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“So shall the last be first, and the first last. For many are called, but few chosen.” – St. Matthew 20:16

"Do not fall into the error that is fast going throughout your world that there is no judgment, that there is no hell or a purgatory. My children, you are being deluded! There is a hell, and there is a purgatory, and there is the Eternal Kingdom of God, your Father. Many are called, but few are chosen. Many spend long years being purged.” – Our Lady, May 26, 1976 

"As in the past, rejection has been the start of a fallen man. Sin has become a way of life with many. You live in a delusion if you believe that you can offend the Eternal Father and then gain eternal life in the Kingdom. No, I say to you: many are called, but few are chosen.” – Jesus, May 26, 1976  

"My children, I do not come to the proud and the men of knowledge. I come to the little ones--little in worldly knowledge, but filled with the spirit of truth; those with little of worldly possessions, but carrying the keys to the Kingdom. It is these children of God who will remain to greet My Son when He returns.
"Many are called, but few are chosen. The numbers counted will be in the few after the final cleansing. Many minds have been poisoned by satan; many have sold their souls for worldly gain. How sad that they have forgotten that all time comes to an end, all life must reach its end, and all human life passes on to the veil.” – Our Lady, December 24, 1973 

“Many of you will be used as instruments of Heaven, as you have heard throughout the world of many instruments. There is great need for many to go forth and bring the word of truth. All who have come to My Mother's hallowed grounds have come here not by accident, for they have been chosen. Consider yourselves as called by the Father, as apostles of the Father, and go forth with the truth, knowing that the eventual victory will be with the Father in the Kingdom.” – Jesus, December 24, 1973 

"All who have been called to the circle of light must go forward as apostles of the latter days; all who have been called to the circle of light must accept and pledge their full support of all who have taken up the Message from Heaven and disperse it throughout the world.
"My child and My children, do not slacken in your pace. There will be many crowns given in Heaven for extra efforts. Persevere, My children. True love of heart and light of spirit will give you the strength to forge a united link of prayer throughout the world.
"It is inevitable, My children, that the Chastisement will come upon mankind. Do not weep, My child, for you will understand that all that is rotten must fall. The wheat shall be separated from the chaff, and all that will come forth will be glorified by the Eternal Father. Many are called, but few are chosen in the harvest.” – Our Lady, May 18, 1977 

"Do not fall for the fallacy that My trial and My suffering upon your earth has automatically given you free access to the Kingdom of the Father. No! This must be by merit. You must want to enter the Kingdom; you must prepare for the Kingdom; you must make ready for the Kingdom now, for many are called, many shall be called, but only a few can enter. Man has a free will; he is given the choice.” – Jesus, June 12, 1976

"My Son gave His life for you all, but all shall not enter the Kingdom of Heaven. For many are called but only few are chosen. In the final count, My children, there will be only a remnant who will enter the Kingdom.” – Our Lady, March 25, 1978 

"The destruction of souls accelerates. My children, can you not recognize the path you have allowed yourself to go upon? It is a way of destruction. It is not the way as given by My Son, for you have set yourselves to build a new church, a church for the glorification of man.
"My children, a Church in darkness wears a band of death about it. All that is rotten shall fall. No evil shall be ever triumphant, for the Eternal Father shall turn all evil to good.
"You see, My children, satan will not succeed in his plan. He is being given his time, but a short time now, to gather his own. Sad to say, My child and My children, many shall be called, but few are chosen. All who descend into the abyss do this of their own free will, My children. You must pray always that the forces of evil do not make you succumb." – Our Lady, March 25, 1978 

"All of this I have repeated to you over and over, because My Mother's heart is torn for you. My children, many of you have become blinded by sin. Many have closed their ears to My pleadings. Many go about as scoffers and look upon My mission as a subject for ridicule and derision. O My children, sad to say it has been written in the Book of life and has been said again and again, that many are called but few are chosen.
"My Son died a cruel death upon His cross for you. He could not die for all, for only many have made themselves ready to come across the veil. Though We wished in Our hearts, all of Heaven wished that man would all turn from his ways, ways that offend the Eternal Father much, and return onto the narrow road that will lead him directly back to the Eternal Kingdom of Heaven--however, man has chosen to set himself upon the wide road filled with earthly pleasures. The sins of the flesh are condemning many to hell, My children.” – Our Lady, April 1, 1978 

"It is only through great grace that a man shall be pushed over the veil into Heaven, the Eternal Kingdom. Graces are given in abundance for the asking. Believe, My children, just believe, and you will be given the way. No man shall fall into hell, the abode of the damned, unless he goes there of his own free will.
"Yes, My children, daily many are called, but sadly only few are chosen. Many are spending long earth-years of time in a place of cleansing, a place of sad waiting known to you as purgatory, the purging place.
"Many have fallen into hell to be eternally damned and banished from the light. Man in his sin chooses his own punishment. Think, My children, and ponder upon that. Left to his own will, man shall blunder to his final destruction.” – Jesus, April 1, 1978 

"My child and My children, you will continue to send the message throughout the world. Do not be concerned of the rejection by many, for you must understand, My children, that many are called but few are chosen in the final count.
"As I counseled you in the past, I have come to you as a Mediatrix between God and man to warn you that the time is running out for mankind. A great Warning approaches. I beg you all, as your Mother of love, to listen to Me and act upon My counsel. The Eternal Father is much concerned now because it is almost inevitable that the destruction be sent upon you.” – Our Lady, June 2, 1979 

"My Mother has been coming to you as a Mediatrix between God and man. She sends you and strews among you many roses. Many have thorns; the thorns are always with the roses. And you will always find, My child and My children, the cross beneath the roses. The road to Heaven is the way of the cross. Pick up your cross and follow Me. The way is narrow, and very few remain on it. Many are called, but few can be chosen.
"Remain constant, My children. Fidelity--remain faithful and true, and you will be saved." – Jesus, July 25, 1979 

"My children, We watch the new way, the manner in which you give a blessing to those who have fallen asleep upon earth. My children, do not make it a carnival of pleasure, for many who have fallen asleep have not passed over the veil into the Kingdom of the Eternal Father. It is a sad time for many, not a time to rejoice, for they have not received salvation; they cannot receive it until they are purged. Their souls must be cleansed. And many shall spend long years in purgatory, and many have already fallen into hell. So it is from the father of liars that you promote this fallacy and lie that all are saved when they die.
"My children, satan has promoted this fallacy, for then you do not pray for those who have died. You leave them to go into the abyss, without prayers. You leave them to spend many long years in purgatory, for lack of prayers. And why? Because you believe the errors. The Eternal Father permits these errors to go throughout your world so that those who persist in believing the error shall follow satan fast into the abyss. For the lack of grace, many shall pass into hell. And do not be deluded, My children, by the fallacy created by satan through mankind that all are saved. Many are called, but few are chosen.” – Our Lady, August 14, 1976

"It is sad, My child, that those who should know better have chosen to reject My message while they accept the message of satan. I repeat, there is a Heaven, the Kingdom of God. There is a hell, and there is a purgatory. Too late will many learn that this is a fact! Every man, every human being upon your earth must one day pass over the veil. It will be a sad day for many, for many are called, My child, but few can be chosen.
"Sin, the most abominable of sins, has become a way of life with your country and many countries of your world. It is for this reason that mankind, this generation that has become perverse, will have visited upon it trials such as have never been seen since the beginning of creation. It is in this manner that the sheep shall be separated from the goats.
"Persevere, My children, in the days ahead. Many shall be martyred for the Kingdom of God. Always keep in mind, My children, that your body is only a shell, a housing for your spirit which lives on forever over the veil. Your body is the temple for the Holy Spirit.” – Our Lady, December 31, 1974 

"All who have come to the sacred grounds have come with reason. The Eternal Father has a plan, and everyone who comes to the sacred grounds has been called there by the Father.” –
Jesus, June 18, 1983 

"Bring the children to Us, but do not take them down the wrong road. Parents, give them the light while there is time. Save your children, for your hearts will be torn with anguish. What greater joy, My children, in the heart of a parent, when a child must come to Us over the veil and this parent has the comfort of heart to know that that child has been saved. And what sadness to a parent to wonder and plead for an eternity upon earth for the redemption of a soul that the parent, through negligence, through blindness, through a dimness of faith, allowed, permitted his child to go onto the wrong road, a road leading to ultimate damnation.
"All were placed upon earth to be saved, but many are called but few are chosen. And why? Because they did not pray. They did not accept the gifts given to them for their salvation. They looked elsewhere. They implemented with novelty and experimentation. Satan has poisoned the minds of many.” – Jesus, May 15, 1976 

"Pray a constant vigilance of prayer. Wear your sacramentals, for they have been given to you for reason. Pray for those who scoff at these graces, for they do not know what they are doing. Pray for them, My child, that they may be given the light, for they have given themselves to the ways of the world, caring more for the plaudits of man than for the promise of the Eternal Father. They will gain all that satan has to offer in your world, but will come across the veil with no merit--only to find their eternal reward in the abyss.
"Yes, My child, you will feel faint at the knowledge of the existence of hell. Better that mankind has fear of the Eternal Father if he does not have love! For now many are in a void of spirit. They neither know their God, nor do they care to know their God.
"Why, My child, you ask, has this state come about? Because mankind refuses, My child, to humble himself. He must be above his brother! Pride! Intellectual pride shall destroy many, even in the houses of God. Pray, My child, for many are called but few are chosen." – Our Lady, March 29, 1975 

"Do not fall into the trap set by satan by misleading you into a false security because of My Sacrifice for mankind to open the gates of the Kingdom of your God. Many are called, but few are chosen. My Sacrifice guaranteed eternal life to all, but all shall not enter, for many have rejected the message of your God from the beginning of time and they did not enter!
"You have a false security that all is forgiven. But is this not sheer insanity in sin to believe that you may offend your God and break His rules and enter? What manner of life would there be in your Kingdom of Heaven? All will enter by merit! Many shall enter through suffering and atonement and penance.” – Jesus, February 10, 1976 

"The world will reject this message, My child, for your world is in deep darkness of spirit. However, it is a sad fact that many are called but few are chosen.
"Pastors upon earth, why have you scattered your sheep? Why do you follow the call of the serpent? Why have you taken My Son's House, Church, and destroyed the knowledge of their God? You are building for yourselves a church that will be one of man and not of your God. Stone upon stone you build, using all of the treasures of your world to build it. But they will crumble; each stone shall fall. None will be left unturned in the Chastisement. Then what will you have gained for your sins?
"A just punishment, My child, shall be sent upon mankind. Shout this from the rooftops! All manners of sins and abominations have entered into My Son's House on earth, His Church.” – Our Lady, October 6, 1975 

"My child, the peoples of earth have a great fear of the unknown. But make it known to them that coming across the veil is not to be feared. There is no death, My children. I assure you, there is no death. It is a temporary state of transition. When you come over the veil, you must proceed through a mist, and then a judgment. After this judgment, if you come through the light, you will be able to join those who came here before you.
"My child, My children, know that there is everlasting light and joy. Your pilgrimage upon earth is just a temporary abode. Will you destroy now your chance to be with Us in the Kingdom, the Kingdom of light, light and supreme happiness?
"Many are called, but few can be chosen. It is in the knowledge of the Eternal Father, and it is not for mankind to understand the judgment of the Eternal Father. There is a banishment, a place that is known to you as hades or hell, and there is a place of purging. In the knowledge of the sacred and the mysteries of your Faith, you cannot, in your human nature, understand the supernatural to its fullest. If I revealed to you, My child and My children, all at this time, then the mysteries of Heaven could no longer be sacred.” – Jesus, June 24, 1976 

"My children, the Eternal Father in the Trinity has deemed it well that I come to you as a Mediatrix between God and man. Having been a mother upon earth with a human nature also, I understand your failings; I understand your trials, but you can rise above them with prayer and acts of sacrifice. You, too, can be recovered if you will try and ask to be saved. The Eternal Father has created every living being upon earth, and as a good Father, a loving Father, He wishes that all are saved. But it is a sad truth, My child and My children: though He wishes all to be saved, only a few will be saved.
"He died, My Son, a torturous death of heart and body upon the cross, for all. But only many were ready, and only many could be called.” – Our Lady, May 30, 1978 

"Man is creating many new gods, gods to feed his human nature; and it is a basic carnal nature. Idolaters abound. When you worship in abundance things, My children, you are worshiping idols! If you spend your time gathering things, money, power, you are worshiping idols. Remove yourself from these worldly pursuits.
"It is a narrow road to the Kingdom of your God, Heaven. Many are called but few are chosen. The road with satan is wide. Many walk it and can never leave, because there are too few prayers said for them and by them.” – Jesus, March 18, 1978

"My children, hell and purgatory--forgotten! My Son's death upon the cross--forgotten, as you happily raise your voices, call Him Savior, and think all are saved without penance, atonement, and sacrifice! Shall you sin and be always forgiven without penance? No, I say to you! Only a few will be saved. Many are called, but few are chosen.
"The way to Heaven is a simple road, but you must be imitators of My Son. You cannot have the world and its riches and acclaimance and Heaven too. You cannot accept two masters in your life, for one you will love, and the other, the other you will grow to hate.” – Our Lady, April 9, 1977

“There is a plan in Heaven for everyone. However, in man's free will, I must make it known to you that many are called, but few are chosen.
"Do not fall into error. As I look into the hearts of mankind, I see many who have fallen into this error of teaching. My Son died. He died at the hands of those who did not believe. And My Son is now being recrucified in His Church at the hands of those who do not believe. Because My Son died upon the cross does not mean that man shall enter the Kingdom of Heaven without penance!
"What man can say he now stands before the Father and has not made restitution for the offenses against the Eternal Father and shall enter the Kingdom of Heaven? O My child, it is not that way!
"Because My Son died, My children, upon His cross, He opened the gates of Heaven that were shut to mankind at the fall of the first parents. He died for mankind, but shall those who reject Him by sin and breaking the Commandments of the Eternal Father, without penance, enter? No! Sadly, My child, My children, they cannot enter.” – Our Lady, January 31, 1976 

"Do not be misguided, My children, by the fallacy being promoted, even from the mouths of Our pastors, that all will enter into the Kingdom of the Eternal Father in Heaven. It is a fallacy. Many are called, but few are chosen.” – Our Lady, November 22, 1976

"My Son gave you your Faith. He gave you the course, a simple plan to follow. He gave you your first leaders. They wrote down the plan from Heaven into your Bible. Every man seeks novelty, interpreting for his own satisfaction--all manner of delusion and complication, novelty. For what? For the ultimate destruction of your Faith! Sheep running and scattering, churches closing their doors! Why? Because you have replaced the light with darkness.
"O My children, what words can I give to you in addition to bring you out of your slumber? As in the time of Noe, you close your ears. Sodom and Gomorrha, you close your ears and your hearts.
"Only a few shall be saved. Many are called but few are chosen. The road to the eternal Kingdom of the Father is a narrow one, My children. Once you leave, it is most difficult to return.
"Keep your armor upon you, My children. Do not listen to the scoffers who seek to remove your armor from you. Your sacramentals have been given for reason. You will need them, My children. Without them you will leave the road to Heaven. Without them you shall enter into darkness, and without them you shall be blind to the truth.
"You must have the Bread of life within you, My children. Comfort My Son and He shall comfort you in the days ahead. Reject Him and you shall be rejected by the Eternal Father, for none shall come to the Kingdom of Heaven but through My Son and His leadership.” – Our Lady, December 24, 1975



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