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#562 - COURAGE, Part 2

"Take courage therefore, and be very valiant: that thou mayst observe and do all the law, which Moses my servant hath commanded thee: turn not from it to the right hand or to the left, that thou mayst understand all things which thou dost." - Joshua 1: 7

"The Father chose you, My child, long before He set you upon earth. This startles you, My child, but you do not know all the secrets of the Kingdom, for should I reveal them to you, many would no longer be sacred.
"Have great courage in your struggle, knowing that all that happens is allowed by the Father for the salvation of souls. By this manner you will reap many benefits, if not for yourself, but for others.
"Love your enemies, My child. It is easy to love those who love you back, but far greater a grace to love those who calumniate you, those who set and say all manner of evil things against you. Pray for them, My child. You do not have to answer for your actions, for the Father looks into the heart." - Our Lady, September 13, 1973

"The Eternal Father, My child, is always the final judge. Speak once with the Message from Heaven. If not hastened, speak no more but keep in heart that it may not be their decision.
"Give them, your clergy, by your example and prayers, the courage to stay in the light.
"You do not join the enemy to win the battle, My children, for when you join them, you become tainted. When the world and My Church become one, know that the end is at hand.
"You must instruct and bring to your children the knowledge of your saints. Their example is in the light, My children. Those you have set up to idolize upon earth now are the creations of satan. You must accept and follow the example of your saints, those who have been given this honor by your holy Church. They, too, My child, did not win their crowns without trial, rejection, and often, martyrdom." - Jesus, June 5, 1975

"My Son is much grieved by the manner in which His Sacrifice is conducted within the churches of the world. Pastors! Shepherds of Our flock, have you not the courage to stand up for the light? Do you fear mankind? No man shall save you from your eternal reward if you receive the recompense of your abominations! You shall be cast into the abyss, counted among the least. You have been given a divine vocation. You scandalize those who have been entrusted to you! Awaken now from your blindness! Bishops, the salt--what have you done to your vocation? You have brought scandal, destruction of souls!
"I beg, as your Mother, for you to listen to My warnings. My urgent plea is of major concern to your world now. For if you do not listen to Me now, you will set fast into a major World War. Wars are a punishment for man's sins.
"The sins that are sending many into the abyss, My children, are sins of the flesh. The vilest of abominations are being committed in your land and countries throughout the world. They mock and defile the name of My Son! Even the children, My child, mock and defile His holy name! Who will come forward and solace His injured heart?" - Our Lady, March 18, 1975

"The mission for recognition of these sacred grounds will go forward with great speed. The numbers shall be countless who will receive cures and conversion. All glory to the Father, the Lord high God in Heaven. Subject all will to His providence. You see, My child, though there are thorns you may still carry the roses. The power from Heaven shall be known through the roses.
"My child, you will make it known to your brothers and sisters of the white berets that they give Us great joy in Heaven. Courage, perseverance--I promise you, My children, you will enter into the Kingdom. As you have renounced the world and acknowledged My Son before mankind, know now that My Son will acknowledge you all before the Father." - Our Lady, May 22, 1974 

"And My good children, you do not pray for your priests. You do not pay--I say the word 'pay,' for them--in other words, ransom them from purgatory. Ransom them even from hell. We do not wish to see Our priests be cast into purgatory or hell. But there are many now in purgatory, and you must do penance for them, and pray for them, for they are misled. They do not have courage, the courage of their own convictions to stand up and fight. They have lost the realization of the existence of the immortality of the soul. And there are many now who are going about, be they true, truly ordained priests, or are they infiltrators into My Son's House? Only you as a parent can find out. Seek, and you will find them out. By their fruits will they be known.
"If they tell you that the words of the Bible are only stories written down by men, you will know they are false. If they tell you that it is better to believe what the theologians are saying now in 1982--in fact, saying in so little words that all the other theologians were stupid, know that they are not true. And that is a fact. The priest is not true.
"Now if he tells you that you do not have to worry about committing a sin because God will not punish, He's an all-loving God, and as an all-loving God, He will not punish you for your sin--if that be true, then why was Lucifer cast from Heaven? If we cannot sin, and God will not punish us for our sins, why were Sodom and Gomorrha destroyed?" - Our Lady, June 18, 1982

"Now, My child, I give you My peace in courage and perseverance. The strength will be given to you to continue your mission, but know that the battle rages now for souls. Satan will send great forces against you and all who work for My Mother. But know now that Her voice will not be stilled throughout the world, for We will rise up great enemies against these forces of satan. As they seek to send enemies among you, We shall crush them." - Jesus, October 2, 1974

"I bless you, My child, and this cross discarded with sorrow in Our hearts. It will bring immeasurable joy to your heart. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.
"Now, My child, you shall have two crosses, but this one you will take with you, so you will always be close to My sacred grounds. Many graces have been given for the return to the Sacraments of Our wandering sheep. Bless them, My child, on every occasion with this crucifix. A holy priest once held it, and he will be returned to the flock when he receives the courage of his convictions to stand forward as a true shepherd." - Our Lady, November 1, 1975 

"Clergy, bishops, cardinals in My House, return to a life of prayer. Take yourselves out of the world. You have become seekers of pleasure, pleasures of the flesh. My children and My shepherds, you will all be judged, and shall I find you wanting?
"My Mother has promised to be with you as I am with you unto the end of time.
"There will be many trials set upon the world. And if you retain your sacramentals and keep your faith, you will go through these times with great courage and perseverance. I repeat: Many shall wash themselves clean in the Blood of the Lamb." - Jesus, July 25, 1977

"You must remove the reading matter, the books filled with obscenities--pornography, you call it, My child--errors and degradation, soul destructors. You must clean your schools. Remove the teachers who promote the destruction of souls.
"Parents, as guardian of your children's souls, you must have the courage to come forward and act upon this, for it will be you as parents who shall cry tears of bitter remorse when you know that these children have been lost forever to the eternal Kingdom. For many shall fall into the abyss. The prince of darkness, satan, shall claim many young souls.
"The Eternal Father is always the final judge; but, My children, do not be misguided by the fallacy, the lie from the father of all liars, satan, that there is no hell or purgatory. Shall you come here, over the veil, and learn this lesson sadly?" - Our Lady, July 25, 1975

"I have asked you, My children, to read your Book of life, your Bibles. Study them carefully. They will be, and give you a source of great courage in the future, the very near future. Every home must now have the Book of life.
"You will all keep a constant vigilance of prayer going throughout your country and the world.
"In your country, My children, there are leaders, leaders of evil. I could run down and give you account of the names used; but, My children, it would lead you into great confusion, so great is the evil. Therefore, suffice it to say, My children, that you must not close your eyes. You must observe and learn and avoid all sources of evil. All occasions of sin must be shunned." - Our Lady, February 10, 1978

"Amen, My child, and I bless you for your courage to speak out in a time such as this, My child. It is only when you can lose all self-interest and think not of yourself, but to reach out with your heart and your faith to save a soul, My child, that you are fully graced by Heaven.
"You will write him, My child, once more, and give him this message: He must confess to a Roman Catholic priest. He has been deceived by satan." - Our Lady, October 6, 1976

"I bless you all, My children, and send to you the Spirit of light. Pray a constant vigilance of prayer. Have courage and persevere in the days ahead, for all who persevere will be saved." -
Jesus, February 1, 1977 

"You are all living now and passing through the latter days, the days counseled by My Mother to you in past messages through various seers throughout your world. You have been prepared well. And now as you go through this crucible of trial and suffering, you will learn by it. And if you have strengthened yourself through My Mother's counsel, you will pass through this crucible with strength and courage.
"My children, yes, you shall receive a warning, but it shall be minor in comparison to the great Chastisement.
"Immodesty has led to the corruption of the young. Paganism has been condoned by your leaders in your countries throughout the world. You learn nothing from your past history, for you repeat and repeat the same errors! And I assure you, again there will be a repetition of a just punishment." -
Jesus, November 1, 1977 

"My child, you will meet with great opposition; you are meeting with great opposition from Our clergy, but do not take it upon yourself to judge who has fallen by the wayside. You will give the Message from Heaven to all.
"I repeat a simple lesson, My child, to you. Do not expect nor accept your reward upon earth, for then your reward will be great in Heaven with the Father Eternal. Be light of heart, My child; proceed with perseverance, courage, and fortitude. This the Eternal Father sends to you on this great day.
"You will well understand the value of prayer in the days ahead. Know that satan seeks to stop the prayers. Prayer is your greatest weapon, My children, now against the forces of evil that are set upon you." - Our Lady, May 17, 1975

"My child, I know of your great fear. I cannot avoid allowing you to see the great catastrophes, the great destruction that will be sent upon mankind. Shout, My child, from the rooftops! Do not slacken in your mission. Know that the strength will be given to you to go forward. We are sending many arms to help you. Courage, My child; there is no man on earth that you need fear, for you will be guided by the Father in Heaven. He has a plan for each life set upon earth.
"We have asked you, My child, to join with other voice-boxes throughout the world in spreading this Message from Heaven. The time grows short. Years or months, My child, what difference is it that We give you the date? It is only important that you be ready, for I can assure you, My children, that the great Warning will come upon you at a time you least expect. And then a prodigy of great proportion--in the merciful heart of the Father, you will receive a great light from Heaven. Many in the world will reject this miracle, for they have joined the forces of evil set to stand and squash, My child, every feat of the supernatural sent by the Father to bring mankind back onto the road to the Kingdom.
"And after this, if mankind does not repent and change his ways, there will be sent upon him the great destruction in two parts: the great War, that will take from your earth one third of mankind, and then the Ball of Redemption, the second third. And what is left, My child? O sorrow of great sorrows! What is left, though, shall be in the few, but they will join My Son in rising up in glorious triumph to rebuild the Kingdom of Heaven upon earth." - Our Lady, June 15, 1974

"Prayer, atonement, and sacrifice! My voice grows weak. I have wandered many years throughout your earth begging you to make restitution to the Father for the many offenses being committed in the House of God and in the hearts of human beings.
"The abyss is open wide; the demons are loosed upon earth. The battle rages. And now the time of the great sorrows has started.
"My child, My children, I do not come to you to bring words of doom--no, but words of hope and courage. Man has brought upon himself the time for great punishment and chastisement.
"In the mercy of the Father, a Warning will be sent to man very soon. Should man not heed this Warning, he will be cleansed until there remains upon your earth only those who will set up the Kingdom with My Son." - Our Lady, October 6, 1973

Do you not have the courage of your convictions?
"And why, My children, will this great War come about, the war to end all wars? Because of man's sin! In your country, My children, in your seminaries in the United States and Canada, My children, and the world, you have professors now so steeped in sin . . . they who call themselves My Son's chosen priests, they are vile sons of satan who are now rationalizing sin! There shall be no rationalization placed upon sin. The commandments shall not be looked at objectively and given to excuses, or reasoning to condone sin! No, My children, it is the minds poisoned by satan that spread this filth and error, this distortion of doctrine, this distortion of Tradition, and this distortion of your Faith!
"Awaken, pastors, from your slumber! Can you, O bishops, not spare but the little time to look into your seminaries? I say but one expression to you: they have become hell-holes of error and heresy! Clean out your seminaries, My bishops! My Son will lay upon you a heavy hand in penance! Is this what you want? Do you not have the courage of your convictions to stand by the truth of your Faith? Have you given yourselves to such foul sin, O bishops, in your personal lives that you do no longer recognize sin as being a way of life? Are you also condoning sin to become a way of life? And what will you gain, for as you live so shall you die in sin!
"O pastors of My Son's House, I beg you, as your Mother--for it truly rains teardrops from Heaven--restore My Son's House to its former glory. Do not give yourselves to filling your coffers. The Eternal Father wants none of your gold or your silver or your power over mankind, if this power destroys the souls He has entrusted to you. Yes, Heaven looks upon those who have entered My Son's House to destroy it! You cannot hide your hearts from the Eternal Father. He allows you to go about your way, hoping that in your error you will come out of the darkness and restore yourselves to the light." -
Our Lady, October 2, 1976 

Veronica - Now it's very windy. And Jesus is going over across the left side of the sky. Our Lady now is coming forward. I didn't see in which direction She came, but Our Lady now is coming right up behind Jesus, and Michael is following, and Gabriel and Raphael, and all of the cherubims, the small, beautiful angels.
The sky is becoming very bright now. The terrible fear that gripped my heart--the beauty of all the angels seems to just fill you with courage and hope, and the wonder of knowing what lies beyond the veil. - September 28, 1976

"I bless you, My children: In the name of the Father, and of the Holy Ghost. Continue with your prayers of atonement.
"Strength and courage, perseverance in prayer. Acts of sacrifice will be needed in the days ahead. Do not follow the ways of mankind. The truth has been given to you. Live in the light. Do not cast your souls into the darkness." - Jesus, September 7, 1974

"It will take courage, My children, to carry this Mission forth. But you will be guided by Our Blessed Mother. My Mother has accepted Her role and She promises you, as I do, also, that We will be with you until the end of time, and the beginning of a giant, great renewal. That, My child, shall be given in time to all mankind." - Jesus, July 1, 1985

"The world's peoples are wandering, My child, like sheep without a shepherd. We need discipline, disciplined shepherds. We need shepherds who persevere and are fearless for the Faith. Pray, My children, that the light enters into the hearts of many of Our shepherds.
"They will have much penance and much sacrifice to do, for there are many souls to recover. It is difficult, My child, to return to the narrow path once you have gone onto the wide road.
"There is great evil surrounding the holy city of Rome, My child. Many agents of satan now roam. Your Vicar is in great difficulty and trial. Pray for him, My children. Pray that he retains a great sense of duty and perseverance. Your prayers will be his strength." - Our Lady, December 31, 1974

"We wish, My child, that all who have given themselves to the work from Heaven, the mission upon earth, to go forward fearlessly, with great perseverance and courage. Know at this time, My child, and in the future, that no man has precedence over your life. Your life is the eternal life in the Kingdom of the Father. What will it profit one of My children if he gains the whole world and suffers the loss of his soul? Many will sell their souls to get to the head. And what have you gained but eternal damnation in the kingdom of the prince of darkness!
"There is, My child, great evil in the world. When the world and My Son's houses are united into one, know that the end is at hand. The gates of hell shall not prevail against My Son's House!" - Our Lady, November 1, 1974


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