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"For whom the Lord loveth, he chastiseth; and he scourgeth every son whom he receiveth. Persevere under discipline. God dealeth with you as with his sons; for what son is there, whom the father doth not correct?" - Hebrews 12: 6-7

"O My children, protect your families; pray constantly a constant vigil of prayer. Not enough prayers have been offered for your clergy. Many bishops proceed onto a road that will lead them to hell, but sadly they will take many others with them.
"There must be a complete cleansing of My Son's Church. What do you do, My children, when your house has been infested by rodents or vermin? You clean out your house. You do not abandon it, for it has taken much love and much labor to build the walls. You do not abandon it, but you work and pray, and use every means to clean out My Son's House, His Church.
"Do you understand Me, My children? I ask you not to abandon My Son's Church in the crisis of Faith now, but to keep the bark of Peter afloat. I ask you not to remain silent when you meet with wrongdoing, but to speak out and act to correct a situation that is offensive to your God and destructive to your soul. Speak once, and if not hastened or listened to, speak no more, but pray that the Eternal Father in Heaven will open up the ears of those who have closed their hearts and their ears to the truth." - Our Lady, November 20, 1979

"We see a church of man being built, a church that has no angels guiding it, a church that is made, as the true Church of My Son is being chipped away at, undermined by My Son's own priests!  How dare you debase My Son's heritage by allowing all evil to be condoned in His Church! 
"You men who are formerly of the light an have given yourselves to the darkness, you condone this foul act of homosexuality.  And why?  As satan inspires you and directs you, you go about looking for excuses for sin!  You condone it with permissiveness!  You have taken the direction and the Commandments of your God and you re-evaluate!  You take them to your scholars who have heads of fog, and in your masterly, worldly way, you delude those of less learning to believe, because of your high-sounding words and theses, and all manner of scholarly knowledge; you delude those who do not have the God-given knowledge to believe your rot!  You even deny the truth of what the Eternal Father did to Sodom and Gomorrah for the sin of homosexuality. 
"You who cry love your neighbor, do not twist the truth and say that Sodom and Gomorrah fell because they were inhospitable!  Oh, no!  I say unto you:  hospitality had nothing at all to do with this.  It was a manner of degrading, debased sin, using a creation of the Father for vile acts, animal acts, and far worse until your filth and pollution has entered into the minds and souls of the young!  You defilers of mankind, the skin shall burn off of your bones soon!"  - Our Lady, April 2, 1977 

"Immorality, homosexuality, and what do We hear now but permissiveness in sex, even from the mouths of Our trained ones known as theologians?  Have you all lost your minds or your souls to satan?  Human sexuality you call it?  Animal sexuality I call it!  You fornicate like animals.  And why did the Father deem it necessary to intervene upon Sodom and Gomorrah?" - Jesus, November 21, 1977 

"All manner of abominations are being committed in the world, and even has entered onto the clergy.  Many clergy shall stand before My Son and have to give account for what they have done, and what measure they have taken to destroy souls upon earth.  Many are on the road to perdition and taking others with them."  - Our Lady, June 18, 1982 

"If Our clergy become deluded by satan and lax in their responsibility to My Son, they will be set in judgment before the Father for their part in the defilement of My Son's Body.
"You must warn My clergy, My child, with your message. We are not pleased by the manner in which they honor the Son of God.
"A thorough cleansing must be made within the House of God, the Church. Women shall not receive My Son dressed as pagans--naked, and without absolution! Many have made a farce and a meal of My Son. They come to receive Him without penance. What manner of abomination is this, My child? Mankind must do penance and prepare himself for the reception of the Host, My child." - Our Lady, December 31, 1974

"I do not wish to repeat at this time the ever increasing list of abominations being committed in My House. I only say unto you to hasten, harken, and listen, for you shall not receive another warning of this nature.
"All that is evil shall fall. Trial upon trial, calamity upon calamity, until all that remains will rise up, will be purified, will be purified so that the gathering shall glorify and adore God the Eternal Father, and the gathering shall no longer set man up as an idol to worship in humanism.
"My children, you ask why the suffering? It is a sad but proven fact that many will not turn back until they are brought to their knees. You see, My children, when you pamper your human bodies, when you gather all the material goods of your world, you are not nourishing your soul; you are not accepting the Spirit of light; but your world is giving to you the spirit of darkness, and buying your soul. And many have sold their souls to get to the head; many within My House have sold their souls to get to the head. Jesus, February 1, 1977 

"Cardinals, bishops, awaken from your slumber!  A  heavy hand shall be placed upon the world, and you shall not escape punishment for the loss of even a single soul to Heaven! 
"Woe, woe, woe to the man who is responsible for the destruction of a young soul!  My children, it would be better if that man had not emerged from his mother's womb, or a millstone had been tied about his neck and cast into the sea, before he committed his foul deeds."  - Jesus, November 21, 1977 

"Mothers and fathers, where are you?  You are running to and fro making money, seeking pleasures.  But you are not the only ones.  You turn to your pastors, you turn to My Son's representative, the priest, and other ministers in the congregations of the world, and where are they?  Their heads are in the sand.  Their heads are in the clouds, clouds of darkness, They, too, are running to and fro seeking riches and pleasures.  How many are holy, and how many are unholy?  My children, they could be sorted very easily."  - Our Lady, June 18, 1982 

"I will not stand for My priests who condone homosexuality and allow it in My priesthood!  I will not stand for My priests who allow the murder of the unborn with their permissiveness!  I will not stand by and allow My priesthood to be destroyed!" 
"My child, I did not mean to affrighten you.  I was giving vent to the hurt of My Heart.  But I wish to bring across to mankind that I, too, can no longer allow these--the carnalities, the abominations that men are committing upon earth to continue.  My hand is coming down and it will strike!" - Jesus, June 18, 1982 

"If you are perceiving and interested in My Church upon earth, I do not have to explain Myself too fully; for you will already know of the chaos that satan has wrought when he entered My Church. And why did he enter, you say? This I want it made known, My child--and you will not be affrighted as you are now--you will speak out for Me and My Mother, and the Eternal Father in the Holy Spirit; you will speak out and say that satan is in the Church, My Church upon earth. He knows his time is growing short. 
"And if you think you have seen carnage now already in the Church, the worst is yet to come, unless you follow the rules, given by My Mother many years ago, of prayer, atonement, and sacrifice.... But since Lucy has been silenced, it is necessary that the world knows the truth. I will also send this message out through one more seer in the world, and if it is not abided by I have nothing to do but to allow the Chastisement to fall upon mankind."  - Jesus, June 18, 1986 

"There is in your country and the world, a conspiracy of evil. The world powers seek to unite, to bring you under bondage. Awaken now! Your country is heading for great trial.
"You will pray and do much penance for the leaders of your government. Great evil has been set upon them as punishment for turning from the laws of the Creator. For avarice, self-gain, souls are falling fast into hell.
"My child, I hear the words of many who claim that I set fear into the hearts of My children. It is not My intention to bring fear among you, but to prepare you for what lies ahead. If--and I say if, My children, for the Father is persevering and waiting. He is waiting for you to turn from your present path. You have given yourselves to satan, the pleasures of the flesh. You have cast aside the basic truths that will keep you on the narrow road to the Kingdom. You have replaced them with a delusion sent by satan. This, My child, I will explain with only three words: humanism, modernism, and satanism.
"Know that the Warning is fast approaching mankind. Know that there will be a Chastisement far greater than mankind has ever seen. Those who remain after this cleansing will be there not by accident but at the will of the Father. They will join with My Son to set the world right again." -
Our Lady, November 1, 1974 

"My child, I have sent you to wander in search for souls. Your world is heading for a great Chastisement. Do not be concerned of those who mock My words and mock the Message from Heaven. Pray for them, for tears will flow as freely as the blood.
"I am truly the Mother of great sorrow. I have come to you as a Mediatrix in these latter days. I repeat for you now the words of My Son: 'This, My child, is what will be: In darkness, will they seek the way?' In darkness, My child, will they seek the way?
"There is in your atmosphere of earth a Ball of Redemption hurrying to earth. It is of supernatural origin. Those who have cast aside the knowledge of the supernatural shall not be given the grace to observe the coming Chastisement. When it enters upon your atmosphere, hearts shall be gripped with fear. Many shall run to hide themselves, recognizing the wrath of their Lord.
"The Ball of Redemption shall pass through your land and your world in a sheath of fire! Many shall die in the great flame of the Ball of Redemption. As in the time of Noe, so shall it be upon your earth--a Chastisement far greater than any chastisement sent upon mankind. This Chastisement, My children, is being gauged, measured, and held in abeyance for the proper moment in the knowledge of Heaven--the moment deemed by the Eternal Father for the cleansing of mankind." -
Our Lady, September 13, 1975 

"My Mother has cautioned the pastors in My houses upon earth to remove themselves from this octopus of evil that is spreading fast throughout your world, the diabolical plan of satan to destroy My Church. But I say unto you: he is only permitted this reign of evil for the separation of the sheep from the goats. It is a manner known only to the Father in His plan, the Father in Heaven--a manner in which those who have given themselves to evil shall continue and fast fling themselves into the abyss. It is a test of faith for all. You cannot compromise My Church; you cannot compromise your faith, for you will be lukewarm, and as such, I do not know you, and I will not know you when you come for your judgment.
"I repeat My words to all mankind: shall you, as pastors, stand before Me and say that your teachings have been pure in My sight? I say unto many of you that I shall spit you out as venom into the flames, and cast you headlong, mitres upon your head, into the abyss of eternal damnation.
"I hold, as your God, I hold you responsible, O wearers of the Red Hats and followers of the Purple Hats, who are following like ducks upon water downstream--and I say downstream--to the rapids that shall engulf you until there is no turning back, and you shall receive the Ball of Redemption. You shall receive a baptism of fire, and many shall die in the great flame of the Ball of Redemption.
"The balance for your reprieve has been held in the past by the few. My Mother and many personages from Heaven have entered upon your world to retain that balance. My Mother begs for clemency and mercy for a degenerate generation.
"No, it is not the plan of the Eternal Father to destroy your earth again completely, but there shall be a cleansing by trial--a chastisement upon mankind such as never has been experienced, and after the climax, never shall it happen again. Only a few will be saved, My children." -
Jesus, November 1, 1976 

Our Lady - "My children, I have no need for a repetition of My words. I have prepared you for what lies ahead. Now you will act upon My direction and you will be saved. Should you cast aside My many warnings and prophecy to you, you will suffer the consequences. Do not take the words given to you idly, in the past, for We have prepared you for your future, which is now.
"I have come to earth as a Mediatrix between God and man. This was allowed of Me by the Father, for you are now in the days which are fast approaching the change of your era.
"Soon your world will face a complete change. Many will be taken out of the world. Your country and the world will be cleansed by the Father. When this cleansing is complete in stages, those who remain will set up the Kingdom with My Son. You have hastened, with your sinfulness, a great disaster to come.
"I ask you now, as Queen of Heaven and guardian of your country and the world, to keep and promote a constant vigilance of prayer. Only in this manner can you avert what is fast coming upon you. O My children, if you could see what is there, beyond your celestial heavens,  heading fast upon you, you would fall to your knees."
Veronica - Now I see--oh, I see that Ball again. It looks like--well, it changes colors. It's a huge ball. It's white on one side, but then, as it's spinning it turns colors of orange and red. And now it's shooting out--sometimes I think it's like a fire. Now it's traveling very fast through the sky. It has a very long stream of, of smoke, and vapors, and, like--it's also dropping off pieces of--oh, rocks, and ice. And oh, it's tremendously large. Oh, it's the largest thing I have ever seen in my life! It's a huge ball! -
September 7, 1973 

"There is a great spirit of darkness covering the Eternal City of Rome. I, your Mother, as Mediatrix between God and man, implore you now to turn back, for you are creating your own destruction. A Church in darkness wears a band of death about it!
"My children, pastors in My Son's House, you must not compromise your Faith! What manner of church are you creating? Who has yielded My Son into the hands of the enemies of God?
"My children, the time is growing short. There are many victim souls now in your world who have carried the balance, the balance that grows heavily to the left. When the peak of iniquity is reached, know that the final cleansing of mankind shall be at hand!" -
Our Lady, December 28, 1976 

"My children, you will all recognize the faces of evil. Satan has entered into the highest ranks of My Church. Pray now for your priests: your bishops, your cardinals, your clergy. Many prayers are needed, for many are on now the road to perdition and taking many others with them.
"My children, do not cast aside your sacramentals. They are your armor in the days ahead. Do not desert My Church. Do not judge it by the man who has stood there in ignorance or in pride and changed it until it will almost be unrecognizable. I am still with you, My children. Do not leave. You must stay and fight. In this manner, My children, shall the sheep be separated from the goats. It is a form of cleansing." -
Jesus, July 15, 1977 

"My child and My children, another voice has been added to those who have chosen to go forward to save mankind from the just punishment and chastisement that will claim great lives. My Mother has counseled you. Her tears have fallen upon all of mankind, as She has wandered to and fro, begging for you to do penance and make many sacrifices, or your world will be placed under a great trial by fire--a cleansing with a baptism of fire.
"My children, you have been given every opportunity to act upon the warnings from Heaven and the counsel of My Mother. In Her mission to Her children, She has met with rejection, defamation, blasphemy, and every abuse that Lucifer could implant into the hearts and minds of man. As a great Mother of great sorrows, She has opened Her heart to all mankind, choosing of Her own free will to act as your Mother, the Mother of all nations, the Mother of all children of earth, to guide you back to the road to Heaven.
"Too many are already lost to Us, both young and old: forever damned, beyond help, beyond repatriation, in hell, the place of banishment." -
Jesus, October 6, 1979 

Veronica - Now Our Lady is turning, and She's pointing up with the crucifix, like this, to the sky. And there is that large ball, a globe, again. I know it's the world; I just know it's the world. And there's a big black cross now over the world. And I see coming out of the globe the flames again--the flames.
And now the globe--in some portions of the globe, I don't recognize it. The, the globe seems to be spinning faster and faster and faster. But as it's turning I can see there are sections that are black, absolutely black. Something's happened, something's happened.
And now the globe is spinning, it's turning very slowly. It's, it's one of those like--what do you call them--atlases, like where you could see the full impression of every country of the world. And some are absolutely blacked out. Oh . . . oh, they're blackened. It's, it's--it gives me a--I can't explain it--a very terrifying feeling to watch it.
Now it's fading; the whole sky is closing in over the ball, which is that huge globe of the world. And now I can't see it any longer.
And Our Lady is now nodding. As She's nodding--
"Oh, that's so much better, Blessed Mother, to see the light. It was so dark over there with that world, so dark. And the cross is so black over it."
Our Lady - "The suffering, My child; that is the suffering that will be set upon the world."
Veronica - Oh, Our Lady has that most beautiful crown, as She's bending down now to talk. Her voice is coming in a very soft whisper now, and . . .
Our Lady - "Do not be affrighted, My child. All that is rotten must fall. The cleansing will be great to mankind. But all who have stayed in the light and gathered their graces shall be saved. That will give you great consolation, My children and My child, during the trials ahead. All who have gathered their graces and remained in the light will be saved." -
June 18, 1981 

"My child, in the final cleansing many will be removed from the earth. Many good will suffer with the bad, but the good will be triumphant beyond the veil. Learn, My children, the value of suffering for the sanctification of your souls and the souls of those you love.
"Do not waste your time now, the time left in earth-time, in idle talk and idle pursuits governed by pleasures of the flesh. Awaken and shout from the rooftops, for the time grows short! My children, you must all go forward as disciples of My Son. Each holds a great responsibility to his brother.
"Graces in abundance, My children, are given to you to strengthen you in the battle ahead. You will truly be the legions of Christ. Do not expect comfort. Do not expect glory. No, you will scratch the earth and burrow in the dirt. Your glory shall be in life everlasting with the Kingdom." -
Our Lady, June 16, 1973 

"Man has the balance, man has been given in free will the balance for his own fall, or restoration of a nation to its former glory under God. Like rodents, the enemies of your God have eaten away at the foundations of the Faith. But in a short time they will be destroyed, and a new House will rise, a Church stronger in faith and sanctity and holiness. But this cannot, My children, take place until a great Chastisement is set upon mankind.
"You will all retain and wear your sacramentals for reason. Do not underestimate the power of prayer or the sacramentals. Do not be misguided or misled by the scoffers who have committed themselves to satan with derisive vocabularies of calling sanctity fanaticism, and holiness derangement." - Jesus, June 18, 1981  

"My children, there are all manners of heretics in My House--a delusion of uniting all within My House. It is an error, and it will bring the shutting of many doors of My House.
"You cannot change My House so that man will accept it in his liking. You must change man to be acceptable to his God. No man is above the Eternal Father. He permits you to go upon your way so that your final destructive act will turn about and send you deep down into the abyss.
"I do not wish to repeat at this time the ever increasing list of abominations being committed in My House. I only say unto you to hasten, harken, and listen, for you shall not receive another warning of this nature.
"All that is evil shall fall. Trial upon trial, calamity upon calamity, until all that remains will rise up, will be purified, will be purified so that the gathering shall glorify and adore God the Eternal Father, and the gathering shall no longer set man up as an idol to worship in humanism." - Jesus, February 1, 1977


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