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#451 - VISIONS OF HELL, Part 1

“You have seen hell where the souls of poor sinners go. To save them, God wishes to establish in the world devotion to my Immaculate Heart.” - Our Lady of Fatima, July 13, 1917

Our Lady - "There have been divisions of armies set up, two groupings. Lucifer, Luciel, despicable creature of the darkness, has set himself to destroy man, man's soul, and take them to the abyss, the souls of My children. When you fall, you will have fallen of your own free will. No man enters hell unless he has given himself freely to satan."
Veronica - Now I see . . . oh, I see--it's like a large hole. I see the ground is opening and people, people are just falling, they're floating down into a very deep hole. But they seem to have no weight. They're unable to control their movements, and they're just hitting each other, and there's terror on their faces. And they're going down. There's a great, tremendous, flaming light.
And also now coming up are horrible creatures. Now--oh, and they're screaming in terror, the people; but their bodies now are glowing like, like orange, like they're afire, like glowing coals. Oh! Oh, and these other things that--they look like half animal and half human--they're also placing their clawlike hands and pushing onto the figures, the human beings; they're pushing them and they're tormenting them. And their very faces are so horrible. But they are--they look--they're so horrible and ugly, that they look like they're enjoying the tormenting of the poor souls. Oh!
Now these bodies of these lost souls--they seem to have an endless burning, like live coals. And they're looking upward, and it's a desperate--they're trying to go up, up, out  of the hole. But the more they fight to go up, the further down they go--down into the pit. Oh!
Now I see many down at the bottom of this pit, and they're sitting there. They're no longer floating. The others must be new ones coming down. And those that are sitting are sitting in dejection, and they're repeating: "Forever lost! Forever lost!" Oh! Oh! [Veronica moans at the sorrowful sight.] -
December 24, 1973 

Veronica - Now I smell--oh, a terrible odor of, like sulphur and rot. Oh! [Veronica has difficulty breathing.] Oh!
"Our Lady, I don't want to look!"
Oh, Our Lady wants me to look. There's a deep hole. Oh, it's, it looks like a--oh, a cavern. Oh, and it's, it's very--it actually smells like rotten flesh. And now Our Lady is taking me down, down, down. Oh, my! Oh, my goodness! Oh! Oh, I see people, and they're all, as we're passing, they're reaching their hands out. Oh, oh, Our Lady . . . I must look. Oh!
Our Lady - "My children, you see the poor souls that cannot be rescued. Many have come here because they failed to listen to the words of the Father. They have fallen victim to the pleasures of the flesh. More souls enter daily into this terrible place of suffering because of the sins of the flesh." -
June 8, 1973 

Our Lady - "Yes, My child, We look upon a world that has given itself to satan. The people of the world and the nations now degrade themselves in debauchery, fornication, and all sins of the flesh. More souls, My child, are going into hell because of these sins of the flesh. They are falling into hell as fast as the snowflakes that fall from the heavens."
Veronica - Oh, my! Oh, I see that large pit. It's an--oh, it's a hole, a cavern going down into the ground. Oh, my goodness! Now I see . . . they look like human bodies, but they're glowing. They're almost on fire, like coals. But I recognize their shape; they're people. And I can see, almost, their faces, except for the orange glow that they're in. They're filled with terror; their faces are filled with terror.
Now over to the side there are horrible, horrible creatures. They look almost half human and animal. They have no hands. They're like--in one of them that's clinging to the side of the wall. And as these bodies of the fallen souls float by, they reach out tramping them, by holding onto the side of the wall and kicking at them with feet. But the feet have long, claw-like nails, almost animal claws. Their feet and their hands are, are terrible--like claws, also. Their faces I can't describe. They're horrible!
Now I seem to be going up, up, and it's not so hot as it was down in the hole. And I can't hear the screaming as much. Oh! Oh! Coming out of the hole . . . oh, it's like coming out of a furnace. Oh!
And now Our Lady is coming over. She's coming from the right side of the flagpole. And the sky is becoming very bright. Now Our Lady is leaning over.
Our Lady - "My child, it is not a pleasant sight, but one which cannot be avoided by many, for they choose to sell their soul to Lucifer. Many have been redeemed by the acts of atonement and prayers of the faithful and those who have the capacity to love." -
March 18, 1974  

Our Lady - "What is the darkness, you ask, My child.  The darkness I speak of is a great darkness of the spirit. Learn a simple lesson of faith. What does it gain a man if he gains the whole world and suffers the loss of his soul? Would you give a thousand pounds of silver for one day in the abyss?"
Veronica - Oh, my goodness! Oh! Oh, I see those horrible things again. They're down now . . . I see . . . I'm looking into a very deep hole, a very deep hole. Oh, my goodness! Oh! Now down there I see . . . I know they're human. They're falling. I see faces of great fright. They're frightened. Oh, save them! Save them!
Now all about them--they seem to have lost all weight. They can't control themselves; they're in a floating position, the people, going down into the abyss. It's a very deep hole.
Now at the sides are these horrible creatures. They--I can't describe them in words. They have, they have horrible faces with, with pointed ears, and some have small slit eyes and others have round eyes, deep-set sockets, almost like skulls. But they have all the same kinds of hands and feet. They're like webs, like, like sort of frog-like hands with long nails, claw-like nails. And their feet are not--they have, they look like, might be five toes, but they're all webbed. And they also have long nails. And with the nails of their webbed feet they are clinging onto the sides of the walls of this hole. Oh! Oh, it's horrible. Oh!
"Oh, take me out of here, please, Mother."
Oh! Oh! Oh, now I'm coming up. I can't--I don't want to look down there. Oh! Oh!
Now Our Lady is coming over. Oh, I feel much better. Our Lady now is putting out Her hand, and She says:
Our Lady - "Come, My child. It is a sight that will bring much terror to many. Know now that what you see is loosed upon earth." -
April 13, 1974 

Veronica - Oh, my goodness! I see--oh, It's a stench! The odor is so horrible! I see a huge pit, and it's real burning. The walls are orange and burning hot. Oh! Oh, and I see these horrible creatures; they're clinging to the sides of the rocks. Some have wings on them with horrible--they look almost human; half human, half animal, but they have pointed ears. And they have . . . oh, my God!
"Please, Blessed Mother, take me out of here!"
Oh, my God! They have feet that look like claws, and arms with hair, but they also--the fingers have long fingernails; they're like claws. And they have the most horrible grinning expressions on their faces.
Now I see, I see bodies of humans falling, fall--as they fall they're starting to glow. They're glowing like an orange color, like coals. And they're screaming, "Help! Mercy! Mercy! Too late! Too late!" Oh! Oh, my God! And I see they're going so fast--I don't know where they're falling from. They seem to be raining, like almost from the sky, into this pit. And I see--oh, my God! I see some are priests. Oh! Oh! And I see one, he has a--oh, my God!--a cardinal's hat on his head; and there are three--now I can count them, they're three--they have mitres on their heads. Oh, my God! Oh, it's so horrible! The heat is so great, and the stench! I feel like I'm just burning.
"Oh, Blessed Mother!"
Now I'm going up higher. The air is clearer. It's not so heavy. Oh! Oh, now it's becoming brighter. Oh, I'm so glad. Oh! Oh!
Our Lady - "My child--"
Veronica - Our Blessed Mother now is taking me--I feel like I'm all filled with sweat, the heat is so great!
Now Our Lady is looking at me sadly, and then moving over to the right side of the flagpole. I can see the black hole now. Oh!
Our Lady - "My child, you have viewed the poor souls lost forever into eternity." -
September 7, 1974 

Our Lady - "Man in his arrogance has cast aside the truth of the everlasting soul, the nature of man, the immortality of the soul. Know there is no word such as 'death'--only to the human body. You are as you are, an entity that lives forever. But over the veil, you have your choice of the kingdoms: forever in the light or the darkness. Forever with God the Father, My Son, and all those who have washed their robes clean in suffering and martyrdom for My Son, or you will join in the kingdom of the damned--the darkness, the wailing, and the torture of heart, knowing that you are forever lost in the abyss.
"Woe, woe, woe to those parents who lead their children onto the road to the abyss!"
Veronica - Oh, my goodness! I see that horrible, horrible pit! A deep hole, and those horrible creatures! They seem to cling to the sides of the stone. They're half human, half animal. Their fingers and their feet are like claws, long claws with long nails. Now they also have . . . oh, my goodness! I know now what it is--they also have wings, those two that are clinging. They have wings, but they're not beautiful like the angels.
Now I hear this voice saying: "The fallen ones, My child, the fallen ones. The fallen angels."
Oh, my! Oh, they look like--ugh! Sickening, black, charred! Pinpointing ears, slit eyes, teeth that are extended over their lower lip--if you want to call it lip; it's like a gash in their face--and fang-like teeth. And now their body seems to adhere to the sides of the stone. But one is reaching out now with a claw-like--oh, it's horrible! He's going like this.
And now I see many, many people. I recognize them by their forms, but they're transparent and sort of orange-colored burning coals. And they all have a look of terror and shock, and they're screaming, though I can't hear, there's so much crackling and noise of laughter--the horrible, hideous laughter. Oh, my! Oh, and the people, I know they're people. Oh, I'm so frightened!
Oh, I see many young people out there. They look fifteen, sixteen years old. Oh, God! Boys, girls. And I see--oh, my goodness! I see a nun now. Her skirt's blowing. She looks like she's falling head first down into the hole! Oh, my goodness! But the skirt she has on is not long, it's short--up way above her knees. Oh, my goodness!
"Impiety! Impurity! Immorality! Such is the fate, fate of all foolish maidens!"
Veronica - There's a voice, it's booming in my head:
"Impiety! Impurity! Immorality! Such is the fate of all foolish maidens!"
Veronica - Oh, my goodness!
"Blessed Mother, take me out!"
Oh, my goodness! Oh!
Now I seem to be coming out of this pit, and there's really smoke; it's gray, and it smells like. . . . Oh, I can taste it--sulphur and rot! Oh! Oh! Oh! [Veronica is nauseated.] Oh, now coming up--it's like a very long ride through the air. Oh, now I'm coming out, and there's sunlight. Oh! Oh!
Now Our Lady is coming over.
Our Lady - "You see, My child, it is the place of the damned. Man seeks to remove this truth from among you. Know that there is a hell, and there is a place of purging before you enter the Kingdom of the Father. A soul must be as pure and white as a snowflake before it becomes contaminated in the earth's atmosphere, before it can enter the Kingdom of the Father." -
October 6, 1974 

Our Lady - "There is a plan for every soul placed upon earth, My child. That is why the punishment, the chastisement of mankind, will be great. He offends the Father with his murders of the unborn. I repeat, My child, the sad news that all who of free will have any part or measure in the slaughter of an unborn child and soul from the Father shall be condemned to the eternal fires of hell, the prince of darkness claiming his soul, and joining the ranks of the forever damned!"
Veronica - Oh! Oh, my goodness! I see--oh dear, I see a large hole. It looks like--it looks like a crater. And Our Lady is going, walking over. She's not walking; She's floating over.
Our Lady - "Come, My child. This you must see and bring to the world."
Veronica - "Oh, Mother, no!"
Our Lady - "Look down, My child, into the realm of the damned."
Veronica - Oh! Oh!
Our Lady - "Describe, My child, the scene."
Veronica - Oh, my! There's a large, cave-like hole; the walls are blackened with charcoal, and there are flames--there are hot, searing flames climbing up the walls. And over on the right side--oh, there's a horrible thing. He's--I don't know how he stays on the wall; it's not that rough. But he has wings, like--oh, like a bat, sort of, and he has legs, and the feet are like frog's claws, and his head is--oh, like an elf, and pointed ears, and slit eyes, and he's grinning horribly. Oh! Now he's reaching out.
Our Lady is taking my hand. We're floating down--it's awfully hot. Oh, we're floating down and these things--now there's more of them. Our Lady is whispering:
Our Lady - "They are the fallen angels, My child."
Veronica - Oh! And we're going down farther. Oh, and there's thousands and hundreds of people now. But they're--I know they're people, but they're shapeless; they seem to be like burning coals. I can see the shapes of their bodies, but they're naked. Oh, my goodness! I can't--I know they're naked. Our Lady? Oh! Oh! They're, they don't even have any weight; they're floating, and they go up and down, and they're screaming. The noise, it hurts my ears. Oh! Oh! They're screaming. Oh, they look terribly frightened. And now they're--some are upside down and falling down into the hole. And when they get down then something like a blast of hot fire and air shoots them up again. It's like they're without motion or direction. Oh! Oh!
Now Our Lady is moving upward, and I'm going up. There's a terrible stench--oh, like of sulphur and . . . [Veronica coughs.] Oh! Oh, sulphur and like rotten something . . . something, I don't know. I can taste it.
Oh, now it's getting brighter. Ah, now we're outside. Now it's getting very bright. I feel better. Oh! Now Our Lady is coming over and we're coming down. Oh!
Our Lady - "You see, My child, there is a hell. There is a realm of deep darkness and damnation--forever, eternity without light." -
November 20, 1974  

Our Lady - "You were created, My children, to make your way and fight the good fight against satan until you return from your pilgrimage to the Father at the gates of the Kingdom.
"We cry bitter tears of sorrow at each sorrowful sight of a child lost forever to the Kingdom of the Father."
Veronica - Now I see . . . I'm looking down with Our Lady. She's pointing down to a great chasm, a great hole in the earth. It's--oh, dear! It's an awfully deep pit, and there's smoke, and it's very gagging. It's a stench that's so horrible! It's like a combination of sulphur and something very rotten.
Now Our Lady is covering my head with Her blue cloak.
Our Lady - "I do not wish for you to suffer, My child, this terrible sight of damned souls. You have often viewed this terrible chasm. You will pray more and do much penance for these poor souls who without your prayers and the prayers of your brothers and sisters will be forever confined to the abyss, eternally damned and chained by satan."
Veronica - Oh!
Our Lady - "Yes, My child, make it known to the world that satan has set a delusion among you. He will seek to take from you the truth in knowledge of the existence of his kingdom--hell! He will do this, My child, in the most cunning manner, using the bodies of human beings to do his will. That is why, My child, you must pray much so that the Father will enlighten you through the spirit. The enemies of God walk in human form.
"The demons are always among you, waiting to enter. If they are cast out by prayer, penance, and the reception in heart of My Son in the Eucharist, if you stray from the path, they will return double in strength to try to enter and seduce your soul--so great is the power of satan! However, he shall not be victorious if you do not stray from the path given to you.
"Life upon earth will go forward in constant battle against satan. The way has been darkened by mankind; but I, My children, carry the light. You will all follow Me, your Mother, in the light. I have taken My candle, My children, and I wander throughout your world searching for Our straying sheep." -
December 28, 1974 

"My child, do not be stopped in your efforts to give out these Scapulars. I directed you well, My children, in several instances throughout your lifetime. Think back, My child and My children, think back to the days when you were enrolled in the brown Scapular.
"I tell you now that should you wish to be enrolled, I can only suggest--though the outcome may not be as you wish--I could only suggest that you approach a Franciscan priest, a Carmelite priest, or a Dominican priest. The others have fallen away to a certainty, and your chances of meeting up with success would be very little, My child, among the others.
"I promise you all, when you wear My brown Scapular, you shall not be condemned to hell. I repeat: If you pass on over the veil and are wearing the brown Scapular, you shall not see the fires of hell.
"My child and My children, it will take great courage for you to fight, for the others in your parish, and those who are your friends, who do not have the courage of their convictions--courage to go forth and promote the brown Scapular. I do not go back on My words to mankind: I have often said to the world that if you wear My Scapular, you will be saved.
"To understand this better, My child, I will converse further with you. Now this be it known: that the Scapular cannot keep you from purgatory. I purposely gave this knowledge to Saint Simon Stock, the knowledge of the existence of a sacramental so powerful that a man who would fall fast into hell shall escape, through the mercy of his God, and the existence of a shadow of faith that he may have." -
Our Lady, September 14, 1985


“No man shall be condemned to eternal damnation, no man shall fall unless he falls of his own free will. Man has fallen and become lukewarm because he has sought the material things of life to feed his body, his carnal nature, while he starves his soul. What good will it be if you gather all of the riches of the world and you do not store your treasures in Heaven? You will come across the veil with nothing but the merits of love and prayer.” - Jesus, March 18, 1978



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