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#512 -  OVER THE VEIL,  PART 1

"But, as it is written: That eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither hath it entered into the heart of man, what things God hath prepared for them that love him." - 1 Corinthians 2: 9

"All must persevere in the days ahead. You have no one but yourselves now to save and your children. And if you have charity of heart and additional graces to offer to the world, go seek your brothers and sisters who otherwise would be lost without your help. Guard your children well and you shall not cry for them; for, My children, all knowledge is given to you when you come over the veil, and how bitter the heart will be torn with anguish of a mother who sees her child cast out of the light.
"Yes, My children, you cannot be given at this time full knowledge of the supernatural, but I assure you, you retain full consciousness of mind, knowing everything, My children, when you come over the veil. And then you shall receive your reward or a just punishment.
"My children, you must not cast aside the doctrines of your Faith; you must not cast aside the knowledge of the supernatural and the existence of supernatural beings. You cannot cast aside the knowledge of there being a hell, a Heaven, and a purgatory. I assure you, My children, if you make the choice in error and do cast them aside, only too soon will you know the truth upon your own when you come over the veil." - Jesus, June 16, 1977

"O My children, what do you gain if you gather all of the riches of the world and destroy your soul? When you come over the veil--and you will come over the veil--what will you bring with you? Nothing of the material. You must gather your riches in Heaven now. They are supernatural, the graces, the merits that will allow you to enter into the Kingdom of your God. None shall enter this Kingdom except through My Son. None shall see the Eternal Father if they do not recognize My Son." - Our Lady, June 24, 1976

"You will all keep a constant vigilance of prayer going throughout your country and the world. Pray for your bishops. Pray for your priests. Obedience has now been distorted even to cover sin, My children.
"You will retain your Faith, for you will have only to stand before the Eternal Father over the veil, to account for your works and prayers upon earth. Remember, My children, when you pass over the veil, you can only take love and prayers with you." - Our Lady, May 13, 1978

"My child, it truly rains teardrops from Heaven. Chastity and virtue--whatever has become of them? I look upon My children and I am filled with great shame, for sin has become a way of life among you.
"If you accept this way of life filled with sin and abominations of the flesh, you cannot enter, My children, into the Kingdom of Heaven. The few short years given to mankind upon earth, My children--is it worth this to throw away eternal life for these few short years upon your earth? When you cross over the veil, My children, it is forever--forever and ever, in the hereafter. There is no return once you leave your body, no return unto the General Judgment by the Eternal Father.
"There are great tears shed at the loss of every soul, and so many souls are falling into the abyss--as numerous as the snowflakes that fall from your heavens. There is no age over the reasoning age. They are young and they are old, My child; all manner of souls are falling into the abyss, the place of no return.
"The numbers going into purgatory, My child, have become few, and those entering into the eternal Kingdom of joy are even fewer. Whatever shall become of Our children?" - Our Lady, August 14, 1975

"My children, every man, woman, and child of conscionable age and knowledge must give an account of his actions and the manner in which he spent his time upon earth when he comes over the veil. I assure you, My children, you know not the day or the hour: tomorrow you could leave, within the hour you could leave. Only the Eternal Father and the Trinity knows the time of your coming." - Our Lady, July 25, 1977

"The gates of hell are open wide, but they shall not prevail against the Church of My Son. This He left to you as a guide, as you go on the narrow road and make your way back to the Kingdom. Too many have set themselves on the wide road and given themselves to satan. Oh, the anguish of heart, oh, the gnashing of teeth at that moment when they pass beyond the veil! What does it gain you now if you receive the whole world and lose your soul?
"Over the veil your life is eternal. Death, My child, is a word that should be stricken from your earthly language. There is no death. Life is eternal. Your body will one day rise anew, and you will be recognizable to each other. But unto that time you are living beyond the veil. There is no death. It is only the enemies of the Father that try to erase this truth from your mind. In this manner they can set you on the road to satan. For they are truly the sons of satan, as they were always the sons of satan, when they killed My Son, too, upon earth.
"Compromise, My children? What have you to gain when you compromise your Faith? You divide yourselves so that the enemies of God will conquer you.
"All who do not recognize My Son as the Christ, in the Father, in the Son, and of the Holy Ghost, they are not of My Son; and they are not worthy of the Kingdom of Heaven. And they shall not enter the Kingdom of Heaven. This is from the Father." - Our Lady, April 6, 1974

"My children, do not seek the material pleasures of the world or the wealth of the world, for you cannot be of the world and of the spirit. Our world, the Eternal Father in the Trinity with My Son, Our world is not of the earth. It is a world far beyond the earth, but it is the world that is eternal to all mankind.
"My children, there is no word such as death as you know it. Mankind will never die. He must live on into eternity in the plan of the Eternal Father. Only your body must be returned to the dust temporarily until the final judgment. However, the living part of you, the most important living part, your soul, your spirit, will live forever! When you pass over the veil, My children, you will be judged immediately.
"And do not fall into the errors of your modernists who say that there is no hell or purgatory and even deny the existence of Heaven. For I assure you, My children, that each and every one of you shall eventually learn the truth that there is a Heaven, a hell, and a purgatory." - Our Lady, June 1, 1978

"My child, none can view the great vision, the beatific vision; none can view this, for it would be that you would be removed from your earthly body. This awaits mankind only over the veil. We send to you only what your human mind can comprehend.  Were We to show you, My child, what lies beyond the veil, the beauty, the full encompassment of your emotions would still your earthly heart. This We cannot give to you until you come across the veil." - Our Lady, April 13, 1974

"Many are selling their souls to get to the head. For what? A temporary life of pleasure and ease, loving all of the enticements of satan in your world, and gathering nothing to admit you into the eternal Kingdom in Heaven. Of what value is your wealth, your position, your knowledge, when you pass over the veil, as each and every one of you shall pass over the veil? And what is death but a transition, My children, a passing into a permanent life out of a temporary existence.
"O My children, I bring you hope in perseverance. My Son is your confidence. You have been given a firm foundation. Teach your children. Keep the light burning in your home." - Our Lady, March 18, 1977

"I cannot promise you a life of comfort upon your earth, but you must look forward to your coming over the veil. Do not allow any human emotion or a love for another human being to keep you from your mission. The Eternal Father is your star, My child." - Jesus, November 22, 1975

"Remember, My child, life is not eternal upon earth. One day you will all have your rest. I know, My child, you do not have much rest, but one day you will come over the veil. It will not be much longer, My child, but We ask you to continue to be a voice-box for My Son and Myself." - Our Lady, September 27, 1986

"Your life upon your earth is but a short pilgrimage. Your life eternal is forever. And where shall you be when you pass over the veil? The choice is yours, My children. Shall you enter the Kingdom of the Eternal Father, or shall you spend many earth-years of time being purged in purgatory, or woe to all who give themselves to satan upon earth, and must be condemned eternally to hell!
"The forces of 666 are doing great battle throughout your world. They have entered fully upon the Eternal City of Rome. The Red Hats have fallen and the Purple Hats are being misled.
"My children, awaken from your slumber; you are walking in darkness. This, My child, is what will be: in darkness will they seek the way? In darkness, My child, will they seek the way?
"My child, you must not slacken or retreat in the face of the onslaught of the enemies of your God. You must continue to go forward. Many arms will reach you to move forward in the closing times of mankind." - Our Lady, December 7, 1976

"Use the little way. Be simple of heart and thought and speech. For you must be different to come over the veil, my sister. Accept all trials. Use them for the repatriation of your brothers and sisters in purgatory. You will understand, Veronica, my sister, that soon you will look forward to receiving these little aggravations, for you are then given the opportunity to save more souls, my sister. You will understand.
"Graces are given in the most strange ways, my sister. You will learn to love adversity, for it is the secret to piety." - St. Theresa, February 10, 1978

"Yes, My child, I cannot give you a message, a promise of great joy now, but your hope and your confidence and your perseverance shall be in the knowledge that your world is not of earth, but over the veil in the Kingdom of the Eternal Father." - Our Lady, May 15, 1976

"Know, My children, that you gain nothing but an eternity of damnation when you have given yourselves to the ways of the world, the pleasures of the flesh and the devil. There is not one, not one, My child, My children, not one among you who can say that he will never die and pass over the veil. Judgment awaits each and every soul.
"We ask you to set by good example, to bring the words of the Father to mankind. In doing this you are not judging, but bringing the admonition from Heaven." - Our Lady, September 28, 1974

"Human life is of no value to the unbeliever. The unbeliever, My children, does not know of the life beyond the veil. Therefore, he is running wildly throughout his world, gathering all manner of worldly riches; for his kingdom is upon earth with satan, and his future is with satan.
"The road to the Eternal Kingdom of the Father in Heaven is a narrow one, My children. Once you leave, it is most difficult to return.
"You must keep your armor upon you, your sacramentals. You must remain with My Son in the Eucharist, in the tabernacles throughout the world. There is much confusion at this time and much error in the houses of My Son. But do not turn away. You must stay and pray and set a good example for those who run about in confusion and trying all manner of novelty." - Our Lady, December 6, 1975

"Penance, atonement, and sacrifice, My children, I beg of you! The family is disintegrating; there is no discipline. I hear the word 'love' expounded throughout your earth in all medias. But love has been lost!
"We watch as many are selling their souls to get to the head, not caring about the day, the night, the hour when they must come across the veil and account for their actions upon earth: their sins of commission, their sins of omission.
"Parents, you have a major responsibility now to save your children. The young are the major victims now in a world that has been taken over by satan and his agents." - Our Lady, August 14, 1979

"My child, all who follow the road to the light must carry the cross. The greatest suffering that can be entered into your heart is to know of the fall of a friend. Pray, My child, a constant vigilance of prayer, for no man can be free from the attacks of satan while he is upon your earth. Pray much that you and others shall not fall into his web of evil. I repeat: no man is free from these attacks until he comes over the veil." - Our Lady, August 21, 1976

"As you continue daily, the sins of the flesh are increasing. The offenses to morality are increasing. Man has taken his body, his human body which is the temple for his spirit, and is defiling his flesh, casting out the light until you will have living bodies with dead souls. My children, when this happens, will you call yourselves human, as murders will abound upon earth? Charity will grow cold. All sins of the flesh being committed and multiplied unto murder! I could go on, My children, listing again and again the aberrations to you, and for what?
"Do you go about now saying, "There is time! And where is this promise of His coming?' My children, believe Me when I say unto you: the day and the hour is known to Heaven. It will be a time when you least expect it. Will you be prepared? How well are you preparing yourself for your exit from earth? Can you stand there as a human creature, whether in the light or in darkness, and say that you will not pass over the veil?
"All human flesh must go into the dust sooner or later. However, your soul, your spirit, is immortal. That means it cannot die; it will not die. It continues to live, though known as dead souls upon earth. It is the state of the spirit on earth. If you allow the light to leave your body, you will succumb to Lucifer, satan; and when your pilgrimage is over upon earth, you will be given to Lucifer, satan. Is this what you want? You were placed upon earth to honor your God, to love Him and to serve Him. And now you serve Lucifer, His adversary. For what?" - Jesus, August 5, 1978

"My children, you must make it known that there is life after death. You must find a means to write off the word called death, for it is inappropriate when given in mentioning your going over the veil. There is no death but the death of a fallen soul who is lost forever.
"When you, your body dies, your spirit, your soul remains living with full consciousness. I have told you this before and I repeat it for reason. There is no death over the veil. There is judgment, and this judgment cannot be understood in the minds of man, for the Eternal Father is all-knowing." - Our Lady, June 18, 1979

"My children, We watch the new way, the manner in which you give a blessing to those who have fallen asleep upon earth. My children, do not make it a carnival of pleasure, for many who have fallen asleep have not passed over the veil into the Kingdom of the Eternal Father. It is a sad time for many, not a time to rejoice, for they have not received salvation; they cannot receive it until they are purged. Their souls must be cleansed. And many shall spend long years in purgatory, and many have already fallen into hell. So it is from the father of liars that you promote this fallacy and lie that all are saved when they die.
"My children, satan has promoted this fallacy, for then you do not pray for those who have died. You leave them to go into the abyss, without prayers. You leave them to spend many long years in purgatory, for lack of prayers. And why? Because you believe the errors. The Eternal Father permits these errors to go throughout your world so that those who persist in believing the error shall follow satan fast into the abyss. For the lack of grace, many shall pass into hell. And do not be deluded, My children, by the fallacy created by satan through mankind that all are saved. Many are called, but few are chosen." - Our Lady, August 14, 1976

"The enemies of your God have infiltrated into the systems of the world, the political systems, and also the lives, the homes of mankind. You now, with the knowledge given to you through your Baptism in the light, must retain the Faith. Be defenders of your Faith in the days ahead.
"It will not be easy, My children; the road to Heaven is never easy. It was not easy for My Son, and you must now, to gain Heaven, pick up your cross and follow Him on the same road. It is a road filled with thorns, but at the end of that road, My children, there will be a glorious reward for all. No human eye can ever see until over the veil the beauty and the glories that await man.
"My children, I assure you as your Mother, as one Who has been with you in the past upon earth leading a life as you do as a human being, that the knowledge of the supernatural must be retained, for there is another world, My children. All of you will one day be subject to this knowledge and the fact of its existence when you die." - Our Lady, March 18, 1978

"Keep your sacramentals upon your bodies, My children. They are far greater a protection than you could understand in your human nature. Protect your households, your children, for when they leave your homes they enter into the world given to satan, and he has one object, My children, in his roamings: he goes about now claiming his own.
"Do not sacrifice your children for a world that is only a temporary abode to all. Seek not the riches of this world of satan, but gather your graces, riches that will remain as your passport to Heaven. For each and every one of you must pass over the veil and be judged sooner or later. And I assure you, My children, in the coming warnings and Chastisement, many shall pass over the veil." - Jesus, June 18, 1978

"And I repeat again: what will it gain you if you gather all of your world's treasures and lose your soul? How long is a lifetime upon your earth? What does it compare with your life over the veil, your eternal life that has no ending? Only you must decide where you will spend your eternal life: with the Father in Heaven or long tormented years in purgatory for purging, or shall you spend eternity in damnation and the fires of hell?
"My children, you must well understand the plan of the enemy. If he can take from your minds the knowledge and the realization of the existence of hell and purgatory, he will condone sin in your society. And sin has become a way of life for many of you. Awaken from your blindness and search for the light. I have set many candles about in your world. You will not remain in darkness if you will seek the light. My Son is the way. Ask; send your voices in supplication to the Eternal Father and you will be guided out of your darkness." - Our Lady, December 28, 1976

"There is no death, just a leaving of the spirit. There will be at death a feeling of faintness and passing out. There will be a full consciousness. There will be a pulling out of the body, a force very great. There will be a tremendous light pulling forcefully you out of your body casing, and you will be carried forward a great distance into and over the veil.
"It must be known to all mankind that life upon earth is but a temporary existence, but life off the earth in the spiritual world is forever, a  realm of complete consciousness and knowing. All emotion shall be governed by the Eternal Father, with peace and joy in knowing. This beautiful world of consciousness, eternal, must be gained in merit upon earth by following completely the directions from Heaven given through time upon earth. As pilgrims upon earth, My children, you must follow the rules given by the Eternal Father for your salvation, the Commandments of your God." - Our Lady, July 25, 1978


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