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“It is manifest that inordinate love of self is the cause of all sin.” – St. Thomas Aquinas, (Summa Theologica, I-II, q. 77, art. 4, On the contrary).


"My Son has seen the defilement that evil man has created. The penance will be severe. Few have heeded My cries. I have wandered the world in tears. Who has sought to ease My anguished heart?
     "Now you may look into your own heart and find the answer of the days ahead, for you have made your choice. My Son and I have begged you for atonement, for sacrifice--to deny yourself these temporary pleasures of your earthly life.” – Our Lady, April 3, 1971 

"My children, you have all looked for the easy road to My Son's Kingdom. The road to Heaven is not a road of acceptance of what pampers and you find is satisfying to your worldly being. You must deny yourself of these enticements which have been created by satan. I look upon your world and have found that sin has become a way of life with you. Come out of the darkness!
     "The hope that you can offer to those who have been led astray is the knowledge that when the Father forgives, He forgets. He does not wish that one of His children be given to satan. Your world and leaders--and yes, those in My Son's House--have forgotten the value of prayer. They will not recover and ransom souls with idle talk. They must now go down on their knees and make atonement for their offenses against their God, starve their bodies of the demons that they have allowed to enter upon them.” –
Our Lady, November 20, 1972 

"For countless earth-years My Mother has come to earth with a message of warning to Her children. Needless to say, this warning made no impression upon many. It falls upon human nature, the oddity of human nature being that mankind can repeat his mistakes because he has not suffered in his generation the trial that fell upon a distant past degenerate generation. I assure you, My children, that the Chastisement that shall be set upon mankind in your generation shall be far worse than mankind has ever experienced since the beginning of creation! In the conflagration there will be little flesh left.
     "As I made known to you through countless seers upon earth, the time is upon mankind now, the testing, the separation of My sheep from the goats.” –
Jesus, May 13, 1978 

"My warnings at Fatima were cast aside as they are being cast aside now, My children. It is a failing of human nature, My child, that that which does not give pleasure to the carnal nature of man is not accepted. Man shall blind himself to the truth, as he does not wish to face the truth. And those who seek to bring him the truth are cast aside and do much penance, My child.” –
Our Lady, September 13, 1975 

"No man shall be condemned to eternal damnation, no man shall fall unless he falls of his own free will. Man has fallen and become lukewarm because he has sought the material things of life to feed his body, his carnal nature, while he starves his soul. What good will it be if you gather all of the riches of the world and you do not store your treasures in Heaven? You will come across the veil with nothing but the merits of love and prayer.
     "My children, you must change your values back to the plan of your God. As a nation, as a country, as in many countries throughout the world, you have become paganized and immoral. My children, it is the gauge for the fall of mankind: immorality and paganism. No nation shall stand without its God, the God in Heaven.
     "Man is creating many new gods, gods to feed his human nature; and it is a basic carnal nature. Idolaters abound. When you worship in abundance things, My children, you are worshiping idols! If you spend your time gathering things, money, power, you are worshiping idols. Remove yourself from these worldly pursuits.” –
Jesus, March 18, 1978 

"The plan for your salvation was given. It was a simple plan of faith, faith in what has been given to you in the past! You mock the past in Tradition! You set yourselves to build a new church. The gates of hell shall never prevail against My Church!
     "Man shall not judge My Church on the actions of man, for man now is taking it and building a church for man, not to honor his God, the Eternal Father, not to honor and prepare his soul for the entrance over the veil! No! He is now wasting valuable time in promoting a mode of humanism and modernism. You are feeding the nature, the carnal nature of mankind, while you are starving their spirit.” –
Jesus, May 15, 1976


"Pray, My children, for your priests, your bishops, your cardinals. Too few pray for them, for in their awe and their knowledge, they believed in the past, My children, that these hierarchy had a special passport to Heaven. No, My children, they have a human nature also, and human frailties, and must be protected by prayer and penance and sacrifice, and this means the prayer, penance and sacrifice of others also, for them.
     "In your charity of heart, in your love of human nature that We hear man speaking of as he falls into the errors of modernism and humanism--true love lies in prayers and sacrifice for an individual, for when you come over the veil, I assure you, it is only love and prayers that can follow you."
– Jesus, May 20, 1978 

"My child, do not be concerned of the opinion of mankind. You will always be an enigma to many. You will continue as the Eternal Father directs you. All will appear before your very eyes. In your human nature, My child, We do not expect miracles of yourself. We accept your human nature with all of its failings. So, My child, remember sainthood is developed upon earth but it is gained in Heaven.” –
Our Lady, June 24, 1976 

"Parents, be an example of purity and goodness and disciplinarians in your homes. Your children enter outside your doors into a world of ravenous wolves ready to devour their spirit and crush them, until they cannot rise above the darkness without your help and guidance. You cannot, at this time, turn them over to others to teach the way; you must do this now yourselves! Take yourselves away from your daily pursuits, your seekings of worldly gain and materialism, pleasures of the flesh! For what? You cast aside the true way, and you go farther into the darkness and meet satan and his consorts.
     "My children, you cannot have the light within you unless you partake of the Bread of life. Come to Me in all of the tabernacles of your world. Refresh yourself in the Blood of the Lamb. What is there in common between the light and the darkness? Have you chosen your way? The way given from Heaven is a simple way; the rules have been laid down. And why do you make your own rules now and change the rules to suit your carnal human nature? And for what? To bring about your own destruction!” –
Jesus, June 16, 1977 

"You ask, My child, how a state such as this could come upon human nature? My child, it is because of this very basic human nature and frailties that man, in exercising his own free will, has brought the world of mankind to the brink of destruction; because man has rejected the teachings, the teachings of old, the teachings that never shall grow old, for they are the basic foundations from your God, the Eternal Father, your Creator. And now you reject your Creator, and in your arrogance and pride, you seek, as did Lucifer, to dethrone your Creator, and set up a world government of man.
     "O My children, you are heading toward the fatal abyss. O My children, now the world is proceeding in the same path as Lucifer started, and was cast forever from the Kingdom of God. Lucifer, in his arrogance, was given much knowledge, but he used this knowledge against his God! He, too, had a free will. My children, no man, woman, or child shall fall into hell, the eternal abode of the damned, unless he gives himself to satan willingly, of free will.” –
Jesus, September 28, 1977 

"Satan has entered into the highest places in your civil life, My child, and in the houses of My Son throughout your world. His reign will be short in earth-years. I have not come to your earth to fill you with fear. I have come to prepare you for the days of trial.
     "For countless earth-years I have chosen to give you the plan for your salvation. Should you cast this plan aside, you will enter onto the wide road which leads to your destruction. It is of your free will that you will give your soul to satan, or you will lead it onto the path of light. The road to satan is easy in your human nature, but Heaven is earned very hard. Many are called, but so few are chosen.   
     "It will not be an easy road, My children, to follow My Son. There are days of great persecution approaching. Persevere and the Kingdom of Heaven will be yours.” –
Our Lady, April 13, 1974 

"Your country, My child, My children, and many countries throughout your world have given themselves to debasement and all practices of evil. There shall be set upon the world much sorrow, much trial, with gnashing of teeth.
     "Many minor warnings, My child, have been given to mankind, but they go by unnoticed. In your human nature, many shall not listen until it is too late. Why must you receive the sword before you will listen? Wars are a punishment for man's sins!
     "Many shall die in the great flame of the Ball of Redemption. The miracle you seek, My child, shall be a great warning to mankind.” –
Our Lady, June 12, 1976 

"In the Eternal City of Rome now, red forces gather. And why?  Because they do not pray enough. They are, My children, busy running in all directions, setting up new government, new procedures, all manner of implementation and novelty, trying to rise high above the Eternal Father, placing man on a pedestal to worship. Long were you warned to beware of modernization in My Son's House. Humanism is satanism! You do not bring a soul back by laxity and feeding his carnal nature. Discipline is needed, but first and above all, this discipline must start with the leaders.” –
Our Lady, June 12, 1976 

"To all of Our bishops and cardinals: awaken from your sleep! This warning is given so that you will have time to make amends. You are burrowing like rats into the foundation of My House! In your quest to improve, you are destroying My House! In your arrogance, you are traveling the road of the fallen angels! Modernization--you shall not change to please human nature! You will bring man to his God through discipline. The rules have been given to you, set down very clearly in the Book of life, the Bible. You will not change the words to suit your fallen nature! My word to you is this: Return My House to the rule! A House in darkness will shut its doors. The filth must be cleansed!" –
Jesus, December 6, 1974 

"The Eternal City of Rome shall pass through a great conflagration. Discipline must be restored. Obedience, yes, but true obedience to their God and not to the mores of man. Much evil is being condoned, disguised under the guise of obedience. Let us, My children, call this a false obedience, clouded by errors and satanism.
     "Unless you accept Me as your Host, you cannot escape falling into the darkness. I carry the light, and I pass this light on to you as your God. No man shall fall into the abyss unless he does this of his own accord and will. But I assure you, My children, My sufferings and My death upon your earth opened the gates of Heaven to all mankind, but all do not enter. All cannot enter unless they believe and accept the rule.
     "Do not cast aside the knowledge of the supernatural. Do not reject the existence of hell, purgatory, for many shall go there unless--and I say unless, My children, they awaken and restore the very nature of their souls to the light." –
Jesus, August 21, 1976 

"The world, Our children, have forgotten the value of prayer and suffering. In their human nature they avoid prayer and suffering, but this is the fallen nature of mankind. Do not be deluded, My children, in thinking that the time will be given for you to make amends after you have accepted all the evils of the world. No, you do not know the day nor the hour. Therefore, can you take this chance of involving yourselves with the evils of the world? Will you have a chance to do penance and turn back in time? No, I say to you, many shall be taken from the world and be lost forever to Us.
     "The plan for your redemption, My children, is simple. It is a plan of prayer, atonement, and sacrifice. Live each day as if you were to leave it the morrow.
     "There will be a great War; there will be a great Chastisement; and of course, My children, there will be a Warning, a great Warning given to mankind. But how many shall recognize this also?” –
Our Lady, May 26, 1976 

"My children, the Eternal Father in the Trinity has deemed it well that I come to you as a Mediatrix between God and man. Having been a mother upon earth with a human nature also, I understand your failings; I understand your trials, but you can rise above them with prayer and acts of sacrifice. You, too, can be recovered if you will try and ask to be saved. The Eternal Father has created every living being upon earth, and as a good Father, a loving Father, He wishes that all are saved. But it is a sad truth, My child and My children: though He wishes all to be saved, only a few will be saved.” –
Our Lady, May 30, 1978 

"I stand upon the head of the serpent. My heel will crush him, but not until man and the world have been cleansed. I come as a Mediatrix of all graces, Representative through My Son in the Father.
     "There is a light, a great light upon earth. All shall bask in this light as they fight the great battle. Those who are in the light will find themselves scourged; those who are in the light will walk the road of My Son. They will be crucified by their own.
     "Unless man can deny his mother, his father, his sister, his brother, his children, and walk on the path of righteousness as a disciple of Christ, he shall not enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.
     "The greatest test of heart is how much you shall give, not how much you will receive. It is only in giving that you shall truly receive the light. Each man must armor himself with every means of obtaining graces to strengthen his immortal soul.” –
Our Lady, March 18, 1973 

“For the man of perdition will enter higher places to render discord among those who rule My House on earth.
     "Have pity for those who will fall into his trap. Only prayer and mortification of the senses can retrieve one of these souls. No one will be free from the assaults of the Church by the one called Antichrist unless you keep Me with you, not as an occasional visit, but as a daily act of love.” –
Jesus, May 19, 1971  

"I have asked the cardinals and bishops in My Church to spend more time in prayer and meditation and sacrifice of the senses to obtain the graces necessary for more conversions to My Church, My House upon earth. But My pleas and the counsel of My Mother have fallen upon ears that, because of pride and arrogance, have become hard in their hearts, callous in their ways, unsympathetic to the cries of My sheep. O My pastors, what great trials shall be set upon you, for I cry now from Heaven to you that a Church in darkness wears a band of death about it!” –
Jesus, May 26, 1979  

"Pray; pray much. Make many sacrifices of your senses. These are most pleasing to the Father. Sacrifice will recover a straying soul.” –
Our Lady, November 24, 1973  

"Pray much, My child. Make many sacrifices. The greatest pleasure to the Father is to watch the sacrifices of the senses being made by mankind." –
Our Lady, June 15, 1974 

"My child, We are very pleased with the progress of My Mother's mission to reach all souls in these desperate days. Know that the road for your salvation has been given to you. You will stay on this road, or you will find yourself wandering in the darkness. The truth in light has been given to you in your hearts. You have a basic foundation for your Faith. You will follow the simple plan given to you by the Father, the Commandments and the discipline. Your example must be one of strength in truth. Only in this manner will you recover souls, for many of Our sheep are wandering. Do not set yourself to win the treasures of your world, for you will forfeit then the treasures of Heaven.
     "On your pilgrimage in your world you must lead a life of austerity, one based on sacrifice and discipline. Return to prayer, dedicate yourselves with true vocation. Do not follow the modes of your world based on the themes of modernism, and setting of man up as an idol to worship by humanism, and eventually subjugating your will to follow the plan of satan. Prayer, redemption through sacrifice! There is no other course that leads to Heaven. The road is filled with thorns. The road is narrow, but the reward is great. Deny yourself of your worldly pleasures. Sacrifice and retire into a life of prayer. You will not gather the sheep with socializing. You must return to a life of inner contemplation and prayer. Get down on your knees and return to a pure spirit of child-like quality." –
Jesus, November 20, 1974 



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