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#473 - THE BALANCE, Part 1

“After these things, I saw four angels standing on the four corners of the earth, holding the four winds of the earth, that they should not blow upon the earth, nor upon the sea, nor on any tree. And I saw another angel ascending from the rising of the sun, having the sign of the living God; and he cried with a loud voice to the four angels, to whom it was given to hurt the earth and the sea, saying: Hurt not the earth, nor the sea, nor the trees, till we sign the servants of our God in their foreheads.” – Apocalypse 7: 1-3

Veronica - Oh! Now coming through the sky I can see . . . oh, Michael; I recognize Michael. And now behind him from the other two points of blue light with the shimmering borders are two other figures. Oh, Gabriel and Raphael, oh, I recognize. Now they're standing all together. Now Michael is coming forward. He's holding his balance, the golden balance, in his right hand, and a very long sword in his left. And Michael is extending the balance.
St. Michael - "My child, the balance has become heavily to the left. It is a sign that much reparation shall be needed. The course of mankind is heading straight to the abyss. Many shall be called but few shall be chosen.” –
September 27, 1975 

Veronica - Now over on the right is a beautiful green glow, and coming through this is Michael. Oh, he is huge! Oh, Michael covers the whole expanse of the sky. Oh, my! Now Michael is carrying in his left hand the balance. It's a golden balance, but it's leaning very heavily to the left.
And over on the left now, Jesus is coming forward. He has a deep red, a burgundy scarf--no, it's a cloak, over His long garment. Now Jesus is in His bare feet; I can see His feet under His gown. And His hair is very long. Now Jesus is turning over to His left side, to Michael, and He is nodding His head.
Now Michael is coming forward. Jesus is standing over on my left, and Michael is coming forward. And his voice is booming. It's so loud, it kind of gives me a tremendous feeling of explosion in my ears.
St. Michael - "Hasten, harken, and listen to the voice of what is to be!
"I come to you--I, Michael, guardian of the Faith, guardian of the Kingdom of light--to bring you a message of warning from the eternal Kingdom.
"You have desecrated the Host! You have defiled the Spirit! You, as a generation, call upon yourself a punishment far worse than any that has been seen by mankind in the past, or shall ever be seen in the future. Your world is fast heading into a baptism of fire!
"A House in darkness, a Church in darkness wears a band of death about it.
"The balance for your destruction is heavily to the left." –
August 5, 1975 

Veronica - Our Lady now is pausing just directly over Her statue. She's holding a--oh, She's holding Her Rosary in Her right hand, and in Her left hand there is a very large Scapular, a brown Scapular. And Michael now is coming up just behind Our Lady, and he's holding a sword and the balance. But the balance is very uneven. It's got black ingots, or something on the scale, and it's balanced very heavily to the left. That is not a good sign. –
August 21, 1976 

Veronica - Now Jesus is going over across the trees, and He's just above Our Lady's statue now. And Michael is coming from behind the first tree. He's carrying the golden balance, and his left hand has a sword pointing downward. And now he's standing over on Jesus' right side. Now Jesus is turning slowly; He's pivoting to the right now, and He's putting His hand out in front, like this: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.
Now Jesus is going way over to the left side. He's standing above the tall tree, and now He's placing His hand out in front of Him: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.
Jesus - "I bless you all, My children, as the Eternal Father blesses you in the days ahead, and We send to you the Spirit of light to guide you."
Veronica - In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.
Jesus - "Continue now, My children, with your prayers of atonement. They are sorely needed to balance the scale." –
May 29, 1976 

Jesus - "There will be pestilence anew. There will be earthquakes in many places. The present ones have been nothing compared to what will happen next. There will be a great earthquake in the Los Angeles area, and also New York. I told you this before, My children and My child, but I must repeat to you: many prayers are needed now, for the balance is most uneasy.
"Look up, My child, and tell Me what you see over the farthest tree."
Veronica - Oh, I see Saint Michael! I'd know him any place, but oh, he is so large he covers the whole sky. He has a balance in his hand. It looks like there are gold bars on the right side of the balance, and over on the left it looks like nothing. And yet with that nothing, the balance is heavily to the left.
Jesus - "Yes, My child."
Veronica - Jesus is pointing.
Jesus - "Look up and you will see why."
Veronica - "I look high into the sky and I see all kinds of merriment--dancing and drinking and carrying on, and I see things that cannot be holy because it offends God very much. I cannot repeat them, but I see scenes of carnage.” –
June 17, 1989 

"My child, do not be affrighted by what you have seen. We cannot avoid giving you these facts for mankind, but remember the Eternal Father in His mercy has a balance. All is conditional, but this balance, My child, has not been righted. Therefore, what you see is at the time unavoidable.
"The Warning, My child, will come soon, and if mankind does not heed this sign from the Eternal Father, there will follow fast on it the Chastisement by the Ball of Redemption.” –
Our Lady, August 21, 1975 

"My child, you will continue to disperse the Message from Heaven. It is of great urgency, for a major crisis is coming upon your world.
"The balance is leaning heavily to the left. There is no way to right this balance except through chastisement. Man sets himself upon his own road, and it is in the merciful heart of the Father that He brings him back through suffering.” –
Jesus, August 21, 1975 

"Won't you, My child, weep with Me and join Me in this great sorrow? Accept the heavy cross the Father allows you to carry.
"I cry also, My child, when I watch the desecration of My Son's Body. This desecration is being promoted by many who had been given the outstanding honor of representing My Son in His houses throughout the world, the churches.
"O My children, how often have I cried to you, to warn you of a coming great Chastisement! The balance has not moved; it lies heavily to the left. Already in the holy city of Rome, there is a plan now developing to replace Our beloved Vicar. Pray, pray much that he does not be removed, for the man of dark secrets is waiting to enter upon the Seat of Peter." –
Our Lady, December 6, 1974 

Veronica - Michael is coming down now. He's holding the scale, the large golden balance, in his hand, in his right hand, and he has the sword in his left hand. Now Jesus is raising His hand and pointing to the balance.
Jesus - "My child, your world is imbalanced. The souls of mankind are imbalanced. The Chastisement is heading for your world. Awaken from your slumber! The sands of time are running fast. Will you be ready?
"Though the world of fallen man and his nature seeks to still the voice of My Mother, this he will not succeed in. The words, the Message of Heaven, shall go throughout the world, and then shall come the end.” –
December 6, 1974 

Veronica - Now it's growing dark, and the writing is disappearing. Now I see another figure coming forward. Now he's carrying a long--what looks like a piece of reed or wheat, and he's got a balance in his hand, a scale. But it looks different than the one Michael carries. He also has a black band across his chest, and he's standing now on the right bank of the--joining the other angel on the right bank of the river, of the great body of water. And now he's holding the balance up, and he's pointing now to his chest. And written across the black band is: "HUNGER": H-U-N-G-E-R. Now he's taking the balance and he's raising it high above his head, and he's saying:
Third Angel - "Denarius, denarius. A measure for the wheat. What will you give for your bread?" –
April 6, 1974 

"I hold, as your God, I hold you responsible, O wearers of the Red Hats and followers of the Purple Hats, who are following like ducks upon water downstream--and I say downstream--to the rapids that shall engulf you until there is no turning back, and you shall receive the Ball of Redemption. You shall receive a baptism of fire, and many shall die in the great flame of the Ball of Redemption.
"The balance for your reprieve has been held in the past by the few. My Mother and many personages from Heaven have entered upon your world to retain that balance. My Mother begs for clemency and mercy for a degenerate generation.
"No, it is not the plan of the Eternal Father to destroy your earth again completely, but there shall be a cleansing by trial--a chastisement upon mankind such as never has been experienced, and after the climax, never shall it happen again. Only a few will be saved, My children.” –
Jesus, November 1, 1976 

"Your God is long-suffering and merciful, but you, as a degenerate generation, you try My patience! But for the pleading of your Mother, My Mother, the Mediatrix from God to man, you would have already received your just chastisement. But for the few prayers that rise as a balance to Heaven, you would already see death and destruction in your country and many of the countries throughout your world.
"No man shall escape the Ball of Redemption. The effects shall engulf every man, woman, and child still living in the body upon your earth.
"All mockers and those who have scorned My Mother's message, Her warning, shall soon shed bitter tears of remorse. Too late, I say unto you, too late will you take the blindness from your hearts.” –
Jesus, December 24, 1976 

"Your friends, those who govern the nations, the foreign nations of your world, are not your friends, My children. They plot and plan behind your back. While they cry peace, peace, peace, they prepare for war! There shall be no peace among mankind unless you follow the direction of Heaven. The plan for peace was simple as given to you, My children: penance, atonement, sacrifice to your God.
"Do penance now, My children. The Ball of Redemption is heading your way. You have won in the past a reprieve, My children, but the balance for this destruction upon mankind is heavily against you. The Ball of Redemption approaches, and many shall die in the great flame of the Ball of Redemption.” –
Our Lady, December 31, 1976 

"I have watched mankind progressing deeper into darkness of spirit. Yes, the Eternal Father will not destroy the earth as in the past, but there will be a gradual separation of the sheep from the goats by trial and test in suffering.
"My children, all that has been given you in counsel by My Mother must come to pass. What was to happen in the future shall be now!
"I have warned you time and time again that there is a balance now over mankind, a balance held by the angels. And I say unto you that these angels are being stationed at the four corners of the earth.” –
Jesus, August 14, 1978  

Veronica - Our Lady and Jesus have both said that everyone must pray now. The balance is held by prayer. We cannot well understand the ways of Heaven, how much is given in free will to mankind, Our Lady said. –
August 14, 1978 

"Whoever will solace My suffering heart--a Mother of Sorrows!
"Prayer, penance, atonement, My children--shall I be cast out of here, also? I have wandered throughout the world and found the doors closed to Me! The words from Heaven, the message of warning, will go throughout the world, even when they shut the doors, My children.
"You must continue with great vigilance to send My message throughout the world--person to person, link to link, pen to pen, and word to word. The whole creation of mankind shall know the Message from Heaven, and if the balance, the scale, has not met with approval by the Eternal Father, the world shall be cleansed by a baptism of fire.
"It has been written in the good Book, My children, and it must come to pass. But I cry bitter tears, knowing that this time that was to be in the future shall be now!
“Have you, as parents, prepared your family? Have you set your household in order?” –
Our Lady, August 14, 1975  

"The balance for your chastisement is with mankind. In the merciful knowledge and power of the Eternal Father, you have received a great grace to be called within hearing of My Mother's voice. Know that with this grace, much is expected of you. You will all be apostles of light, going forward and gathering the straying sheep. No man will be lost to Us except of his free will.” –
Jesus, August 14, 1975 

"The world and its people have received one of its final warnings. The balance is heavily to the left. The peak of iniquity has put a sad fate upon mankind.
"You will keep a constant vigilance of prayer in your homes and in your public life.
"We demand, the Father commands public atonement! The scale must be balanced, for unless you achieve this by your sacrifice and acts of penance, you will receive a judgment far more severe than mankind has ever been set upon in the history of your creation!” –
Jesus, March 29, 1975 

Veronica - Now Michael is coming forward, and he's holding the balance. He says:
St. Michael - "See, my child, how uneven the scale balances. Recognize that the sins of man have placed a heavy load upon the scale. When the balance is fully edged . . . ."
Veronica - Now Michael is holding the balance which is filled with--he's writing now in the sky the word "ABOMINATIONS": A-B-O-M-I-N-A-T-I-O-N-S. He said:
St. Michael - "When the peak of iniquity has been reached, and the abominations fill . . . ."
Veronica - Now he's holding a golden chalice, and he's looking into the chalice. And I see blood flowing from the chalice. It's a very large, golden chalice. Now I see three angels. They're standing over to the left side of the flagpole, and they have what looks like soup bowls in their hands. They're holding three bowls out.  
     Now one angel raises his hand above his head, like this, and with his left hand now he is turning the bowl over. Now the other angel points over to the right. Now he's coming over to the right, and he has raised up his hand and says--and he's pointing with four fingers, and he also has this large--that looks like an urn or a bowl, and he's turning it upside down. –
February 10, 1973 

Veronica - Now Michael is holding in his right hand a scale. It looks like a golden balance, the scale. And he's now showing it to me.
St. Michael - "You can observe, my child, that it is heavily balanced to the left. Iniquity is reaching its peak. As you have been directed in the past by the Queen of Heaven and earth, as the peak of iniquity is reached, then shall man feel the final scourge. The world, your world shall pass through a crucible of suffering. All who are of well spirit have nothing to fear. Hope and trust in your God shall take you through this trial." –
July 15, 1975 

"My child, We watch and see the houses of My Son crumbling, being destroyed throughout your world. Doors are closing, convents are emptying, and the dedicated are leaving and falling into all manner of sin and abominations. Who shall be in the remnant? Only a few will be saved.
"My voice, My children, and the voice of many from Heaven have cried out to warn you, to prepare you, for you hold the balance for your own destruction or salvation. Your country and many countries throughout the world now are in darkness of spirit. Your medias of communication are controlled. Can you find the truth among atheists? The truth, My children, you will have to carry in your hearts. Shall My Son come back and find even a small light of faith left upon your earth?” –
Our Lady, May 26, 1976



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