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“And he shall send his angels with a trumpet, and a great voice: and they shall gather together his elect from the four winds, from the farthest parts of the heavens to the utmost bounds of them. And from the fig tree learn a parable: When the branch thereof is now tender, and the leaves come forth, you know that summer is nigh.  So you also, when you shall see all these things, know ye that it is nigh, even at the doors.  Amen I say to you, that this generation shall not pass, till all these things be done.” – St. Matthew 24: 31-34

"All who have received the light will not enter upon the wide road. All who have received the light will pray and do penance for those who are upon the wide road. The forces of satan are now bringing deep darkness into My Son's House and the world. Your times are now far worse than the time of Noe or Sodom. Recognize, My children, how close you are to the end of your era.” – Our Lady, September 28, 1972 

"I, John, have made it known to you what lies ahead in the last days of your era. You will all peruse the pages now and know what lies before you. There is no mystery to the words, for with the light of the Spirit you will be able to understand. All will be revealed to those who search." – St. John, September 7, 1972 

"Our joy is multiplied this evening by the numbers of Our children who have come to Our defense in the war against satan. The evil he promotes has accelerated. Unless you become knowledgeable and recognize his handiwork, the end of your era will be hastened. Unless you turn from worldly affections and give yourself to My Son, you will be lost in the darkness.” – Our Lady, May 30, 1972 

"There will be a great War, and at the time of this crisis will return the Lord of lords and the King of kings. Prepare yourself now, for the time for your earth grows short. A great change will soon take place. It will be the end of your era as you know it. Prepare your souls now. You have all been warned." – Our Lady, November 20, 1972

"You are, My children, living in the era of Antichrist. Recognize the signs of your times, and you will not fall into error. Read the Book, My children. You read books of corruption and vile debauchery. Restore the truth in your heart, into your children and homes. Open the good Book, the Bible, and read it in your homes.” – Our Lady, March 22, 1975 

"The days coming will be days filled with news for mankind, and I say unto you as your God: It is in the will of the Eternal Father that the world of man upon earth must make a decided change for the better, or the world must come to a closing of the era.
"I do not have to repeat over and over the warnings given from Heaven through My Mother, Who has wandered from coast to coast, country to country, trying desperately to reach your hearts before it is too late. Through countless earth-years Her direction was given and cast aside. An apathy had set in to the hearts of many.” – Jesus, August 19, 1978

"My children, there is a war now going on far worse than any physical war that man can experience, for it is a war of the spirits. Many saints of the latter days shall come forward from this era. My children, do not compromise your Faith but defend it against the forces of evil. Protect with love, with prayer, with sacrifice, the Eternal City of Rome and the papacy.” –
Our Lady, December 31, 1976 

"My children, Lucifer has set much woe upon the earth and in Rome, but I want you, My children, to understand that all will be good for those of well spirit. These days that are upon you were looked forward for in the hearts of many past saints now in Heaven with Us. But from this era many latter day saints shall come forth.
"My children, go forward in the days ahead with patience, with hope, with charity in your heart. Pray constantly. The prayers do not have to be typed nor read, but speak from your heart in the spirit.
"There is much confusion and chaos set upon the world by Lucifer, but if you understand--if you understand, My clergy, that Lucifer is now upon earth with his agents, you will understand why many have become blinded. The power of satan is great.” – Jesus, October 6, 1978 

"I am not a man who has spoken many words to the world in the past. Your Mother and One, my Son through the Father, sacrificed Himself for a generation that now is worse.
"I add my admonition to you, I, Joseph, that unless you follow the directions for your salvation now, the days for your existence and the end of your era will be soon." – St. Joseph, December 30, 1972 

"My Son is being--His Body is being defiled by man. And do you think this shall be permitted for long? I assure you, My children, you are coming to the closing era of your world.
"Man, in his arrogance and his search for knowledge, tries to create a new life for man. And what is he doing but paving the road to his own end, his destruction! There will be soon a great War, a war in which the flesh shall be burned off the bones of man. And after this war very few shall be left upon earth. In My past counsel to you, how many have listened? Too few have acted upon My counsel, and now you shall reap what you have sown.
"My children, there shall be set upon mankind a major disaster. One more world-wide warning shall be given, and then the major disaster of the Ball of Redemption.” – Our Lady, October 6, 1977 

"For you who have the knowledge, recognize the signs of your times. 666 is upon mankind! It is the closing of your era. It hastens with great speed upon you, because you have refused the grace given to you to turn back and do penance and restore My House.
"Before the Chastisement, My Mother's words will have reached throughout the world, and the sheep will have been separated from the goats. All that is rotten shall fall. My House kept in darkness shall fall! It shall be cleansed!” – Jesus, January 31, 1976 

"Prayer is the greatest force now given to mankind to stop the evil. Pray a constant vigilance of prayer in your homes. Public prayer and private prayer is deemed necessary now.
"As was told to you in the Book of life, in these days, My children, all will come to pass. You are living in the end of your era. There will be great discord in the homes. There will be nation against nation; and in the end, My children, many nations shall disappear from the face of the earth.” – Jesus, August 5, 1977

"Lucifer walks your earth. He has an army of ogres. They come in different forms and shapes, but they will enter into the body of any man, woman, or child who has fallen out of grace, given over to sin.
"The greatest sadness in My heart is that I must make it known to you that many will sell their souls to get to the head; for money is the root of all evil and the corrupter of souls. The lust for power has brought many into the label 'damnation' as murderers of their brothers and sisters. Murder abounds upon your earth. Soon it will be--become commonplace in your lives, until sin, being a way of life, will be accepted and the light will become darkened.
"You will, My children, review the counsel from Heaven, given by My Mother through Her earth-years with you. She will guide you and be with you until the end of your era and the end of time. She has chosen of Her free will to accept Her place among you as your Mother, as the Mother of the world.” – Jesus, October 6, 1979 

"There will come forth in your era many saints, My children, the latter-day saints. You will all be tested in your time.
"You must, My child, bring forth the truth to mankind of the existence of hell. We watch an evil influence entering upon your children. This influence of diabolical nature is being brought to them by teachers who have been ordained to promote the truth and the salvation of souls.
"All who have fallen into the web of satan and the evil-doers of the Holy City of Rome shall be held accountable and shall not escape eternal damnation in the fires of hell for their destruction of the young souls and those who have been given to their care.” – Our Lady, November 1, 1975 

"There will be much woe set upon the earth by 666: accidents that are not accidents, floods, famines, sin, impurity, immorality. My child, you will go about your earth--My children, you will all go about your earth wondering if mass insanity has set upon mankind. Oh, yes, My children, sin is surely insanity. As time accelerates and becomes an era of evil, My children, many will feel that life has reversed itself, for the good will be persecuted and the evil shall be glorified. As it was in the time of Noe and Sodom, so it is now, but the evils are far worse and more sophisticated. But as it was in those days, My children, so it will be now. The Chastisement is fast approaching upon mankind. Do not slow or slacken the pace of your work because of scoffers. I assure you, My children, even the scoffers will one day recognize the truth, but too late.” – Jesus, April 9, 1977 

"The words of truth will go throughout the world and then, My child, will come the end of your era as you know it. You will unite with all who have been given the light to join the forces from Heaven in fighting this final battle upon your earth, the duration of which will depend, My children, on the balance, which leans far to the left at the present time. The Father is most patient, but the Warning approaches.” – Our Lady, November 20, 1974 

"My child, at this time there is not much that I can think of that will explain to you in your human language the despair that fills Our hearts in Heaven. The numbers of souls falling daily into hell are increasing because of the lack of discipline and faults of leadership in My House. You will not follow the ways of man, but you will bring man onto My road. When you have joined My House with the world and it has become one, know that the end of your era has come. You are going to receive the test of trial; in this manner shall We separate the sheep from the goats, and those that will be left shall set up the renewed Kingdom upon your earth.
"My Mother has been sent on this mission by the Father to warn you, then to prepare you for what lies ahead if you refuse to turn back from the ways that have set you onto the path of darkness. The forces of evil are rampant now within My House and in the hearts of men. Unless you turn back now, make atonement to the Father for the many offenses against Him, you will receive the sword.” – Jesus, May 30, 1974 

"The evil one, the one of dark secrets, the butcher, the murderer, the liar, is now upon your earth. He has entered, as satan he has entered into the body of a man, a man with a human shell, but is just a casing for the spirit of darkness.
"I warned you in the past, and I warned you again, that unless you remain in the light, any man, woman, or child of conscionable age will be liable for the infiltration of satan, the master of deceit, and his agents. Many minds have been poisoned by satan. What was to happen in the future shall be now. You are passing through the days of the Apocalypse.
"Pastors, when are you going to open your hearts and your eyes and recognize what is taking place? The days are fast approaching to the end of your era.
"My children, I have asked you in the past to read the Revelations of John. You must read them, and you will recognize the signs of your times.” – Our Lady, September 7, 1977 

"My child and My children, there is one fact that must be brought forward to all mankind. I know that many have tried to make up for the void that the bishops of your country and the world have created when they will not go about and consecrate the major offender in this world now, Russia--will not consecrate Russia to the--both the Immaculate Hearts. My Son and I, We wish to save you from this destruction. And there is only one way that you can: that's through penance and prayer. Your future, which is coming to a point of what you call the end of an era, your future is upon you.
"The United States of America shall not escape this time the punishments and the desolation of the nation that has gone now throughout the world, with Russia as the main force for this evil.” –
Our Lady, March 26, 1983 

"My child and My children, I have wandered with great speed to and fro across your earth gathering My children who will listen to Me in the last stages of My pleading to mankind. Yes, My children, I say the last stages, because you are fast approaching the close of your era.” – Our Lady, April 1, 1978 

"My children, satan has taken from your minds and your hearts the reality of the world to come beyond the veil. In this manner, he gives you all the delights that pamper your human nature, making you succumb to the temptations of the flesh. Therefore, recognize the faces of evil among you. Do not follow like sheep to the slaughter. In your hearts, if you do not fall from the road and remain close to My Son in His House--come to Him often for counsel, and you will not be led astray by the agents of the prince of darkness who now roam throughout your world.
"My heart bleeds as a Mother for the youth of your land and the world, for they are truly the suffering victims of their elders, of poor example in the homes, poor example in the governments of your country and the world, and poor example in the House of My Son. What more can We do? My Son knows no answer but to bring an end to your era.” – Our Lady, October 6, 1973 

"We have great dependence on all disciples chosen in these latter days by the Eternal Father. None of you who have accepted this mission have come by accident, for you have been chosen from the multitudes. I have gathered Our children from coast to coast, from land to land, and as the war rages farther and farther and accelerates in evil, you will understand that there is an immense army from Heaven now upon earth. We have a desperate need for true and loyal disciples. The Message from Heaven must reach every corner of the earth before the end of the era.” – Our Lady, June 18, 1979

"You are in the end days. It will not be the end of the earth or the world, but it will be the end of your era, the end of time as you know it. There will be a great struggle ahead. And if man does not turn from his present course, there can only be great numbers of death and destruction set upon the world.” – Jesus, November 25, 1978

"The world's people must listen now to My counsel. The Eternal Father is much distressed as the offenses to Him increase. The Eternal Father knows of the day and the hour for your chastisement. Because of His mercy, His all-knowing merciful heart, He has allowed Me to come to you as your Mother, the spiritual Mother of earth, to counsel you in this final period of your era.
"I counsel you, and even admonish you as your Mother, to retain the Faith as given from  My Son to His Apostles in the Book of life, your Bible. This Book must not be changed in wording to please man, but man must change his way, the ways that offend His God, to please the Eternal Father in Heaven in the Trinity.” – Our Lady, August 5, 1978

"My children, I have no need for a repetition of My words. I have prepared you for what lies ahead. Now you will act upon My direction and you will be saved. Should you cast aside My many warnings and prophecy to you, you will suffer the consequences. Do not take the words given to you idly, in the past, for We have prepared you for your future, which is now.
"I have come to earth as a Mediatrix between God and man. This was allowed of Me by the Father, for you are now in the days which are fast approaching the change of your era.
"Soon your world will face a complete change. Many will be taken out of the world. Your country and the world will be cleansed by the Father. When this cleansing is complete in stages, those who remain will set up the Kingdom with My Son. You have hastened, with your sinfulness, a great disaster to come.
"I ask you now, as Queen of Heaven and guardian of your country and the world, to keep and promote a constant vigilance of prayer. Only in this manner can you avert what is fast coming upon you. O My children, if you could see what is there, beyond your celestial heavens, heading fast upon you, you would fall to your knees." – Our Lady, September 7, 1973 

"There is now in the city of Rome a conspiracy of evil to remove your Vicar from the Seat of Peter. The forces, the red forces are gathering. Pray a constant vigilance of prayer. When the upheaval in Rome takes place, My children, know that the end of your era is at hand.” – Jesus, July 15, 1976



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