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"Because thou didst not serve the Lord thy God with joy and gladness of heart, for the abundance of all things: thou shalt serve thy enemy, whom the Lord will send upon thee, in hunger and thirst, and nakedness, and in want of all things: and he shall put an iron yoke upon thy neck, till he consume thee." - Deuteronomy 27: 47-48


"You will alert, as followers of My Son, Jesus, those in His Church who have fallen asleep, the bishops and the cardinals. And sad to say, My children, the ugly hand of communism has reached in to desecrate the Body of My Son in His own Church. You must remember, as man goes about the world crying 'peace, love, and brotherhood,' he sets up governments liberalizing the masses, called socialism. And it does not operate under the true cross of My Son, Jesus, but is used as a front to entice like a spider with his web those unsuspecting souls who are looking for peace--peace of heart, peace of spirit, which they cannot find in their present world because the leaders have fallen asleep.” - Our Lady, November 25, 1978

"You cry peace and security. And you run about upon your earth in the name of the new modes of socialism, and communism, and satanism, and atheism; and all of these 'isms' come down to one major fact in knowledge: they have been devised by satan and can be called satanism.” – Jesus, June 2, 1979 

“Secretly they work to destroy your country, to destroy your children. Openly they work under the names of socialism and communism, but secretly their members labor for Lucifer, for the destruction of souls, under the pain of death. Lucifer is the father of all liars. He was a murderer from the beginning and he brings death, only death to those who foolishly follow him.” – Our Lady, November 25, 1978

"My children, I do not approach you to bring fear to your hearts, but to counsel you as a just God, to warn you that there is a great Warning and Chastisement approaching, many accidents that are not accidents! As you sow, so shall you reap!
     "You must not reject the Sacraments in My Church; you must not reject the teachings for new modes of modernism and socialism.
     "And I say this unto My pastors: you will not change the way to suit man, but you must change man to bring him to My way! This way has been given to you in the Book of life and love, your Bible. You will not change the wording or the meaning to please man! It is a narrow road to Heaven, and so few remain on this road. Many of My priests are on the road to perdition and taking many souls with them.” – Jesus, June 2, 1979 

"Many warnings have been given in the past to mankind, that have been rejected as being a natural catastrophe. I assure you, My children, many have not been natural, but supernatural in origin. They have been coming from the Eternal Father to warn you that your time is growing short. You must cleanse your nation and all of the nations of the world of their sins of impurity. They must restore each nation under God.
     "I have told you in the past, and I repeat over and over that sin is insanity, and with this insanity your peoples of the world have formed a feeling, a major feeling throughout your world, that sin may be condoned and promoted under the name of modernism, socialism, communism, atheism--which is all pure satanism.” – Our Lady, May 23, 1979

"I am the foundation of My Church. The foundation is solid, but the walls are cracking. Cardinals and bishops, shall you stand before Me and say that your teaching has been pure in My sight? I shall say unto you: many of you shall fall into the abyss, to be consumed by the fires in eternity.
     "As We look and search the world for faithful and true pastors, We find that each and every cardinal and bishop has fallen into the modes of the world now, consisting of advancement in modernism, socialism, communism, and even satanism. We find there are those over the age of reason that have made a mockery of My name, of My Church, and in the name of satan, they go about as angels of light with ravenous hearts preaching doctrines of devils. You cannot escape a just punishment for your deeds.
     "There shall be set upon mankind a great Warning, far greater than man has ever experienced upon earth; and woe to the man who has not repented before the Chastisement. There will be much gnashing of teeth and woe set upon the earth.” – Jesus, May 23, 1979

"I have asked you to read the Book of love and life, the Bible. Read with your children. Many graces shall be given to all who read and study and learn.
     "There are many false prophets now teaching doctrines of demons. You must protect your children from falling in with them--false prophets trying to build a church of man, and no angels to guide them. A church of secularism, humanism, socialism, communism, and satanism.
     "The Eternal Father, My children, is most merciful. I stand before Him daily, pleading for your cause, asking for more time for penance to be done by many. But these many have become few.” – Our Lady, July 14, 1979 

“Pray constantly for your bishops, all of the clergy, the cardinals in My Son's House. A great delusion has been set upon the world. It is a testing ground now for all of mankind.
     "Parents shall suffer greatly for any laxity in the rule of their children. As I warned you in the past, I repeat anew, to counsel you that Lucifer and his agents from hell--Lucifer walks the earth now seeking to take command of all governments of the world, to destroy the world. Lucifer seeks to take Our children's souls, the spirit of light from them, and take all with him into the abyss.
     "Yes, you are all now being tested. Sadly, the young, the children, the youth of your world are the major victims now because of the greed of many who have given themselves over to humanistic seekings, joining with all manner of evil under the guise of humanism, communism, socialism, and satanism. As I warned you in the past, Lucifer and his agents must enter into the body of a fallen soul to work his will.” – Our Lady, September 14, 1979 

"The road to Heaven shall be covered with thorns among the roses. Pick up your cross and follow My Son along His way, not the way now that man is developing for the destruction of the soul.
     "We listen to Our clergy, and We do not hear the words of God the Eternal Father coming from their lips. But they go around to and fro like chickens without heads, crying 'peace, love, and brotherhood.' They have a semblance of piety outwardly, but their hearts are dulled, their spirits are sickened by their quest for power, money, and the riches of the world and the comforts of the world.
     "My children, parents of families, you must now accept the great responsibility for the salvation of your children's souls. When My Son returns, He will cry and cry again, 'Where shall I find the Faith?' Shall there be a flicker of faith left when He returns? The way you are proceeding, the world's people have become pagans, worshipers of false idols, engrossed in  materialism, modernism, humanism, socialism--every manner of creation from satan.
     "Those in power seek to form for man a utopia, a perfect world; man in power even seeking to create life on his own. He has rejected his God, O man of science.
     "Man has not learned from his past, My children. He repeats over and over his errors, never learning from his past. And I cry out to you: remember Noe, remember Sodom!” – Our Lady, May 13, 1978 

"My children of the world, you stand now upon a hill, a hill that you have built upon humanistic values and materialistic manners, as you sought to build a world of your own, cutting off the light, and building a utopia, built with humanism and socialism, and communism--all under the heading of love and brotherhood, but covered with a blanket of darkness of the spirit. For this, the Eternal Father has allowed you to pursue your own course. The awakening shall come in shock to many.” – Jesus, November 20, 1979 

"My children, you will all be unified under the banner of Faithful and True to the Eternal Father. To be faithful and true, My children, you must be of the cross, and follow the cross, and not one that has been made by man. You must remain true and faithful to the teachings as given to you by the founders of My Son's Church.
     "In your world now of modernism and humanism, socialism, communism, secularism--all of this, My children, is leading to the unification of man into a one-world religion, a one-world church, and a one-world government to the enslavement of mankind, creating a form of mass atheism in the world. Man is setting up false idols to worship: money, power, materialism. My children, none of this will have any value to you when you leave this world. You must now gather and store your treasures in Heaven if you want and wish to go there. These are called graces, graces given freely for the asking, graces for cures of the spirit before they come over the veil.” – Our Lady, July 25, 1977 

"The way to Heaven has been written in the Book of life, your Bible. We do not expect you to change it to please man, for man must change his ways that offend his God to please his God; for man must strive to be as perfect as God the Father to enter--in order to enter the Kingdom of God the Father. Therefore, you will not change the doctrines or go about with itching ears listening to theologians who have become now bloated with pride and arrogance and now seek to make man a god in his own world. But remember: every man, woman, and child upon earth will leave his body sooner or later, for he must die and pass over the veil for judgment.
     "There are many false prophets in the world now bringing you doctrines of demons, peppered for activity with humanism and modernism, socialism, and communism, and all of the 'isms' that come under one major heading of satanism, for they are all promoted by Lucifer for the eventual destruction and downfall of mankind.” – Jesus, August 4, 1979 

"The Eternal Father commands that you stop these murders at once! You will not destroy the lives of the unborn. Human life is sacred in the eyes of your God. No man has the right to destroy a life. The Father, He sends this life to you, and only He will decide when it will return back to the Kingdom.
     "Do not, My children, be deceived by the words of the evil ones about you who cry to you of no space left for man. There is space, for My Father has a plan for every life He sends.
     "There is, My children, a fear campaign to cause confusion among you. None of these fears are based on the fear of their God. No, these fears are only built on the socializing of man, and his humanism being exploited to cover every sin, that even the mind of satan could not conceive such diabolical folly.
      "We do not want to see your country destroyed. We do not wish the earth destroyed, but rather than see souls fall in the abyss . . . . But those who remain with My Son have nothing to fear.” – Our Lady, August 5, 1971

"My child and My children, listen well and give this counsel from Heaven to all mankind: That you are now on the road to destruction, spiritually and physically. I cannot look upon your nations and find one that is not in danger of being destroyed.
     "You understand well, My children, that the major concern of the Eternal Father is for the salvation of the souls of all mankind. We look upon you now, and it grieves Our hearts in Heaven to find now brother against brother, sister against sister; murders abounding upon earth; atheism, communism, socialism, and all of the 'isms' that directly lead to the control of Lucifer and satanism. And what can you do now about the advance of this evil, My children? There is only one recourse now to save mankind. Your nation, My child and My children, and all of the nations upon earth have now been reduced to a state of moral decay. It is a major sign for the fall of a nation.
     "My children, the Eternal Father allows you to pursue your course. There are many now, seers and voice-boxes upon earth, encouraged by graces from Heaven to go forth in the name of the Lord, the God Almighty, the Creator of all your universe and mankind. They are sent now among you to save mankind from hurtling fast into a world cataclysm of destruction. O My children, it truly rains teardrops from Heaven!
     "My child and My children, We had great faith that the United States--We were encouraged by the great Christian fortitude of the United States and many nations upon earth in their pursuits to bring the knowledge of true Faith as given by the Eternal Father, through My Son in the Holy Spirit, to earth. But now Lucifer--satan and his agents are gaining more ground in the battle for souls. I see only now a remnant left to be saved. Will you not in all charity reach out and try to save your brother with the little time that is left?” – Our Lady, August 14, 1979





In 1931, Pope Pius XI proclaimed to the world, "No one can be at the same time a sincere Catholic and a true Socialist."

Obedience must be in accordance with the authority of God 

Pope Leo XIII taught, “… for the right to command and to require obedience exists only so far as it is in accordance with the authority of God, and is within the measure that He has laid down. But when anything is commanded which is plainly at variance with the will of God, there is a wide departure from this divinely constituted order, and at the same time a direct conflict with divine authority; therefore, it is right not to obey.”  

Private ownership 

The Church’s teaching on the right of private ownership is clearly defined, and it serves as a protection against the errors of Socialism and Communism. This teaching is especially important today, to instruct those who are deceived by the false promises and false solutions offered by Socialism and Communism.  

Pope Leo XXIII, in his encyclical “On the Conditions of the Working Classes,” stated the following: 

Paternal authority can be neither abolished nor absorbed by the State 

“Paternal authority can be neither abolished nor absorbed by the State; for it has the same source as human life itself." The child belongs to the father," and is, as it were, the continuation of the father's personality; and speaking strictly, the child takes its place in civil society, not of its own right, but in its quality as member of the family in which it is born. And for the very reason that "the child belongs to the father" it is, as St. Thomas Aquinas says, "before it attains the use of free will, under the power and the charge of its parents." The socialists, therefore, in setting aside the parent and setting up a State supervision, act against natural justice, and destroy the structure of the home.  

The main tenet of Socialism, community of goods, must be utterly rejected 

“And in addition to injustice, it is only too evident what an upset and disturbance there would be in all classes, and to how intolerable and hateful a slavery citizens would be subjected. The door would be thrown open to envy, to mutual invective, and to discord; the sources of wealth themselves would run dry, for no one would have any interest in exerting his talents or his industry; and that ideal equality about which they entertain pleasant dreams would be in reality the levelling down of all to a like condition of misery and degradation. Hence, it is clear that the main tenet of socialism, community of goods, must be utterly rejected, since it only injures those whom it would seem meant to benefit, is directly contrary to the natural rights of mankind, and would introduce confusion and disorder into the commonweal. The first and most fundamental principle, therefore, if one would undertake to alleviate the condition of the masses, must be the inviolability of private property. This being established, we proceed to show where the remedy sought for must be found….”   

Laws must protect private property 

The capital point is this, that private property ought to be safeguarded by the sovereign power of the State and through the bulwark of its laws. And especially, in view of such a great flaming up of passion at the present time, the masses ought to be kept within the bounds of their moral obligations. For while justice does not oppose our striving for better things, on the other hand, it does forbid anyone to take from another what is his and, in the name of a certain absurd equality, to seize forcibly the property of others; nor does the interest of the common good itself permit this. Certainly, the great majority of working people prefer to secure better conditions by honest toil, without doing wrong to anyone. Nevertheless, not a few individuals are found who, imbued with evil ideas and eager for revolution, use every means to stir up disorder and incite to violence. The authority of the State, therefore, should intervene and, by putting restraint upon such disturbers, protect the morals of workers from their corrupting arts and lawful owners from the danger of spoliation.” 

Only Christ inspires true charity 

“…many today go so far as to condemn the Church as the ancient pagans once did, for such outstanding charity, and would substitute in lieu thereof a system of benevolence established by the laws of the State. But no human devices can ever be found to supplant Christian charity, which gives itself entirely for the benefit of others. This virtue belongs to the Church alone, for, unless it is derived from the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, it is in no wise a virtue; and whosoever departs from the Church wanders far from Christ.” 

Socialism proposes a remedy far worse than the evil itself 

In 1931, Pope Pius XI commended the writings of Pope Leo XIII against communism and socialism. He wrote that Pope Leo XIII, 

“… grieving that so large a portion of mankind should ‘live undeservedly in miserable and wretched conditions,’ took it upon himself with great courage to defend ‘the cause of the workers whom the present age had handed over, each alone and defenseless, to the inhumanity of employers and the unbridled greed of competitors.’ He sought no help from either Liberalism or Socialism, for the one had proved that it was utterly unable to solve the social problem aright, and the other, proposing a remedy far worse than the evil itself, would have plunged human society into great dangers.” 

Socialism: An alluring poison 

Pope Pius XI also warned,  

“… to the harassed workers there have come "intellectuals," as they are called, setting up in opposition to a fictitious law the equally fictitious moral principle that all products and profits, save only enough to repair and renew capital, belong by very right to the workers. This error, much more specious than that of certain of the Socialists who hold that whatever serves to produce goods ought to be transferred to the State, or, as they say "socialized," is consequently all the more dangerous and the more apt to deceive the unwary. It is an alluring poison which many have eagerly drunk whom open Socialism had not been able to deceive.” 

Socialism cannot be reconciled with the teachings of the Catholic Church 

Furthermore, Pope Pius XI explained that socialism cannot be reconciled with the teachings of the Catholic Church: 

Socialism, if it remains truly Socialism, even after it has yielded to truth and justice on the points which we have mentioned, cannot be reconciled with the teachings of the Catholic Church because its concept of society itself is utterly foreign to Christian truth.” 

Socialism: Irreconcilable with true Christianity 

“If Socialism, like all errors, contains some truth (which, moreover, the Supreme Pontiffs have never denied), it is based nevertheless on a theory of human society peculiar to itself and irreconcilable with true Christianity. Religious socialism, Christian socialism, are contradictory terms; no one can be at the same time a good Catholic and a true socialist.” 

All forms of Socialism wander far from the Gospel 

“And so, Venerable brethren and beloved sons, having surveyed the present economic system, We have found it laboring under the gravest of evils. We have also summoned Communism and Socialism again to judgment and have found all their forms, even the most modified, to wander far from the precepts of the Gospel.” 

Socialism and the descent into Communism 

Pope Pius XI proclaimed to the world that Socialism could descend into Communism: 

It belongs to Our Pastoral Office to warn these persons of the grave and imminent evil: let all remember that Liberalism is the father of this Socialism that is pervading morality and culture and that Bolshevism [Communism] will be its heir.” 

“One section of Socialism has undergone almost the same change that the capitalistic economic system, as We have explained above, has undergone. It has sunk into Communism. Communism teaches and seeks two objectives: Unrelenting class warfare and absolute extermination of private ownership. Not secretly or by hidden methods does it do this, but publicly, openly, and by employing every and all means, even the most violent. To achieve these objectives there is nothing which it does not dare, nothing for which it has respect or reverence; and when it has come to power, it is incredible and portentlike in its cruelty and inhumanity. The horrible slaughter and destruction through which it has laid waste vast regions of eastern Europe and Asia are the evidence; how much an enemy and how openly hostile it is to Holy Church and to God Himself is, alas, too well proved by facts and fully known to all.” - (Pope Pius XI, Encyclical on “Reconstruction of the Social Order”) 


Pope Leo XIII also warned the world in his encyclical, “On Atheistic Communism,” that the communist system is intrinsically evil, and no Christian may cooperate with it for any reason: 

“In the beginning Communism showed itself for what it was in all its perversity; but very soon it realized that it was thus alienating the people. It has therefore changed its tactics, and strives to entice the multitudes by trickery of various forms, hiding its real designs behind ideas that in themselves are good and attractive. Thus, aware of the universal desire for peace, the leaders of Communism pretend to be the most zealous promoters and propagandists in the movement for world amity. Yet at the same time they stir up a class-warfare which causes rivers of blood to flow, and, realizing that their system offers no internal guarantee of peace, they have recourse to unlimited armaments. Under various names which do not suggest Communism, they establish organizations and periodicals with the sole purpose of carrying their ideas into quarters otherwise inaccessible. They try perfidiously to worm their way even into professedly Catholic and religious organizations. Again, without receding an inch from their subversive principles, they invite Catholics to collaborate with them in the realm of so-called humanitarianism and charity; and at times even make proposals that are in perfect harmony with the Christian spirit and the doctrine of the Church. Elsewhere they carry their hypocrisy so far as to encourage the belief that Communism, in countries where faith and culture are more strongly entrenched, will assume another and much milder form. It will not interfere with the practice of religion. It will respect liberty of conscience. There are some even who refer to certain changes recently introduced into soviet legislation as a proof that Communism is about to abandon its program of war against God. 

See to it, Venerable Brethren, that the Faithful do not allow themselves to be deceived! Communism is intrinsically evil, and no one who would save Christian civilization may collaborate with it in any undertaking whatsoever. Those who permit themselves to be deceived into lending their aid towards the triumph of Communism in their own country, will be the first to fall victims of their error. And the greater the antiquity and grandeur of the Christian civilization in the regions where Communism successfully penetrates, so much more devastating will be the hatred displayed by the godless.”



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