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"They said to their mothers: Where is corn and wine? when they fainted away as the wounded in the streets of the city: when they breathed out their souls in the bosoms of their mothers." - Lamentations 2:12


"The children are the true victims of their elders. The example given to them is poor. Many children shall be removed from the world, My child. It will be necessary for the salvation of their souls. It will be a great plague.
"Remember, My child, they turned away and did not listen to the message of the prophets of old. Nineveh fell, Sodom and Gomorrha, and so will your country and your city. I place upon you the word 'if,' My child. This 'if' can only be used for a short time, for the time allotted to mankind to make redemption to the Father is short." - Our Lady, April 5, 1975

"Man has chosen to destroy life created by the Father. Innocent souls are sent on the road to the prince of darkness. With the coming plague, many of the young will be removed before they become of the age of reasoning, held accountable by the Father for their actions. It is an act of mercy from a sorrowing Father.
"The sign of the Son of Man will appear before the great Chastisement." - Our Lady, April 14, 1973

"My Son has asked that I report to you that there shall be another plague upon mankind. Yes, My child and My children, another plague. For AIDS is a plague, and other illnesses that have gone by without any scientific recognition, are plagues from Heaven. They are allowed for the individual to retain a measure of love for his God. As long as he knows, as his time grows near to death, that it was because of his misconduct that he died a most unhurried and unscrupulously recognized a death. Yes, My children, there is much now in the world that you must protect yourselves against." - Our Lady, October 5, 1985

"O My children, how I long to open before your eyes the future. I cannot hold back the arm of punishment much longer. Sin and abominations more despicable than since the beginning of creation are being conceived in the minds and hearts of man. These abominations have been created by satan in his plan to capture all children destined for the Kingdom of the Father.
"There will be visited upon your country a plague. Many children will be taken from your world. It will be an act of mercy from the Father. Many young souls will be destined for the kingdom of hell, claimed by Lucifer, were they to remain upon earth.
"The Father will chastise those He loves. Many minds have been poisoned by satan, and the world goes into deep darkness." - Our Lady, February 1, 1973

"Your country shall harvest a destruction that counts human nature defiled by mankind as its reward. As you sow, so shall you reap.
"There will be sent upon your country a plague. Many shall die. When the great rains start, know that many shall die.
"My child, mankind has lost the knowledge of the value of suffering. Many shall not turn to their God, My child, until they are forced to their knees with suffering." - Our Lady, September 13, 1975

"The Father now leaves the decision with His children. We place the fullest measure of responsibility, and place a condemnation upon all parents who do not safeguard the souls of the children entrusted in their care. We see a foul example in many homes. We see an uncaring, permissive attitude on the part of many parents. Woe to the parent who disregards this admonition now to prepare the souls of their children for what lies ahead!
"There will be sent upon your country another plague. Many parents will weep, but their tears will come too late. I warned you, My children, of the first devastation, but you did not listen and you did not make atonement. And now what will you do for your children?" - Jesus, November 20, 1972

"But I tell you now, as your Mother, that woe to the man who commits scandal and chooses of his own free will to cause the fall of a young soul. For better that he had died in his mother's womb or a millstone be put upon his head, about his neck and cast into the sea, before he brought scandal to the little ones.
"My child and My children, I have counseled you on the approaching plague among the children. Because of the sin of man, this cannot be avoided, this cannot be held back, My child.
"I understand the great emotional strain this knowledge has brought to you, My child. But you will continue to shout it from the rooftops. The strength will be given you. Every message from Heaven must be duplicated and sent out in great haste. The time is growing short. The enemy is at your door!" - Our Lady, June 18, 1981

"Man has hardened his heart to Us. I have roamed the world in tears; I have come to earth in desperation. The children shall no longer be subject to the evil. Many children will be removed from the earth. Parents, how have you prepared your children? The plague that I spoke of will now come upon you. Perhaps in this way you will remove the veil of darkness that covers your spirit." - Our Lady, July 25, 1972

"Satan has placed many agents in the House of God, and all fields of entertainment, culture, and government are now set up for satan.
"You ask, My child, how this situation evolved. It was not in the plan of God to bring the great Chastisement upon you at this time. It is the will of man that has forced His hand upon you.
"The great plague and darkness will come before the Ball of Redemption." - Our Lady, March 25, 1973 

"There will be many accidents that are not accidents, My children. Many young children shall be removed from the world in a plague." - Our Lady, July 14, 1979 

"My child and My children, I beg you, as your Mother and as a beacon of light to all, to pray and make atonement to the Eternal Father, or you will be chastised much more heavily, My child and children.
"As I said before in countless visits to your earth that there is a plan in Heaven for each and every life. However, man has a free will and can turn back away from the truth, becoming blinded to the truth, for man has made life most complicated.
"All Heaven is joining in a major force to try to avoid in your generation the terrible floods, the great heat, and the plague. Yes, My child and My children, the crops will rot; babies shall cry, as there will be no food to feed the hungry mouths." -
Our Lady, May 21, 1983 

"Sin, My child, has become a way of life. Whatever shall become of the children, the little ones?
"It is for this reason, My child, that the Father plans to send a plague upon the world. Many young will die. It is in this manner that many young will be saved. Pray, My child, much, for many parents will cry bitter tears.
"No, My child, do not feel sadness of heart, for you will understand that the age in which they will be taken will leave no reason to doubt that they entered with the angels." - Our Lady, December 6, 1974

"Yes, My child, your country shall not escape the tribulation of the other countries that have fallen to sin. Your country shall experience death and violation, tribulation, and the plague. The Father will chastise those He loves. The sheep shall be separated from the goats. In this manner will your world be prepared for the coming of My Son." - Our Lady, December 24, 1974

"My child, the sins of the world are far greater now than they were in the time of Noe. Therefore, the punishment, the Chastisement will be meted in accordance--measure for measure of man's sins and abominations against the Father.
"The great heat will be sent upon mankind. The plague will follow." - Our Lady, October 2, 1974

"I do not choose to be repetitious in My words of the past. I only emphasize that you prepare and make ready for the cleansing which is soon at hand.
"I have traveled throughout your world shedding tears in many places, tears of sorrow, as I watch your world going farther into the darkness. It took much less for the Father to cleanse your world when He chose Noe to start anew.
"All who remain in well spirit shall approach the coming days with great hope. The rescue will be with the coming of My Son.
"There will be visited upon your country and the world a great plague. Many children will die in this cleansing--young souls rescued from the contamination of a world that has given itself to satan!" - Our Lady, March 18, 1973

"Romans, awaken now! 666 has entered among you. The forces of evil are intent upon vanquishing the Eternal City of Rome. Satan has entered into the hearts of those who hold the highest places in My Church. If it were not for the pleadings of My Mother and the many souls who have given themselves as victims, victims that cry out and plead for mercy to an undeserving generation . . . My children, come out of the darkness now! You are plunging to your own destruction. For rejecting the light, for turning aside from the truth, for destroying the Faith in the hearts of the young, you shall receive a chastisement far greater than man has ever known from the beginning of your world. Your world, many nations shall be consumed by fire.
"It is not in the heart of the Eternal Father to set this chastisement upon you. It is not in the knowledge of mankind to know the reasoning or the ways of the Eternal Father for setting judgment upon mankind, but in His mercy and love, He extends to you the knowledge of what is to come upon you because of sin.
"Wars are a punishment for man's sins; famines, pestilence, great heat, the plague. The major catastrophe to mankind is approaching. Warnings have been given and gone by unnoticed. Man continues upon his way of evil. Many are selling their souls to get to the head." - Jesus, April 9, 1977

"Have you prepared your soul and the souls of those you love--your family, your children, your friends? Have you, in your charity, reached out to bring the message, the warning from Heaven to your friends, your brothers, your sisters?
"Because of the great abominations in your country and in many countries throughout the world, you shall be cleansed by trial. Floods, death, destruction--you bring upon yourselves this chastisement. Great heat and the plague." -
St. Michael, February 1, 1977 

"I repeat once more for your edification: your country will meet with great disaster. Floods, great heat, and the plague. The mercy of the Father has been extended to its limit. Only a complete reversal in your evil ways will avert the Chastisement planned by the Father for your country and the world." - Our Lady, September 7, 1973

"If you remember, My child, I told you some time ago that many children will be removed from your world. It is for the sanctification of their soul." - Our Lady, February 1, 1974 

"My children, you will keep a firm foundation of faith in the hearts of your children. You cannot expect others to do this fatherly and motherly obligation. You as mothers and fathers are the keepers for the souls of your children, and as such you are held accountable in the eyes of all Heaven for the fall of your children's souls. You will also as parents battle satan as he seeks to destroy your families. It will be father against son and mother against daughter, division in the homes, as satan becomes stronger in his conquest.” – Our Lady, April 1, 1978  

“My children, do not allow the enemies to take from you the knowledge of the existence of Heaven, hell, and purgatory. Your children are the major, now, the major martyrs--and I say martyrs. Be it not for the laxity of the parents, the schools, and many in My Son's Church, many of you parents would not be shedding this evening tears of remorse and grief at the loss of your children, knowing not whether they have been saved or lost forever. I say unto you, from the merciful heart of your Mother: Cry not, mother. The Eternal Father is most pitiful upon you. He has opened His heart to many of your children, not judging them by false leaders." – Our Lady, November 25, 1978 

"My child and My children, the pages are turning fast in the Apocalypse. Have you listened to My counsel in the past, My children? Are you making an effort to study the Book of life and love, your Bible?
"There is not much time left. Many will be taken from the earth. I will not at this time, My child and My children, go into full detail. However, I want you to stress the knowledge of Sodom and Gomorrha. You saw in the story of Sodom and Gomorrha, its obliteration by fire and brimstone. Can you expect less of a trial? My children, you do not listen; you do not learn from your past. You are on the same road to perdition!" - Our Lady, October 6, 1992 

"My heart, as a Mother, is torn asunder because of the permissive attitudes that are allowed by the teaching fathers of My Son's Church. I hear little children of a tender age of three and four being taught immorality of word and action. O My children, the sin upon your earth is far greater than any sin in the past! Surely you will remember Sodom and the punishment that fell upon that city.
"My children, the cities of earth now are polluted with sin and are cesspools of error in teaching, especially in the rearing of the young. O My children, many young children shall be taken from the earth in order to protect them from the pollution.
"While the peoples of earth concern themselves in materialistic pursuits, with the values leaning towards immorality, lesbianism, homosexuality--My children, I could go on and on listing for you all the manner of aberrations that man has allowed to come upon his generation." - Our Lady, June 18, 1978

"There is great darkness upon your earth. We have sent now a great trial to parents.  Many children shall be taken into the Kingdom. Tears will fall from the eyes of parents, but those who are in the light will understand the plan of the Father. We do not wish to have the souls of the young destroyed by the plan of satan. Therefore, many of the young will be taken from the world. Science and man of great learning will not know the secret of this great trial. This trial will be in body ailment. There shall be no cure by human science for it, for it is the hand of God upon man." - Our Lady, April 13, 1974


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