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“For when they shall say, peace and security; then shall sudden destruction come upon them, as the pains upon her that is with child, and they shall not escape.” -1 Thessalonians 5:3


"My children, I do not wish to place fear in your heart, but I cannot allow you to go forward without knowing what is happening about you. I assure you, My children, it is not productive to keep the truth from all and to substitute a climate of false hope and false peace. Know, My children, it is by peace, peace, peace—when the world cries peace the highest and the loudest, know that the destruction is at hand! Do you think there is honesty among thieves? Do you think there is honesty among atheists? Are you so blind, My children, not to recognize that communism has a great hold upon your country and the countries of the world?
     "O My children, I warned you many years ago, I warned you in Fatima that, unless you prayed and did penance, Russia and the agents of the sickle and the hammer would go throughout the world cutting down nations and bringing death, destruction, and slavery." - Our Lady, April 2, 1977

"Your world, My children, is crying 'peace and security!' Recognize the signs of your times, for the end is near at hand as the world cries 'peace and security.'
     "My children, this is now the time for action with prayer. In normal, semi-normal times, when even the clergy could be labeled as pious and holy, satan set about to attack My Son's Church upon earth. But as time went on even the clergy gave themselves to the world, seeking not the graces from Heaven, neither calling upon the Holy Spirit to guide them, but giving themselves over to worldly pursuits leading to humanism and modernism in My Son's House.” – Our Lady, May 3, 1978

"My child and My children, I do not have to give you a long discourse on the distress of your nation, the United States, and many nations throughout the world. How many years I have roamed across your earth, crying out to you from your Mother's heart to do penance and to stop the invasion of the hordes of hell upon the countries of the earth. There is gathering now in your world a diabolical gathering of those of high esteem in the knowledge of man to bring about the world of satan--a one-world government, with a one-world religion.
     "O My children, you do not recognize the signs of your times. You do not understand the enslavement that is fast coming upon your nation and the world. Because of the love of money and power, many have sold their souls to get to the head. There are cries of peace and security going throughout all the nations of the world. As these cries go forth, farther away do you proceed from this peace and security, for there cannot be any security or peace without My Son as the leader, your God.” – Our Lady, June 2, 1979

"The cries of peace going throughout your world are just a cover for armaments that are being gathered now to enslave and ensnare the world into a war of major proportion." - Jesus, June 16, 1977

"A delusion has been set upon mankind. The Eternal Father has deemed that man shall go along now and reap what he has sown. Man is forever searching for peace--peace of heart, peace in armaments. But the more he cries for peace the farther he flies from it. There shall be no peace upon earth unless man returns to his God." - Our Lady, March 18, 1978 

"Many years ago I promised you an era of great peace. Your world now cries peace, and there is no peace. Does that not make you wonder? Are you looking for peace in the right places? No! You have turned to man to find your peace, and science. There will never be peace in the world unless My Son regains His rightful place in the hearts of His children, and the esteem accorded their God." - Our Lady, September 28, 1972 

"There are cries of peace and brotherhood going throughout your world, My children; but there is no peace, there is no brotherhood, for the plotters are at work. They constantly arm themselves; and you, being deceived, My children of America, you disarm foolishly!" - Our Lady, December 6, 1975 

"The United States of America is fast approaching on the start of the Third World War. My children, your newspapers and your medias give no account of these secret missions. There are men going from the State's Department back and forth, hinder and yon looking for peace, peace, where there is no peace, and peace where there shall be no peace unless they follow the directions of the Eternal Father and the messages given from Heaven in the past years-not alone on these grounds, My children, of Bayside and Flushing Meadows, but also to various seers, young and old, about the world. The world is crying, peace, peace, and there will be no peace unless the world will recognize My warnings of caution from years ago in earth's time, and they do something about it.
   "I have promised you peace, My children, if you will go forth with your Rosary in one hand and the brown Scapular about your neck. How many have cast aside their armor because they fear or they are afraid of the mockery of those who have already hardened their hearts to the truth." - Our Lady, July 1, 1985 

"For peace, My child . . . there is much asked for peace upon earth. I must tell you this: There will be no peace, My children, until what has happened in the past with My visit to Fatima is consummated. Now this has to be done, My children: I repeat this anew, as I have repeated it, as I have gone hinder and yon across the earth to try to enlighten My children as to the road to true peace
you must now cast aside, abrogate the union of Rome with Russia. For Russia must be consecrated to My Immaculate Heart for a true peace." - Our Lady, June 6, 1987 

"You have in your midst a group united to promote peace and security. You cry 'peace and security' and there is no peace or security; for there shall not be peace or security unless you follow the rules given by your God. Man shall not replace them by a man-made set of rules based on humanism and modernism. The way to Heaven is a simple way, and in your sophistication you reject it." - Jesus, May 3, 1978 

"Your friends, those who govern the nations, the foreign nations of your world, are not your friends, My children. They plot and plan behind your back. While they cry peace, peace, peace, they prepare for war! There shall be no peace among mankind unless you follow the direction of Heaven. The plan for peace was simple as given to you, My children: penance, atonement, sacrifice to your God." - Our Lady, December 31, 1976 

"My children, the world, your world cries peace, peace, when there is no peace, for they are looking for peace without their God. In their arrogance, as satan whispers to them, they believe that they have risen far above their God and can establish a utopia upon earth. They run about like chickens without heads, crying peace, peace, and love and brotherhood. Better that they get down upon their knees and ask their God for enlightenment." - Our Lady, November 1, 1976 

"My children, I cannot promise you an easy way to the Kingdom. I cannot promise you peace without penance. I can promise you hope, for the eventual victory over evil is with My Son.
   "You must now make your choice. The time is now! What was to happen in the future shall be now! The sides are now being divided. My Son's House is now being divided. Shall you restore it now while you have time, or shall you accept slaughter within your country
death, death in such magnitude that there will not be time nor people to bury your dead? The Ball of Redemption will soon be upon mankind, and many shall die in the great flame of the Ball of Redemption." - Our Lady, December 24, 1976 

"The angel of peace has left your country. The moment of chastisement is approaching. I admonish you now to keep a constant vigil of prayer. Forsake all worldly pleasures. Retire in the spirit. Only by prayer and example will you save souls. I offer you salvation, My children. Remain with Me under My mantle." - Our Lady, September 14, 1970 

"The Message from Heaven must continue to be given to mankind until the return of My Son. Your world, your earth, is now in a mire of degradation and perversion. Your world, your earth, My children, is setting itself upon a path of destruction. While the world cries peace, peace, the Bear goes forward with destruction, and planning for the destruction of your nation." - Our Lady, April 17, 1976 

"My children, the Ball of Redemption shall be the climax of chastisement upon mankind. However, because of the abominations and all manner of sin coming from the hearts of mankind, he will be allowed to proceed slowly, and then his path accelerating onto the road to his own destruction. The cries of peace going throughout your world are just a cover for armaments that are being gathered now to enslave and ensnare the world into a war of major proportion. My children, all of the cries of peace that go out throughout your world cannot prevent the explosion of nuclear warfare upon mankind! The hand of God that withheld this punishment upon mankind is being withdrawn!" - Jesus, June 16, 1977 

"Your world which cries for peace, the words come from the mouths of those who are lying. For while they cry peace, they make provisions for destruction. Peace will not be restored to mankind until My Son in the Trinity is restored to your homes and the hearts of your families." - Our Lady, June 18, 1981 

"Now, My child, you will tell mankind that there is a terrible punishment scheduled for the earth. If you, My child and My children, all who hear My words, will go forward as soldiers of peace this time, because--I say peace, because your country will soon be embroiled in another war. Your prayers must rise to Heaven, and I will accompany them before the Eternal Father. Perhaps, My child and My children, there is hope for mankind. The next war will embroil many nations. It will be a war to the finish." - Our Lady, June 18, 1994

"Your nation has given itself over to murders. You despoil the creation of the Eternal Father with your murders of the unborn! You call yourselves as a nation enlightened. You have committed the most foul of deeds--murder!
     "You have in your midst a group united to promote peace and security. You cry 'peace and security' and there is no peace or security; for there shall not be peace or security unless you follow the rules given by your God. Man shall not replace them by a man-made set of rules based on humanism and modernism. The way to Heaven is a simple way, and in your sophistication you reject it.” – Jesus, May 3, 1978 

"I hear all cries of peace, peace, and security, going throughout your world, My children. But there is no peace, there is no security. And your country, the United States of America, the great eagle has been plucked by satan and his agents. You see lying now before you a majestic eagle, the once proud symbol of America, fallen because of paganism and sin.
     "It is known through history that once a country has given itself over to all manner of paganism and sin, it is not long before that country falls into a system of dictatorship, bringing great sorrow, even murder to the masses.” – Jesus, May 26, 1979 

"As in the time of Noe, there were sent to you voices crying out: get ready and turn back before it is too late! As it was in the time of Noe, so it is now that many laugh, deride, mock, and close their ears to these warnings. And why? Because in their blindness they have been allowed by the Eternal Father to continue upon their road as they fast give themselves to satan. But it is a sad fact, and one that brings much grief to all the personages of Heaven, that as they plunge faster into the darkness, those with the power in My House, as representatives of Me, have chosen to take souls with them onto their road to perdition. Amen, amen, I say to you, that none shall escape this Chastisement.
     "There will be a baptism of fire set upon your earth. There will be a war far greater and more disastrous than any war that man has ever involved himself in. Do not cry peace, peace and security, when there is no peace and there is no security. No man shall construct peace without his God.” – Jesus, November 20, 1976 

"You cry peace, peace, when there is no peace. You cry security when there is no security. You open your door to add to your brood of vipers [U.N.]. You have left the narrow road, and your road grows wider.
     "Those who have been given in abundance, much will be expected of them. And woe to those who have received the light to turn it to blackness and destroy the souls of those about them.
     "You will all flee from the tail of the serpent that cuts across your land now. Accept not a drop of his venom, for you are not strong enough without the light; you will succumb to his poison.” – Our Lady, November 1, 1971 

"Many of the good have become complacent. They have now brought themselves down from a pinnacle to wallow, we will say, in their self-exaltation of being saved. However, I repeat again to all My children, that to those who have received much, much is expected of them. They cannot sit back and with a smile not consider what goes on beyond their sight. They must work in the world and not retire from it, self-satisfied with their own salvation. They must go out among the nations, because, My children, everyone now cries for peace and security where there is no peace and security. There are more murders: the abortions continue, accelerating at a higher rate.
     "And your country, My child, the United States, and Canada also, will receive the heavy hand of the Father soon upon them. We can no longer protect them from what is to come about within the next several months. Yes, My child, there will be blood flowing in the streets of the United States. There will be carnage such as has never been seen before in the United States and Canada.” – Our Lady, September 27, 1986

"One word of caution, My children: As you go about crying 'peace and security,' the world's leaders are gathering for war. There shall be no peace, no security, without God the Father as the leader for your world, the earth. Reject Him, cast Him aside, and satan then becomes your leader. And he has one mission: to destroy each and every soul upon earth so that he may capture them as prisoners in the eternal kingdom of the damned, Hades, hell--eternal banishment from the light.
     "Satan may come to you with many faces. That is why We caution you often to recognize the faces of evil about you. There is a war now, My children, taking place--a war of the spirits, a war, a supernatural war. And you must now use graces to fight in the supernatural.” – Jesus, June 1, 1978

"The United States of America shall not escape this time the punishments and the desolation of the nation that has gone now throughout the world, with Russia as the main force for this evil.
     "Man was created to live peacefully. Man was created to know his God, and in this manner to have a world that is not a paradise, but one in which man could live in peace and security. But now all of the leaders of the world run about and they say it is peace, it is security. Their words are like two prongs from the mouth: they say those words, but then they turn their backs and they are busy getting ready for a major invasion of the United States and Canada.
     "Yes, My child, all who read and listen to the Message must know that there is a plan now for Russia, a plan against the United States and Canada. Your nation and Canada are surrounded!"
– Jesus, March 26, 1983

"The Warning will soon come upon you. Shall you then awaken from your slumber and turn from your present road of destruction? Can you not understand the counsel from My Mother? Can you not give yourselves over to lives of piety and usefulness to man without falling into a delusion based on humanism and modernism in the ways of man?
     "Man shall not create a new world as he seeks. For there cannot be a lasting world without His God. And I speak not of the false idols and gods that man creates in his human nature! There is only one Creator.
     "You who cast aside this knowledge and choose to set yourselves up by power and the gathering of the world's money to control the masses, you will find that all of your power and all of your volumes of gold and silver cannot hold back the heavens as they descend upon you in a just chastisement. The world, the earth shall tremble; fear shall come upon mankind as he watches the approach of the destruction that he himself has chosen to set loose.” – Jesus, February 10, 1978

"Satan has now set into the minds of mankind all of his diabolical knowledge. He will be permitted, and I say permitted, because the Eternal Father watches, He waits, and He allows for reason, but satan now has deluded many. Your world and your world leaders speak of peace and love and brotherhood, but they do not know the meaning of love or peace or brotherhood, for while their lips tell lies, their hearts prepare for war, for man has become crazed for power.
     "Little by little, through the years, man has orientated and made the human being in his mind, with his loss of free will through drugs and brainwashing through other mediums, man has now been reduced to almost a robot state.
     "Do not, My children, be deceived by the father of liars, and his deception in raising up armies that gather under the banner of communism, atheism, satanism, agnosticism. And while they work both day and night to gather the powers and the arsenals to enslave your country and the world, what do you do? You are like children going through the fields picking daisies, tripping along merrily, high on your way of life; your drugs and your alcohol and your dreams created by false mediums.
     "My children, I ask you and I have asked you through Scripture to remain as children in your hearts, but I did not ask you to be stupid and not recognize the difference between light and darkness. They have no compatibility.” – Jesus, April 2, 1977

"How long, My children, do you think that the Eternal Father will stretch His pity to excuse, or make excuses for these abominations. No longer, My children. This I bring to you as the most urgent message from Heaven. Wars shall increase, and the great world War, the greatest of all, shall befall mankind, and shall make extinct three quarters of the world's population. Is this what you want?
     "My children, awaken from your slumber! You live in a dream world. You believe that this cannot happen to you. O My poor children in North America - Canada, the United Statesyou do not know what it is to see the blood flow in the streets, to see your loved ones torn - their arms, their legs missing, their bodies and their bowels spewing out upon the grounds. Is this what you want?
     "O My children, please listen to Me. You shall not be free from this type of suffering. It is fast closing in. The enemy is all about you. You are slumbering. While the world cries peace, peace, and tranquillity... We look for prosperity and peace. But where do you look? It appears, My children and My child, that most are looking for prosperity, and not true peace. For the only true peace shall be found through My Son, Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, the Holy Eucharist, through the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.
     "The peace that you seek far eludes you, My child and My children, because of the fact that you do not recognize the power of the Bear. The Bear surrounds you. Those who are with the Bear laugh at you, for they do not seek peace. And you believe in your purity of heartof many of the leaders, I say thisfor the United States, which has been always called a great Christian nationI say this to the United States, because they do not understand the ways and means of an atheist. Behind the Bear are atheists.
     "Now the Bear, the great Bear now that has clawed most of the world and nations, those behind the Bear, they know no reasoning for truth. For they believe that whatever happens in the endtheir captures, their covering the world with their propaganda, and their eventual destruction of nations, to bring them, down to their kneesthe means of doing this is justified by the ends. In other words, murder or lies, or anything which is in satan's realm, anything to justify their takeover." - Our Lady, June 18, 1982

"My children, the United States of America shall suffer a great calamity that will claim many lives. My heart is torn because I know now that many will not be saved.
     "I have cautioned, I have directed, I have appealed to all mankind to turn back from the road that is leading to a world destruction. While your leaders throughout your world are crying for peace and security, they prepare for war. False faces and fronts do they present in the news medias as they prepare for war. O My children, wars are a punishment for man's sins.
     "There is little time left .. Dates are not given, for what will a date produce but a temporary reversal from sin, and as soon as the danger passes, man will soon forget and go back onto the road to perdition. Man never learns from history or his past.
     "As it was in the days of Noe, as it was in the days of Sodom and Gomorrha, so shall it be in the United States and all other nations of the world, unless you turn back now. Your greatest armor is prayer and faith. Believe in My Son and you will be given the way. Do not reject the sacramentals.” – Our Lady, July 14, 1979

"Remember, My child, that when the world cries peace, peace, know that the end is not far off." - Our Lady, November 22, 1976



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