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#430 - ARROGANCE, Part 2

"And Jesus said: For judgment I am come into this world; that they who see not, may see; and they who see, may become blind. And some of the Pharisees, who were with him, heard: and they said unto him: Are we also blind? Jesus said to them: If you were blind, you should not have sin: but now you say: We see. Your sin remaineth." - St. John 9:39-41  

"You believe you can cast aside the Commandments of the Eternal Father and exist in peace? No, My children, already your world has given full evidence of what happens when you become arrogant and prideful and seek to rule as little gods upon earth. You cast aside all religious foundation and build yourself new religions that are guided by false doctrines of humanism and modernism and satanism. O My children, you never learn from your past, because you are now in a state far worse than in the times of Noe and Sodom. And what then shall be your fate?
"My children, the Eternal Father has full knowledge of your present, your past, and your future. Much that was to happen was to take place in the future; but you, in your arrogance and turning away from the light, has made, has forced your future to be now. Madness evidenced in murders, immorality, the lack of piety, holiness, charity in the hearts of man, and even lacking in the hearts of many of My clergy, are full evidence of the fall of mankind now.
"My children, all Heaven is concerned of the souls of the young: how they may be taken from among you for their salvation.
"O My children, My Mother has cried bitter tears of anguish, for She has been given full knowledge of what is to be. She has tried to prepare you, to guide you through countless earth-years of time, to counsel you upon the direction to Heaven; but you have chosen in your arrogance and pride to build new religions, even bringing in hedonistic teachings and false gods. For this, My children, you are abandoned to your folly, and as such, you will find that you will be brought to your knees, forced to turn back from the wide road that you have chosen of your own free will." - Jesus, November 24, 1979 

"My Son has been sorrowed; He has been wounded anew by the conduct of those He has chosen to represent Him in His Church upon your earth. O My children, the abominations cry out for punishment from Heaven.
"Will you not, pastors, take the blindness from your hearts and look upon the road which you have set yourselves on with your arrogance and pride and your searching for worldly knowledge and your searching for worldly gain? What will it do you when you stand before My Son and He will ask account of your mission? Will you stand before Him and say that your mission was completed with purity and the recovery of souls? No! Many of you now have set yourselves upon the road to perdition and you are taking many others with you.
"There is, My children, a great conspiracy of evil now throughout your world--the forces, the columns of evil. Man has given them many names--the fifth column. They have been broken up into political parties, including communism. O My children, they are but small arms of the octopus, the gigantic conspiracy of evil that will unite your world and My Son's Church under the rule of despots!
"There is in Rome, My children, a great struggle for power, a political machine controlled by satan. There shall be a war of the spirits. It shall be bishop against bishop and cardinal against cardinal." - Our Lady, May 15, 1976 

"My Mother repeats what is in My heart to My pastors. For you who were given great grace, much has been expected of you. I have looked into your hearts, My pastors, and I have found you wanting. Measure for measure shall you receive the just recompense of your actions. You, as pastors of My sheep, shall give full account for the loss of every soul! By your example you have scattered My sheep, and I must now give you a final warning. In the time allowed now, you must do all in your power to restore My House.
"Because of your arrogance, because of your greed, your pride, you have succumbed along with your sheep to all of the evils of the flesh. Many souls have gone into hell because they pursued all the treasures of your earth and did not look upward and bring their treasures to the Kingdom of the Eternal Father. I repeat to you: What does it matter if you gain the whole world and have suffered the loss of your immortal soul?
"Shall you, as pastors, stand before Me and say that your teaching has been pure in My sight? No, I say to you! I will cast you out, send you down into the pit where you belong, for you have degraded your vocation!
"You have destroyed many souls in your search for power, your lust, your arrogance, your pride! You have torn My Church asunder! Shall you restore it brick for brick? Can you regain the souls that you have scattered and allowed to fall under the teachings of false teachers?" - Jesus, May 15, 1976 

"Pride is a sin, and a more formidable barrier against sanctity and holiness. And that title, My children and My child, has been accepted by many of your bishops, not just in the United States, not just in Canada, but throughout the whole world.
"Man will fall from pride and arrogance, and fall into the clutches of satan. Is this what you want? Please, My children, have pity on your brothers and pray for them." -
Jesus, May 21, 1983 

"Do not be fooled, My child, by those who have fouled their garments. We in the Kingdom have had Our hearts wrenched by the knowledge that many of Our clergy have destroyed their vocation. They have brought dishonor and disrespect to their vocation. Pray for them, for satan has set himself to claim them. I am, My child, truly a Mother of great sorrow! 
"You must recognize the forces of evil now loosed upon your world, My children. You must not follow like sheep to the slaughter. Your obedience is to the Eternal Father.
"We have given you through the past ages the knowledge for your redemption. Man has set himself, in his arrogance, up to be worshipped. No man shall place himself above the Eternal Father. Man upon your earth is traveling the same road of the fallen angels. His arrogance shall be his destruction." - Our Lady, February 10, 1975

"Each man shall be accountable for his own soul. You shall not allow heresy to prevail in My House! You shall not permit the corruption and destruction of the young souls with error, fal­lacy, and heresy! You shall not, in the name of technology and science, corrupt the teachings given to you by those who came before you, sent by the Eternal Father to enlighten you on the path and the way to your Kingdom, the Kingdom of your God in Heaven!
"In your arrogance, you apostatize! In your arrogance, you cast aside all knowledge of the existence of satan and his hell! Too late shall you learn that there is a hell and there is a purgatory!
"Do not fall into the trap set by satan by misleading you into a false security because of My Sacrifice for mankind to open the gates of the Kingdom of your God. Many are called, but few are chosen. My Sacrifice guaranteed eternal life to all, but all shall not enter, for many have rejected the message of your God from the beginning of time and they did not enter!
"You have a false security that all is forgiven. But is this not sheer insanity in sin to believe that you may offend your God and break His rules and enter? What manner of life would there be in your Kingdom of Heaven? All will enter by merit! Many shall enter through suffering and atonement and penance." - Jesus, February 10, 1976

"O My children, pray a constant vigilance of prayer. Keep the truth in knowledge of your Faith within your heart. Expound it widely; do not close your mouth when you may bring the truth to others. Good words kept in a closed mouth is like putting messes of meat on a dead man's grave. Good words kept in a closed mouth is truly, My children, a waste. It is like placing meat on a dead man's grave.
"O My children, do not cast aside the teachings of your founding Fathers. They were given to you for reason. And now man, in his arrogance and his searching for a truth that is not of their God, man in his arrogance and pride seeking to reach Heaven without knowledge of the supernatural--whatever shall be his end but destruction. Man of science is ever searching, but never coming to the truth!
"There is the knowledge of what is taking place, in Rome. There is a great knowledge now spreading in the Eternal City. Pray, My children, a constant vigilance of prayer as We approach with the message a high dignitary, one of great power, and one who is wielding the rod over others under him in the Eternal City of Rome. Pray for his conversion back to the truth and the light. You do not wish, My children, to see him pass over the veil without penance and contrition, for he will be claimed by satan." - Our Lady, October 2, 1976

"I ask, in admonition, Our pastors to awaken from their slumber and set My House straight.
"My Mother has come to you as a Mediatrix between God and man, bringing you this warning from Heaven. You, in your free will, shall have the choice to listen to Her message and act upon it, or cast it aside in your pride and arrogance. And when you cast it aside, you will be held fully responsible for the loss of your soul and those souls that have been given into your care.
"Awaken from your slumber, My pastors; you have been misled. I repeat: the Red Hat has fallen and the Purple Hat is being misled. I repeat again: you, O Red Hats, you are burrowing, burrowing into My Church like rodents, seeking to undermine the foundation of My Church. But I say unto you: I am your foundation, and you shall not shake Me loose, though you crumble the walls within My House. We wait with great patience for your return." - Jesus, October 2, 1976

"You must not, as shepherds, compromise My Son's House. I say compromise, because you are contaminating the pure waters; you are bringing in errors that can lead to almost--I say almost--a complete destruction of My Son's Church.
"Recognize, My pastors, the signs of your times. You have fallen asleep. Delusion has been set upon you because of pride and arrogance. O Our sleeping pastors, you have fallen into error because of pride and arrogance." - Our Lady, September 28, 1976 

"My pastors, you shall not give as your excuse for your false teachings, a rule of obedience! And who are you being obedient to but satan? Shall you stand before Me and say that your teaching has been pure in My sight? I say unto you, I shall spit you out as vipers into the flames!
"You, pastors of little faith, you have become symbols of worship among yourselves. Man is now building his own cross. Shall you set up man to be worshipped in the body? And what has become of the soul?
"The Eternal Father will chastise those He loves. Are you, in your arrogance and pride, wishing this upon mankind? O My children, take the blindness from your hearts, and look upon the destruction you have wrought within My Church, within the hearts of those who trusted you to guide them. You have taken this trust given to you by Heaven, and what have you done? You have cast it aside, and you, too, My pastors, shall meet the fate of the fallen angels. Many mitres shall fall into hell!" - Jesus, September 28, 1976

"A war far greater than any war fought in the history of creation shall come upon mankind soon. Flames shall engulf many nations, burning the skin from the bones, and the skin shall dry up and blow away as if it had never been! Eyes will see and still not believe that these are the fruits of their evil corruptive ways and loss of a belief in the Creator.
"My children, open your eyes! Open your ears and listen to Me! I have wandered about your earth crying as your Mother to listen to Me and act upon My counsel, for I have been given the direction to bring to you this direction to save you from the ultimate destruction.
"My children, your scientists say in their arrogance that they may control this disaster, and I say unto you: they are foolish in their search for knowledge, for they have been searching and never coming to the truth! Man of sin, man of insanity and destruction, you have made sin a way of life, and your fruits shall be death!" - Our Lady, May 20, 1978 

"Your Holy Father, Our child of suffering, Pope Paul VI, is approaching the end of his reign upon earth. How many shall be held responsible for the anguish which tore his heart? How many of you cardinals and bishops have disobeyed him in your arrogance and love of worldly pursuits and pleasure and power? The Eternal Father has looked into your hearts and found many of you wanting.
"Shall you stand, O Red Hats and Purple Hats, before My Son and say that your teaching has been pure in His sight? I say unto you: you cannot cover your sin. My Son looks into your heart, and you, too, who have received glory in your vocation upon earth--you, too, without merit, shall be cast into the abyss of hell. Woe to the teachers who have gone forward with itching ears, implementing, experimenting with My Son's doctrines and teachings, casting aside all tradition for a modern way. And this way is from satan!" - Our Lady, May 20, 1978 

"My children, arrogance and pride have reached even into the hearts of Our clergymen. In the plan of the Eternal Father they are permitted to be blinded because of sin and avarice and pride." - Our Lady, October 6, 1977

"You ask, My child, how a state such as this could come upon human nature? My child, it is because of this very basic human nature and frailties that man, in exercising his own free will, has brought the world of mankind to the brink of destruction; because man has rejected the teachings, the teachings of old, the teachings that never shall grow old, for they are the basic foundations from your God, the Eternal Father, your Creator. And now you reject your Creator, and in your arrogance and pride, you seek, as did Lucifer, to dethrone your Creator, and set up a world government of man.
"O My children, you are heading toward the fatal abyss. O My children, now the world is proceeding in the same path as Lucifer started, and was cast forever from the Kingdom of God. Lucifer, in his arrogance, was given much knowledge, but he used this knowledge against his God! He, too, had a free will. My children, no man, woman, or child shall fall into hell, the eternal abode of the damned, unless he gives himself to satan willingly, of free will." - Jesus, September 28, 1977

"My children, go to your bishops and tell them that all Heaven is disturbed, and Our hearts are torn by the laxity in attitude to pride and arrogance of the priesthood in My Son's Church. We ask for you to convert the unbelievers but not to join them, not to compromise My Son's Church. The reforms you are promoting will bring your destruction, for the sheep will leave." - Our Lady, May 26, 1979 

"I have asked the cardinals and bishops in My Church to spend more time in prayer and meditation and sacrifice of the senses to obtain the graces necessary for more conversions to My Church, My House upon earth. But My pleas and the counsel of My Mother have fallen upon ears that, because of pride and arrogance, have become hard in their hearts, callous in their ways, unsympathetic to the cries of My sheep. O My pastors, what great trials shall be set upon you, for I cry now from Heaven to you that a Church in darkness wears a band of death about it!" - Jesus, May 26, 1979 

"Through countless years upon your earth, I have cried out in warning to you. O My children, keep your sacramentals about you. Accept and do not reject the Sacraments of My Son's House: Baptism, Confirmation, the Holy Eucharist, Penance, Extreme Unction, Holy Orders, and Matrimony. And Matrimony, My children--you reject the natural laws of your God. You are substituting a pagan way of life!
"These laws were given by your God. These rules were given by your God; they are not man-made! You in your arrogance, O pastors who rule within My Son's House, you have rejected the supernatural. You reject the teachings the very founding Fathers of your Church gave unto you, and you reject them for a modern teaching of satan!
"My Son chose, in His earth life, those who would begin His Church that will last until the end of time, for the gates of hell shall never prevail against His Church. Though many shall come with evil in their hearts and plans of destruction to My Son's Church, I say unto you: you will get nowhere in your pursuit, for you have set yourselves against your Almighty God." - Our Lady, November 1, 1976 

"My child, My tears still fall upon an unrepentant generation, a generation that is fast going into deep darkness of spirit. All manner of sin and abominations corrupt mankind. Murders, murders far in excess of any in all the past history of mankind is being executed in your country and in the countries of earth. They have now given themselves a balance that will demand the extreme penalty from the Eternal Father of a baptism by fire.
"Man, in his arrogance and prideful nature, has set himself to reach high into the heavens, seeking to control the forces of life and death. No man shall be above His Creator, for the secret of life shall not be given to any man." - Jesus, August 5, 1975 

"The enemies of your Father--the Father of all creation, Who will sit in judgment soon upon mankind, He is greatly offended by the manner in which the great Sacrifice is being performed. The Father sent My Son to you as a great Sacrifice to open the doors of Heaven to a sinful generation. However, this fact has been cast aside and replaced by a scientific knowledge that has come from satan. Man in his arrogance casts aside the truth and the light, going farther into the darkness." - Our Lady, June 8, 1974

"The Messages from Heaven, My child and My children, are given for all mankind. Much emphasis has been placed through time on the message to the clergy in My Son's House for reason. They are being deluded and misled by satan.
"This has come about only because arrogance and pride has entered upon them. They no longer pray but have succumbed to the errors of humanism and modernism. Holiness must be returned to the vocation. And this can only be acquired by restoring prayer in My Son's House and especially the prayer life that is so lacking now in the clergy.
"In your well-meaning actions of opening My Son's Church to all without conversion, you have allowed yourself to associate with heretics and unbelievers. In this manner you are compromising your Faith. My children, recognize what is happening now in My Son's Church." - Our Lady, July 25, 1978




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