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#496 - SIMPLICITY, Part 2

"But he giveth greater grace. Wherefore he saith: God resisteth the proud, and giveth grace to the humble." - St. James 4:6

"My Son left you a legacy of faith. He gave you very clearly the plan for your redemption. It was written down in clear, precise language for all to know, and what have you done, but you have darkened the pages of your Bible. You have rewritten them so that you would gain, and gain what but damnation! You are rewriting the Book of life to satisfy the basic foul carnal natures of mankind! The road to the Eternal Kingdom is a narrow road. Many have left it now and are wandering farther into darkness.
"O pastors, whatever shall become of you? You have scattered the flocks. Your recovery can be a simple measure. You may balance the scale by turning back and accepting the simple way of life and the truth as has been given to you. You must not innovate and use all manner of modernism, which has been created by satan. Many who wear the Red Hat are misleading the Purple Hats.
"You deride, laugh, and mock My words, and why? Because you reject the light and the truth!" - Our Lady, May 26, 1976 

"Every moment of your life is not wasted if you will learn a lesson, a very simple lesson, on the road to sanctity. You will use every moment of your life and give up your hardships as a sacrifice, as a penance for your soul or the salvation of other souls. Think, My child, throughout the hours of your day, how many graces you may accumulate for the waiting souls in purgatory, especially those who have been abandoned by their loved ones, forgotten. For when you are out of sight, you are slowly out of mind." - Our Lady, September 28, 1974  

"I am pleased because you gave this to mankind. It is called, 'The Way to Spiritual Childhood.' For as the Father hath said, unless you become as little children, giving all to the will of God, you cannot enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. It is very simple, my sisters. The reasoning is not difficult to understand. It is just to forget yourself and think only of Jesus and our Blessed Mother." - St. Theresa, September 28, 1974

"My child, We are very pleased with the progress of My Mother's mission to reach all souls in these desperate days. Know that the road for your salvation has been given to you. You will stay on this road, or you will find yourself wandering in the darkness. The truth in light has been given to you in your hearts. You have a basic foundation for your Faith. You will follow the simple plan given to you by the Father, the Commandments and the discipline. Your example must be one of strength in truth. Only in this manner will you recover souls, for many of Our sheep are wandering. Do not set yourself to win the treasures of your world, for you will forfeit then the treasures of Heaven.
"On your pilgrimage in your world you must lead a life of austerity, one based on sacrifice and discipline. Return to prayer, dedicate yourselves with true vocation. Do not follow the modes of your world based on the themes of modernism, and setting of man up as an idol to worship by humanism, and eventually subjugating your will to follow the plan of satan. Prayer, redemption through sacrifice! There is no other course that leads to Heaven. The road is filled with thorns. The road is narrow, but the reward is great. Deny yourself of your worldly pleasures. Sacrifice and retire into a life of prayer. You will not gather the sheep with socializing. You must return to a life of inner contemplation and prayer. Get down on your knees and return to a pure spirit of child-like quality." - Jesus, November 20, 1974

"Shall you be given a full scourge of communism and slavery? Shall the elements be used against you to cleanse your world? Shall mankind feel the great heat and burning of the Ball of Redemption? You who laugh and scorn this message, the day will come when there shall be much gnashing of teeth and woe set upon the earth.
"As it was in the days of Noe, so it is now that man never learns from his history. He repeats his mistakes over and over.
"I give you, My children, the simple solution to your problem. It is faith, My children, truth in faith. Believe and you shall be given the way.
"The Eternal Father shall send upon mankind many signs to awaken him. Will you recognize them, or shall they go by in continuance of being unnoticed, unrecognized as coming from your God? My children, unless you pray more, you shall not recognize the signs; unless you remain with My Son at the tabernacles of your world, you shall not recognize the signs; unless you eat of the Body of My Son and drink of His Blood, you shall not have the light within you.
"My children, you wander about, running in every direction, and what are you looking for that you have not already received from your God, the direction for your salvation?
"My children, Heaven and the way does not change. It needs no improvement. It is a simple way, given to you from the beginning of time by the Eternal Father, and made known to you by the visit of My Son to earth." -
Our Lady, February 1, 1977

"You will tell mankind that the sins of the flesh shall send many souls to hell. My child, the need for materialism is wrong. And the need for modernizing the world and My Son's Church is wrong. And passing over the grievous sin of immorality and also pornography, and all the other evils, are placed under the heading of humanism--even accepting without a frown, or proper attention to a sin, in accepting the aftermath of AIDS, received through inhuman relationships. I say 'inhuman' because those relationships are not from God, My children, but they are from satan. Homosexuality shall always be condemned, because it is against the nature of man; and it is a violation of all human morality, and shall not be tolerated by the Eternal Father in the Trinity.
"My child, I want you to do all you can to foster the return of mortality and morality to the medias, and also to those you love--your neighbors, your children. And do not be affrighted or flee from the sinner, for he, too, can be saved by your efforts and your prayers. As this child was born, so he must return: a simple child, to the Eternal Father. If you remember, My child, the lessons from Theresa--yes, Saint Theresa, you will remember that it is a simple way to Heaven: if you accept the Eternal Father into your heart, you will always be His children of love." - Our Lady, October 5, 1985

"Your country, the eagle, has fallen and been plucked by satan. The great bird no longer flies high. No, I say unto you: because of your immorality, your materialistic seeking, your scientific pursuits to outdo the Eternal Father in His plan for mankind, you bring upon yourselves great trial and punishment.
"My children, the way? I am the way. The way, the plan was given to you. It is a simple plan of childlike submission to truth, doctrine, and Tradition. Man seeks to build a new way for himself based on humanism and modernism, and all of the other defilements, division, and destruction of souls that shall accompany these efforts.
"My children, I counsel you to turn back now while there is still time. You must counteract now the evil that you have allowed to accelerate in your world. You must not compromise your Faith. When you leave your human body, your immortal soul will be judged by merit. None shall escape this judgment." - Jesus, November 19, 1977 

"Oh, how sad to look upon the homes of earth! Whatever has become of motherhood? Bad example, such poor example I see in many homes. You must return to the simple life. The love of riches will destroy your souls.
"Involvement of the parents in worldly pursuits and living take them farther from the graces of Heaven. The greatest offenses to the Father is the lack of discipline and true direction of many parents on earth today." - St. Anne, July 25, 1973

"O my sisters, you have become foolish maidens in the convents. You have chosen to cast aside your divine vocation to become women of the world. You cannot enter Heaven, my sisters in the convents. Listen and act upon this counsel, the counsel from Heaven, now; for there is little time left for you. You must return to your habits and return to the rules. You cannot be of the world. Though you live in it, you must not join the world, for your world now is in full control of satan.
"Veronica, my child--I call you 'my child' because Our Lady calls you 'my child.' I am many earth-years older than you now, but I always will be even a child to the Eternal Father. Now remember--and I repeat again, the simplicity of childhood that is necessary for the entrance of all into Heaven. Unless you become simple of heart, simple of pursuits, and child-like in your acceptance of faith, you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven." - St. Theresa, October 2, 1979

"My children, the seminaries in the United States shall close, unless they start now to clean their homes!
"The Eternal Father shall not permit young souls to be destroyed by evil teachers, by those who have fallen into error because of loss of the grace from Heaven, by those who, for worldly gain, choose to sell their souls!
"What manner of evil is in these seminaries, My children, that they promote fallacies and heresy, permissive behavior, a morality that now is based on advanced science and theology! The Eternal Father gave the mode, the manner for man to save his soul--simple, clear, and unadulterated with the evil that now has set My Son's Church in darkness!
"Go back! If you have the time, pastors, go back now! For many mitres shall fall into hell!
"I repeat, the Red Hat has fallen and the Purple Hat is being misled. I cry to you, through the merciful heart of the Eternal Father, turn back now! A new moral theology straight--coming straight up from hell!
"We command, in the name of the Eternal Father, for all bishops of the world to set My Son's House in order! Obedience is obedience to God the Father and not to the agents of hell! Shall you obey mankind and hurt the merciful heart of the Eternal Father?" - Our Lady, January 31, 1976

"Our home, my children, was a simple home of prayer. Our home was lacking of material goods, but rich in that which is needed for the salvation of the soul.
"The father shall be the head of his household. A woman shall remain a companion to her husband. What manner of foul evils are now entering upon your homes and the lives of your children? What examples as parents have you given to your children? Many tears of sorrow shall be shed by parents--too late! The abyss, hell, is open wide, and we stand and watch, helpless to recover these souls.
"We look into many homes, my children, and find discord, disunity, and sorrow, confusion and despair, manners of aberration; the matrimonial bond broken, sin becoming a way of life. The family that will pray together shall stay together." - St. Joseph, March 18, 1976

"My children, the  homes, the refuge for children, whatever shall become of your family life? Parents have turned from their roles as parents, giving themselves over to pleasures of the flesh--pleasure-seeking, feeding themselves with all manner of corruptive influences while the soul is starving.
"My children, why do you not recognize the signs of your times? Why is man, in his blindness, calling down upon himself many chastisements? Floods, earthquakes, famines, plagues, until all shall be cleansed by the Ball of Redemption!
"My children, My Son has given you the way. He is the way. The rules were simple. Pastors in My Son's churches, you do not read your Book of life, the Bible. You are too busy committing yourselves to pleasure; you are too busy indulging your mortal appetites; you are too busy being deluded by satan with all rules of modernism and humanism and secularism--all of the 'isms,' My children, that are leading you to communism.
"O My children, recognize, I repeat, the signs of your times. You are fast selling yourselves into slavery. Your government and the governments of the world are now almost in full control of the agents of hell. The forces of 666 are firmly entrenched in your government, in the clergy--your pastors, your shepherds, your bishops; even satan has entered into the highest realms of the hierarchy in Rome." - Our Lady, July 25, 1977

"The way, a simple way, was given to mankind. I gave the keys to the pastors of My Church, My House upon earth, and these keys have been tarnished through greed and avarice and the lust for power. My House now is producing bad fruit, and I shall soon shake the tree. All that is rotten shall fall! Remember, My children, the world and My Church shall not be as one. Conform and you will die on the vine!
"I ask you this: do not abandon My House, My Church. Remain in your parishes as an example. If you unify against evil you can vanquish this evil! If you run away, you leave My Church open to thieves and robbers! Shall you deny to your brothers and sisters the opportunity to enrich their souls with My Body and Blood? The parish church must remain open. I shall be there with you, though man is desecrating in his rituals. I shall be there always with you.
"Do not abandon Me at the tabernacles of the world. I am your Bread of life. He who eats of Me shall have life. Without Me you will only find death, death of the body and death of the spirit, My children." - Jesus, May 27, 1978

"The word of the Eternal Father, your God, is everlasting. He knows no beginning and no end. Therefore, you shall not change the words of God to suit mankind and their basic carnal nature. You must change man to bring him under the rule set forth by his God.
"The Eternal Father, My children, has given you a simple lesson of life. The Commandments must be followed, for shall you break one, you break them all.
"You must remove the reading matter, the books filled with obscenities--pornography, you call it, My child--errors and degradation, soul destructors. You must clean your schools. Remove the teachers who promote the destruction of souls.
"Parents, as guardian of your children's souls, you must have the courage to come forward and act upon this, for it will be you as parents who shall cry tears of bitter remorse when you know that these children have been lost forever to the eternal Kingdom." - Our Lady, July 25, 1975 

"I say unto you, O bishops, you have been looked upon and found wanting by the Eternal Father. You have attuned yourself with satan. You are goats!
"My children, pray for your bishops. Pray for your cardinals. Rome is under great siege. Persecution is heavy for your Vicar, Pope Paul VI. He accepts his cross. And how many of you are following his direction? Do not be deceived, My children, by directives that bring you evil into your hearts--deception from satan. The way of My Son is a simple way. You must follow it with purity of heart and faith, faith of a child, and not faith that a scientist develops--in what? In his own human capacity of knowledge and learning! Man of science, ever searching but never coming to the truth.
"We look upon you, My children, and find that you are consorting with astrologers, sorcerers, paganism--even bringing this way of life into My Son's Church! Like pagans, you dance down the aisles during the Holy Sacrifice! Like pagans you come undressed, My children, to the Holy Sacrifice! You conduct yourselves without respect or love!" - Our Lady, April 9, 1977





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