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#415 - THE HOLY BIBLE, Part 2

"All scripture, inspired of God, is profitable to teach, to reprove, to correct, to instruct in justice, that the man of God may be perfect, furnished to every good work." - 2 Timothy 3: 16-17

"The road to the Kingdom of God is found in the reading of the Scriptures. Man does not know God. He no longer looks for Him in the revelations of the holy Bible. The soul in exile can only be nourished by the word of God, through Jesus and His sacrifice on the cross.
"The holy Bible is your family heirloom. Partake of His precious gift of the Lamb, and keep your eyes on the Bible as the darkness closes in about us." - Our Lady, April 7, 1970 

"I must ask you all to read but a few short chapters a day now, the Book of life and love, your Bible. Knowledge must be gained for all the disciples of My Son, for you will be attacked by scientific minds. But do not be concerned what you will say to them when accosted, for the words will be given to you by the Spirit." -
Our Lady, April 10, 1976 

"Read your Bible, My children. Man has forgotten his God, and he no longer finds the revelations in the word.
"There will be much suffering ahead, My children; but fear not, for this is only your temporary home. Fear not the destruction of the body, but pray that this destruction does not reach your soul. So many are blinded by worldly pleasures to the realization of the truth that lies ahead--the darkness." -
Our Lady, August 5, 1970 

"My children, there are many among you in My Son's ecclesiastical bodies that seek to build a new church upon earth. It is not supernatural; it is a natural church of man!
"My children, do not be deluded by the humanistic approach to salvation. My Son gave the rules; the Eternal Father set the rules for mankind in the past and through countless ages of time. You have cast aside the direction of the founding Fathers of My Son's Church, those He has appointed to set down the rules and procedures. You cannot, you must not change the Book of life, the Bible, to please mankind, for you are pleasing satan. You must remember the words of the Book of life that any man--meaning it woman or child of conscionable age, but more befit to say man--who seeks to change but one word in the Book of life, the Bible, shall be cast out of the Kingdom of life and light, Heaven, cast from the light and into the darkness ruled by satan, forever damned." -
Our Lady, July 15, 1978 

"There are many false prophets now going throughout the world. They come to you as angels of light, but they are distorting the Book of life, the Bible. They are reprinting it to suit their own ideas, ideologies, and a new-found theology. You must not accept these modernistic printings, for they do not carry the truth nor the true word of God." -
Our Lady, June 18, 1979 

"There are many theologians, even in My Son's House now, that are bringing to mankind doctrines of demons. They are teachings of man and not of God. Many have set themselves in their arrogance to change the wordings in the Book of love and life, the Bible. These changes were to seduce mankind into bondage of sin." -
Our Lady, June 2, 1979 

"You must not reject the Sacraments in My Church; you must not reject the teachings for new modes of modernism and socialism.
"And I say this unto My pastors: you will not change the way to suit man, but you must change man to bring him to My way! This way has been given to you in the Book of life and love, your Bible. You will not change the wording or the meaning to please man! It is a narrow road to Heaven, and so few remain on this road. Many of My priests are on the road to perdition and taking many souls with them." -
Jesus, June 2, 1979 

"You, My child, must give more effort to spreading the Gospel Truth. The Book of life and love, the Bible, is being rewritten. It is done, My child, with great cunning and deception. Only those in the light, made knowledgeable by the light, will recognize this deception. Little by little the errors are being spread.
"Read, My child, read! You must not forget the fifteen minutes a day of reading the Book of life and love, your Bible." -
Our Lady, December 24, 1974 

"The world's people must listen now to My counsel. The Eternal Father is much distressed as the offenses to Him increase. The Eternal Father knows of the day and the hour for your chastisement. Because of His mercy, His all-knowing merciful heart, He has allowed Me to come to you as your Mother, the spiritual Mother of earth, to counsel you in this final period of your era.
"I counsel you, and even admonish you as your Mother, to retain the Faith as given from  My Son to His Apostles in the Book of life, your Bible. This Book must not be changed in wording to please man, but man must change his way, the ways that offend His God, to please the Eternal Father in Heaven in the Trinity." -
Our Lady, August 5, 1978

"Every man, woman, and child of the age of conscience has his soul to save. What will it gain a man if he gathers all of the treasures of the world, sells his soul to get to the head?
"Have you not listened to My Mother's counsel about hell, the abode of the damned? Have you not listened to Her counsel about the place of purging, purgatory? Oh, no! With itching ears you listen to the adversary who seeks to disprove this knowledge.
"Accept the facts in truth, My children. I had it written all down for you in the Book of life, your Bible. What are you reading but filth and pornography! You will not save your soul in that manner. Your children will be lost to Heaven in that manner.
     "As parents you must treasure your children's souls. Keep them shining in goodness and holiness and purity." -
Jesus, August 5, 1978 

"Many homes shall be torn asunder by the fall of the children. Parents shall shed tears of anguish. Therefore, prevent this now while your children are at a young age. Give them a firm foundation of their faith. Be not afraid to speak out against heresy and abominations, even if you have to do this against your clergy. For many now have fallen in with the modernists, the socialists, the communists, and some the satanists. Therefore, My children, I make known to you the crisis that lies ahead.
"Keep a constant vigilance of prayer going throughout your nation and the world. Promote the reading of your Bible. Institute this in many of your churches. Knowledge is power: to fight the false prophets now roaming your world, you must have knowledge and a firm foundation of faith. Satan can also quote Scriptures; so, My children, you must read the Scriptures." -
Our Lady, June 18, 1979 

"My child and My children, you must stress the reading of your Bible. Sit down nightly with your children and teach them. Read the Scriptures. You cannot allow them to go out of your homes without this knowledge or they will lose their faith." -
Jesus, June 18, 1979 

"I ask you, as your Mother, to turn back now from the ways that offend the Father! You are recrucifying My Son! You desecrate His Body! We do not want the women standing upon the altars of the houses of My Son! Why do you not listen, My children? We gave you the plan for setting up the House of God. My Son set the plan. He sent Paul to you with the plan. Read, My children, the Book of love and life, your Bible. You are misguided." -
Our Lady, November 1, 1974 

"Recognize, My children, the signs of your times. Read--I ask you for your knowledge, to read the Book of life, your Bible, and the writings of John, Saint John the Apostle, in the Apocalyptic times. You are fast approaching upon the sixth siege. How many more, My child, after the sixth? There are no more sieges, My child. Yes, the curtain is fast falling down." -
Our Lady, November 1, 1974 

"The Bible, the true Book of life and love, must be read now in the homes. You will all make a concerted effort to teach your children from the Book of life and love, your Bible. And I say unto you, do not use the changed versions, for they have been changed by satan." -
Jesus, November 21, 1977 

"You must read your Bible every day, even a short verse, My children. Read your Bible and learn by it. The Revelations, the Apocalypse of Saint John, the scrolls are unfurling." -
Our Lady, May 27, 1978 

"In your Book of life, your Bible, you will find the words of guidance and truth. You shall not cast the words of your prophets aside and cater to the basic carnal nature of mankind. Man will not change to please man; man will stay on the narrow road and please his God.
"All manner of abominations are destroying the children of earth and sending them fast into the abyss. We see the greatest of sins being committed, in secret and publicly--women consorting with women, men degrading their flesh with men. O woe unto you, My children! Whatever will become of you? You will take up the Book of life, your Bible, and read it now. Learn by it. The truth is for you to find, but you are leading yourselves into the darkness. You follow a delusion created by satan. You will hold fast, My children, to your Faith. You will not change the basic foundations of My Son's House." -
Our Lady, November, 20, 1974 

"There are many voice-boxes now in your world, My children, but you must learn to recognize those who are false prophets. You will guide by the written word in the Book of life, your Bible.
"All of the destruction that is heading upon mankind is to be given for the cleansing of your world. Each and every soul shall be evaluated for entrance into the Kingdom of your God." -
Our Lady, December 7, 1978 

"In the Book of life, your Bible, the pages are turning fast. The days of the Apocalypse are upon you. Many shall have visions. And a time will come to pass when a burning ball shall pass through you, and a tail of fire devouring all in its path. All who laugh, you scoffers upon earth, you will awaken from your blindness too late!
"It appears, My children, now, that My pastors have become blind, and the blind are leading the blind. Will there be even a flicker of faith left when I return upon earth? The numbers to be saved can be counted now in the few, My children. Every man, woman, and child of the age of conscience will have been tested, and many will be found wanting and unable to be saved." -
Jesus, December 7, 1978 

"My Father's House, His Church, is a house of prayer, meditation, and honor to man's God. Therefore, I object, as your God, to the manner in which you are seeking to change the plan from Heaven and making My House a meeting place, even including, in your quest for conversion, heretics, schismatics, and satanists. Clergy and the children of earth, I warn you as your God that you will not make any conversions that will stand the test of time by compromising the laws, the rules, and the plan of Heaven given to you throughout the ages of earth's time.
"The way to Heaven has been written in the Book of life, your Bible. We do not expect you to change it to please man, for man must change his ways that offend his God to please his God; for man must strive to be as perfect as God the Father to enter--in order to enter the Kingdom of God the Father. Therefore, you will not change the doctrines or go about with itching ears listening to theologians who have become now bloated with pride and arrogance and now seek to make man a god in his own world. But remember: every man, woman, and child upon earth will leave his body sooner or later, for he must die and pass over the veil for judgment." -
Jesus, August 4, 1979 

"Yes, My children, understand well: Do not seek diversion or entertainment in the occult, seeking fortunetellers and sorcerers. You read all manner of literature to destroy your souls! Can you not open a few pages of your Bible and read that? No-o-o! Because you are not in the light. You are not seeking the truth because you have given yourselves to the world, seeking power over your brothers--false power!" -
Our Lady, August 14, 1979 

"The Eternal Father in Heaven knows the day and the hour for the coming great Chastisement. A partial part of this knowledge has been given now to a few voices upon earth who, like John, go forth crying out like voices in the wilderness: Get ready now, for the punishments are approaching!
"My children, if you cast aside the Commandments of the Eternal Father and set up a new rule to live by, you are lost. If you defy the Book of life and love, your Bible, and rewrite it to suit your own basic carnal human nature, you are lost! If you bring false doctrines upon earth, the doctrines of demons, worshiping false gods, worshiping Lucifer, you are lost!" -
Jesus, August 14, 1979 

"I have pleaded through countless visitations upon your earth for parents to retain the Faith within their children's hearts in their homes. I caution you, I shout to you: do not hand over the souls of your children to unbelievers. When your children go without your doors, My children, they are subject to all manner of evil, evil that has entered within your school systems, evil that is in all medias of communication. And voices cry out: 'What are we to believe, and what is truth?' My Son is truth; My Son is the way.
"You must read your Bible. I assure you, My children, in the days ahead you must read your Bible, for this knowledge will be power to you.
"Satan is crafty; he is the master of deceit and delusion. Even in My Son's House some of His highest now have been caught in the web of deception. Pray for your priests, My children, pray for your bishops and your cardinals." -
Our Lady, May 14, 1977 

"My child and My children, the pages are turning fast in the Apocalypse. Have you listened to My counsel in the past, My children? Are you making an effort to study the Book of life and love, your Bible? 
"There is not much time left. Many will be taken from the earth. I will not at this time, My child and My children, go into full detail. However, I want you to stress the knowledge of Sodom and Gomorrha. You saw in the story of Sodom and Gomorrha, its obliteration by fire and brimstone. Can you expect less of a trial? My children, you do not listen; you do not learn from your past. You are on the same road to perdition! 
"The Eternal Father has watched with hope. And with His convictions now coming to the point of great knowledge to Him, He finds that at this time many must be taken from the earth.
"Your word of homosexuality can be explained by the story of Sodom and Gomorrha. Read in your Bibles or consult your clergy. Find yourselves, My children, a humble, pious clergy. Many have fallen away from the Faith. Many have sold their souls to get to the head." -
Our Lady, October 6, 1992 

"Many do not, My child, understand the signs of their times. The days, the latter days are here, My children. You are living in the days of the Apocalypse. The writings of Saint John have been given to you for a reason. You must open your Bibles and read the directions carefully. They are words of prophecy given for a reason. The time is at hand." -
Our Lady, November 22, 1975 

"I stress, I repeat the way given by the Father for you in the days ahead: prayer, atonement, and sacrifice. Much is needed. You must bend your knees to honor your God. Women must not expose their flesh. Paganism will not be tolerated by the Father, neither in your lay life nor in the House of My Son. It is an abomination for women to speak in the House of God! I hear a word . . . defilement of man: liberation! My child, what is this liberation women ask for? Satan has created the plan for their destruction. Take your Bible, take the Book of life and study it and learn! You have given off a wretched stink of the devil!  Woman, you were created by the Father as a helper for your husband! Now you are in competition to be as your husband." -
Our Lady, July 15, 1974 

"You must continue with great vigilance to send My message throughout the world--person to person, link to link, pen to pen, and word to word. The whole creation of mankind shall know the Message from Heaven, and if the balance, the scale, has not met with approval by the Eternal Father, the world shall be cleansed by a baptism of fire.
"It has been written in the good Book, My children, and it must come to pass. But I cry bitter tears, knowing that this time that was to be in the future shall be now!
"Have you, as parents, prepared your family? Have you set your household in order?
"I have asked you to place in your homes the Book of life and love, your Bible. Parents, you must read this to your children, for they shall not receive the knowledge of their God outside of your door. The teachers have given themselves to the world. Blinded of spirit, hardened of heart, and deafened of ear have they become. Too late they will awaken in shock, knowing that the time has run out for their repatriation." -
Our Lady, August 14, 1975 

"Pride is a sin, and a more formidable barrier against sanctity and holiness. And that title, My children and My child, has been accepted by many of your bishops, not just in the United States, not just in Canada, but throughout the whole world.
"Man will fall from pride and arrogance, and fall into the clutches of satan. Is this what you want? Please, My children, have pity on your brothers and pray for them.
"All Heaven is alerted to the days ahead. 666 is among you in full force, so you must wear your sacramentals and protect your children from the forces of evil when they leave your homes. You must teach them at home the truth of your Bible and the prayers that are being lost to mankind.
"Graces shall be given in abundance if you ask for them. Have a true heart, a pure heart, My children, and trust--just trust even the littlest bit if you cannot accept the truth, but trust in the Immaculate Heart of My Mother and My sorrowing Heart for you all." - Jesus, May 21, 1983


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