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#434 - THIS GENERATION, Part 2

"For he that shall be ashamed of me, and of my words, in this adulterous and sinful generation: the Son of man also will be ashamed of him, when he shall come in the glory of his Father with the holy angels." - St. Mark 8:38

"As in the past We sent to you voices crying in this wilderness of evil: Straighten yourselves out; make way for the Lord, for the hand of punishment shall come upon you! As in the past you all continue in your lives of pleasure, neither caring nor seeking the truth. Therefore, I say unto you as your God: many will die. Only a few will be saved.
"My Mother has set Herself to hold off a just chastisement upon mankind for many years, but your time has run out. Her warnings have gone by unaccepted, unnoticed, and rejected, even by My clergy! Her tears fall upon your generation. The saints in Heaven, sacrificed upon earth, have cried out now for reprisal upon this degenerate generation. 'How long, O Lord,' do they cry, 'shall You permit this perverse generation to exist?' And I say unto you now: your time is running out!" - Jesus, June 18, 1980

"The Apocalypse is upon you. You must read the writings of John. Then you will understand. No man shall fall into hell unless he wills it.
"My children, if you do not take action now you will find your world almost unrecognizable with destruction and murder.
"There is nothing that I can add to My Mother's counsel at this time that will awaken you from your lethargy, your blindness of heart. As in the past, man never learns from his history. He repeats and repeats his errors to his own destruction. Your generation shall not pass before a great crucible of suffering cleanses you.
"My children, you will all keep a constant vigilance of prayer going throughout your country and the world. The words of warning from Heaven shall reach every corner of the world, and then shall come the end." -
Jesus, December 31, 1977 

"There is a formation within My House that I give and label as the evil men of the cross. They are impostors. They have entered to destroy. They have reached and attained the highest leadership in My House upon earth. They are recrucifying Me in My House. Your Vicar is a prisoner within My House.
"I caution you in the days ahead to read all periodicals and approach your news medias with a critical eye, for you seldom will receive now the truth in print or through your news medias, My children, which are fully controlled by the Grand Masters and those who are seeking to bring about the one-world religion and the one rule of government--a measure of enslaving all of mankind under the forces of Antichrist.
"The man of perdition, 666, is in Rome. The man of perdition, 666, is in every country of earth now. Every nation is polluted by the errors of the forces of darkness. When the world receives the baptism of fire, there will be few left.
"My Mother, as a Mediatrix between God and man, has held in abeyance the heavy hand of your God, that must soon be set upon you in order to save your generation. For I assure you, My children, in the destruction you are fast heading into, there will be little flesh left unless We rescue you from your own-made destruction.
"The Eternal Father in Heaven is most merciful, and My children, none shall be lost except they choose this of their own free will." -
Jesus, November 22, 1976 

"My children, you must understand: hell, Heaven, purgatory are actual places of existence. They are the life eternal for mankind when he comes over the veil. Every man, woman, and child of the age of conscience must make the decision for himself what type of life he prefers in the hereafter. Will it be a life of glory and love in the eternal Kingdom of God, or, My children, will it be eternal damnation and suffering, weeping and gnashing of teeth in the fires of hell?
"O My children, souls have been falling into hell as numerous as the raindrops now. I do not say snowflakes, I say raindrops; for the souls are fast falling into hell, lost forever to the Eternal Father. This brings great pity to mankind from Us, but We must admonish you now, that what is happening, the full responsibility lies upon your generation, which has turned to satan and given the souls of many to satan. There will be much gnashing of teeth and woe set upon the earth by the evil one.
"We had hoped, My children, My Mother had begged for a reprieve for mankind, and the hand of the Eternal Father was held back through generations; but now, My children, the test is here, the test to mankind. It will be the final stage of the separation of the sheep from the goats.
"You must make your choice now, who and what you will follow in the remaining time of earth-years. You must now decide upon a life in the world but out of the world. You must now live in the spirit of life, and not enter into a spirit of darkness." -
Jesus, September 7, 1977 

"See, My child, the sufferings endured for the salvation of your generation. Were it not for the few who have given themselves to be victims to the Eternal Father for the salvation of mankind, your country, the United States, and most nations of the world--and I would tell at this time a fact, My child, that every nation of the world shall feel the catastrophe.
"I have asked you all to make atonement to the Eternal Father, to live a life of prayer. You must be in the world, but not of the world. My Son has asked much of many of you who hear My words and will read My counsel. But for those who have received much, much is expected of them. The test is great.
"To be a disciple for My Son, the test of love and obedience is great. No man or woman chosen for the path to Heaven shall go without test. You will be tested as metals in the fire. If you love your mother, your father, your sister, your brother, your wife, your husband, your children before, and place them between the border of spiritual salvation or destruction of the soul; if you place them first before My Son, you cannot be a disciple for Heaven, and your salvation shall be in the balance. The road to Heaven is a narrow one. The roses are given at the end of the road, My child and My children." -
Our Lady, June 13, 1981 

"Yes, My child, much blood will be shed upon the earth. Many will be martyred for the cause of My Son before this battle is over.
"I have great hope, My child, great confidence that the armies of the light raised throughout your world will be able to go forth and reach the world with the truth, so that your generation can avoid the greatest part of the punishment that has been allotted, that will be given to mankind if your world does not turn from the evil and the offenses being committed--offenses that will not be condoned by the Father, for you have given yourselves, as a perverse generation, to satan.
"Guard the souls of your children well, parents, for there will be tears flowing and much gnashing of teeth in those days when many are claimed. For one will be in the field, and then one will be taken. The world shall be cleansed gradually, and with a baptism of fire." -
Our Lady, June 15, 1974  

"Yes, My child, I have you look upon the crisis ahead. When the cross is extinguished, there will be great confusion. Murders will abound; man will proceed deeper into the darkness of spirit. Without due atonement, without penance and sacrifice of many, I cannot any longer hold back the punishing hand of My Son. The Eternal Father, through My Son and the Spirit of light, give fair warning to mankind, as in final warning to your generation, that you must now turn back and restore your earth so that it may be pleasing in the eyes of the Eternal Father in Heaven, or He shall be forced to destroy you.
"My child and My children, do not be affrighted by My words. The world shall not come to an end. The Eternal Father has given His promise to mankind that the world shall never be made extinct again, as in the past with the time of the floods. However, your world shall be cleansed with a baptism of fire. Only a few, in the multitudes upon earth, shall be saved. You have been asked to make a choice between the cross and the serpent. And this choice has also been asked of the clergy in My Son's House, His Church upon earth." -
Our Lady, October 2, 1979 

"My child and My children, I have very little to say that could solace Me for the evil I see prevalent upon the earth. Your generation have become perverse and indoctrinated by satan, until the cults of satan now are well stacked in your country. Your children will be the victims.
"Yes, My child and My children, I know it is difficult for you to understand, without having an actual meeting with these satanists, to see how vile they are, how they desecrate everything, and how they torment the souls of the children and those they have in their grasp.
"Protect your children! All the mothers and fathers of the world, protect your children, or they will disappear from your homes forever. Even human sacrifice is taking place at this very hour that I am here with you. How can We do anything but beg with you to listen now, before it is too late!" -
Jesus, June 18, 1990 

Our Lady - "Many are allowed to be blinded as penance to them, for they must find their way out of the darkness that they have allowed themselves to fall into. Pray; pray a constant vigilance of prayer. Take yourselves from those diabolical machines that you cast your eyes on daily."
Veronica - Oh, Our Lady means the television.
Our Lady - "Yes, My child, they have been created by satan to seduce your minds. Remove them from your homes, for many of your children will be seduced by them and be forever lost to the Kingdom of Heaven.
"Know, My child, there is no reconciling the truth. There is no meeting it halfway. Avoid all occasion of sin and you will not have to suffer for going off the trail, the road.
"I admonish you about this diabolical machine, the television, for you may consider it as a mechanical agent of satan now, but in the future, My child, it will be used to brainwash your children into submission to evil. All manners of evil and degradation will be portrayed on this diabolical machine. Remove them from among you! They will expound the pleasures of the flesh and the degenerateness of your generation." -
September 28, 1974 

"Since your perverse generation has chosen of free will to cast aside the warning from Heaven, you will, in diverse places and in your country--the once beautiful-of-spirit United States shall suffer great trial and come to its knees. What was to happen in the future shall be now! Mankind shall now determine the date." -
St. Michael, June 8, 1974 

"Many leaders who wear the red hats, My children--pray for them, for many have fallen to satan. I say unto you, as your God: Turn back, Red Hats, for you, too, shall meet the fires of hell. The Red Hat has fallen, and the Purple Hat is being misled. Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth! Houses will blow in the wind, and skin will dry up and blow off the bones as if it had never been! Eyes will see and still not believe, so great is the power of satan now upon mankind.
"I warn you now, My children, that you must turn back and start again. Do not renew My Church by commending it to satan, by destroying it. You cannot destroy the foundation. You crumble the walls. Like rats you are burrowing, O Red Hats, into the foundation of My Church. I say unto you, there is not a man living upon earth now who hears My voice that shall not face the great trial ahead.
"My Mother, your Mother, the Mediatrix between God and man--respect Her, listen to Her message, for She has come to you through the merciful heart of the Eternal Father to a perverse generation that is calling down upon it its own destruction. You run to and fro, your scientists run back and forth, always seeking and searching but never coming to the truth, for they have lost the knowledge of their God. They have lost the knowledge of the supernatural, using rationalization until sin and evil have become a way of life among you." -
Jesus, September 14, 1976 

"My children, as parents you must now protect your children. My Son's House, His Church, is being stripped of all holiness, the destruction of its doctrine, tradition, paving the way for the ultimate goal of those in the power of satan to destroy My Son's Church by creating a church of man. They are rebuilding slowly while awaiting the next conclave. They are preparing the way for the destruction of all mankind, for when the Church and the world become as one, you will know that the end has come for mankind.
"My children and My child, I know of your great sorrow. They cannot crucify Me any more, My children, with all of their blasphemous slander. My Son has suffered all at their hands. His heart, His wounds have bled over and over because of the sins of mankind. Your generation has become a perverse generation, crying out to Heaven for a just chastisement.
"Your world shall soon be visited by a baptism of fire. Is this what you want? You shall not escape this baptism of fire, for sin is insanity, and one insane mind shall plunge you into a bloodbath and the destruction by fire." -
Our Lady, May 30, 1978 

"I have given you the sight to see what is to befall man if he does not make a complete reversal now in his sinful ways. The many offenses against his God must be corrected by penance, atonement, and sacrifice. If you continue to give yourselves to lives of pleasure and sin, you will be removed from your way of life forcibly by trial.
"Many warnings have been given throughout your earth for many earth-years. You are receiving your final warning. The Father plans to cleanse the earth gradually until it is returned to the original plan of Heaven. All who have listened to My words will be prepared.
"We look upon a generation and see demons coming from their mouths, tails of demons for tongues--tongues that would be better used for prayer. It is not what goes into man that destroys his soul, but what comes out!
"My child, you will be discriminated against; you will be scoffed at, for your words from My lips are not those of comfort at this time. They are words of truth of what is to befall man, for he has become a perverse generation, worse than in the time of Noe.
"Your city We place as Babylon--your city, the city of murder and evil, corruption and godlessness--your city will fall!" -
Our Lady, July 25, 1973 

"Prayers, atonement, and sacrifice must be made now for the sins of man. And the angels and saints cry from Heaven for retribution upon this perverse generation. The few who solace My Mother's sad heart are not many. I say few, for they are counted in the few.
"In the plan of the Father, if you make it necessary to go forward and speed up the time of this plan, there will be much gnashing of teeth, sorrow, and many tears shed upon your world. Listen carefully and heed the direction of the Queen of Heaven. For you will not accept Her words lightly, but you will act upon them or you will receive your just punishment." - Jesus, May 22, 1974

"Many of Our clergy have become blinded through their love of worldly pleasure and riches. Many have accepted a soul once high as a priest. Teilhard is in hell! He burns forever for the contamination he spread throughout the world! A man of God has his choice as a human instrument to enter into the kingdom of satan.
"Man will not defy the laws of God without going unpunished. You are a perverse generation, and you call the hand of punishment down fast upon you.
"There will come over the earth a great darkness, the air stagnant, lacking oxygen. There will be no light; the candles will be few. Then the heat will become intense.
"You will be warned by the approach of the Chastisement some time before. Penance will come too late for many. Already the Father has started the Ball on its way to you now. O My children, why did you turn your back upon--on Me now?
"I have been forced now to bow to the will of the Father, accepting with great sorrow the knowledge that many will be claimed before they can be ransomed." -
Our Lady, March 18, 1973 

"Veronica, My child, I wish that you spread--and do this very fast--the Message of Heaven, for the time grows short for the Chastisement upon man.
"I have wandered throughout the world shedding many tears. Who has hastened to ease My suffering heart? The offenses against My Son have increased so that the Father feels that there must be an intervention from Heaven.
"I have prepared you well with My visits to these sacred grounds. All who have listened will have nothing to fear, for all will be good for those of well spirit.
"It truly rains teardrops from Heaven. The Father calls for a heavy penance upon a world that has used murder for worldly gain. We look and count the numbers of innocent souls, souls that have not lived out their mission on earth and being sent to Us untimely. Your generation is one that calls for heavy penance! The Father is merciful, and all chastisement will be for reason." -
Our Lady, May 30, 1973


"The world has entered upon My Son's Church. You have made it a meeting place for all manner of sinners, all commissions of abomination. Holiness, dedication, piety must be returned to My Son's House, Church. All manners of change and novelty are destroying the souls entrusted to you!

     "O My children, the Ball, the Ball of Redemption is approaching you--the Chastisement. Many shall die; only a few will be saved.

     "Yes, My child, many shall die in the great flame of the Ball of Redemption. All who stand here this evening shall be in that generation spoken of by the prophets. Many shall be removed in the mercy of the Eternal Father; many shall rise and meet with My Son." - Our Lady, May 29, 1976


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