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“And when he drew near, seeing the city, he wept over it, saying: If thou also hadst known, and that in this thy day, the things that are to thy peace; but now they are hidden from thy eyes.” – St. Luke 19: 41-42

"To survive in those dark days ahead, you will have to learn, My children, to live in the spirit. Can you not understand the meaning? Talk to Us, My children, with your hearts; do not speak to Us with your lips. We are waiting patiently. We need your love. Please, My children, do not forget Us, for only We will be able to carry you through the darkness. It truly rains teardrops from Heaven.” – Our Lady, March 24, 1971

"If you were not successful in gathering the souls with My Message from Heaven, this confrontation would not have taken place. Be assured the count is great in Heaven at this time, but many will die in the great flame of the Ball of Redemption.
"Continue, My child, the prayers with great ease. None will perish, I assure you. There is nothing to fear. Chase fear; face it, My child, and it will disappear.
"The crowds, My child, were far greater when they placed My Son upon the tree. You well understand, My child, how I felt at that time. Experience, My child, will make us companionable spirits. The Father has not allowed this for reason that human beings in their human nature would be able to understand, My child. In due time you will understand the reason.
"If your country and the peoples of your country and the world had not gone into darkness they would be joining you in prayer. But so deep is the darkness of the spirit in your country and the world! It truly rains teardrops from Heaven, My child.
"Continue with your prayers of atonement. They have great power to balance the scales, which lean heavily to the left. When the peak of iniquity has been reached, My child, the great Chastisement will fall upon mankind.” – Our Lady, April 5, 1975 

"Awaken, pastors, from your slumber! Can you, O bishops, not spare but the little time to look into your seminaries? I say but one expression to you: they have become hell-holes of error and heresy! Clean out your seminaries, My bishops! My Son will lay upon you a heavy hand in penance! Is this what you want? Do you not have the courage of your convictions to stand by the truth of your Faith? Have you given yourselves to such foul sin, O bishops, in your personal lives that you do no longer recognize sin as being a way of life? Are you also condoning sin to become a way of life? And what will you gain, for as you live so shall you die in sin!
"O pastors of My Son's House, I beg you, as your Mother--for it truly rains teardrops from Heaven--restore My Son's House to its former glory. Do not give yourselves to filling your coffers. The Eternal Father wants none of your gold or your silver or your power over mankind, if this power destroys the souls He has entrusted to you. Yes, Heaven looks upon those who have entered My Son's House to destroy it! You cannot hide your hearts from the Eternal Father. He allows you to go about your way, hoping that in your error you will come out of the darkness and restore yourselves to the light.” –
Our Lady, October 2, 1976 

"It truly, My child, rains teardrops from Heaven. Remember, I told you that We would go forward five and drop back to three, but advance to four. This is in the gathering of the souls, My child.
"We cry, We ask for many victim souls, victims who will give themselves for the repatriation of their brothers and sisters. Only in this manner will many be saved. The numbers in the final count will be few, My child, few when you think of the thousands upon your earth." – Our Lady, June 8, 1974

"How much, My children, can I add to My words of caution and warning? I have promised to be with you unto the Second Coming of My Son. There will be great trial upon earth. The peace that I promised many years ago will not come to mankind until the return of My Son. It will take a major reversal of man's ways to bring about this peace that I have promised you. It truly rains teardrops from Heaven. Many are not listening now, My child, as many rejected My words years ago.
"Do not wait, My children, until you are forced to your knees. Come to Us now, for your reward will be in far greater abundance, filled with graces, graces far beyond what your human mind could comprehend.
"Measure for measure will be given unto you for your works and your actions to your brothers and the safeguarding of your immortal soul and the souls entrusted to your care. And if you have the mercy of heart and the goodness of spirit, you will share this light with others.
"Light your candles, My children, with Me. Search with Me through the darkness. Bring the Message from Heaven to the world. These candles, the lights of wisdom and love, shall be lit throughout the world. Every country shall have the knowledge of the truth. The Gospel, the words of the Father, shall go throughout the world before you receive the judgment.” – Our Lady, September 28, 1974

"You will alert all bishops and cardinals to the dark days ahead. Many are now walking in darkness. Unless you recover them with your prayers and acts of sacrifice, many mitres will fall into hell.
"I have cautioned all parents to guard the souls of their children. The example We see in many homes is abominable. The soul destroyers are being brought into the homes by parents. It truly rains teardrops from Heaven.” – Our Lady, October 6, 1972

"Many priests, bishops, cardinals in My Son's House need prayers from the laity that they may be strong enough not to fall into the plan of the third worlders, who are also known, My child, as the one worlders. They seek to destroy My Son's Church and build one on the creation of man. My Son has cried many times great tears of sorrow and has said: 'Will there be any faith left when I return? Will I find even a small flickering of faith left in their hearts when I return?' It truly rains teardrops from Heaven!” – Our Lady, October 6, 1976

"My child and My children, listen well and give this counsel from Heaven to all mankind: That you are now on the road to destruction, spiritually and physically. I cannot look upon your nations and find one that is not in danger of being destroyed.
"You understand well, My children, that the major concern of the Eternal Father is for the salvation of the souls of all mankind. We look upon you now, and it grieves Our hearts in Heaven to find now brother against brother, sister against sister; murders abounding upon earth; atheism, communism, socialism, and all of the 'isms' that directly lead to the control of Lucifer and satanism. And what can you do now about the advance of this evil, My children? There is only one recourse now to save mankind. Your nation, My child and My children, and all of the nations upon earth have now been reduced to a state of moral decay. It is a major sign for the fall of a nation.
"My children, the Eternal Father allows you to pursue your course. There are many now, seers and voice-boxes upon earth, encouraged by graces from Heaven to go forth in the name of the Lord, the God Almighty, the Creator of all your universe and mankind. They are sent now among you to save mankind from hurtling fast into a world cataclysm of destruction. O My children, it truly rains teardrops from Heaven!” – Our Lady, August 14, 1979

"O My children, when My Son returns upon your earth, will He find even a flicker of faith left in the hearts of mankind? In the days of Sodom, so too were men giving themselves over to all the pleasures of the flesh: eating, drinking, marrying, giving in marriage. All manner of sinful lusts were being committed. Men shameful with men, women casting aside their role of motherhood and lusting after women. As it was in the days of Sodom, so now is this black cloud over America.
"The Eternal Father has a plan. But this plan shall bring great sorrow to the hearts of many. My children, how long can I hold back this terrible chastisement from upon mankind? It truly rains teardrops from Heaven!" – Our Lady, July 14, 1979

"My child, it truly rains teardrops from Heaven. Chastity and virtue--whatever has become of them? I look upon My children and I am filled with great shame, for sin has become a way of life among you.
"If you accept this way of life filled with sin and abominations of the flesh, you cannot enter, My children, into the Kingdom of Heaven. The few short years given to mankind upon earth, My children--is it worth this to throw away eternal life for these few short years upon your earth? When you cross over the veil, My children, it is forever--forever and ever, in the hereafter. There is no return once you leave your body, no return unto the General Judgment by the Eternal Father.
"There are great tears shed at the loss of every soul, and so many souls are falling into the abyss--as numerous as the snowflakes that fall from your heavens. There is no age over the reasoning age. They are young and they are old, My child; all manner of souls are falling into the abyss, the place of no return.
"The numbers going into purgatory, My child, have become few, and those entering into the eternal Kingdom of joy are even fewer. Whatever shall become of Our children?" – Our Lady, August 14, 1975

"The present evolvement of evil, corruption, and misleading of the sheep did not come overnight, My child. It is a well-planned conspiracy.
"As in the time of My Son upon earth, there are those who do not recognize the Eternal Father. Their father is the father of all liars, satan.
"You must, My child, learn to recognize the faces of evil.
"It truly rains teardrops from Heaven.” – Our Lady, February 10, 1976

"I give fair account to all of Our bishops throughout your world that you must give account to Me in judgment for your sheep, and shall you stand before Me and say that your teaching has been pure in My sight? Many mitres shall fall into hell, for you are on the road to perdition.
"You shall not compromise My House, My Church. You shall not gather souls by destroying the principles of My Church, for you have scattered the sheep. By your fruits have you been made known to the world. It truly cries teardrops from Heaven. You have been given a warning, and you will act upon it.
"O My children, My Mother has gone throughout your world as a Mediatrix from God to your world to meet with rejection and scorn, and that is why We can truly say that only a few will be saved.” – Jesus, June 5, 1976

"I love you all, My children, and I will guide you through the tribulations. I suffer, as a Mother will suffer, from the loss of each child.
"We ask great understanding for the trials of your Vicar. He will accept martyrdom and shall be accepted with great joy into the Kingdom of the Father. Sadly, the plan of the adversary is to place another on the Seat of Peter. I send you many warnings to prepare yourself and defend yourself against this adversary.
"It truly rains teardrops from Heaven. This evening upon earth there will be many souls lost to Heaven and going into darkness. We ask all to persevere and continue in their acts of penance and sacrifice. The road to the Kingdom is not easy. It is not one in which you can bargain.” – Our Lady, December 31, 1972

"I have warned you as a Mother of sorrow. I have wandered throughout your earth, through countless earth-years, counseling you as your Mother, begging My Son to extend unto you the time to make amends for your offenses to the Eternal Father. My children, My tears fall upon you and your nation and all of the nations of the world. Because of your blindness you failed to see what is fast coming upon mankind.
"I will not at this time give you a long discourse of reasoning for the coming Chastisement to mankind. Many minor warnings have been given in the past, to go by unnoticed or rejected.
"O My children, it truly rains teardrops from Heaven. We listen to the voices of the saints as they cry out in anguish to Us: 'How long shall You patiently wait for a generation to make atonement? How long, O Lord, must this carnage go on, as Lucifer continues to gather his armies and take many from the earth into the abode of the damned?'
"My children, I cannot give you more urgent a message than to ask you, as your Mother, to go back and read all counseling, all messages given throughout the world by just seers.” – Our Lady, August 14, 1981

"I must warn you, O you who wear the Red Hat and the Purple Hat, that you have been misled. Many are on the road to perdition. And those who have been given great grace, they must exercise this grace by sharing it with others for the recovery of souls.
"I give fair warning to all that your pursuit of humanism and modernism shall send many from My Church upon your earth. My Son has had His heart torn anew by the many who have cast aside His teachings, who seek to destroy the foundation of His Church, My Son. There are many Judases in His House. It truly rains teardrops from Heaven.
"My children, there are many candles in your world, a world that has fast gone into spiritual darkness and corruption. Immorality has stricken the children. Immorality is bringing your country, your nation, America the beautiful, the great, onto a road to its own destruction. You will celebrate, My children, your past, your present, but what have you given for your future? A nation that has gathered the material and lost the spiritual!” – Our Lady, June 24, 1976

"Because of the arrogance and pride of My clergy, many of Our sheep, Our children, are lost to the Kingdom of Heaven. Many mitres are destined for the abyss. Heresy and apostasy abounds upon earth. My child, repeat the full story: 

            The end is not as far as you can see;
Already there is apostasy.
Man cast his lot and gathered the coals
To stoke the fire that burns the souls.
The days are numbered, the hours are few;
So work and pray and try to do
The mission that's given in the light,
Until that sad day when all becomes night.

     "My child and My children, do not waste valuable time speculating on dates or the methods of the Eternal Father, but be prepared at all times, for the first great trial is coming upon you, and it will come when you least expect it. Do not become prideful in this knowledge, My children, for those who are given much--much, far much is expected of them. It truly rains teardrops from Heaven.
"The Message from Heaven will be given to all mankind. Convert the unbeliever. Do not compromise the Faith, but convert the unbeliever. Do not be joined unevenly; do not be unevenly yoked with unbelievers and heretics, for one bad apple may destroy the crate.” – Jesus, June 18, 1979


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