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"These things I have spoken to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you shall have distress: but have confidence, I have overcome the world." - St. John 16:33

"You must recognize the ways of satan. He will come and reach you with cunning and deception. He will set man up as one to glorify, as an idol to worship. This offends My Son! The body and mind are being studied, analyzed, restructured, but where is the spirit? Starved for the light of truth!
     "You cannot make a soul strong by catering to the worldly desires of the flesh. Give man everything the world offers, but without My Son, he has nothing! There is no peace, no happiness without your God. You cannot shut Him out, for satan is always waiting to claim your soul." -
Our Lady, May 30, 1972 

"My child and My children, I have come to you under many names in the past, but I want you to acknowledge Me as the Mother of Grace. Because that is why I come to you now, My children: to give you the graces necessary to remain upon earth in a state of purity and perseverance, and knowledgeable to the truth that will lead you and keep you on the narrow road to Heaven.
     "My child and My children, many miraculous photographs have been given to you to try to make you understand how futile it is to go about seeking to buy happiness in a world that is materialistic. You cannot buy happiness, for that is one thing I instilled in mankind: the knowledge that the spirit within him is to be guarded and nourished with the fruits of true life--the knowledge of the Bible, past and present and future." - Our Lady, September 14, 1985 

"I cannot understand the lack of discipline in your orders, my sisters. You have cast aside your vows. You have traded your spirit. What can you expect in eternity but damnation? You have closed your hearts and your eyes to the truth. You have been warned by the Eternal Father and the Queen of Heaven countless times. You will listen now, or lose the gift of eternal happiness. You will not reach the highest pinnacle of sainthood unless you mend your ways now." -
St. Catherine Labouré, October 2, 1972 

"Life, My child, is but a pilgrimage for all, a vale of tears. You cannot have happiness, sublime happiness upon your earth, for then you will not be following the way of the cross. Life is but a vale of tears, but with these tears you will wash your soul.
     "Persevere, My children, in the days ahead. The attacks from satan will be great, but recognize them and pray him out with a constant vigilance of prayer." -
Our Lady, August 21, 1975 

"I cannot guarantee happiness for you in this world; but if you help Me carry His cross, the glory of Heaven will be yours, for the time is not that long. Each and every one will be saved if he will just come to Us." -
Our Lady, November 21, 1970 

"My children, you must guard your families. Watch your children. Because of the laxity of many of the men of God in My Son's Church, because of their laxity, because they have given themselves into all manners of sin, sins of the flesh, Our sheep have been left to stray, and the wolves have approached them. And many have already been lost to Us, lured away by promises of peace and joy and eternal happiness. There shall be no peace; there shall be no joy without the cross.
     "Many false prophets now are in your country, the United States, and many countries throughout the world. They make a concerted attack upon the young because the parents have become lax, because the teachers have become corrupted, because the governments have become corrupted." -
Our Lady, November 20, 1978 

"Russia has great plans for the capture of Rome. I beg unto you as your Mother to listen now while there is time. Bishops, cardinals in Rome, a plan is set afoot against you. Many have entered from the socialist--the Union of Socialist Republic, Russia, have entered the Church to destroy you! Recognize the path you are following. It is a well-made path. Avoid it!
     "America, the United States, you, too, have become walking with your eyes blinded to the truth. You seek peace and happiness, but the more you cry 'peace,' the more in your foolishness you give yourself to being saviors of the world--the enemy is seeking your downfall.
     "O My children of the United States, do you not understand what is ahead for you? Your country, the United States, has not known what it is to suffer through destructive forces. My children, you shall not escape the destruction that the Bear of communism has set upon many countries in Europe and the world. You cannot compromise your Faith to save what there is left, for everything upon earth shall fall as rubble with the Chastisement. A ball of fire, a chastisement, a baptism of fire, is heading for mankind. Can you not understand?" -
Our Lady, November 20, 1978 

"How We long to be able to spread words of cheerful vein, of happiness and joy; but, My children, how can one smile and laugh when the heart is crying?
     "Many will be taken out of the world in the conflict ahead. But do not despair, for with your prayers, even these may enter the Kingdom of Heaven.
     "Pray, My children; never cease your prayers. For that is the only step to take for the recovery of souls--not only of those you love, but those who have no longer a soul caring enough to pray for them." - Our Lady, February 11, 1971 

Our Lady - "My child, look up to the heavens."
Veronica - Oh, I am seeing a beautiful large building. It's something like . . . it looks like it's out of a fairy tale. It's just absolutely beautiful! It's a building made of all gold. And it has stones set in all the colors of the rainbow. Oh, it's just beautiful!
     And I see people. They're dressed--they're all colors and all sizes, and they're dressed in all different types of garments of various colors. And they all, though, have one thing in common: they're all happy--a beautiful, pure happiness, a joy. I feel it; I can feel it coming right down from them. It's a feeling of joy and peace and happiness beyond anything I could even describe. -
October 6, 1974 

"My sisters in Christ, cast aside the inducements to lose your chastity. You must not place upon your bodies the stigma of sin in either thought or action. You must live in the spirit and out of the world. The time on your earth is not long. You will soon be put to test. Do not follow like the sheep into the fires. Your sufferings for the truth will be worth all discomforts of your worldly life, for you will gain an eternity of happiness and joy here in the Kingdom of the Mother of God and all those who He has shared eternity with now. I promised when I left you that I would spend my time here coming to earth to help guide my sisters. I will keep this promise, for I will be with you unto the end of your time. And then I shall rest."
- St. Theresa, September 28, 1972 

"I ask you as a Mother Who knows the sorrow of a loss: Prepare your children for the entrance. Guard the souls of those you love. I cannot promise that all will be spared anguish in the days ahead; but I can promise that those who have lighted their candles with Me and carried this light to their families, friends, brothers, and sisters will join Us in the ultimate victory, which will be with God, the Eternal Father, and the return of My Son Jesus with all the personages of Heaven.
     "You see, My children, to join satan, it is fruitless. You have nothing to gain, but all to lose. The ultimate victory will be with the Father. Satan will only be allowed his reign as long as the Father allows him. Therefore, he is allowed for the main purpose of the gathering for the return of My Son.
     "I admonish all parents now to prepare themselves for the days ahead. Yes, I have gone throughout the world, pleading and promising peace, justice, and happiness; but these will only be given on merit. I promise you now that the time will come when you will all understand what I have been saying in various places throughout your world. I have now reached the end of My journey." -
Our Lady, August 5, 1972  

"It is urgent that mankind now take stock of what he is pursuing. I say unto you as your God, that your pursuits are making you run in circles while everyone is crying peace, peace, peace and happiness. Where is the peace? There certainly is no evidence of this upon your earth at this time.
     "O My child and My children, how many disasters must come upon your country and the countries of the world before the peoples will become awakened to the reality of a very angry God?" - Jesus, May 21, 1983


"I will give you the secret of happiness in the Father. No soul will ever grow lonely, for beside them is a friend, a guardian from Heaven. They are always with you, these guardians of your soul. However, you can send them away, but that makes us very sad. Know that we are here upon earth to protect you, to guard your soul from the entrance of satan and his agents.
     "Allow us to fight the good fight with you. The battle will be a battle of glorious triumph for the Kingdom of Heaven. All Heaven watches the battle raging upon earth. You have much armor, but we have great defense from Heaven. Do not cast us aside, for we are always with you. However, you must reach out to us with your heart. Call, and we will follow you as you make your pilgrimage through the world." -
St. Tusazeri, June 16, 1973 

"You, My child, will continue your mission under the direction of the Father. As you fight your way through the darkness of the world, you will remain on the narrow road. It will be a road filled with thorns. We cannot promise you a life of great happiness and approval in your world. But, My child, is this what you want? You cannot have both. But I assure you, give up the world and remain dedicated to the work given to you and your reward will be great in Heaven. Do not be swayed or grow grieved by the judgment of mankind upon you, for as they judged My Son, so will you receive the same. Only those who listen to Our direction shall recognize the signs of the times." -
Our Lady, July 25, 1974 

"My children, Our foremost request is that you concentrate not on the material but on the spiritual welfare of your eternal soul. Yes, We can send to you material gains, physical health, and other requests for happiness. But, My children, you must understand that first and above all you must request health of the spirit." -
Jesus, July 25, 1979 

"My child, the peoples of earth have a great fear of the unknown. But make it known to them that coming across the veil is not to be feared. There is no death, My children. I assure you, there is no death. It is a temporary state of transition. When you come over the veil, you must proceed through a mist, and then a judgment. After this judgment, if you come through the light, you will be able to join those who came here before you.
     "My child, My children, know that there is everlasting light and joy. Your pilgrimage upon earth is just a temporary abode. Will you destroy now your chance to be with Us in the Kingdom, the Kingdom of light, light and supreme happiness?" -
Jesus, June 24, 1976 

"Remember, My child, I cannot promise you happiness in this world. It has always been, My child, this way. You will continue now, My child and My children, with your prayers of atonement." -
Jesus, August 14, 1981  


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