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#618 - THE END DAYS, Part 1

"Know also this, that, in the last days, shall come dangerous times. Men shall be lovers of themselves, covetous, haughty, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, wicked, without affection, without peace, slanderers, incontinent, unmerciful, without kindness, traitors, stubborn, puffed up, and lovers of pleasures more than of God: Having an appearance indeed of godliness, but denying the power thereof. Now these avoid." - 2 Timothy 3: 1-5

"I repeat as My Mother counseled you: in the past there were agents from hell upon earth, but Lucifer had been chained. And now he is loosed! You cannot understand the plan from the beginning of your existence. It must all come to pass. The pages of your Bible must turn, but they are fast turning because man does nothing to stop them. The Apocalypse is upon you. You must read the writings of John. Then you will understand. No man shall fall into hell unless he wills it." - Jesus, December 31, 1977 


"Bishops and cardinals in My Son's Church, you have fallen asleep. You go about with your heads in the clouds, dusty clouds, dark clouds that blind you. Awaken from your slumber while there is time. The time is growing short. How many earth-years do I come to you to warn you? You cannot hide the truth now, My children and My pastors. It is too late. The time of the Apocalypse is upon you; your days are numbered. You must save now your soul and the souls of all under your care. Convert the unbeliever while there is time." - Our Lady, May 30, 1978 

"Do not accept the fallacy that any man upon earth and mankind are gods. There is but one God. And no man shall set himself above his Master. O My children, cannot you recognize the signs of your times? The great apostasy is upon you!" - Our Lady, December 7, 1976 

"My children, the end days shall become most difficult for many. So many souls are falling away from the Faith. My Mother's heart is torn. I ask all who have received the grace to hear the Message from Heaven to go forward as disciples of My Son in these latter days. Many graces shall be given to others in order to receive the light from Heaven for the world. We place a heavy burden upon the few, but carry this as My Son did His cross, and your reward shall be great in Heaven. Many victim souls shall be chosen from among the little ones, those who have pure hearts and belief.
"I have cautioned the priests, the hierarchy in My Son's Church, to remove their pride and arrogance from their beings and their hearts. Their way has become a way of the world, governed by man and not by his God. This new way will only lead to total destruction, of not only the souls but the body.
"The pages of John's writings, the Apocalypse, the Revelations, are turning faster and faster. Man controls the speed to his destruction. Your country, My child, the United States, and many countries of the world have become paganized. My Son's Church upon earth shall go through a great crucible of suffering with chaos." -
Our Lady, October 6, 1978 

Veronica - I've been speaking here with Our Lady in my heart. Our Lady says, should we have been approached in truth and justice, then I would have been subjugated to obedience. But since I was approached by an agent of satan, I do not have to follow him. Therefore, the prayers will continue for those who have the strength to stand up and be counted. It is too late now to be judged by personal opinion. It is too late now to accede to the masters who wish to destroy the souls and render them to satan. Therefore, you do not have to follow the road to hell. Cast off those, Our Lady said, and consult your Bible, for in the end days there will come among you false teachers, one who lives with pride and arrogance, using their rank to lead down the road to hell others.
Therefore, stand forth in the Faith. Prayer, atonement, and sacrifice--more now than ever, for those who have been taken by satan and are being used as tools of the prince of darkness. -
November 1, 1973 

"I send you My graces in abundance. They will carry you through the dark days ahead. Your spirit will be strengthened when you keep in mind that My Son will be the ultimate victor. The pages must turn in the Book of life, but you will hasten these by not listening to My counsel. You will bring your earth days much faster to a close.
"Our good John has written for you the pages of the end days. Instruct, My children, others to read them. They would not be in total darkness if they were to read what was set down in the pages. The writers of old were told the events of the coming days. Do not cast them aside of being out of your times. For it is those who discard them that are out of the light." -
Our Lady, August 14, 1972 

"My children, this may be a riddle to you, but I warn you all: I have asked you all to retire from a world that has been given over to satan for a short time. You must bar your doors to all but your immediate family and closest associates, for the souls of whom come to knock upon your doors are most likely evil. And you cannot say, in pride, that you have the grace to immediately convert them. Many times, My child and My children, We have seen others who only had a weak grace to sustain them, fall into the clutches of the unknown monster roaming about the earth, taking away My Catholic children.
"I say the true Church upon earth--My Church, My children--which has been defamed, even by some of My clergy. They have been taken away by crude--and zealots--people who go about posing as witnesses to God. You understand, My children, I am talking to you now about the Jehovah Witnesses. They must be cast aside, for they are false prophets in these end days. But many--how many tears My Mother has shed upon the earth, as She sees how many have been . . . capitulated to this evil sect.
"My child and My children, My Mother many years ago came to Fatima. Her story has not changed much through the years. She repeats the same message to all, for it has not been fulfilled." -
Jesus, June 18, 1987 

"My child and My children, you are now approaching grave days. My Mother has prepared all of you for the trials ahead. Needless to say, I shall not repeat again the counsel given to you by My Mother. This counsel has been rejected by many, and for all of Her heart that My Mother has extended to you, many have returned this gift with bitterness, mockery, and derision and blasphemy.
"My children, you must now go forward as disciples of the Eternal Father, sending the words of Heaven far and wide throughout your world.
"The Eternal Father is raising up among you many prophets, but you must exercise care in discernment of their spirits, for there will be also many false prophets sent by satan. These false prophets will perform what appear to be miracles, but they are false miracles of the end days, My children. Test the spirits. False miracles will soon be acknowledged by their fruits.
"My children, I have also a great sadness of heart as I watch and wait for my hierarchy in My House, My Church, to awaken and come out of the fog. It is sad that satan, who comes as an angel of light among you, giving you all manner of humanistic theories based on modernism and progression, that satan could blind you to the truth and you will accept error even to the extent of promoting the rise of the forces of Antichrist in My basilica in Rome." -
Jesus, July 15, 1978 

"Man of science was ever seeking, but never coming to the truth. Man of science seeks to find other beings beyond the earth, but he will find nothing, for there exists no life beyond the earth.
"These theories of extra-terrestrial life, these theories have been developed by Lucifer, even unto the false miracles of the end days which you know as UFOs. They are from hell--transports of hell, supernatural transports. They are to deceive and confound the populace. I repeat, they are of supernatural origin. There is no life beyond earth, only the life given by the Eternal Father as a gift to mankind, eternal life after the death of the body, in the Kingdom of Heaven.
"My child and My children, you must stress the reading of your Bible. Sit down nightly with your children and teach them. Read the Scriptures. You cannot allow them to go out of your homes without this knowledge or they will lose their faith." -
Jesus, June 18, 1979 

Veronica - Now Michael is running his fingers through the pages, and they're just blowing like the wind is catching them. And now they're stopping, and he's pointing with his finger to a page. And he's saying:
St. Michael - "The apocalyptic age, my child. Make known the writings of Saint John. Man must read the writings of John and he will understand the trials that are before him.
"The apocalyptic pages are known also as the Revelations.
"It was said in the days of old, through your prophets from your God, that much will be made known to you in the end days. This I say to you: the pages shall be revealed now to you." -
June 5, 1975 

"Theologians in My Son's churches and seminaries have implemented doctrines of demons in My Son's House--Church. Theologians have set many onto the path to hell.
"The Eternal Father, through His prophets upon earth, have given you in writing your Bible, a clear and simple plan for redemption. And it has been made known to you all by John the plan of the end days and Lucifer being loosed upon earth--the coming of the time of 666. 6 is for the six who are coming and are here now; 6 is for the six days of terrible suffering; and 6 is for the six who will be punished and rechained.
"My children, are you so blind that you do not recognize a supernatural force now, a diabolical force upon your earth prevailing among you? Are you so engrossed in your worldly pursuits that you cannot recognize the days you live in, the latter days?" -
Our Lady, August 4, 1979 

"My child, many times I have heard you calling to Me in supplication for your leaders of your country, and the leaders of all nations throughout the world. What can We say of them at this time? That very few have received the grace to turn back from their ways that have offended the Eternal Father, and We have now reached the point in history, the end days, and soon the great Chastisement will be set upon your country and every nation that has succumbed to satan.
"My child, there is much to be done before the Warning, and then the great Chastisement. In between this shall come forth the Third World War. You will see carnage, and killings, and blood running in your streets, My children.
"For a nation that has received much, this nation, the United States of America, has become depraved through its medias--the newspapers, the motion pictures, the televisions--all agents of hell and of satan.
"My Son's teachings have been removed from the schools. Only those that call themselves Catholic shall receive if but a glimmer of light of the true Faith.
"There are many nations now that promote the greatest of sacrileges. Through their medias and their permissiveness, they have brought forth satanism--the worship of satan, the adversary, to the debauchery of young children." -
Our Lady, March 18, 1983 

"My child, bring your seat forward. I would like to converse with you. You have followed My directions well to read the writings of the good John, Saint John, as I wish him to be known upon earth. The Father used him as an instrument to give you the knowledge of the end days. I will explain the part, My child, that puzzled you most.
"All are in symbolic form, but if you pray to the Spirit for the light, your mind will be opened to the truth. Know that there will be two phases with the closing of the Book of the Apocalypse placed on parchment by Saint John, the good John, on the island.
"There will be great trial and punishment, tribulation in the House of God, the houses of God throughout the world, and in the lay life of the human being. The fight will be a war of the spirits. The pages of the apocalyptic times must turn. All who remain after this time of great trial will join with My Son in setting up the Kingdom that I promised you, the time of great peace. It will only be with you, this great peace promised, at the return, the Second Coming of My Son, Jesus.
"After the great tribulation, the number saved will be counted in the few. They will join with My Son and continue on with a life of great joy and glory to the Father as planned in the beginning. Satan will tempt none ever more unto the time allotted given to him before the great and final judgment.
"Satan will be chained, My child, for a number of earth-years. He will no longer roam to tempt mankind. My Son shall be the Ruler upon earth; and then after this time, satan will be loosed once again to tempt mankind, as man will then evolve back into his human nature and find himself offending the Father and sinning once more.
"Then will come the general, final judgment upon mankind, the end of time. It will be at this time that there will come unto you a new Heaven and a new earth--the new Jerusalem promised from the beginning of time by the Father.
"Your spirit will return to your bodies. United will be the body and the soul. And as such, you will be set in judgment.
"That, My child, will give you a condensed knowledge of what lies in the pages I asked you to read." -
Our Lady, September 13, 1974 

"You have, My child, received now the full story of the approach of Antichrist to the Eternal City of Rome. It is a sad fact that the apocalyptic days are here, and the visions of John will now unfold to completeness. There is much that was not revealed, but these are the days of the Revelations.
"You will read the visions of John, the Apocalypse, and you will find yourself filled with the spirit of knowledge and wisdom. The story of the end days will unfold as you read. You will not be found without knowledge if you will take the Book of love and life, your Bible, and read it." -
Our Lady, October 2, 1975 

"The sufferings now upon earth, My child and My children--all who are now disciples of the end days, remember one day your names will be written in Heaven. Is this not worth suffering for, persevering for, and waiting for, My children?
"Understand: there is a Heaven, there is a purgatory, and sadly, Lucifer's kingdom of hell. Man will take this from your minds. In that manner will you fall faster. Therefore, you will continue reading and rereading the counsel of My Mother in the many visits to you upon earth. For soon you will be reduced to praying, and prayers alone; and then your test of faith will come." -
Jesus, May 30, 1981 

"The way to Heaven is a simple way. It cannot be compromised; it cannot be modernized; it cannot be cast aside or a new religion started. For your religion will be of man, of humanism, and modernism, and satanism, and all the 'isms' that destroy mankind in the end.
"My child and My children, you will all keep a constant vigilance of prayer going throughout your country and the world. Proceed with great haste to send the Message throughout the world. Hasten, harken, and listen, for I shall not warn you again. You are now in the edge, the edge of doom for many. For the end shall come upon many suddenly, without warning. Are you ready for this, My children?
"I do not come as a prophet of doom to you, and neither will the voices crying out with the truth come as prophets of doom. But they will be disciples of the end days, bearers of light and the truth. Listen and you will be saved. Believe and you will be given the way. Close your ears, harden your hearts and turn away, and you are lost." -
Jesus, June 13, 1981 

"You are in the end days. It will not be the end of the earth or the world, but it will be the end of your era, the end of time as you know it. There will be a great struggle ahead. And if man does not turn from his present course, there can only be great numbers of death and destruction set upon the world." -
Jesus, November 25, 1978 

"My child, much penance, much atonement is needed for the abominations being committed from the hearts of men. My Son's House, His Church, is under constant attack by the forces of 666. These demons set loose in these end times, My children, will enter into the body of any man, woman, or child who has fallen out of grace.
"My children, do not fall for the error--do not fall into error: you must pray for the light before you read the Scriptures. Many have set themselves to change, renovate, and place deceit in the lines written by the prophets." -
Our Lady, July 15, 1976 


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