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#542 - LACK OF HOLINESS, Part 2

"Praise and beauty are before him: holiness and majesty in his sanctuary." - Psalm 95: 6

"In the beginning I gave to you, through your prophets, the establishment of My Church upon earth. The rules were simple but now have become changed and defiled to please the carnal nature of mankind. You must restore the holiness to My House! You must bend your knees in humility and penance." - Jesus, December 31, 1975 

“My children, kneel before your God in the Eucharist. Do not stand like you stand in meeting halls, but kneel and give Him a just love and observance of honor.” - Our Lady, July 14, 1979  

"I stress, I repeat the way given by the Father for you in the days ahead: prayer, atonement, and sacrifice. Much is needed. You must bend your knees to honor your God.” - Our Lady, July 15, 1974 

"Why must you insult My Son? Can you not bend your knees? Is He not your King?" - Our Lady, November 21, 1970 

"I have asked you to get down on your knees. Clergy in My Son's House, His Church, restore the altar railings, that man may be on his knees. For many shall crawl on their knees in desperation seeking to flee, but nowhere shall they escape the flames. Restore My Son's Church while there is time. Return the railings! Have the people make atonement upon their knees to their God!" - Our Lady, May 30, 1981

“There cannot be a Church of My Son looking like a Quaker meeting place. It is the House of God, My children and My child; My Son’s Church is a House of God, and all come to honor Him. They do not come to have a social gathering.
     “There must be holiness returned to My Son’s Church. This responsibility weighs heavily on the shoulders of the clergy, the hierarchy. I assure you, My clergy, unless you act immediately upon the counsel from Heaven, many mitres shall fall into hell.” - Our Lady, July 14, 1979

"My Son looks upon a generation that has given itself to pleasures of the flesh. Debasement, sensuality, and sexuality are rampant in the hearts of many. You will know that as the morality of a country goes, so goes the country onto the road to damnation.
"As in the houses of My children, so the leaders must be of good spirit in the houses of My Son, the churches of the world. The leadership is examined by the Eternal Father and found lacking.
"I repeat Myself: Pastors, awaken from your slumber! You must not offend your God any longer, for He is already too much offended!
"Pastors and mitres will also fall into hell. A human soul is but a human soul, and will pass into judgment. No soul shall cross the veil without facing this judgment by the Eternal Father.
"Do not succumb, My pastors, to the fallacy that all will be forgiven, for that is asking too much at this time. When a man sins, it is a sorrow to the merciful heart of the Eternal Father, but when he leads another into sin, it is an abomination in the eyes of the Eternal Father! Therefore, pastors, clothe yourself in good works, modesty, chastity, and piety. Holiness must be returned to the churches of the world." - Our Lady, August 21, 1975

"My Mother has given you My way. It is a simple road that must be followed. The rules have been given to you that must not be changed, as you cater to the basic carnal nature of man, a generation that has fallen! You will not make changes within My House, for you have dispersed My sheep. You will restore My House to its former glory. Strip you hearts of your pride! Recognize your errors and restore My House!
     "I say this to you for your Creator, as your God: Restore My House, or I shall come down and restore it Myself with a firm hand! And shall you stand before Me, O pastors, and say that your teachings have been pure in My sight? I shall take you and spit you out as spittle into the fires of eternal damnation! Vermin that came out of the flowers!" - Jesus, December 28, 1976

"I send to My clergy, those whom I have given the grace to represent Heaven upon earth, this warning: You must now return to your traditional rites, you must restore My House from its crumbling exterior and rotting interior. You must rebuild what you seek to destroy now!" - Jesus, November 22, 1975

"Many mitres now hold major responsibility for the loss of their sheep. You have scattered them in all directions. And now what do you intend to do to restore My House? Restore My House now, for I shall return and I shall send you out of My House, forever lost to Heaven. Your rank has no precedence over another soul when this soul is being sent into the abyss. You hold a major responsibility for the loss of My sheep." - Jesus, May 29, 1976 

"This evil has penetrated far into the very heart of My House. You must now turn back and restore My House. I, your God, give you this command for the salvation of your own soul." - Jesus, August 21, 1976

"Therefore, I warn you now as your God: You will stop your intricacies within My Church. You will stop experimenting. I gave you the rules to follow many years ago, two thousand years approximately. And why now, two thousand years later, do you deem it necessary to change My Church upon earth? I, your God, say to you, you will be judged accordingly. You will return My Church to its former glory, and in that manner you will have more vocations and more entering the seminaries, and not fleeing from them as they hear the heresies and all other innovations that are going on within My Church." - Jesus, June 18, 1986

"You are blind, My pastors. You permit untold evil to ravage My House. How long do you think I will permit you to mislead and destroy the souls entrusted to you? I want an end to the experimentation in My House. I want an end to novelty. Restore My House, or I will come and send you out of it!" - Jesus, May 26, 1976

"Unless you restore My House, My Church, to its former glory your doors will close, your clergy will be persecuted, and only a remnant shall be left. Is this what you want, you who consort and try to form a socialistic church upon earth? No angels are building it with you; they are demons." - Jesus, July 25, 1979

"I have warned you in the past, and I still give you this counsel as does My Mother, that unless now you do penance, and restore My House, My Church upon earth, and your homes, your country, and many countries of the world, shall become unrecognizable through evil." - Jesus, November 21, 1977 

"The Apocalypse is upon you. You must read the writings of John. Then you will understand. No man shall fall into hell unless he wills it.
"My children, if you do not take action now you will find your world almost unrecognizable with destruction and murder.
"There is nothing that I can add to My Mother's counsel at this time that will awaken you from your lethargy, your blindness of heart. As in the past, man never learns from his history. He repeats and repeats his errors to his own destruction. Your generation shall not pass before a great crucible of suffering cleanses you.
"My children, you will all keep a constant vigilance of prayer going throughout your country and the world. The words of warning from Heaven shall reach every corner of the world, and then shall come the end." - Jesus, December 31, 1977 

"And also, I say at this time, My children, I will not tolerate much longer the infamous actions of some of My representatives upon earth. Yes, My child and My children, much has happened that has saddened the hearts of all in Heaven. We watch, and We asked you to pray for your brethren, to pray for your priests upon earth, for they, too, are human and are susceptible to attacks from satan.
"Already there is much discord in My Church upon earth. It saddens everyone in Heaven. And We are out in force now, going throughout the world seeking to set up armies of good children who will fight, to the bitter end if necessary, to save My Church upon earth. It is being destroyed. Just as rodents will burrow into a house, those who have evil natures are burrowing into My Church. We find it almost unrecognizable, My children. However, I will say this: I asked you to remain in your parish churches, not to judge by the actions of man." - Jesus, March 18, 1989

"Sin and all manner of evil has become a way of life in your nation and the countries upon earth. One by one, in a sudden movement, many nations shall disappear from the face of the earth. Many of the good must do heavy penance and suffer for this evil, but winning their eventual crown in the eternal Kingdom of God the Father.
"The most high God, the Eternal Father, commands you now as a generation to turn back from your ways that offend Him and the angels, the guardian of your Faith, and the saints who have been given their crown and places in Heaven.
"Your days as a generation have been counted. Your ways have been scrutinized by the Eternal Father and found lacking in sanctity.
"Holiness, dedication of purpose, and pure truth must be returned to the houses of God in your world." - St. Michael, July 15, 1975

"My child and My children, I do not have to go through the long list of carnage that is taking place in My Church upon earth. It will suffer a great chastisement soon--very soon, for the communism that is spreading throughout your country, the United States, is entering upon the churches. You can see what they have already did, My child, to your church, and understand why We are so desperately in need of those who are willing to sacrifice their lives for the hereafter. I say the hereafter, for the reward in Heaven shall be great for those who will be willing to stand up and fight for the truth, for their God, to keep the Church as I asked it to be: One, Holy and Apostolic.
"I cannot say that in My visits upon earth, I cannot say that I find much holiness left within the portals of My churches, My children. This has to be regained. There is a force restraining you in these efforts. That is satan. He does not wish to see My Church come back to its true standards. He wishes to demolish it, and to stand and stomp on it with his feet.
"Yes, My child and My children, there is an evil force loosed in the world today. Satan knows that his time is growing short; therefore, he will do all he can to capture each and every soul." - Jesus, October 2, 1987 

"My children, We watch the new way, the manner in which you give a blessing to those who have fallen asleep upon earth. My children, do not make it a carnival of pleasure, for many who have fallen asleep have not passed over the veil into the Kingdom of the Eternal Father. It is a sad time for many, not a time to rejoice, for they have not received salvation; they cannot receive it until they are purged. Their souls must be cleansed. And many shall spend long years in purgatory, and many have already fallen into hell. So it is from the father of liars that you promote this fallacy and lie that all are saved when they die.
"My children, satan has promoted this fallacy, for then you do not pray for those who have died. You leave them to go into the abyss, without prayers. You leave them to spend many long years in purgatory, for lack of prayers. And why? Because you believe the errors. The Eternal Father permits these errors to go throughout your world so that those who persist in believing the error shall follow satan fast into the abyss. For the lack of grace, many shall pass into hell. And do not be deluded, My children, by the fallacy created by satan through mankind that all are saved. Many are called, but few are chosen." - Our Lady, August 14, 1976 

Our Lady - "During, My child, the Holy Sacrifice of My Son, man must conduct himself with more propriety. Holiness must be returned to the houses of the world."
Veronica - Churches, Our Lady says.
Our Lady - "Women must adorn themselves in modesty. Pagan practices of diabolical music is not condoned by the Eternal Father, nor shall We condone dancing and all manner of worldly entrance within the holy houses of God.
"Woman must cover her head. It is a mark of respect re­quired in the House of God. This, the angels demand." - March 18, 1975

"Veronica, there's great discord in the convents. You must encourage them by prayer.
"Tell my sisters not to fall into the errors of the world. They must not join the world, or they will be lost to us here in Heaven. They must place the garments of holiness upon themselves--bring their habits to the floor.
"All signs of worldliness must be removed from their persons, for when they join the world, they will no longer be brides of the Christ.
"If a bride of Christ gives herself without change to the world, she will find it difficult to return and accept the truth, for she will become blinded. Please pray, my sisters and brothers, for those who are losing the way." - St. Theresa, July 25, 1975

"Because of pride, which is a worse barrier to holiness, a more formidable barrier against holiness and piety, O clergy, because of your pride--because you did not lock your doors against the heretics as I have warned you; because you did not prepare for satan, whom I warned you years of earth's time before would enter into My Son's Church to do battle with His clergy--you did not prepare and guard yourselves for this onslaught. And now, what are the fruits of your labors: a loss of vocations, My children losing the knowledge of their Faith, all manner of sin, perversion, and abominations being committed upon earth, until all the saints in Heaven cry out to the merciful Father to put an end to these abominations. Less and less honor is being given to My Son." - Our Lady, August 4, 1979

"Holiness must be returned to My Son's Church. Holiness, piety must be returned to the homes.
"A House in darkness wears a band of death about it. The family that will pray together will stay together, My child. Pray a constant vigilance in your homes and you will make the demons flee. They cannot stay in a house of prayer.
"You will understand, My child, why satan has entered My Son's home on earth, the Church. Because there was not enough prayer. Man talks, idly talks of worldly matters, when he should concentrate on the spiritual.
"Prayer, penance, and atonement will be necessary. If man does not seek means of doing penance, the Father shall set upon the world a great penance.
"It is only because, My child, there are not enough prayers that mankind is going fast toward a great War. It is only because there are not enough prayers that there is discord and broken homes. It is only because there are not enough prayers that many children have placed the knives in their parents' hearts." - Our Lady, December 28, 1974

"My children, parents of the young, remember: you have nothing to gain but sorrow if you neglect the rearing of your children in sanctity and holiness. Do not expect to find this holiness in My House now, My children, but do not run away. Stay and fight! Retain My Church! The numbers will be reduced to the few, but better, My children, there is quality of few instead of quantity with nothing.
"Yes, many martyrs shall come in these days of tribulation, the saints of the latter days. But I say unto you: it will be a war of spirits and many crowns shall be gained. Persevere, My children. Raise up your voices in hope and say: My Jesus, my confidence! Remember: whenever you find the mission difficult, you say, My Jesus, my confidence! You are never alone in the battle." - Jesus, May 14, 1977 

"Man has the balance, man has been given in free will the balance for his own fall, or restoration of a nation to its former glory under God. Like rodents, the enemies of your God have eaten away at the foundations of the Faith. But in a short time they will be destroyed, and a new House will rise, a Church stronger in faith and sanctity and holiness. But this cannot, My children, take place until a great Chastisement is set upon mankind." - Jesus, June 18, 1981


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