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"And he took me up in spirit to a great and high mountain: and he shewed me the holy city Jerusalem coming down out of heaven from God, having the glory of God, and the light thereof was like to a precious stone, as to the jasper stone, even as crystal. And it had a wall great and high, having twelve gates, and in the gates twelve angels, and names written thereon, which are the names of the twelve tribes of the children of Israel." - Apocalypse 21: 10-12

Veronica - Oh, I see a most beautiful Being, but He's all of Light. I know it's the Eternal Father; but I cannot see Him in form as Jesus and Our Lady are appearing. He seems to be a beam of all light, but the light itself is so beautiful. It gives you a great feeling of warmth and also a feeling of comfort. - October 6, 1988

The Angel - Observe the Ancient of Days. He is the Father of all love and goodness."
     Veronica - And I see now great rays of light. The old Man--He sits on a beautiful golden throne--very beautiful, with red velvet.... Now the light is shining very--down from His hands and all about the throne, and it's falling down now--oh, it was like a triangle underneath Him....
St. Michael - "The Father governs all life." - June 16, 1973

"The Father is the Supreme Being and Creator of your being." - Our Lady, January 13. 1974

"My child, none can view the great vision, the beatific vision; none can view this, for it would be that you would be removed from your earthly body. This awaits mankind only over the veil. We send to you only what your human mind can comprehend. Were We to show you, My child, what lies beyond the veil, the beauty, the full encompassment of your emotions would still your earthly heart. This We cannot give to you until you come across the veil." - Our Lady, April 13, 1974

"In the realms of Heaven there are many stages to reach perfection. The highest place in Heaven, My children, is the beatific vision of the Eternal Father. I mention this in fact to you, My children, because there is a prevalence of much error now in your world teachings." - Our Lady, September 28, 1976

Veronica - Now Jesus is placing His hand out in front of Him, like this, with His three fingers extended, like this, and making the sign of the cross: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.
Now Jesus is looking all about Him. He is turning His head to the right, and now He is moving it and He's looking all about. Oh, He's smiling. He has the most beautiful eyes. I can see Him very clearly tonight. They're grey-blue, and they are--oh, I can't explain it. He has beautiful eyes! His whole face is beautiful. And He has a short beard; His beard is very trimmed, very short, very nice. He thinks my description is kind of funny, I guess. - August 5, 1977 

"Now, My child, I will give to you an explanation most worthy to the young of your world.
"The long hair worn by My Son and those He chose to be His Apostles--why was their hair long? So that they would be rejected by the world. At that time, My child, only the old, the elderly, wore their hair in such fashion, and those dedicated to the rabbinicalhood--priesthood. It was not the custom of the day to wear hair long. If you will look into your books of history, you will note this. But My Son did not wish to be looked upon with vanity, though beautiful was His face. He chose to be unrecognized among the crowds, as did those He chose to be His teachers, the Apostles." - Our Lady, August 14, 1974

"My child, make it known to the world that man--children of God, led astray, you must not compromise your Faith! There shall not be one world and one religion at this time, for no man shall now gather the flock. Not one man shall gather the flock together. This will be done by My Son when He returns in the final stages of Armageddon.
     "You must remember--do not be deceived, My children, by those who claim to be the Christ, for they will say, 'Come out to the field, for he is there. Come out to the barn! Come into the centers!' But no, My children, My Son shall come as He ascended. He will come down from the sky, shouting with a call of triumph to all. He will come down with the legions from Heaven of angels and all of the souls who have bathed themselves in His Blood and now wear the garments of light and life.
     "Wait and watch, My children; pray much, for the Book of life is unfolding; the pages are turning. You are truly in the days of the Apocalypse. Read the Revelations, My children, and know what lies ahead. As you were told in the past, much will be opened to you, for the days of the Armageddon are here. Read the Revelations, your Apocalypse, My children. Saint John was given the knowledge to reveal to you the days in which you are living. Recognize the signs of your time." - Our Lady, August 21, 1975

Veronica - Now Our Lady is pointing upward to this huge door. It's a steel-like door, very large, and above it I notice it's like an area covered by stars. I believe they're stars; they're brilliant white lights. And ... oh, now Our Lady--
     "My child, I will explain to you. What you are viewing is the gate to the Kingdom--a mystical gate, a supernatural gate that man cannot transcend until he comes to Us in the spirit. The Kingdom of Heaven exists, just as your earth exists, My children. However, none can come across into the Kingdom until they depart from their earthly bodies.
     "Your body, My children, are but shells housing your spirit, the life within you." - Our Lady, July 25, 1975

"In the general resurrection of all souls and bodies, My Son shall take the bones and rise them up, knitting them and uniting them, and placing upon them incorruptible flesh, for death will be conquered. Pain shall be no more. Sin shall be no more. Joy will abound. Charity will abound--goodness, mercy, kindness, and all the goodness created by the Eternal Father." - Our Lady, August 5, 1975

"If I, My children, could open to you for just a few short moments the doors to the Kingdom of Heaven, how glorious would be your suffering! How glorious would be all the trials of your life when you will be able to see beyond the gates of this glorious Kingdom of eternal life!" - Our Lady, May 10, 1972

Veronica - Now Our Lady is turning, and They're both going over; Jesus is a slight ways behind Our Lady. And They're both floating over. They don't walk, They just float. It's beautiful to see.
     "You ask will everyone float like that when they come to Heaven? I assure you, My child, they will." - Our Lady, July 25, 1985

"It must be known to all mankind that life upon earth is but a temporary existence, but life off the earth in the spiritual world is forever, a  realm of complete consciousness and knowing. All emotion shall be governed by the Eternal Father, with peace and joy in knowing. This beautiful world of consciousness, eternal, must be gained in merit upon earth by following completely the directions from Heaven given through time upon earth. As pilgrims upon earth, My children, you must follow the rules given by the Eternal Father for your salvation, the Commandments of your God." - Our Lady, July 25, 1978

"My children, We have in Heaven beauties beyond all human knowledge. We have in Heaven the ultimate joy and the ultimate expectation of anything man could conceive in his human mind. Are you going to cast this all aside for a few short years upon earth? Is this worth casting aside for? Think, My children, before it is too late. Many of you who hear My words will not be ready. I say, not be ready! Unless you protect yourselves by a constant vigilance of prayer, you will not be ready when you are called unexpectedly. Many shall be removed from the earth very soon, and many will not be ready.” – Jesus, October 1, 1983 

“Save yourselves and the souls of those you love. Come to Me, as My heart is extended to you all. I gave My Body. I am with you in Body and Spirit. Do not cast Me aside, for I am the living Bread of your life. Without Me you cannot enter into the Kingdom of the Father.
     "Were you to know the glories of the Kingdom, you would run fast and turn away quickly from the evils of the world that has given itself to satan. For beyond your universe there lies the greatest joys, joys far beyond all expectation or conceivable in your human mind. This We give you for the asking.” – Jesus, March 24, 1974

"When you leave your body, My children, your spirit will live on forever. However, there is no guarantee without merit of the Eternal Kingdom of the Father. You must want to go there, My children. You must work to go there. You must pray, you must make sacrifices, and really know the true meaning of 'love' that is being exaggerated, My child, in your world. They cry 'love' and 'peace' where there is no love and no peace. The only example of love, true love, is in the cross, My child--the lifetime of My Son upon earth and His Ascension into the Eternal Kingdom.
     "In the general resurrection of all souls and bodies, My Son shall take the bones and rise them up, knitting them and uniting them, and placing upon them incorruptible flesh, for death will be conquered. Pain shall be no more. Sin shall be no more. Joy will abound. Charity will abound--goodness, mercy, kindness, and all the goodness created by the Eternal Father.” – Our Lady, August 5, 1975

"Time, My child, you ask the time? Remember you are ageless in the Kingdom, and there is no time." - Jesus, February 1, 1975

"My child, none can view the great vision, the beatific vision; none can view this, for it would be that you would be removed from your earthly body. This awaits mankind only over the veil. We send to you only what your human mind can comprehend. Were We to show you, My child, what lies beyond the veil, the beauty, the full encompassment of your emotions would still your earthly heart. This We cannot give to you until you come across the veil." - Our Lady, April 13, 1974 

"My children, I have come to earth from the beautiful realms of Heaven to warn you as a Mother. The Eternal Father has sent Me as a Mediatrix between God and man--neither seeking to take the glory from My Son, as many make accusations of. No, My children, I come in support of My sacrificed Son, for He is being re-sacrificed by mankind. My children, I have been through this whole ordeal in the past, and I watch now as you re-crucify My Son. Is this how you have set yourselves about to repay Him for His sacrifice: by blaspheming His name, destroying His divinity, destroying the sheep?
            "I cry unto you as your Mother, O pastors, you shall all be made accountable to My Son for your errors. And in your arrogance you are setting up a new religion that falls far short of the plan of My Son given to you in the beginning.” – Our Lady, March 18, 1978 

Veronica - Now Our Lady is nodding. And She has on now, on Her head--I did not notice it before, but Our Lady has the Fatima crown, the large Fatima crown, upon Her head. And now She's got Her hands together, like this. And Our Lady looks so regal--every, every inch a queen. Her beauty is perfection. There is no human way to describe this. And the light that emanates from Them, there is no human words to describe this either. It's a phenomenon that's beyond human understanding, but not beyond the power of God. - June 18, 1984 

Veronica - Now Our Lady is putting the Rosary back into Her sash, so I'll always remember how to tie it. Our Lady is putting it back onto Her sash. And now Our Lady has placed Her hands together in prayer, like this, and She's now motioning with Her finger. She has a very dainty finger, and just every piece of Our Lady, every bit of Her, is perfection. Heaven has created a most beautiful mystical perfection. That is what Jesus called it one time: a beautiful mystical perfection of Our Lady. - June 18, 1983

Veronica - The sky is a beautiful blue haze this evening, and all about the trees there is a tremendous glow, a light that is coming, host-like in formation, all about the trees directly over our heads and over Our Lady's statue.
Now in the center of this beautiful glow the sky is opening up. I can see Our Lady. She's coming forward. Oh, She is so beautiful! Our Lady has on a white gown. Oh, it's so beautiful! It gives you a feeling of complete warmth and beauty. Everything about Our Lady is perfection.
Our Lady has a deep blue sash about Her waist. And She is taking now Her Rosary, the beautiful Rosary with the golden Our Fathers and the Hail Mary beads that change colors as Our Lady is turning the beads.
Our Lady has a mantle on. It's a white mantle with a golden trim around the border. The trim is about three-quarters of an inch wide. Oh, Our Lady is so fragile looking! The light is so beautiful that it has an impact upon you emotionally. There is no human way I can explain this. - November 1, 1977

"Remember, My children, come to My Mother; for in Her memory of Her human days upon earth, She above all humans created--sinless, without the stigma of sin, a perfect life upon earth without sin, and assumed into Heaven, body and spirit--She above all can direct you because She is your Mother; She is the Queen of Heaven, and the Mother of every human being upon earth." – Jesus, August 14, 1979

Veronica - Now directly over Our Lady's statue, the sky is opening up. It's like the clouds are rolling away. There's no way to explain the sky, the way it seems to separate.
Our Lady is coming in directly over Her statue. She is, She was quite a distance, because as I watched the sky opening, Our Lady was a small figure, but She's now coming in, just carried in on the wind. I can't explain it, but She seems to be floating; She has no weight, it seems.
It's just--Our Lady looks so beautiful! She has on a beautiful white gown with a blue belting about it. And She has a very long mantilla-like covering over Her head, down, reaching down to the bottom of Her skirt. It's a complete mantle of white. And all about the outside of the mantle there is a border of approximately--well, I would say about an inch and a quarter trim of golden braid. Oh, Our Lady looks absolutely beautiful! She's very slender, and it makes Her look very queenly.
Our Lady has a pair of golden sandals on Her feet. They're beautiful and very dainty looking. And I notice now on the strap there is one tiny golden roselet, a small tiny rose on Our Lady's instep, with the strapping going from Her ankle down to Her toes. Right directly in the center there's a beautiful golden rose. - August 5, 1977

Veronica - Now Our Lady is smiling. And She's now raising Her crucifix on Her very large, beautiful white Rosary. The Our Father, the golden bead is so beautiful; it must be made of pure gold.
Our Lady - "Yes, My child, all is perfection in Heaven."
Veronica - The colors coming from the white beads are like nothing I have ever seen before. They're absolutely beautiful--all the colors of the rainbow. But I notice that the pink color seems to predominate.
Our Lady - "Yes, My child, for it is the color We have given to identify My Son, Jesus."
Veronica - Oh, yes.
Our Lady - "You see, My child, He is always in My heart." - September 28, 1974

Veronica - All about the trees there's a beautiful blue light. It's a pale blue light, but it gives you a great feeling of warmth. It's so beautiful. The colors that always come from Heaven are beyond human description. I don't think any painter on earth has been able to place these colors onto easels or even on crayon in any human means. I don't believe any human being could actually duplicate the colorings of the angels' gowns and the colors that cascade from the sky with Jesus and Our Lady's appearances. – August 14, 1979 

Veronica - Our Lady now is going very high up into the sky. Michael now has come down by Her right side, Theresa and her sisters, and these many priests and brothers, and some of them are monks. Some of them look like some kind of monks; they have on a habit that I'm not familiar with. They're like cloaks about their heads; they're deep brown. Oh, they look so very, very happy, and there's a peace that's beyond explaining in human words. I can't explain it, Blessed Mother.
Our Lady - "You do not have to, My child. No human word could describe the joy of Heaven.” –
October 2, 1976  

Veronica - Now behind Our Lady--Our Lady is pointing up to the sky. Oh, and I see so many people coming down now, and they're standing by Our Lady. Oh, there are men and women and small children. Our Lady is saying:
Our Lady - "You see, My children, these are the saints in Heaven. They were once among you, and have won their crowns through perseverance, prayer, and sacrifice. Their example should be followed, for they will lead you to the Kingdom of God the Father, the eternal Kingdom of joy, peace, and reward--a reward far beyond all that your human mind could comprehend, My children.” – May 17, 1975 

"You must, My child, go forward with all My children of grace and persevere. Many will fall, for they cannot stand under the trial. However, the Kingdom of the Father awaits all who stand forth and keep the Faith.” – Our Lady, February 1, 1974

Veronica - I see a great castle--it looks like a castle; it's made of gold and all precious stones inserted into the cornices of the building. But this great castle-like structure, though, is built around a city, and it appears to be floating down now from the sky. And I hear a voice saying: "A new earth and a new Kingdom." It's a very beautiful-looking--it looks like a whole new city. And the words are repeating again: "A new earth and a new city. A new Kingdom." - December 31, 1973 

Our Lady - "My child, look up to the heavens."
Veronica - Oh, I am seeing a beautiful large building. It's something like . . . it looks like it's out of a fairy tale. It's just absolutely beautiful! It's a building made of all gold. And it has stones set in all the colors of the rainbow. Oh, it's just beautiful!
And I see people. They're dressed--they're all colors and all sizes, and they're dressed in all different types of garments of various colors. And they all, though, have one thing in common: they're all happy--a beautiful, pure happiness, a joy. I feel it; I can feel it coming right down from them. It's a feeling of joy and peace and happiness beyond anything I could even describe.
Our Lady is smiling and She's placing Her hand out. She has the Rosary, and Our Lady has a rose in Her hand, a beautiful red rose.
Our Lady - "My child, in My mission with you I did not explain the meaning of this rose. It is a symbol of perfection and piety. It is the queen among flowers, a beauty beyond all human understanding, in the supernatural. That is why the good of heart have referred to My Queenship as the Mystical Rose." - October 6, 1974

"My poor children, hopeless of heart, know now that the future after the cleansing will be glorious, far more glorious than your human mind could ever conceive. Beauty of beauties! Emotion superb! The fulfillment of every desire that man could conceive on earth will be yours in the Kingdom. Is this, My children, what you will discard for the few short earthly years given to you, as you run about aimlessly seeking the pleasures of your world and the riches, willing to close your hearts and your ears to the truth? Many have chosen this path, for they find to shut out the truth will take the conscience, God-given to them, away. How mistaken they are! They cannot run from the Spirit.” – Our Lady, March 18, 1973  

"One day, My children, I assure you, each and every one of you will understand what My Mother has said to you and what I have brought to you as you listen to the directions from Heaven. One day when you all have passed over the veil, when you all have met with Me up in the heavens, you'll know and understand that the directions given to you from Heaven were for your edification and to prepare you. And think, My children, of all the great joy of heart when you realize that all of the sorrow, all of the persecution, was as nothing in comparison to the great joys of Paradise." – Jesus, November 22, 1976


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