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"He who saith that he knoweth him, and keepeth not his commandments, is a liar, and the truth is not in him." - 1 John 2: 4

"As in the days of Sodom, as in the days of Noe, My children, history repeats itself. You have learned nothing from the past, for you rebuild your future on sin to the point, My children, where you have eliminated a future.
"I hear words of mockery and derision; I hear words of My children who do not wish to accept the Message from Heaven. And why? Because they have hardened their hearts and closed their ears. And why? Because they love their sin! Many will sell their souls to get to the head. And what does it gain you, for one day you must come across the veil and be judged.
"Do not fall into the error that is fast going throughout your world that there is no judgment, that there is no hell or a purgatory. My children, you are being deluded! There is a hell, and there is a purgatory, and there is the Eternal Kingdom of God, your Father. Many are called, but few are chosen. Many spend long years being purged." - Our Lady, May 26, 1976

"Many, My child, have rejected My message. Many have rejected the photographs. Why? The Father looks into their hearts. Many shall reject them, for if they were to be accepted, My child, they would have to change their ways. And many do not wish to change, so great do they love their sin.
"Sin, My child, has become a way of life in your country and in the world.
" - Our Lady, February 1, 1975 

"You will find in the days ahead, My child, that they will set many against you, for it is to silence you as they have many other voice-boxes from Heaven in the past. There are many who are in darkness that cannot stand the light intruding upon their world. They enjoy and love their sin so much that they choose to cast aside the knowledge of the veil and the eternal Kingdom of the Father in Heaven." - Our Lady, June 15, 1974

"666, My children, the agents of hell, have entered upon the world. 666, the agents of hell, have taken major positions now in the Eternal City of Rome. And what must you do now? Good words in a closed mouth is like placing dead beef on a dead man's grave. Take yourselves away from those who are destroyers of the soul, for you have nothing in common with them. What is there between or commensurate between the light and the darkness? Do you have, you who have gained the knowledge and retained your faith and remained pure of spirit, what do you have in common with the forces of evil? Avoid all occasions of sin. Do not be partakers of their sin, for birds of a feather shall surely flock together.
"My children, you must remember all of the directions I have given you in the past to prepare for the Warning. You must review in your leisure time all of the directives from Heaven. When this battle has reached its finish, My children, all will have been tested." - Our Lady, August 5, 1976

"Pray, My children, for your governments, your government leaders; and pray always for your clergy, for many have become weak and have given themselves over to material gain, and also a lust for power through pride. Pride is truly a more formidable barrier against holiness and piety than even outright licentiousness. Pride is a sin, and shall keep many from entering into the Kingdom of Heaven.
"I ask you not to judge your brothers and sisters, but I also counsel you in all warmth of heart as your Mother, not to abandon them in their sin, but to offer charitable consolation in the knowledge of their Faith. A religious foundation must be given to all of the children, the young of the world. Without this foundation of religion, paganism takes over, and soon you will see a major increase in murders and all form of abominations." - Our Lady, November 24, 1979

"Pastors, leaders of Our sheep, My Son begs you to listen now while there is time! The Red Hats have fallen, The Purple Hats are being misled. Take the blindness from your heart. You shall not be obedient to sin and heresy, My children. Shall you honor man before your God? Shall you honor man and dishonor your God? Woe, I say unto you, My children, the day will come when you shall stand to be judged, and shall man come forward and give you the grace to enter into the eternal Kingdom of the Father in Heaven? No! You shall be claimed by the prince of darkness and cast into the pit! The eternal fires of damnation shall claim all who do not repent of their sin now." - Our Lady, December 24, 1975

"It grieves Me to have to admonish those in My houses throughout your world to mend their ways which the Father finds most displeasing. The individual state of My teacher's soul is of one concern, but the misguidance of the numbers of sheep entrusted to his care is the concern of all Heaven. The Father looks into your hearts and finds that many have been hardened.
"There will be no rationalization for sin! There will be no acceptance of modernization of My words or My teachings! There is no reason, no absolute reason to find new ways and create new methods for bringing My words to the multitudes. The plan was simply laid out to you. Therefore, listen and learn a simple lesson. You are being warned that your present actions are displeasing the Father, and you will receive a chastisement in accordance and with measure of this displeasure.
"We do not find that you are continuing in your lives of prayer and sacrifice. They are becoming a forgotten creed. I admonish you now that you are not to set yourselves in as a common man. When I chose you to represent Me as a priest in My House, you are not to make yourselves a common man, for you will not bring souls into the Kingdom by joining them in their sin. Yours must be a pure and shining example. You must follow your vows of chastity and poverty. Among you, We find little of this being practiced. You wallow in all the filth of mankind! You savor all the pleasures of the world, and you are breaking the rules of the Father! These include the Commandments given to mankind." - Jesus, August 14, 1974

"The enemies within the Eternal City have opened the doors wide and allowed the enemies of God to enter. They consort with the devil.
"You will cleanse your city. You will send out the traitors, excommunicate the wrongdoers who do not repent of their sin. What does it gain a man if he gain the whole world and suffer the loss of his soul? Your gathering in worldly wealth shall give you no passport to Heaven.
"Come out of the darkness! The Red Hats have fallen and the Purple Hat is being misled. Cardinal against cardinal, bishop against bishop! All that is rotten shall fall. Blood shall flow in the streets--revolution upon revolution! Do you not know--have you learned nothing from the past history of mankind--that the Father will chastise those He loves? 
"Awaken! You have fallen asleep, Our pastors! You shall not follow as sheep to the slaughter those pastors who have given themselves to satan, those pastors who have sold themselves to the world of satan. Many will sell their souls to get to the head." - Our Lady, September 27, 1975 

"The Father sends the spirit, the soul, into the body. At the moment of conception a life is created. Therefore, all who murder the unborn have taken upon themselves the judgment over life and death of an individual, a living creation of God. And as such, he is guilty of breaking the Commandment of the Father: 'Thou shalt not kill!' And all who do not make compensation, repent of their sin, are eternally condemned to the damnation and fires of hell!
"No excuses, no rationalization is accepted by the Father. He is the final judge. You cannot judge each other. However, you cannot shut your heart and your eyes and your ears to what goes on about you--murder by the thousands!
"A state of life exists now far worse than it was in the time of Herod! The Holy Innocents were slaughtered, but your numbers now of children being slaughtered are counted in the millions. Damnation is the eventual judgment upon any man or woman who takes any measure in the slaughter of the unborn. Will you have the time to make restitution and renew your soul before you come to Us for judgment? Turn back now and restore your country to its original dedication to the Father! Remove this great evil from among you!" - Our Lady, September 28, 1974

"And I repeat to you, My children; listen well. The disease you call a modern disease, I call it a disease of satan. That disease, known as AIDS, shall have no cure. It has been sent upon mankind because of their sin." - Our Lady, September 7, 1985

"My children, you will pray much for your pastors, your clergy. The Red Hats have fallen and the Purple Hats are being misled. Rome is in darkness. And I say unto you now, conform and you will die on the vine! Conform to the new mode and you shall die on the vine.
"My child, modernism promoted heresy; heresy promotes satan. It is because of the sins of man that this time has come upon your world. You are all now living in the latter days, My children. Many shall carry a heavy cross in the days ahead. The good shall be persecuted. Lovers of evil shall glorify those who dwell in evil.
"My children, you will have to remain simple in heart and desire, neither caring for nor seeking worldly acclaim or possessions. Store your treasures in Heaven, My children, where neither moth nor rust shall corrupt them, where neither robbers shall take them from you.
"Too many, My children, have lost their souls seeking to get to the head. Riches are all vainglory in your world, My children. Power is vainglory, for all is passing fast." -
Our Lady, November 1, 1977 

"If We could approach you in all truth, My children, We would ask you to remove your worldly entrapments and cover yourselves with ashes and sackcloth. Remove all signs of worldliness from your exterior, and you will place upon yourselves the garments of sanctity.
"Learn a simple lesson, My child. You will meet with rejection by many, for by rejecting My message they can place it as far from mind as possible. When one does not wish to accept a truth they try to disprove and sully this truth.
"The knowledge has been given to mankind that a great Chastisement will be sent soon upon your world. It is in this manner that the Eternal Father will separate the sheep from the goats.
"You must pray much for your clergy. A House, a Church in darkness, My children, will shut its doors, for a Church in darkness wears a band of death about it." - Our Lady, July 25, 1975

"The message, My child, that I have entrusted to you will be rejected by many. Know and learn a simple lesson. I do not speak to you in riddles or symbols, but in plain truth in the light. Those in the darkness will not understand, for they have not penetrated this darkness of spirit.
"There is great disobedience in the houses of My Son throughout the world, and a great predominance of such in your country. Pastors have chosen their own way. Many are in great disobedience to Our Vicar. Man has been set up as an idol of worship. No man shall be above the Creator, for all man will eventually return to the dust. The soul is eternal; life continues. The word 'death' should be removed as such from your books. There is no death. Your body is but a casing, a temple for your holy spirit. When you desecrate this temple, you desecrate your spirit. You blacken this holy edifice of the Father and as such, without redemption, you must be given to satan." - Our Lady, August 5, 1974

"What is the darkness, you ask, My child.  The darkness I speak of is a great darkness of the spirit. Learn a simple lesson of faith. What does it gain a man if he gains the whole world and suffers the loss of his soul? Would you give a thousand pounds of silver for one day in the abyss?" - Our Lady, April 13, 1974

"Listen well, My child. I have a simple lesson of faith for all.
"It has grieved Me much in the past, as it grieves Me now, that mankind is making changes to My words. I assure you, My children and pastors within My houses, My Church upon earth, there is no necessity to change My words. Heaven, hell, purgatory, and especially, My children, the word 'hell' must be retained in your prayers." -
Jesus, February 10, 1977 

"You must, My children, tell your brothers and sisters that they must not at this time separate themselves from your ruling bodies within your Church. Satan has set upon the world much con­fusion and error. You must pray a constant vigilance of prayer that you do not fall into error. Do not be concerned of the con­fusion that satan has set upon all at this time. Believe and you will be given the way. All that is rotten shall fall. The enemies of your God shall be exposed, for by their fruits shall they be known.
"My child, We have allowed you to go through a crucible of suffering. You are, as a human being, under constant test and trial. My Son and I in Our discourse with you, My child, have told you countless times that your road ahead in your earthly ex­istence shall not be all roses, but you must receive the thorns.
"I have a simple lesson to give to all mankind at this time, My child. It is, as We know, charity among mankind. All works and all acts of sacrifice, have they a value when they are not covered by charity? And what is charity, My children? When you come across lives that have been darkened by sin and evil, you must not become smug; you must not feel secure in your own piety and graces given to you, but you must feel a sadness of heart for those who have fallen into the darkness. You must not judge, for the Eternal Father has the only key to an individual heart." - Our Lady, March 18, 1976

"My child, make it known to the world that woman must keep her place in respect to her husband. It was not Adam, the man, who fell, but he followed the fall of Eve, his wife. For man came from God and Eve was brought forth from man. Therefore, My child, this word I hear 'liberation' is a deception from satan!
"Do you not recognize, My children, the signs of your times? Read and learn: 'Women will become unlike women. They shall go forth, and seven women will take hold of one man and say to him:  Make me as you are. I wish to eat your bread.' 
"Know, My child, this simple lesson, that in these days of the latter times, women shall seek to cast off their role as mother and a woman. Woman will cast it off under the direction of satan, and murder her children. Woe to the woman who does not repent of this vile abomination! She has walked the road to eternal damnation and hell. Repent, O woman, or forever be lost!
"It is, My child, because the world has lost the need for sacrifice and penance that they have come to this point of murder of the unborn and the young. They care more for the material things of your world, and they starve the spirit. They gather all that satan has set before them, but they gather nothing that the Father offers freely. Satan has placed a price upon all he gives you. His price is your eternal spirit." - Our Lady, March 18, 1975

"A simple lesson, My children, must be learned by mankind: there will be no peace unless he turns back from his ways that offend his God, and have brought sorrow, great sorrow, to the hearts of all in Heaven. Satan roams your world now. He goes forward ravishing the nations. He is now within the octopus of evil reaching into all forms of human life and works.
"Recognize, My children, that your battle now is not of human nature, but your battle is the supernatural agents of hell loosed among you." - Our Lady, May 14, 1977 

"And I repeat again to all clergy in My Son's House: you shall not rationalize sin. Abortion is murder, and murder condemns you to hell without repentance! Euthanasia is murder, and murder condemns you to hell without repentance! The Commandments of your God must be followed, and no changes will be made upon them to suit the basic fallen nature of mankind.
"The road to Heaven, My children, is a narrow one; too few stay upon it. For they are often carried away with the cares of the world, and the pleasures of the materialistic pursuits, and their gathering of money and prestige and power. For what? For the few short years allotted to each human upon earth. I ask you to ask yourself: is it worth it to lose your soul? Many will sell their souls to get to the head." - Our Lady, November 20, 1979 

"Listen well, My child, and repeat what I have to say to you as a messenger from Heaven. These words are of great importance to mankind.
"Men shall not co-habit with men. Women shall not co-habit with women. These acts are an abomination in the eyes of the Father. The sacred temple of the Holy Spirit, your body, is being desecrated, defiled, and destroyed! And not only the temple, but the soul within is condemned, without repentance, to eternal darkness in the abyss!
"Man shall not condone or rationalize sin! He caters to the basic carnal nature of fallen mankind. Man sets himself up above the Creator. He seeks to create life. He shall not create life! He will bring forward a monster! Science, man of science, ever seeking but never reaching the truth!
"Arrogance, pride is always the beginning of the end. It is only in the simple hearts of man, the simple hearts, the child-like candor of an adult, that the truth will be found and the way. I am the way! No one shall come to the Father but through Me, for I am the way. All who deny My visit to your world, all who have not accepted Me as the Messiah, they are against Me, and as such, will seek to destroy all who uphold the truth." - Jesus, August 5, 1974 

Veronica - Our Lady says that the United States has given itself over to satan, and many cities are far more corrupt than even in the time of Sodom and Gomorrha. And in this knowledge one may well perceive the just punishment that shall be given by the Eternal Father for a generation without repentance. - May 3, 1978 

"There is one grain left only in the hourglass. I know this bereaves you, My child, for Me to have to bring such dire tidings, but My heart is also heavy; for there are many who are coming to Us over the veil, and what can We do with them, as Our tears fall with their pleadings? However, as has been ordained by the Eternal Father, where there has been no repentance upon earth, that soul must be rejected. Or will there be mercy for that soul, My child and My children, through your prayers for the dead, that they be given a short or long term in purgatory?
"My child and My children, I do not have to tell you that the knowledge of hell and purgatory has been slowly corrupted, cut apart, and cut asunder from the Church. My child and My children, you are all My children. I judge you not by color or race, and I do not judge you by your creed; however, should the knowledge of the One True Church be given to you, and the way to Heaven along the narrow road be given to you, you will follow it or you will be rejected. There are, My children, so many poor souls now that are languishing in purgatory. Some will be there till the end of time. Will you not succor them, My children; will you not pray for them and shorten their time in this place of dark suffering?" - Our Lady, August 21, 1985

"Sin is insanity, and without penance and prayer, your children, your adults, your lawmakers, shall act and conduct themselves in a manner that can only be called insane. All that is good shall be trampled upon; all that is evil shall be glorified. Your country has been stripped of its morals.” – Our Lady, September 13, 1977   

"I have warned you in the past that as man rejects the Commandments of his God, all manner of sin and evil shall fall upon mankind: murders, homosexuality, all aberrations of the flesh. The good shall be persecuted, and the bad lauded as saviors of the world. There shall enter many false prophets among you who preach and give out doctrines of demons.” – Our Lady, May 23, 1979



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