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#403 - SINS OF THE FLESH, Part 1

"More souls go to hell because of sins of the flesh than for any other reason." - Our Lady of Fatima's words to Jacinta Marto shortly before the little seer died


"Errors are compounded upon errors in My House. The Red Hats are given to all sins of the flesh. The Purple Hats follow in blind obedience, and they, too, fall to all manner of sins of the flesh and worldliness--self-seeking, arrogant, and prideful. Because of these reasons, My children, they are blinded to the truth.
"Many good souls of light have offered themselves to Heaven as victim souls for the repatriation of the lukewarm and the fallen souls in My House. We accept in all charity of heart from Heaven these fruits from the light, these fruits from the hearts of the humble. But I say unto you: there are not enough prayers, there are not enough sacrifices and penance to save many among the Red Hats and the Purple Hats.” – Jesus,
December 31, 1976 

"Man's inhumanity to his brother is Our greatest sorrow. There is blindness much worse than loss of physical sight--the blindness of the heart. So many are heading for the flames blindly. Man seeks to destroy the evidence of hell, but he will learn the truth soon enough. Hell exists and Heaven exists. The sins of the flesh send more souls to hell.” –
Our Lady, October 2, 1970 

"As you continue daily, the sins of the flesh are increasing. The offenses to morality are increasing. Man has taken his body, his human body which is the temple for his spirit, and is defiling his flesh, casting out the light until you will have living bodies with dead souls. My children, when this happens, will you call yourselves human, as murders will abound upon earth? Charity will grow cold. All sins of the flesh being committed and multiplied unto murder! I could go on, My children, listing again and again the aberrations to you, and for what?” –
Jesus, August 5, 1978 

"Pray a constant vigilance of prayer. Make atonement to the Eternal Father for the many offenses! The greatest sin now being committed in your country, the United States, and many countries throughout the world are sins of the flesh. They are sending many into hell! And these sins of the flesh, sad to say, have reached into the consecrated lives of My clergy.
"I am the good Shepherd. I do not scatter the flock, but seek to gather them before the great crucible of suffering. My shepherds upon earth, you must return to a life of discipline and prayer. You cannot be in the world and of the world, for you then will not be of the spirit.” – Jesus, July 15, 1977

"Day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute, souls are falling into hell. And many go into purgatory and will spend days, hours, months, years to be cleansed! Some, My children, will remain in purgatory until the end of time. Many come into purgatory because of sins of the flesh. Many have gone into hell, eternal damnation and banishment, because of sins of the flesh.” –
Our Lady, June 12, 1976 

"The morals of your world, the sins of the flesh, condemn many to hell, My children. Do not cast aside My warnings. I come to you as a Mediatrix from God, a Mediatrix between God and mankind. My heart is heavy, for you are fast approaching the great Warning and the furious onslaught of the Chastisement.
"O My children, if I could only show to you, before your very human eyes, only a small measure of the Chastisement that will be set upon mankind, how fast you would turn and run and remain close beside My Son at the tabernacles of the world.” –
Our Lady, December 6, 1976 

"My children, you must guard your families. Watch your children. Because of the laxity of many of the men of God in My Son's Church, because of their laxity, because they have given themselves into all manners of sin, sins of the flesh, Our sheep have been left to stray, and the wolves have approached them. And many have already been lost to Us, lured away by promises of peace and joy and eternal happiness. There shall be no peace; there shall be no joy without the cross.” –
Our Lady, November 20, 1978 

"Remember always as I repeat to you that God is, God was, God always will be. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow is forever. The tribulations of the world have started, and the course of mankind continues on the road to great trial because your generation has given itself over to all manner of sins of the flesh, that will condemn many to hell.
"There is only one way to restore your world to peace, and that is by following the way of My cross. You cannot change My words to bring them in line with mankind's own egotistical ways. You will find that humanism and modernism shall bring much suffering upon mankind.
"My Mother has directed you well through countless appearances upon earth, and how many have listened to Her counsel? And how many have acted upon it? I say unto you now: You have become a degenerate generation that asks for a just chastisement from the Eternal Father.” – Jesus, October 2, 1980

“The Message from Heaven must be given to all mankind. Throughout your world, We have sent many with the message. Many voice-boxes shall cry out for penance.
"Man holds the balance for his own chastisement. The sins of the flesh are sending many into the abyss.
"You must turn away from the ways of the world, the ways of materialism, My children, for you are going fast into darkness of the spirit. You must reject the light set forth by satan to ensnare you and capture your eternal soul. You must now retire from your world, earth, and do much penance in the time left to you.” –
Jesus, June 18, 1975  

"The sins of the flesh are sending many souls to hell. The desire for riches condemn many souls. All power gained through riches is but of short duration. Shall you trade that for eternity?” –
Our Lady, December 24, 1972 

"I have come to you as a Mediatrix between God and man. I have come to you because the Eternal Father in the Trinity has deemed that I come forward; because I, too, know the frailties of human nature, the obstacles on your road to Heaven, the temptations, and the sins of the flesh that are sending many now fast into hell.” –
Our Lady, July 14, 1979 

"A country is designed for destruction, My child, when that country has turned from his Creator and given himself over to debasements of the flesh! Paganism, immorality, lust, licentious conduct--all this and more, will send a country to its destruction.
"Your country, My children, has been protected always by My Mother. However, you have taken it upon yourselves to reject Her and turn yourselves to your carnal natures. The sins of the flesh shall send many into the abyss.
"Your country shall not escape the great War. Your country shall not escape the cleansing by the Ball of Redemption.” –
Jesus, May 28, 1975 

"My Mother will be with you on these sacred grounds in the days ahead. The peace you ask for cannot be given at this time. The sins of the flesh have set a heavy penance upon your world. You will all pray now and make atonement, but this you will do upon your knees.
"If the words of My Mother go unheeded to this ungrateful generation, I assure you it will not be long before you will be forced to your knees! Hasten, harken, and listen, for the warn­ings given to you are urgent! The sands of time are running fast out, and you will not have another chance to turn your hourglass.” –
Jesus, February 10, 1975 

"O My children, I will not go into a long discourse with you of the evil aberrations and all manner of deceit that has entered into the hearts of mankind, soul destroyers more numerous than in the days of Sodom or the time of Noe. In that respect, My children, what kind of a stern hand shall be placed upon you, as you go fast onto the road to your own destruction!
"Your country and many nations upon earth have given themselves to all manner of sins of the flesh, corruption, and evil so vile that no human mind could conceive of this evil. But it has come up from the very depths of hell!
"I admonish, as your God, all who are in My House to mend your ways. My heart is sobbing, My hands are bleeding. I long to see My creation and be filled with joy. My Mother's Rosary is broken, and no one wonders why, because too few pray. Many have discarded these beads of prayer, thrown them away, and have gone chasing after all manner of sin for diversion.” –
Jesus, June 18, 1976 

"My children, you must pray always now. The more you give to yourself of the world, the more you seek the riches, the pleasures of the world, the more you will dim the light in your soul. There is now a point in the nature of man that he can choose between Heaven or the flesh. Many souls are falling fast into hell because of sins of the flesh.
"My children, guard the youth. Protect your family now, and you will not have your heart torn in the near future. There is much discord now, My children. We observe in family life a disunity which is not good. There must be discipline by the father and the mother. Faith shall be your beacon. Faith shall make you victorious. Believe, and you will be given the way.” –
Our Lady, September 13, 1978 

"Mothers and women of the world, you must no longer offend your God. You must return your country and the world to a disciplined life of modesty in the hearts of women, chastity, and a firm family foundation among mankind. Many of you do not please the Eternal Father, and you have pierced My Mother's heart with your sins. The sins of the flesh shall have many cast into hell.
"Men shall not consort with men, women shall not consort with women, for it is an abomination in the eyes of all Heaven. The Eternal Father will destroy you for this! As it was in the time of Sodom and Gomorrha, so shall it be upon the cities. Your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost, and you must not defile it, for you seek perversion and you defame your human nature.” –
Jesus, June 2, 1979 

"Many prayers are needed now, for many in the House of God have chosen to leave the road. Pray, My children, pray much that they return and lose their blindness. The plan of satan is like the web of a spider, going in all directions through the House of My Son.
"God is master of the world, of Heaven and of earth. Satan has been given his time to claim those who have chosen to enter into his kingdom. The sins of the flesh have condemned many now to hell.
“We look into homes that have become filth--filthy holes of abominations, example of depravity. The Father will hold all parents responsible to the greatest degree for the fall of their children's souls. The greatest teacher in the home will be the example of the parents.” –
Our Lady, August 5, 1973 

"The children are the innocent victims of their elders. All parents are cautioned anew to guard their children's souls. The truth of the knowledge of their God must be given to them by their parents. They shall not receive this knowledge when they leave your homes.
"Immorality and all manner of debasement of the flesh is taking place upon earth. The sins of the flesh shall condemn many to the abyss.” –
Our Lady, October 6, 1975 

"Your world now is a cesspool of sin--every nation given over to abominations, sins of the flesh. All manner of abominations are being condoned with realistic and realism--viewpoints of scientists who have given themselves over to Lucifer.” –
Jesus, September 14, 1979

"O My child and My children, never have We seen from the beginning of time a world in such chaos. And also, I shall not speak with words that affright your heart, my child, but I wish it known that this new modern role of what they call 'marriage without marriage'--which means living as 'common-law,' I understand, My children--shall not be tolerated in Heaven. It was never the plan of the Eternal Father that man and woman shall live as animals.
     "Fornication shall never be accepted. There is no excuse for fornication. If you cannot remain celibate, better then that you must then be married. It is better, My child and My children, to be married than to burn in hell.” –
Our Lady, November 1, 1985 

“Fornication! Adultery! Filth! And you wonder, My children, why I cry and shed bitter tears, for I know what lies ahead for you if you continue in the manner in which you offend your God now. Destruction! Destruction from man and destruction upon you from the Father!
     "Your country and the world has given itself to lust, pleasures of the flesh, worship of satan, abominations in the House of God. These abominations and these offenses, My children, are far worse than in the time of Noe! You will burn! The world will be cleansed by a baptism of fire.
     "Wake up now, My children; prepare yourselves! Make restitution. Get down on your knees. Turn back from your path, for you are leading into the darkness the young! You are destroying the souls of the young. And as such, you will be condemned forever to hell!
     "The example We see of many parents is poor. Mothers--where is the word 'mother' on your earth? So few true mothers remain. They compete with their daughters, My children. Vanity, lust, fornication, adultery--all in the homes! All vile manners of fornication, tearing down the sanctity of the home. Parents, mothers, you are responsible as a parent for the souls of your children. If you permit them to expose their bodies to the public eye, you are guilty of a sin! You are guilty and shall receive your recompense.
     "Discipline your children, you who will remain in the light. Discipline them, or you shall cry bitter tears of anguish. You will have to be an outcast. You will be laughed at and scorned. Yes, My Son was laughed at and scorned. Do not expect your cross to be any lighter. You will have to pick up your cross and follow My Son, the same road.” – Our Lady, July 15, 1974

You were created as men above the animals. You have precedence over the animals, though you lower yourselves and conduct yourselves worse than animals in fornication! I say unto you: remove the blindness from your hearts. Look about you and set straight your values.” – Jesus, May 18, 1977 

"Yes, My child, Our hearts are heavy. Immodesty, immorality, fornication--all the abominations that destroy the soul have captured many souls for satan. The example in the home is poor.
     "Woe unto that day, that last day when parents will look upon children and they will see the judgment of the Father upon themselves and the children! Man will weep; man will gnash his teeth in sorrow!
     "It is through the merciful heart of the Father that I have been allowed to come to earth as a Mediatrix between God and man. Do not cast Me aside. Do not send Me away, for if you do you will lose souls and you, as teachers and representatives of My Son, shall enter the kingdom of satan.” – Our Lady, March 18, 1974 

"A country is designed for destruction, My child, when that country has turned from his Creator and given himself over to debasements of the flesh! Paganism, immorality, lust, licentious conduct--all this and more, will send a country to its destruction.
     "Your country, My children, has been protected always by My Mother. However, you have taken it upon yourselves to reject Her and turn yourselves to your carnal natures. The sins of the flesh shall send many into the abyss.
     "Your country shall not escape the great War. Your country shall not escape the cleansing by the Ball of Redemption.” – Jesus, May 28, 1975 

"Families are disintegrating. I must tell you now, My children, the family must be returned to the holy state it was constructed for. We shall never approve nor accept marriage and cohabitation without marriage. We shall not accept the annulments that are being given now to so many without due cause." - Our Lady, September 27, 1986

"The sacredness of marriage and the married life of man and woman must not be destroyed by debased sensuality. It is a private consummation between man and woman and the family. It is not an object of derisive laughter and scornful jokes, My children.
"Your actions are observed by the Eternal Father Who looks into your heart. Pure thoughts, pure mind, pure spirit--what goes into the heart will come out." - Our Lady, August 21, 1975

"The act of marriage blessed by the Father must not be dissolved to suit mankind in his carnal nature and loss of the knowledge of God. What God has joined together no man shall place asunder.” - Our Lady, December 28, 1974

"It is the place and the will of the Eternal Father that the home shall be the safeguard for the children's souls--the mother, the father. But what can We expect, My children, when even the state of marriage, the Sacrament of Marriage, is being destroyed slowly? We know all that is going on upon earth--living together without unions under God. No, My children, that shall also be destroyed in time; if not by sickness and death of the body, it will also be by sickness and death of the soul.
     "My children, it was never deemed by Heaven, nor the Eternal Father--as written in the good Book of life and love, your Bible, that man shall not cohort with man; man shall not cohabit with man; and man shall not seek diversion from his home by setting out to seduce another.
     "My child and My children, are there many strong homes left in the United States, Canada, and many homes of the world? No, My children, the standards have been lowered. And when the standards are lowered, satan takes over." - Jesus, June 6, 1987




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