heart. This We cannot give to you until you come across the veil." - Our Lady, April 13, 1974

Veronica - Now Our Lady is pointing upward to this huge door. It's a steel-like door, very large, and above it I notice it's like an area covered by stars. I believe they're stars; they're brilliant white lights. And ... oh, now Our Lady--
     "My child, I will explain to you. What you are viewing is the gate to the Kingdom--a mystical gate, a supernatural gate that man cannot transcend until he comes to Us in the spirit. The Kingdom of Heaven exists, just as your earth exists, My children. However, none can come across into the Kingdom until they depart from their earthly bodies.
     "Your body, My children, are but shells housing your spirit, the life within you." - Our Lady, July 25, 1975

"In the general resurrection of all souls and bodies, My Son shall take the bones and rise them up, knitting them and uniting them, and placing upon them incorruptible flesh, for death will be conquered. Pain shall be no more. Sin shall be no more. Joy will abound. Charity will abound--goodness, mercy, kindness, and all the goodness created by the Eternal Father." - Our Lady, August 5, 1975

"It is not by accident that you are called by My Mother, for your names have been written in Heaven.... But with this great grace you have great responsibility to send this Message from Heaven throughout the world, for if you are able to recover just one more for Heaven, an additional star shall be placed in your crown." - Jesus, August 5, 1975

"Time, My child, you ask the time? Remember you are ageless in the Kingdom, and there is no time." - Jesus, February 1, 1975

Veronica - Now Our Lady is turning, and They're both going over; Jesus is a slight ways behind Our Lady. And They're both floating over. They don't walk, They just float. It's beautiful to see.
     "You ask will everyone float like that when they come to Heaven? I assure you, My child, they will." - Our Lady, July 25, 1985

"Pray much to your angels. You must understand, My child, they have been sent to you for reason. Tusazeri is always at your side.
     "Just as the agents of darkness, satan and his agents, do not sleep--there is no time, My child, in Heaven. You can call upon Us at any time.
    "I do not expect that you would understand My words, My child. There is much in Heaven that is sacred, and were it to be revealed to you, it would no longer be a mystery and sacred. All this you will know in time when you pass over the veil.
     "The knowledge of the supernatural, My child, has been taken from the hearts of mankind. Mankind must understand there is no death. Life goes on over the veil. However, your destiny is in the hands of the Father Eternal.
     "You, on your pilgrimage throughout your lifetime on earth, must work, My children, to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. You must pray and work. They are hand in hand a benefit to your spirit.” – Jesus, June 18, 1975

Veronica - All about the trees there's a beautiful blue light. It's a pale blue light, but it gives you a great feeling of warmth. It's so beautiful. The colors that always come from Heaven are beyond human description. I don't think any painter on earth has been able to place these colors onto easels or even on crayon in any human means. I don't believe any human being could actually duplicate the colorings of the angels' gowns and the colors that cascade from the sky with Jesus and Our Lady's appearances. – August 14, 1979 

"Remember, My children, come to My Mother; for in Her memory of Her human days upon earth, She above all humans created--sinless, without the stigma of sin, a perfect life upon earth without sin, and assumed into Heaven, body and spirit--She above all can direct you because She is your Mother; She is the Queen of Heaven, and the Mother of every human being upon earth." – Jesus, August 14, 1979

“Remember always that the closer you approach to Heaven, the greater the armies of Lucifer will come after you seeking to take you away from the road, the narrow road that leads to the Kingdom.” –
Our Lady, June 18, 1980 

Veronica - Our Lady now is going very high up into the sky. Michael now has come down by Her right side, Theresa and her sisters, and these many priests and brothers, and some of them are monks. Some of them look like some kind of monks; they have on a habit that I'm not familiar with. They're like cloaks about their heads; they're deep brown. Oh, they look so very, very happy, and there's a peace that's beyond explaining in human words. I can't explain it, Blessed Mother.
Our Lady - "You do not have to, My child. No human word could describe the joy of Heaven.” –
October 2, 1976 

"Do not fall into error, the error and fallacy that all will be saved without effort and without merit. It is a fallacy. There is Heaven, there is hell, and there is a place of purging. You must be clean, cleansed of all sin. Your garments--many shall wash in blood to cleanse them, but pray that it is the Blood of the Lamb.” – Jesus, December 24, 1975

"Many have sold their souls to satan to get to hell faster. Many have sold their souls to gain what? Worldly riches and power of temporary nature! What does it gain you if you gather every treasure upon earth and lose your soul? When you leave your body, you will be judged. Every man, woman, and child of conscionable age will be judged. And I tell you now, not one bit of your silver or gold shall buy your way into the Kingdom of Heaven. You will only enter by merit.” – Our Lady, September 7, 1977 

"Pray constantly. Your hearts and minds must be with Heaven. Do not give yourselves over to the world which is controlled now by Lucifer and his agents. It is a narrow road to the Kingdom of Heaven, and too few remain upon it. Once you leave, it is most difficult to return. Prayer has the greatest strength of appeal in Heaven. Your prayers will not go unanswered. Ask, and you shall receive; seek and you shall find the way. Believe and you will be given the way.
     "I am your God, and I am the Light, in the Eternal Father and the Spirit of life. And I say to you, as your God: God is, God was, God always will be." – Jesus, October 6, 1979


“Many martyrs shall be made, My child, in the days ahead. Many shall gain their crowns through suffering. It is truly the way of the cross, My child, to Heaven. Do not let a moment go by, My child, without using, without putting your suffering to good cause.” – Our Lady, September 14, 1976

"You must, My child, go forward with all My children of grace and persevere. Many will fall, for they cannot stand under the trial. However, the Kingdom of the Father awaits all who stand forth and keep the Faith.” – Our Lady, February 1, 1974



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