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#596 - TEACHERS, Part 1

"And whosoever shall scandalize one of these little ones that believe in me; it were better for him that a millstone were hanged around his neck, and he were cast into the sea." - St. Mark 9:41

"Mothers must now take full precedence for their children. In other words, My child, they must be the teachers now; for those who were teachers have given themselves over now to all forms of modernism, and pacifying those that are evil in their teachings. They do not stand on their two feet solidly before their bishops, who are doing wrong in the teaching of their children. It will be up to the parents at this time to go forward and be a true parent in the eyes of God by teaching their children at home." - Jesus, October 6, 1988

"There is much needed in change We see, My children, in the schools both your public schools and your private schools—even those who call themselves Catholic. They are Catholic, My children, in name only, for they have sold themselves for pieces of silver." - Our Lady, December 31, 1974

"My Son's teachings have been removed from the schools. Only those that call themselves Catholic shall receive if but a glimmer of light of the true Faith." - Our Lady, March 18, 1983

"My child and My children, listen to this well: guard your children. Do not let them be influenced by their teachers today, for modernism has set in, and also immodesty. There are many teachers whose example are poor to the children; therefore, it is now the duty of each parent to guard their children's souls. Otherwise, the day will come when they will shed great tears of sorrow, not knowing in what realm their children lie, now that they have passed over the veil." - Our Lady, October 6, 1988

"Your country and many countries throughout the world have given themselves over to immorality and unnatural vices of homosexuality and the perversion within childhood. Woe unto the man or woman who has taken part in the scandalizing of the young! Better that that being had died in his mother's womb than to scandalize one of the young! Parents, teachers, have you all become insane, selling the bodies of your children!
"Red Hats, bishops, you go about earth oppressing the children of God, but you neither chastise nor condemn the evil ones in your House, the Church." - Our Lady, May 3, 1978

"My children, this is now the time for action with prayer. In normal, semi-normal times, when even the clergy could be labeled as pious and holy, satan set about to attack My Son's Church upon earth. But as time went on even the clergy gave themselves to the world, seeking not the graces from Heaven, neither calling upon the Holy Spirit to guide them, but giving themselves over to worldly pursuits leading to humanism and modernism in My Son's House.
"A greater measure of responsibility will be given to the souls, the creatures--I find, My children, no name that could describe the state of a fallen soul! And what greater sorrow is there in Heaven but the sorrow of finding the teachers who have given themselves over to the world. With itching ears they are willing to experiment, looking for new doctrines, flying high in their knowledge to Heaven, and many labeling themselves as gods. Pagans they have become in their hearts, though they have an exterior of piety. Their lips come forth the sound of knowledgeable words, but I say unto you: Your words do not cover the blackness of your hearts before the Father." - Our Lady, May 3, 1978

"The Eternal Father has given mankind a set of rules, and in discipline they must be obeyed. It behooves Me to say that My heart is torn by the actions, the despicable actions of My clergy. I unite, as your God, man and woman into the holy state of matrimony. And what I have bound together no man must place asunder. And what do I see but broken homes, marriages dissolved through annulments! It has scandalized your nation, and it is scandalizing the world. Woe to the teachers and leaders who scandalize the sheep!" - Jesus, May 2, 1978

"Parents, awaken from your sleep! Look into the lives of your children! What are they doing for their recreation? Where are they going when they leave your homes? And what are they learning in their schools? Filth, rot, abominations, and soul destroyers!
"Teachers--teachers of lay life, clergy teachers--shall you stand before My Son and say that your teaching has been pure in His sight? No! I say unto you, He shall gather you up, you straying shepherds, and cast you into the fires! Many mitres will fall into the abyss. Pray, My children; pray for your clergy! The greatest attack from the agents of the prince of darkness will come to your clergy." - Our Lady, December 6, 1974

"Bishops in My Son's House, Church, you have gone astray. You have scattered Our sheep. You have joined with all manner of heretics and false teachers. You started with good intentions in your Council, but you became deluded in your search for peace and brotherhood. You allowed all manner of error to creep slowly into My Son's House, Church. You must understand that you are setting in motion the formation of a World Council of Churches, but it will not be the Church of My Son. It will be a church of man, a church without the true foundation.
"My children, for the love of money and power, many are selling their souls. What have you to gain if you gather all of the honors, the glories, the treasures of earth and come across the veil with no measure of compensation to allow your soul to enter into the Kingdom of your God, the eternal Kingdom, your final home?
"Many mitres are on the road now to perdition. Awaken from your slumber, O pastors; you have fallen asleep! You do not read the Book of life and love, your Bible. You have set yourselves wandering through the darkness. You are deluded, for you have accepted a new way, one evolved from humanism and modernism. It is all the deception of satan. My Son in the Eternal Father allows mankind to fast go onto the road to his own destruction, because sin has become a way of life among you." - Our Lady, June 5, 1976

"Your government, your schools, and now My Son's House has been entered. Many have sold their souls to get to the head. The abyss, the deep pit, is filling fast.
"Your young people are being seduced. We place the greatest responsibility for their falling on the parents and the teachers. Rank in My Son's House will not guarantee your entrance into the Kingdom. All who trade in My Son's House will be judged among the least. You will not bargain My Son for the things of your earth!" - Our Lady, April 10, 1972

"Shall you stand, O Red Hats and Purple Hats, before My Son and say that your teaching has been pure in His sight? I say unto you: you cannot cover your sin. My Son looks into your heart, and you, too, who have received glory in your vocation upon earth--you, too, without merit, shall be cast into the abyss of hell. Woe to the teachers who have gone forward with itching ears, implementing, experimenting with My Son's doctrines and teachings, casting aside all tradition for a modern way. And this way is from satan!
"A delusion is allowed upon earth now. It is a manner of separating the sheep from the goats. All who have given themselves to satan shall accept this delusion, no longer having the heart nor spirit for truth and light." - Our Lady, May 20, 1978

"Immorality, uncleanness, destruction of the temple of God--the blackest of evils have entered into the hearts of many. The children--whatever shall become of the children? The teachers--lying teachers, with falsehoods, half-truths, and abominations!" - Our Lady, March 24, 1974 

"All that is rotten will fall! You have been given the time to mend your ways and turn back onto the narrow road. You are not without the truth, but many have sold their souls to get to the head, preferring the things of the world and not of the spirit. You cannot live in the world and live in the spirit, for you cannot have both. The world now belongs to satan. The spirit of light leads to the eternal Kingdom of God. You will live in the spirit of light. False teachers among you take the light from you and bring you into deeper darkness. You will read the Book of love and life, the Bible. However, you will not place your souls in jeopardy by reading printings after the year of earth 1964." - St. Paul, March 24, 1974

"There are many now false christs upon earth. There are many lying teachers, false teachers. All this is but the surface indications for all to see of the state of the world in spiritual darkness.
"My children, I beg you as your Mother to listen to Me. I come to you with a warning, a warning for all mankind, to turn back now from your sin. You must read your Bible, the Book of life. Do not conform to the world or its lying teachers. For the word from the Eternal Father is this: Conform, O clergy, and you will die on the vine! Conform, man of the world, and you will die on the vine!" - Our Lady, July 25, 1978

"Yes, there will be many martyrs in the days ahead. All parents must rescue their children from the evils of error. We advocate the instruction of your children in the Faith. We do not want their teachers to be the adversary's helpers, the followers of the agents of hell who do not recognize the truth. You must know this truth of the evil that is about you, and must fight this evil with prayer and sacrifice of your worldly desires, or you will not escape the Chastisement planned by the Father." -
Our Lady, September 28, 1971  

"My pastors, those who have dedicated themselves as teachers of the young souls, you are scattering the flock! Turn now from your worldliness and your seeking of materialism. What have you gained for yourselves or those whom you have taken a vow to protect and guide to the eternal Kingdom of the Father? You are leading them down, by your example, the road to perdition!
"Pastors of the world--those given to guide the sheep to Heaven--shall you stand before My Son and say that your teaching has been pure in His sight? He will cast you into the eternal fires of damnation, you who have forgotten your role as pastor!" - Our Lady, August 14, 1975

"Have you, as parents, prepared your family? Have you set your household in order?
"I have asked you to place in your homes the Book of life and love, your Bible. Parents, you must read this to your children, for they shall not receive the knowledge of their God outside of your door. The teachers have given themselves to the world. Blinded of spirit, hardened of heart, and deafened of ear have they become. Too late they will awaken in shock, knowing that the time has run out for their repatriation." - Our Lady, August 14, 1975

"Our hearts in the Kingdom are much saddened by the knowledge that the little children are being led astray. Teachers in the House of God, shall you stand before the Father and say that your teachings have been pure in His sight? No! You will not, for We look upon you and find you lacking! Awaken now from your darkness of spirit! Return to a life of prayer! You have entered into your world and given yourselves over to pleasures and destruction of the flesh, and sadly, the destruction of your eternal soul!" - Our Lady, February 10, 1975

"If you, My children, read the true Book of life, your Bible, you will find that many warnings were given by Our prophets to you, warning of these days that you are living in. You were to beware of false prophets and false teachers. They will come to you as angels of light with ravenous hearts. They will be members of the synagogue of satan.
"Do not be fooled, My child, by those who have fouled their garments. We in the Kingdom have had Our hearts wrenched by the knowledge that many of Our clergy have destroyed their vocation. They have brought dishonor and disrespect to their vocation. Pray for them, for satan has set himself to claim them. I am, My child, truly a Mother of great sorrow!" - Our Lady, February 10, 1975 

"Satan has set his plan well among you, My children. He has placed his agents in all the medias of your life. Your children are the victims of these agents. Only you as parents, leaders, and teachers, can restore the balance with the Father. You are now bargaining with the human soul. Many shall fall into the abyss." - Our Lady, March 29, 1975

"Children of God, stand fast in your Faith. Be a good example to your children, for when they will leave you, you will not wonder what fate they have received beyond the veil. Prepare your children's souls well. Do not expect the teachers of your schools, your government, and institutions to give the truth to your children. This, as parents, you must do." - Our Lady, March 29, 1975 

"Your children, what will become of your children? What manner of example are you permitting to be given to your children?
"Mothers and fathers, you must now bring rigid discipline into your household. As parents, you have an obligation to protect your children's souls. Do not depend upon or expect your pastors or your teachers in your schools to protect and build up the defenses for your children against the onslaught of evil. As parents, the full responsibility for the salvation of your children's souls will fall upon you." - Our Lady, March 18, 1977

"And you must help to avoid having your children contaminated by those who have given themselves to satan. As parents, you cannot sell your children's souls into slavery. You must guard them well. The full measure of responsibility falls upon your shoulders as parents.
"Pray for your pastors, but recognize the faces of evil about you. I say unto you: there are false teachers in My House; and be careful, watch and pray, that they do not lead you to satan!
"My children, do not listen to the mockers, the deceivers, those who seek to blind you to the truth with worldly reasoning and rationalization of sin. Sin, My children, is sin! Hell exists, as purgatory exists!" - Jesus, March 18, 1977

"False teachers and teachings abound in your world now. False teachers roam in My Son's House. You must now, pastors, reverse your ways, for they offend the Eternal Father much. I cannot hold back the hand of My Son; it grows heavy.
"All manners of corruption and evil abound in the hearts of many. The children are the victims of their elders. The children are fast going into darkness. All parents hold a great responsibility for the salvation of their children's souls. Do not expect the truth to be given to your children when they leave the safety of your homes. Satan has control of your earth now. He works through bodies of humans, but these bodies are captured by satan through sin and they are used, they are used to enslave many." - Our Lady, May 26, 1976

"Woe unto you, teachers who shall stand before Me and say that your teaching has been pure in My sight! And I shall cast you out as vipers into the flames where you belong. You sons of satan! You know not the Father in Heaven, for your father is the father of all liars! You compound lies and errors in My seminaries. I say unto you, pastors, bishops, you are given the time to clean up My seminaries. You are deluded in your searching for humanism and modernism, for you have found satanism. Satan has become your master. You are blinded by your pursuit of worldly pleasures.
"I say unto you: take yourselves out of the world, pastors, and pray more. Retire within yourself. Allow your heart and your spirit to determine the true knowledge, which is of God and not of the world." - Jesus, May 30, 1978

"You must remove the reading matter, the books filled with obscenities--pornography, you call it, My child--errors and degradation, soul destructors. You must clean your schools. Remove the teachers who promote the destruction of souls.
"Parents, as guardian of your children's souls, you must have the courage to come forward and act upon this, for it will be you as parents who shall cry tears of bitter remorse when you know that these children have been lost forever to the eternal Kingdom. For many shall fall into the abyss. The prince of darkness, satan, shall claim many young souls." - Our Lady, July 25, 1975

"Parents, I admonish you, as guardians of your children's souls, to keep a firm discipline in your household. The agents of 666 roam throughout your world. Do not be deluded by those who have cast aside the knowledge of the supernatural. Do not accept the teachings of false teachers.
"Yes, My children, there are many false prophets going throughout your world. And who are the false prophets but those who deny the divinity of My Son. And who are the false prophets but those who promote the worship of false idols. Astrology is a creation of satan. Astrology is a false science. No man shall accept astrology and be classified as a believer.
"My children, what manner of blindness are you accepting? You are setting yourselves to destroy the souls in My Son's House upon earth, His Church." - Our Lady, December 7, 1976

"I say unto you, O pastors: restore My House to its former glory. Eliminate your experimentation. Like the eagle, you shall build your nest in the sky, and I shall send you down.
"My Mother's message is coming to mankind in its final stage. Her tears fall upon a degenerate generation. My Mother has been received by many with dishonor and disloyalty. You, O man of little faith, you who walk in darkness, you are not hidden from the all-knowing eyes of the Eternal Father. I send upon you a final warning, a cry for penance, atonement, and sacrifice. I shall not wait until the young have lost all knowledge of their God by atheistic teachers." - Jesus, December 7, 1976


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