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"Let your manners be without covetousness, contented with such things as you have; for he hath said: I will not leave thee, neither will I forsake thee. So that we may confidently say: The Lord is my helper: I will not fear what man shall do to me." - Hebrews 13: 5-6

"Man upon earth has abandoned his God. He has set up a creature, man, to worship. When man takes this course, the Father has no other recourse than to abandon him to his lust and his sins until they so multiply that he destroys himself. However, My child, it is sad that he also has the power to take others with him into the abyss. Therefore, pray; pray much--a constant vigilance of prayer, My children, for all men of sin." - Our Lady, September 28, 1974

"O My children, My Mother has cried bitter tears of anguish, for She has been given full knowledge of what is to be. She has tried to prepare you, to guide you through countless earth-years of time, to counsel you upon the direction to Heaven; but you have chosen in your arrogance and pride to build new religions, even bringing in hedonistic teachings and false gods. For this, My children, you are abandoned to your folly, and as such, you will find that you will be brought to your knees, forced to turn back from the wide road that you have chosen of your own free will.
"As My Mother counseled you through many earth-years of visitations to you, that when a country gives itself over to Lucifer, discarding all knowledge of true faith and the Commandments of the Eternal Father, that country will be destroyed. The hand that will be set upon your country shall be heavy. My Mother has pleaded your cause to Heaven, but how many have listened to Her? How many have been willing to sacrifice their own selfish desires to save mankind? Too few, My children, I say too few! The balance is heavily to the left, leaving Heaven no recourse but to allow you to continue upon the road to your own destruction." - Jesus, November 24, 1979

"My children, My Son has been abandoned in His House. His Body, His beautiful Body is being desecrated by many. And the evil forces of darkness in human bodies, in the form of satanism and worship of the prince of darkness at black mass--they are desecrating My Son's Body, and why? You permit this because you have lost heart! You have lost faith! There is only a flicker of true faith left in your world, My children. When it is extinguished, man, those who are living, will envy the dead.
"Man is a creature of habit. Man will repeat himself in his errors until eventually he makes sin a way of life!
"The Eternal Father is long-suffering, My children. He does not want one to perish. And now, those who have been given that flicker of light to retain in the world of darkness must go forward now with the Message from Heaven." - Our Lady, September 28, 1977

"My Son is lonely. He has been abandoned in His tabernacles and His home. The doors have been locked. He remains there, a prisoner of His own. My Son is very lonely in His House. Won't you come with compassion and ease His loneliness? You do not abandon those you love. Have you no love for your Creator? Have you no love for He Who gave His life upon earth for you? Have you no love for He Who still sheds His blood for you?" - Our Lady, March 18, 1973

"It is arrogant of man to set himself above the Father. It is pride of man who wishes to place himself above the founding Fathers. The rules for your salvation and the way was given fully in the Book of life and love. No changes will be made. The contents will not be altered to follow the fancy of man. When you start burrowing into the foundation, you weaken the structure. However, the foundation of the House of God is in the light. The walls may crumble, but the foundation is always there. Rebuild the walls, patch the cracks, and return the sheep that have strayed.
"We see, we look with consternation upon the actions of those who should be setting by their rank good standards. We find the houses of God being emptied. The House is abandoned by the whims of man, man who has turned to satan. Prayer has been abandoned in the House of God and in the lives of the laity.  Unless you pray, you will be lost.
"Sacrifice--has man forgotten the rule? Error, debasement, all manner of filth abounds. A thorough cleansing is called down upon you by the Father. However, this world created by the Father shall be cleansed, not fully as in the time of Noe, but shall be cleansed until those who remain will join with the most high host in setting up the Kingdom." - St. Thomas Aquinas, November 24, 1973

"The direction to the Kingdom has been given to you all the duration of life on your earth. It is a simple plan of love. You do not offend and hurt those you love; so why have you chosen to offend and hurt Jesus and our Mother, Mary?
"I have watched with my sisters the abominations in the convents. Why have they chosen to follow as foolish maidens the modes of an evil world? They do not pray; therefore, they have become blinded. How many have abandoned Jesus for the love of the world! What shall the Father do, when they enter beyond the veil, with them?
"Satan has set upon the world a mode of fashion. It is a destructive way of life. The convents shall not follow the fashions of the world. The men of God shall not follow the fashions of the world." - St. Theresa, March 25, 1973

"My child, what more can I say, what more can I do to awaken the peoples of earth to the knowledge of what is fast coming upon them? Many souls are falling into hell because of sins of the flesh. Many souls are being misled because pastors who have left their vocation to enter into the world of satan have abandoned Our sheep in the darkness.
"O My children, I shall cry out loud and long to you; I shall remain upon earth with you in the days ahead. You must all keep a constant vigilance of prayer going throughout your world and your country. The scourge of communism is galloping throughout your world with the grim reaper behind it." -
Our Lady, December 31, 1976 

"Pastors of the world--those given to guide the sheep to Heaven--shall you stand before My Son and say that your teaching has been pure in His sight? He will cast you into the eternal fires of damnation, you who have forgotten your role as pastor!
"Through the merciful heart of the Eternal Father in My Son, I have come to you as a Mediatrix between God and man, a bearer of tidings from Heaven. I wish them to be tidings of great joy, but you have darkened your spirit and set upon your world a complete blackness, a darkness of the spirit. Therefore, I must bring to you tidings of warning, for the Eternal Father has poised His hand. He will let loose upon you a Chastisement that has never been seen or set upon mankind in the past!
"You who have turned away from your guide--your angels, your guardians, your true pastors; you who have abandoned yourselves to the world, giving vent to all pleasures of the flesh; you who have turned from your God and set upon the world all manner of abominations in the hearts of mankind, and even in the churches of the world--you shall stand in judgment before the Eternal Father, and you shall reap what you have sown." - Our Lady, August 14, 1975

"Pray, My children. A constant vigilance of prayer must be kept throughout your country and the world. Do not abandon My Son in His Church. Do not be deluded by those who call the Mass invalid. My Son is there. He does not want the doors to close in His houses, His Church, for He is the door. Though robbers and thieves often enter, He is still the door. Come and seek Him in His House. You will not be abandoned, My children. Only the man of sin shall be given over to a reprobate sense." - Our Lady, September 13, 1978

"This was My sign to you of the power of My beads of prayer. You will use these instead of idle words. This direction I give to the high priests of My Son's House. You have abandoned prayers for the love of the world. You have accepted false teachings of humanism and have developed a destroying love for the material. Now you will make an about face and return to the proper teachings. Prayer will recover you from the darkness into which you have led yourselves and others.
"A great responsibility for the many punishments that will come upon your country and the world will be set before the high priests in the House of God." - Our Lady, December 30, 1972

"While man has cast aside the knowledge and the belief of the supernatural, satan and his agents have had the time now to take a firm hold upon your children. O My children, all manner of foul and debased acts shall be committed by your children. The teachers now are agents of hell.
"My children, you must now act upon My counsel. Each and every one who hears My voice must act. It is too late now to sit back and expect your neighbor, your brother, your sister, to go forward as a solitary agent. You must now gather together to fight the evil.
"My children, I have promised you always that I will be with you. You shall not be abandoned in the days ahead. The greatest lesson man will learn in the days ahead is: should he place his trust in another man, he is doomed for disappointment and sorrow. You will always keep your eyes turned upward and say, My Jesus, my confidence!" - Our Lady, November 19, 1977

"There are two forces now loosed in your world: darkness and light, good and evil. You shall make your own decision on which road you will travel.
"You cannot wait, you cannot expect your brothers or sisters to guide you completely. Unless you accept the sacramentals given to you, unless you eat of My Body and drink of My Blood, you cannot and will not have the light within you, for I am truly the Bread of life.
"My children, you have not been abandoned in your trials. There will always be times of loneliness in the human heart when great trial is placed upon it, but when you meet that time of loneliness, you will say, My Jesus, my confidence!
"Call upon your angels, your guardians. They have been rejected. They wait without mission upon many of you. You have been given a guardian from the time of your entry upon earth. They will help you, protect you, and guide you if you ask for their counsel." - Jesus, December 7, 1977

"Remember, all who are of well spirit will understand and prepare for the days ahead by following the directions given in the past by My Mother. We have not abandoned you to yourselves, for We support you under the mantle of My Mother, and over My Sacred Heart I place the drops of My blood. I shed this blood anew. I am, as your Savior, recrucified by My own.
"You will force upon mankind what was to be in the future, but now you have forced the future to revert to your present. The pages have turned fast, the words of the prophets ignored. Read well now your Bibles and learn by them, for then you will not be caught unaware.
"Continue with your prayers of atonement for your clergy. For those who have been given great graces, much is expected of them." - Jesus, April 10, 1976

"When you, as a nation, give yourselves over to debasement, immorality, and turn your backs upon your God, denying His divinity, and denying His very existence among you, My children, the Eternal Father has no other recourse but to chastise you. It would be more advantageous, My children, if your men of learning should set themselves to find the truth. And what is the truth, My children, but the knowledge given to you by God the Father, and not the knowledge of man!
"All of the major countries of your world, My children, are preparing for war. All cry peace, peace, and place a mask over their intentions as they prepare for war. Your country, I promise, as I have promised in the past, to give you My protection. America the beautiful has become soiled with corruption. America, once beautiful, has taken on a new leader, and his name is satan. A country that has cast aside a true moral value, a country that has abandoned its God to seek more and more of the material and power over the lives of mankind, this country has sown the seeds for its own destruction." - Our Lady, August 5, 1976

"Your children are being debased and defiled through sorcery, drugs, and indoctrinated through your schools. The powers of witchcraft must not be tested, for forces are now loosed upon your earth. The supernatural must be recognized, for it is evident that too few are preparing themselves for these days you are living in.
"My children, do not laugh as I caution you that walking among you are those who are no longer human in nature nor pursuits. They have given themselves to satan and no longer can be recognized as human. My children, they are sacrificing other humans in their rituals of black mass. Many young enter upon this scene seeking friendship among their fellow men, and why? Because they have a void in their lives that you as parents have not filled. And the leaders in My Son's House, they have been abandoned by them. They do not have a foundation of faith nor learning to protect them and to give them the armor to withstand these onslaughts." -
Our Lady, November 1, 1977 

"No one shall be abandoned if he asks to be saved"
"My children, keep a fortress of faith in your hearts and the hearts of your children. Guard them well and you will go through this crucible of suffering. It is only because man has turned from the Eternal Father that this has been allowed to come upon him. Now the test will be like placing metals in the fires. All will be tested.
"My children, keep, I repeat, a constant vigilance of prayer going throughout your country and the world. Send the Message from Heaven quickly throughout your world and your country, for the time is running out.
"Your country is fast heading to a full bloodbath of war because of corruption and greed.
"All will make a firm effort to read the past counsel of My Mother throughout the years and Her visits upon earth. My Mother has promised to be with you until I come again in body and spirit to you. No one shall be abandoned if he asks to be saved, My children." - Jesus, September 13, 1977


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