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#523 -  AGENTS OF SATAN, Part 2

"But if thy eye be evil thy whole body shall be darksome. If then the light that is in thee, be darkness: the darkness itself how great shall it be!" - St. Matthew 6: 23


"My child, make it known to My children that they are being deceived. Many who come to them as angels of light are actually an agent of darkness. They go forward in error and gross deception, My child. Make it known: the practice of astrology offends the Eternal Father. It is a false science of the Antichrist. It is the practice of pagans." -
Our Lady, March 18, 1975 

"See, My child, beauty is never in exposure. For man has given himself to the pleasures of the flesh, and in this manner many souls are falling into hell.
"Sin has become a way of life now in your country and throughout the world. The agents of darkness abound and capture many, and set themselves forth to destroy those who are destined for the Kingdom.
"Be on guard; wear your sacramentals. Remain with My Son by His tabernacles throughout the world, and receive the strength necessary for the days ahead.
"No man shall set himself to judge another. You may counsel, but you must not judge. The Father is always the final judge." -
Our Lady, November 24, 1973 

"The numbers of souls falling daily into hell are increasing because of the lack of discipline and faults of leadership in My House. You will not follow the ways of man, but you will bring man onto My road. When you have joined My House with the world and it has become one, know that the end of your era has come. You are going to receive the test of trial; in this manner shall We separate the sheep from the goats, and those that will be left shall set up the renewed Kingdom upon your earth.
"My Mother has been sent on this mission by the Father to warn you, then to prepare you for what lies ahead if you refuse to turn back from the ways that have set you onto the path of darkness. The forces of evil are rampant now within My House and in the hearts of men. Unless you turn back now, make atonement to the Father for the many offenses against Him, you will receive the sword.
"I cannot caution you enough to heed the messages of My Mother given to you in the past. Do not take Her words idly. My Mother has come as a Mediatrix by permission of the Father to intercede for an extension of mercy to you. However, the hearts of Heaven are being torn by numberless thorns inflicted by an ungrateful generation. How long do you think We will allow the murders and the abominations to continue?" -
Jesus, May 30, 1974   

"Yes, without prayer and penance, there will be a great War, a war of such magnitude that without the intervention of the Father not many shall be left to inhabit the world of earth!
"Man has created the instruments for his own destruction. And why has he done this? For greed and power. Love and brotherhood--are they akin to greed and power? No!
"The murders of the young shall not be condoned by the clergy nor the laity! Hell shall claim each human who in conscience and free will has accepted the murder of the young! Remember, My children, satan sends his agents, demons in human form. They will do nothing unless they enter into the bodies of any human--man, woman, or child who has fallen out of grace and given himself to the agents of darkness and the ways of satan." -
St. Michael, August 21, 1974 

"Why have you hardened your hearts and closed your ears to My counsel? You are heading for your own destruction. Within your city now there are the agents of hell.
"There is a plan now being formulated that will enslave the people of your country. Open your eyes, My children, and see your world as it truly is. A country that turns from the Father will descend to the father of hell and the liar of all liars.
"He is now gathering souls as fast as the snowflakes are falling from your heavens. You will remain indifferent to the truth until you suffer the greatest of trials, trials that could have been avoided if you had but listened to Us!" -
Jesus, April 10, 1972 

Veronica - Oh-h! Now Jesus is coming over with Our Lady. And He looks very beautiful. Jesus has on a--oh, it's a beige-colored sort of a cape. It's, it's very full and He's gathered it over His arm. And He's wearing now brown sandals. They look like--oh, brown, like skin-like sandals. And now Jesus is smiling. He thinks--oh, He thinks it's quite amusing, He says, that I'm comparing "My clothes to those of the world."
Jesus says He likes fullness of garments, . . .
Jesus - ". . . but the enemy of God has fashioned a way of life and dress to destroy your spirit. Better you hide your nakedness from the agents of hell. Therefore . . . ."
Veronica - And Jesus is pointing now, and He's putting His hand like this. He's covering--I don't know; I believe it means the people.
"Better," He says,
Jesus - ". . . you all set a good example for your children." -
March 24, 1973 

"Yes, My child, there is nothing to fear but fear as an emotion. Face this fear and it will soon disappear.
"There is no man on earth that you must fear. The agents of hell and those in darkness are many. If there is to be fear, fear those who seek to destroy your souls.
"We ask obedience, My child, to your elders but not when it is misleading. You must search out the sheep and the goats. We do not expect you to join the goats. Remember, My child, all will be judged with a firm hand.
"You will pray for all men of sin. Satan has poisoned many minds.
"All the children of earth are being tested like metals in the fire. Many have turned from the narrow road that leads to the Kingdom and have set themselves upon the road to damnation.
"Corruption and evil abound upon your earth. Murders, murders in abundance--murders that call for the wrath of God upon mankind! None shall escape the Ball of Redemption." -
Our Lady, October 2, 1974

"The aberrations and abominations being committed in the holy House of God have had no precedence from the time of Noe, and before the time of Noe. The offenses to your God call down justification for the end of your civilization. Man in your country and in the world has made sin a way of life.
"You will remove from your country the abominations in print. The desecration in print and practice to the Sacred Heart of My Son must be stopped now! Is there none who will stand forth and protect My Son from these abominations? Are there so few who care? If you do not care for My Son, do you have no worry for the condition of your after-life?
"Yes, many of you have cast aside the truth and deny the existence of the other world. How sad when you come over and receive your judgment! You will be met, those who do not repent now, by the agents of hell and taken for a life of eternal damnation in the fires, forever to be tormented by the very desires that drove you to discard life everlasting for your place in hell.
"Your children are the misled victims of bad example--bad example of your teachers, bad example of many men in the House of God, bad example by your government and your schools. Satan rules your earth now. But he shall not capture you all, for I have given you the plan for your salvation numerous times." -
Our Lady, September 14, 1972 

"Your world and your country wallow in a cesspool of error, corruption, and debasement. Satan has set among you in the highest places of rule, giving them power for the destruction of human souls. These agents of hell have been placed in your schools to destroy your young; in your government to bring you to your knees before one who is not of God; and sadly, his agents have entered into the House of God to do battle.
"Michael must be returned to the House of God immediately. Man's free will has cast him aside. He will not be returned unless man asks.
"Your children, through misdirection, the direction of those entrusted with the salvation of their souls, have now been gathered into clans of satanism. The home must now be a fortress and a school for the young, as well as the old. Your example and your return to prayer will be the balance for the salvation of your souls and the souls of your children." -
Our Lady, September 13, 1973 

"Yes, there will be many martyrs in the days ahead. All parents must rescue their children from the evils of error. We advocate the instruction of your children in the Faith. We do not want their teachers to be the adversary's helpers, the followers of the agents of hell who do not recognize the truth. You must know this truth of the evil that is about you, and must fight this evil with prayer and sacrifice of your worldly desires, or you will not escape the Chastisement planned by the Father.
"Unless you heed My words, all who guide My Church--unless you erase the evidence of error in My Son's House, you will be destroyed!" -
Our Lady, September 28, 1971  

"Continue, My children, now with your prayers, for many are needed to hold back the darkness.
"Before this battle is over, many who remain to stand forth to protect the honor of My Son will be subjected to torments from their own. Many martyrs will enter into the Kingdom. The persecution within the House of God will be heavy. The agents of hell seek to destroy My Son's House on earth. Many of the dedicated will grow weak and fall in with the plan of satan, preferring to accept a life without suffering on earth, refusing and casting from their minds the reality of the eternal life of the Kingdom." -
Our Lady, February 1, 1973 

"There are many agents of hell loosed upon earth now, My children. They have all means at their disposal for your capture, for the capture of your soul. Recognize, My children, the faces and forces of evil about you. Do not be misguided by the agents of hell who try to take from your mind by subtle means the fallacy and error that there is not another world beyond the veil. I can assure you, My children, that this knowledge will soon be made known to them.
"The Father has great plans for restoring a proper balance to the world. My children, I repeat Myself with purpose. You must, you must retire now from a world that has been given to satan. It is a time of trial and cleansing. I have come to you many times, in many places throughout your earth, giving you directions and the armor for your survival during this greatest of battles. None will be lost unless they go of their own free will.
"Prayer, atonement, sacrifice: is this too much to ask of you in the face of what you will soon find coming upon you? I do not come to earth to fill hearts with fear, but I bring reality of what is to befall an unrepentant generation." -
Our Lady, June 8, 1973 

"The agents of hell are deep within your country now. The hourglass is running faster and faster. Many of your countrymen are consorting with devils. Be not fooled that they come in human form; for, My child, you would not expect them to reveal themselves. But in time you will know them by the blackness of their hearts.
"Unless you atone, disaster will be upon you! If you cast Us aside you will be lost. Atonement, prayer, sacrifice--it is thy decision." -
Jesus, July 1, 1971 

"All cardinals and bishops will go down on their knees and pray for the recovery of the fallen souls in their care. Many Red Hats have succumbed to the temptations of the flesh. Many Purple Hats are following suit. All travel the wide road into darkness and eventual damnation. They will turn now and make restitution now, while there is time.
"All children of God will make sacrifice and pray for the recovery of the high holy men in the House of God--now! Those who have received the light will share their graces, given in abundance, to make ransom for the fallen souls.
"A constant vigilance must now be kept throughout your earth. You are at war! The spirits are at war! I cannot caution you enough now to prepare yourselves for this battle. The final victory will be with the Father in Heaven. The outcome is already ordained. But many shall not accept the light and shall cast it aside to spend their eternity in the fires. All have the choice.
"When the Ball of Redemption comes upon your earth, all will have received the Message from Heaven, and they will be given individual choice for their salvation or their damnation. The agents of hell have multiplied on your earth and in the holy House of God. Open your eyes to the truth. Do not follow like sheep to the slaughter. Pray, make atonement, sacrifice, do penance, for your time grows short.
"I bless you, My children, as My Father blesses you, and We diffuse among you the Spirit to guide you in the days ahead." -
Jesus, October 2, 1972 

"You must accept the fact, My children, that satan, Luciel, was not divested of his great knowledge and power before he was cast from Heaven for his disobedience and arrogance to the Father. Therefore, he has on your earth great power. One of these powers he has over man is that he lives in a world invisible to your human eyes unless you are given the grace by the Father to see. Therefore, you must be guided in truth by knowledge from holy priests in the House of God, and the truth in instruction received by many parents in their childhood.
"God the Father has given each man an inborn conscience. He will sin when he chooses to blind himself to the truth.
"Your children have lost their way because they have lost the knowledge of God. Man is forever seeking, but never finding the truth. Pride, intellectual pride in the House of God and the scientific men of your world has set them on the course for their own damnation. They are following the road of the fallen angels.
"There must be kept a constant vigilance of prayer in your country and throughout the world. The agents of hell are loosed in force upon your world. Prayer can stop them. You are now in the war of the spirits as noted in the Book of life, the beginning of the latter days.
"The agents of hell will enter upon any unclean soul, be it man, woman, or child. He will use this manner to accept a human body to work his will, the will of satan.
"Unless, My children, you retain great graces and remain close to My Son, you will fall into the darkness.
"Sin has now become a way of life in your world. The souls continue to fall into hell as numerous as the snowflakes that fall from the heavens!" -
Our Lady, March 25, 1973 

"My Son's House is now infiltrated, My children, with many agents of hell. Recognize the signs of your times. I have given you the armor for your salvation.
"There is coming a general mobilization of forces in Heaven. The saints who have kept their robes clean upon earth shall enter into the spotless glory of eternal salvation. As We go into deep battle with the agents of Lucifer, many will accept martyrdom.
"The balance is heavy for your destruction. Man has created an uneven balance. As he adds the atrocities created by him to defile the God-nature of the Eternal Father, he brings himself closer to his own extinction.
"The Eternal Father, My children, is not a punishing God. He waits, He wonders, He loves, and He is all-merciful. My heart is saddened to have to relate that your time grows short." -
Our Lady, November 1, 1972

"Do not slow the pace of your work, for the small gain made will bring upon you a continued and strengthened attack from the adversary, satan, and his henchmen. The agents of hell are loosed upon your earth, and they do battle in great force.
"You will not develop anger, but pity for a fallen soul. There, but for the grace of the Eternal Father would you go, and would you all go--down into the darkest abyss. No one on earth is free from temptation. No one is free from the attacks of satan. Your life, My children, will be one constant battle against the enemies of God.
"Your country has become weak, demoralized, corrupt in government, corrupt in My Son's House; and the darkness well covers your land!
"In the final count after retribution, the numbers will be few who are saved. The decision for salvation now lies with each individual. Parents will carry the greatest burden of guilt for the falling of their children. Do not judge without pity, without charity, those about you, for you are still brothers and sisters." -
Our Lady, May 10, 1972 

"Do not expect an easy road ahead. The agents of hell are heavy among you. Compassion will be dulled; love of neighbor, love of parents, a jest; respect for life a thing of the past--all because you have allowed yourself to fall to satan!
"A country that shuts out its God starts down the path for its own destruction. A country that loses its morality has placed one foot already in hell. Servitude, desecration, soul destruction--all will reap what they have sown. Floods, great heat, death. You will have visited upon you a plague! Recognize now the finger of death will be placed upon your earth. When you pass through this crisis, many will be cleansed." -
Our Lady, April 1, 1972 

"Do not be misled by the agents of hell who try to indoctrinate evil doctrines among you, trying to make hell a myth. Even they will soon find how much of a myth it is when they reach into the flames and scream.
"Your earth will be cleansed by a baptism of fire. In this way We shall separate the sheep from the goats. Wars are a punishment for man's sins. They will never end as long as man submits his will to satan." -
Our Lady, August 14, 1972 

"My child and My children, I do not wish to elaborate nor add to My Mother's statements to you this evening of facts and what is to be. But there is one incident that has appalled us all in Heaven that must be made known to mankind, because I feel in My heart for My Mother, Her great hurt and sorrow that Her Message at Fatima was not completely given to mankind. This evening I speak to you, My child Veronica, for you to tell the world that to hide a fact is often destructive. And this fact will be made known now, with or without Lucy, or others, who cannot speak out because they are under obedience to their elders. You will repeat this, My child, though it may shock you.
"I say this evening, as your God, that on that date, as promised at Fatima, satan entered My Church upon earth. He brought with him his agents--and satan himself, the deceiver of all mankind, sat in on Vatican II and maneuvered all the outsiders to come in and distort My doctrines and distort the truth." - Jesus, June 18, 1986



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